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17Antique nautical chart of the Isle of Man by Collins.DetailsCollins, Greenville1760
The Isle of Man
Collins, Greenville
$0.00Collins--GreenvilleThe-Isle-of-ManSOLD<BR></BR> This beautiful antique nautical chart of the Isle of Man c. 1760 is depicted with rhumb lines, soundings, an ornamental title cartouche and two sailing vessels. Features a view of Peel Castle in upper right. From one of the many editions of Greenville Collin's 'Great Britain's Coasting Pilot', published from 1693 to 1792.<BR> </BR> Strong graphic composition and attractive subdued coloring make this nautical chart an excellent candidate for display and decoration. Inscribed: "To the Right Honorable William Earle of Derby, Lord of Ye Isle of Man & This map is humbly dedicated by Capt. G. Collins." Oriented North to right of chart.
22Old nautical antique sea map nautical chart of Indian Ocean by ImrayDetailsJames Imray and Son1874
Indian Ocean (Blueback)
James Imray and Son
$0.00James-Imray-and-SonIndian-Ocean-(Blueback)SOLD <BR> </BR> This four-foot long 136 year old antique blueback nautical chart from James Imray and Son covers from the Cape of Good Hope to Western Australia, and extends as far south as Kerguelen Island. Daily manuscript navigational track plotted in pencil for passage around the Cape to Bay of Bengal in 1876 and return by the bark "Jeekelet?". Seven insets of ports, passages and islands. <BR> </BR> Nautical chart with yellow publishers label on verso for James Imray and Son , London with a stated price of 8s. Large, white decorative seller's label opposite on verso for "Bristol Observatory and Chronometer Depot" from the shop of Edwin Langford (est. 1826) Chronometer and Watch Maker, 53 Quay. The label states that along with sextants and quadrants they were "adjusters of iron ships compasses" and promotes the navigation school conducted by Mr. White at 46 Price Street. <BR> </BR> For more information on the evolution of blueback charts we recommend this book by Susanna Fisher: <a target="_blank" href="">The Makers of Blueback Charts.</a>
24Antique nautical charts and nautical maps for sale of HaitiDetailsJames Imray and Son1885
Haiti (Blueback)
James Imray and Son
$0.00James-Imray-and-SonHaiti-(Blueback)NOT AVAILABLE <BR> </BR> Large, handsome, original blueback nautical chart of Haiti / San Domingo (now the Dominican Republic) from James Imray and Son with the eastern-most tip of Cuba visible. Strong graphic composition. Profile view at top of "Port Paix or Valpariso, distant 3 miles". <BR> </BR> The original, antique nautical chart is surrounded with six compass roses and is marked with the Imray globe / laurel wreath emblem . Four lighthouses are highlighted in yellow, while the title cartouche inset contains the following warning: "The lights are of inferior brilliancy and badly attended: some of them may not be shown." <br/><br/> Verso contains complete yellow Imray publishers label: "Chart No. 119 Haiti or San Domingo". <BR> </BR> For more information on the evolution of blueback charts we recommend this book by Susanna Fisher: <a target="_blank" href="">The Makers of Blueback Charts.</a>
27Antique nautical charts and nautical maps for sale of United StatesDetailsBlunt, Edmund1852
North East Coast of North America (Blueback)
Blunt, Edmund
$0.00Blunt--EdmundNorth-East-Coast-of-North-America-(Blueback)SOLD <br></br> Large, small-scale ante-bellum antique blueback nautical chart of northeast U.S. coast by E & G.W. Blunt. This 158 year old well-used blueback chart of U.S. northeast coast reveals a long and full life. <BR> </BR> Coverage from Nova Scotia past New York city including Georges Shoal and Little Georges. Coastal detail shown with fine lines. Copious soundings off coasts of New Jersey and NYC. One faint manuscript calculation on this blueback chart that could easily be erased. <BR> </BR> For more information on the evolution of blueback charts we recommend this book by Susanna Fisher: <a target="_blank" href="">The Makers of Blueback Charts.</a>
