Plat map Halifax Company Lands Ormond Volusia Florida

Halifax Company Lands : being a subdivision of J. and E. Ormond Grant, Robert McHardy Grant, and Mary Kunner Grant.

DESCRIPTION: A plat map for Halifax Company Lands in Volusia County, Florida. This plat reflects the desire to subdivide the land into smaller lots for residential and commercial use . Shows manuscript crayon notations (in red) "Bunnell 9 mi." and "Rt. 1", for Ridgewood Avenue a stretch of the Dixie Highway, as it turned west to Bunnell, Florida through what is today the Halifax Plantation area.

Rare early cyanotype (blueprint) plat of the subdivision of Halifax in Volusia County, Florida (near Bulow Creek State Park and northwest of Ormond Beach), bounded to the west by the Old King's Road. An updated plat of the area previously platted as the Harwood Subdivision in 1888 by Norman Harwood (see our stock number 5314). In comparison to P. D. Roger's 1888 plat of the same area, this map shows no indication of land use (hammocks, islands, marsh) suggesting that the land was drier by this date.

The plat shows the tomb of James Ormond II who died September 30, 1829 (now Ormond Tomb State Park).

Some of the differences between this plat and the earlier plat of Harwood (1888) include:

  • Most of the streets are re-named. What is today "the Old Dixie Highway" was named Ridgewood Avenue. The Dixie Highway was constructed between 1915 and 1929.
  • Bead, Knox & Bead canal is shown entering Bulow Creek.
  • Many new building sites are platted north of Ormond Tomb on both sides of Ridgewood Avenue.
  • Plat clearly shows the north and south boundaries of the Ormond Grant.
  • This plat shows in more detail and names the extent of the Mary Kunner grant.
  • Harwood Grove Company plot is now labeled Halifax Grove Reservation, reflecting a change in ownership.

CREATOR: Anonymous



BODY OF WATER: Halifax River

CONDITION: Fair.  Old tape repairs at right, not disturbed. Repaired tear at left, an archival repair from verso with period cyanotype paper.

COLORING: Blueprint.


SIZE: 35 " x 17 "


PRICE: $875


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