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657Engraving of the battle between the Golden Hind and the CacafuegoDetailsHulsius, Levinus1626
Capture of Cacafuego
Hulsius, Levinus
$225.00Hulsius--LevinusCapture-of-CacafuegoNicely engraved antique depiction of the fierce battle between the Spanish treasure ship Nuestra Senora de Ia Concepcion ( Cacafuego ) and the Golden Hind ( Caca Plata ) of Sir Francis Drake near Esmereldas, Equador in March 1579. As a result of that battle Drake captured the Cacafuego with an immense treasure of gold, silver, and jewels. Drake was knighted by the Queen on his return to Plymouth with the treasure after a three year voyage. <br></br> Anonymous engraver for this copperplate engraved edition of 1626 after the work of Levinus Hulsius.