36Old nautical antique sea map or nautical chart by Beautemps- BeaupreDetailsBeautemps-Beaupre, Charles-Francois1820
Reconnoissance Hydrographique de la Cote Nord de France
Beautemps-Beaupre, Charles-Francois
$0.00Beautemps-Beaupre--Charles-FrancoisReconnoissance-Hydrographique-de-la-Cote-Nord-de-FranceSOLD<br></br> Attractive large-scale antique copper-plate hydrographic chart of the French coast from Gravelines to Ostende by Charles-François Beautemps-Beaupré. Oriented with North at top of page indicated by a large compass circle (with shadow); surveyors lines and several sets of rhumb lines. <BR> </BR> Beautemps-Beaupre (1766-1854) was one of the earliest hydrographers to use isobaths to represent water depth. In this carefully colored chart he uses differently colored isobaths (light orange tones) to represent three depth categories : less than 10 feet ; between 10 and 16 feet; and between 17 and 24 feet. This detail along with hundreds of soundings demonstrates Beautemp-Beaupres' dedication to his profession, and suggests why he is considered by some to be the father of French hydrography. <BR> </BR>
44Old nautical antique sea map or nautical chart of France, SpainDetailsMannevillette, d'Apres1780
Carte des Cotes Occidentales de France
Mannevillette, d'Apres
$0.00Mannevillette--d-ApresCarte-des-Cotes-Occidentales-de-FranceSOLD<BR> </BR> Two-page black and white antique nautical chart of west France, northern Spain, southern Britain, and Ireland on chain-laid paper. Illegible watermark. Primary focus is coverage of the Gulf of Gascogne and the approaches to the English Channel. Small central compass rose with numerous rhumb lines. North at top of chart. Plate I.
46Old nautical antique sea map or nautical chart of MarseillesDetailsMichelot and Bremond1727
Plan de la Baye et Rades de Marseille LS
Michelot and Bremond
$0.00Michelot-and-BremondPlan-de-la-Baye-et-Rades-de-Marseille-LSSOLD<br></br> Antique, original copperplate portulan-style coastal chart / plan of the Bay of Marseille and nearby islands. Coverage includes coastal France from Cap Couronne to Port Estat. Marseille shown with fortifications as they existed in the early 18th century.<BR> </BR> Numerous soundings and marked anchorages on this antique nautical chart would have been useful to galley pilots and other mariners calling at Marseille. Single compass rose with radiating rhumb lines and fleur de lis indicating north. <a rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx">Henry Michelot's</a> chart of Marseille was often copied by others such as Kitchin well into the late 1700's.<BR> </BR> This chart is of special interest as Marseille was the chief base for the galleys (galères) of Louis XIV and XV as well as the home port for Michelot and Bremond. Also note that just seven year earlier, in 1720, the city of Marseilles had been subject to an outbreak of "la peste", bubonic plague that killed an estimated 40% of its population. The plague, spread from an arriving merchant ship was one of the last great outbreaks in Europe.
53 Antique nautical charts and nautical maps of Pacific Ocean, ChinaDetailsVincedon-Dumoulin1865
Carte Generale de l'Ocean Pacifique
$0.00Vincedon-DumoulinCarte-Generale-de-l-Ocean-PacifiqueThis chart is SOLD. <BR> </BR> French navigational chart of Japan, Southern China and the Pacific Islands including New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Borneo, Samoa, Tonga, and many more. Based on the voyages of French explorer Dumont D'Urville in the 1820's and 1830's . With a black over-stamp for Cartes de la Marine Impériale. Debrie Libraire au Harve, Seul Depositaire. Price: two Francs. Plate 1. Edition of 1865.
