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279Antique nautical chart Africa South Coasts - Malham's Naval GazetteerDetailsMalham, John1797
A Correct Chart of the Southern Coasts of Africa
Malham, John
$0.00Malham--JohnA-Correct-Chart-of-the-Southern-Coasts-of-Africa <BR> </BR> SOLD - <BR> </BR> Small antique nautical chart showing the continent of Africa south of the Equator and the island of Madagascar. From the rare first American edition of Malham's Naval Gazetteer, published by Spotswood and Nancrede in Boston in 1797. Vol 1.<BR> </BR> This sea chart comes from an early nautical gazetteer or geographical dictionary produced first in England and after 1796 in the United States. Key noted features from this antique copperplate engraving include Madagascar, Cape of Good Hope, Isle France, Isle Bourbon, . Regional African native tribal associations or kingdoms identified include: Bake-bake, Hotentots, Bororos, Zambas, Nimeamai, Bembei, and Biri.<BR> </BR> Rev. John Malham was a prolific Yorkshire-born author who produced other diverse works that include "Navigation Made Easy and Familiar", "Twenty-Two Sermons on Doctrinal and Practical Subjects" and "The Scarcity of Wheat considered". Malham died near London in 1807. (Gentleman's Magazine, Vol 102, 1807, p. 568).<BR> </BR> Colophon at end of Volume 1 states that the work is "From the prefs of Samuel Etheridge, No. 9 Newbury Street, Boston, 1797").
158Antique maritime photograph of New Orleans sailing ships by MugnierDetailsMugnier, George Francois1884
Lower Levee, Shipping
Mugnier, George Francois
$0.00Mugnier--George-FrancoisLower-Levee--ShippingSOLD <BR> </BR> Handsome, detailed, antique albumen cabinet card by New Orleans photographer George Francois Mugnier, taken early in his career circa 1884. Subjects are several 3-masted sailing vessels docked at a New Orleans wharf. Vessel closest to the wharf has sails partially unfurled, possibly to allow them to dry. Also, in the far background a sailor is seen climbing the rigging of another ship. <BR> </BR> The ship farthest from the wharf can be identified under magnification as the "Glen Grant". On the Canadian Heritage on-line reference library we find 5 voyages by a vessel named "Glen Grant" (official # 69115) to the U.S. Gulf Coast including a round-trip voyage from England to a single Gulf port, unnamed, departing September 1882, returning March 1883. It is possible that this photo was taken during that voyage by Mugnier. <BR> </BR> Bottom of photo reads: "Mugnier, Photographer Exchange Place N.O. La." Mugnier (1855-1936) achieved fame as a photographer with his 1885 photographs of the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New Orleans. Number 538. Blank, pinkish verso.
99Antique map of New Orleans, Louisiana by BellinDetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1753
Plan de la Nouvelle Orleans - SOLD
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$0.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasPlan-de-la-Nouvelle-Orleans---SOLD<BR></BR> This plate has been SOLD but please see another <a style="color:#0000EE" rel="nofollow" href="">hand-colored engraving of Bellin's plan.</a> <br><br/> Bellin's famous plan of the city of New Orleans, based on a manuscript map created approximately 25 years after the city was founded along high ground on the east bank of the Mississippi river. Shows the city neatly laid out with streets most residents would recognize today including Bourbon, Chartres, Royale and at the center of the plan- Jackson Square. Number 19.<BR> </BR> Interestingly, what appears to be a defensive wall around the city is labeled "fosse' plein d'eau". Fosse' is French for "canal". Therefore, even at this relatively early point in its history New Orleans had a canal originating in the vicinity of today's Canal Street.
591Rare antique map of New Orleans in 1753, Louisiana by Jacques BellinDetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1753