66Antique nautical charts and nautical maps of  Toulon, FranceDetailsDumont, Jean1729
Plan de Toulon
Dumont, Jean
$0.00Dumont--JeanPlan-de-ToulonSOLD<br></br> Large detailed antique map / plan shows the siege of Toulon in 1707. Focus is on the fortifications, disposition of troops, and lines of fire. Depiction of the walled, moated, city of Toulon with the old port, new port and all associated forts and emplacements. With a bird's eye inset of Toulon in the lower left corner.
79Antique map or nautical chart for sale of Cuba, Florida, BahamasDetailsMalham, John1801
A Correct Chart of the East Coast of North America 2nd. Ed.
Malham, John
$0.00Malham--JohnA-Correct-Chart-of-the-East-Coast-of-North-America-2nd--Ed-SOLD <br></br> Antique small-scale copper-plate chart by John Malham. Coverage includes from the North Coast of Cuba, Florida and Bahamas past the Grand Bank to Labrador. Both latitude and longitude are clearly marked as well as numerous rhumb lines. Direction of prevailing current flow of the "Florida Stream" is shown by arrows. This later 1801 version of Malham's 1796 chart includes the label "St. Georges Bank, for that well-known fishing area, a feature missing from the earlier chart. <br></br> Rev. John Malham was a prolific Yorkshire-born author. Malham died near London in 1807. (Gentleman's Magazine, Vol 102, 1807, p. 568).
86Old antique nautical book Coast Pilot by Eldridge of U.S.DetailsEldridge, George1883
Eldridge's Coast Pilot
Eldridge, George
$0.00Eldridge--GeorgeEldridge-s-Coast-PilotThis item has been sold <BR> </BR> 536 pages of sailing directions from Chatham around the tip of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico as far as Rio Grande River. No charts or illustrations save an advertising supplement. Several corrections inserted on yellow paper. Final pages includes meager sailing directions for the Mississippi River passes, Barataria Bay, Timbalier Bay, Atchafalaya Bay, and Galveston Bay. <BR> </BR> Includes a 45 page supplement from The American Ship Windlass Company that includes numerous fine steel engravings of anchor windlasses.
90Old antique maritime nautical book on hurricanesDetailsBecher, A.B.1852
The Storm Compass or Seaman's Hurricane Companion
Becher, A.B.
$0.00Becher--A-B-The-Storm-Compass-or-Seaman-s-Hurricane-CompanionSOLD<br></br> Interesting small antique booklet for the mariner explaining hurricanes with an emphasis on best practices to predict and avoid hurricanes. This hard-to-find practical guide includes log-book accounts of hurricanes as illustrative examples of the principles proposed by the author, a commander in the British Royal Navy.<BR> </BR> Inside cover includes an illustrated advertisement for Henry Whipple and Son sellers of charts and nautical works. 56 pages including tables and diagrams. Embossed blue paper boards.
95Old  antique nautical print; copperplate engraving by MerianDetailsMerian, M.1707
Pugna nautica inter Melitenses et Turcos in Mari Mediterraneo
Merian, M.
$0.00Merian--M-Pugna-nautica-inter-Melitenses-et-Turcos-in-Mari-MediterraneoSOLD. <BR> </BR> Finely engraved and labeled naval battle scene between Maltese galleys and the Ottoman Turks. Although labeled '1645' this detailed copperplate engraving certainly depicts an action on September 28, 1644 between six Maltese galleys and a fleet of Ottoman galleons. The galleys San Lorenzo, Santa Maria, Vittoria and others engaged a Turkish convoy carrying pilgrims bound for Mecca. The Maltese killed many pilgrims and took almost 400 prisoners as slaves including by some reports one of the Sultan's wives and her son.<BR> </BR> On their voyage home the Maltese stopped in Crete, then a possession of Venice, for a few days. This apparent collusion between the Maltese and Venetians, previously at peace with the Turks, served as a pretense for the Cretan war between the Turks, Venice and Malta between 1645 and 1669.
99Antique map of New Orleans, Louisiana by BellinDetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1753
Plan de la Nouvelle Orleans - SOLD
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$0.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasPlan-de-la-Nouvelle-Orleans---SOLD<BR></BR> This plate has been SOLD but please see another <a style="color:#0000EE" rel="nofollow" href="">hand-colored engraving of Bellin's plan.</a> <br><br/> Bellin's famous plan of the city of New Orleans, based on a manuscript map created approximately 25 years after the city was founded along high ground on the east bank of the Mississippi river. Shows the city neatly laid out with streets most residents would recognize today including Bourbon, Chartres, Royale and at the center of the plan- Jackson Square. Number 19.<BR> </BR> Interestingly, what appears to be a defensive wall around the city is labeled "fosse' plein d'eau". Fosse' is French for "canal". Therefore, even at this relatively early point in its history New Orleans had a canal originating in the vicinity of today's Canal Street.
103Old antique nautical print engraving by MorisotDetailsMorisot, C.B.1643
Navigium corum qui Cocorum et Proditorum Insulas habitant
Morisot, C.B.
$0.00Morisot--C-B-Navigium-corum-qui-Cocorum-et-Proditorum-Insulas-habitant<BR> </BR> SOLD <BR> </BR> Single sheet of chain laid paper with two illustrations from the first comprehensive work on maritime history by Charles Barthelemy Morisot- (1592-1661) "Orbis Maritimi siue Rerum". Set amid Latin text. Page 723 contains a 5 1/2" x 6" engraving of Guinean canoes. The obverse, page 724, contains a 6 1/2" x 8" engraving of a canoe like vessel (Cocos islands?) as they are fired on from a small boat of Europeans. This engraving is labeled: "Navigium corum qui Cocorum et Proditorum Insulas habitant."
104Old antique sea map, nautical chart: Portsmouth New HampshireDetailsBlunt, E and G.W.1841
Plan of Portsmouth Harbour
Blunt, E and G.W.
$0.00Blunt--E-and-G-W-Plan-of-Portsmouth-HarbourSOLD <br></br> Antique copperplate nautical chart of Portsmouth, New Hampshire harbor from this renowned American publisher of nautical charts and sailing directions.
105Antique nautical engraving by Morisot of a galleyDetailsMorisot, C.B.1643
Piraticum Malabarum
Morisot, C.B.
$0.00Morisot--C-B-Piraticum-Malabarum<BR> </BR> SOLD <BR> </BR> Single sheet of chain laid paper with two engraved illustrations from the first comprehensive work on maritime history by Charles Barthelemy Morisot- "Orbis Maritimi siue Rerum". Page 719 contains a 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" view of natives from the East Indies piloting small craft. The obverse contains a 5 1/2" x 5" print of a small European-style galley with a single sail and 20 oars. That illustration is titled: "Tabula tertia Piraticum Malabarum describit."
106Antique nautical engraving of canoes by MorisotDetailsMorisot, C.B.1643
Coracora a siue Carcola
Morisot, C.B.
$0.00Morisot--C-B-Coracora--a-siue-Carcola<BR> </BR> SOLD <BR> </BR> Single sheet of chain laid paper with two engraved illustrations from this early work by Morisot (1592-1661) on maritime history. Page 721 contains a profile view of three small vessels, one labeled "Ioncos" and another "Paros" (5 1/2" x 6 1/2") . Page 722 contains a outrigger canoe containing many warriors with spears labeled "Coracola a siue Carcola" (5 1/2" x 5"). Both illustrations accompanied with Latin text.
110Old maritime nautical book by J.W. NorieDetailsNorie, J.W.1840
A Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation
Norie, J.W.
$0.00Norie--J-W-A-Complete-Epitome-of-Practical-NavigationSOLD <BR> </BR> Twelfth edition of this British nautical standard.
111Old antique nautical print engraving of a galley by MorisotDetailsMorisot, C.B.1643
Antiqua Triremis Nova Triremis
Morisot, C.B.
$0.00Morisot--C-B-Antiqua-Triremis-Nova-Triremis<BR> </BR> SOLD <BR> </BR> Single sheet of chain laid paper with two engraved illustrations from the first comprehensive work on maritime history by Charles Barthelemy Morisot- "Orbis Maritimi siue Rerum". First is titled "Antiqua Triremis" and shows a small galley in an ancient style (6 1/2" x 5 1/2"). On the obverse is an engraving of a 'modern' trireme "Nova Triremis quam dicimus, Galere" (6 1/2" x 6 1/2"). The depiction of this two masted 'nova' galley is noteworthy for its plan of the oarsmen's seating and 'alla scaloccio' rowing arrangement with four men to one oar. From "Orbis Maritimi siue Rerum in Mari et Littoribus Gestarum Generalis Historia".
114Old antique sea map / chart of Brasil by John OgilbyDetailsOgilby, John1671
Ogilby, John
$0.00Ogilby--JohnBrasiliaSOLD. .<BR> </BR> Map of Eastern Brazil published after a work by Arnoldus Montanus. West is shown at top of map.
119Old antique sea map or nautical chart of Spain and Portugal: RochetteDetailsRochette, Louis S.1780
Coasts of Spain and Portugal
Rochette, Louis S.
$0.00Rochette--Louis-S-Coasts-of-Spain-and-PortugalSOLD<br></br> Small-scale antique nautical chart of the coasts of Spain and Portugal from Cabo Blanco along the African coast to the Bay of Gascogne. Includes the Western Mediterranean from Nice to the Strait of Gibraltar. As is typical for sea charts of that period the north coast of Africa is labeled "Barbary". Coverage of this antique chart of the western Mediterranean coast by Louis Rochette (1780) , includes the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca, and Formentera.
121Old antique sea map or nautical chart: Newcastle on TyneDetailsCollins, Greenville1763
Newcastle upon Tyne
Collins, Greenville
$0.00Collins--GreenvilleNewcastle-upon-TyneSOLD <BR> </BR> Three hand colored charts on a single sheet of heavy wove paper. Largest section is devoted to the Tyne river from the sea to the town of Newcastle. Two inset charts continue provide additional coverage on either side of the Tyne River: one of the coast near Sunderland and the other of Blyth Harbor. <BR> </BR> With a large dedicatory cartouche to Trinity House. Trinity House, founded under royal charter in 1514 had three primary functions: maintenance of lighthouses and other aids to navigation, pilotage authority for more than 40 ports, and was a charitable organization for mariners. This chart clearly locates daymarks and buoys, information that is often not included in charts from this period.
126Old antique nautical print engraving ships: Stockholm, SwedenDetailsAnonymous1660
Untitled - Stockholm mid 17th century
$0.00AnonymousUntitled---Stockholm-mid-17th-centurySOLD<BR> </BR> Antique view of Stockholm with 'Admiralty Island' in the background records a procession of robed Senators and other nobles including King Carolus. In the distance to the left is the "Palatium Admiralitatis", the Skeppsholmen Admiralty palace built in 1650 and to the right- Kastellholmen. Depicts numerous naval vessels firing a salute. Contains emblems for Livonia, Scania, Finnonia Meridionalis, Finnonia Septentrionalis, and Uplandia. <BR> </BR> It is unclear what occasion this engraving commemorates but it is likely after 1658 when Denmark was forced to cede control of Scania to Sweden. Possibly records the coronation procession of King Charles XI in 1672.
128Old antique nautical print engraving of ships and militaryDetailsChatelain, Henry1695
Gouvernement Militaire de France
Chatelain, Henry
$0.00Chatelain--HenryGouvernement-Militaire-de-FranceSOLD <BR> </BR> Folio-size antique copperplate engraving on chain-laid paper by Chatelain that records the state of France's land and naval forces in 1695. Contains detailed textual information on the finances and disposition of France's military not found elsewhere and a wealth of images related to those sea forces. Includes views of major naval ports, weapons, emblems, and flags associated with both the regular navy and the galley corps. <BR> </BR> There was considerable inter-service rivalry between the sailing navy (vaisseaux) and the galley corps (galeres) of which there were then 40 vessels. The lower left quadrant contains a breakdown by type of the total 665 vaisseaux then in service. The lower right quadrant is dedicated solely to the galley corps, which was then near the peak of its power, listing the number of officers of each rank and the count of each galley type- for instance 1 Galere Reale (Royal Galley, the premier vessel). From the information provided by Chatelain we learn that 6 galleys would have been stationed outside the Mediterranean or Levant: 2 each in Bordeaux, St Malo, and Dunkirk. <BR> </BR> Less than 30 years after this engraving was published the Corps des Galeres was disbanded (1748), not able to compete against larger, better armed ships of the line. This sheet provides detailed historical background for collectors of <a rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx">Michelot and Bremond</a> charts which were created during the period represented by this plate. Plate 28.
133Antique maritime track chart for a Norddentsher Lloyd shipDetailsAnonymous1882
Track Chart Norddentsher Lloyd, Bremen
$0.00AnonymousTrack-Chart--Norddentsher-Lloyd--BremenSOLD <br></br> Small ship's track chart / nautical map of Atlantic Ocean produced by the Norddentsher Lloyd shipping company that was used by a passenger to track his progress on a Transatlantic cruise. Details the daily position and miles made good on a voyage from Sandy Hook, New Jersey to England between August 31 and September 8, 1887 with a Captain Richler. With an inset of a steamer underway.
140Old antique sea island map: Chateau d'If, FranceDetailsTassin, Christophe Nicholas1636
Chateau d'If
Tassin, Christophe Nicholas
$0.00Tassin--Christophe-NicholasChateau-d-IfSOLD<BR> </BR> Scarce antique island map by Nicolas Tassin from 1636. Highly decorative map shows the island fortress, Chateau d'If, on the island of If located in the Bay of Marseilles, close offshore from the town of Marseilles. The engraving shows the island, surrounded by numerous galleys and other sailing vessels. At the time this engraving was made Marseille was the primary Mediterranean base for the French Corps des Galeres. <br></br> Published in the small-sized atlas "Les Plans et profils de toutes les principales villes et lieux considerables de France" by Christophe Nicholas Tassin (d. 1660) . Tassin's background was as a military engineer, and he is best known for his nautical atlas of 30 sheets, dedicated to Richelieu, documenting France's coastline. Tassin's work contains topographic maps, often of militarily important sites, either sketched on site, composed from firsthand drawings by military engineers, or sometimes borrowed from other mapmakers.
151Antique sea chart of Pas de Calais, France by JefferysDetailsJefferys, Thomas1774
Coast of France from Callais to Fecamp
Jefferys, Thomas
$0.00Jefferys--ThomasCoast-of-France-from-Callais-to-FecampSOLD <br></br> Neat chart of the English and French coasts along the "British Channel" near the Straits of Dover. On the British side coverage extends from Beachy Head past the South Foreland. Printed for Faden and Jefferys in 1774 the two volumes in the series contained 87 charts of the sea coast and fortifications.
154Antique chart of a harbor / map  St. TropezDetailsde la Jaisse, Pierre1736
St. Tropez
de la Jaisse, Pierre
$0.00de-la-Jaisse--PierreSt--TropezSOLD<br></br> Scarce antique plan of this Cote d'Azur vacation hot spot from the unusual military and maritime port atlas produce by French author Pierre Lemau de la Jaisse in 1736. Front contains a copperplate-engraved circular view of St. Tropez and an armorial shield of "Saint Tropez" inset into a woodblock-engraved frame of standardized design that is repeated across the series. <BR> </BR> Verso contains information about the "Frontiere Ancienne" Isle Ste. Marguerite, it longitude and latitude, and a brief description of the surrounding fortifications including a mention of three forts: Fortin, d'Arragon, and Royal.
156Antique map or plan of La Rochelle, FranceDetailsde la Jaisse, Pierre1736
La Rochelle
de la Jaisse, Pierre
$0.00de-la-Jaisse--PierreLa-RochelleScarce antique plan of La Rochelle from the military and maritime port atlas produced by French author Pierre Lemau de la Jaisse in 1736. Front contains a copperplate-engraved circular view of Brest harbor and fortifications and an armorial shield both inset into a woodblock-engraved frame of standardized design that is repeated across the series. <BR> </BR> Verso contains a very brief history about the "Frontiere Moderne" village of Rochefort, its longitude and latitude, and a list of the major military and government officials including the Capitaine de Vaisseau and Capitaine de Port- M. de Bailliveau.
158Antique maritime photograph of New Orleans sailing ships by MugnierDetailsMugnier, George Francois1884
Lower Levee, Shipping
Mugnier, George Francois
$0.00Mugnier--George-FrancoisLower-Levee--ShippingSOLD <BR> </BR> Handsome, detailed, antique albumen cabinet card by New Orleans photographer George Francois Mugnier, taken early in his career circa 1884. Subjects are several 3-masted sailing vessels docked at a New Orleans wharf. Vessel closest to the wharf has sails partially unfurled, possibly to allow them to dry. Also, in the far background a sailor is seen climbing the rigging of another ship. <BR> </BR> The ship farthest from the wharf can be identified under magnification as the "Glen Grant". On the Canadian Heritage on-line reference library we find 5 voyages by a vessel named "Glen Grant" (official # 69115) to the U.S. Gulf Coast including a round-trip voyage from England to a single Gulf port, unnamed, departing September 1882, returning March 1883. It is possible that this photo was taken during that voyage by Mugnier. <BR> </BR> Bottom of photo reads: "Mugnier, Photographer Exchange Place N.O. La." Mugnier (1855-1936) achieved fame as a photographer with his 1885 photographs of the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New Orleans. Number 538. Blank, pinkish verso.
168Antique sea chart by Roux of the port of Toulon, FranceDetailsRoux, Joseph1764
Toulon (Sold)
Roux, Joseph
$0.00Roux--JosephToulon-(Sold)SOLD<BR> </BR> Antique engraving of the French port of Toulon from the atlas of Mediterranean ports produced by Joseph Roux. The old nautical chart concentrates on the harbor around Toulon and its surrounding area, including forts St. Louis, Balaguie, Leguillette, and the larger Fort de la Marque.<BR> </BR> There were at least four small atlases of port and coastal charts that originated from Marseille hydrographers in the 18th century. Between approximately 1720 and 1760 these atlases included works by cartographers <a rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx"> Michelot and Bremond</a>, <a rel="nofollow" href= "/Creator/Ayrouard--Jacques"> Jacques Ayrouard</a>, <a rel="nofollow" href= "/Creator/Roux--Joseph"> Joseph Roux</a> , and Jean Allezard.
169Antique hydrographic survey map of Pensacola, FloridaDetailsAnonymous1849
SOLD Reconnaissance of Pensacola and Perdido Bays
$0.00AnonymousSOLD-Reconnaissance-of-Pensacola-and-Perdido-BaysSOLD<BR> </BR> Small coastal survey chart of Florida from Bonsecour Bay to the East end of Santa Rosa Island.
175Old antique engraved view of ships in Santo Domingo harborDetailsChedel1754
Ville de St. Domingo
$0.00ChedelVille-de-St--DomingoSOLD <br></br> Colorful antique engraving shows a birds-eye view of the Port of Santo Domingo with a small fort off to the right guarding the entrance channel.
176Scarce nautical antique sea chart or map of the world by BellinDetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1765
Carte des Variations de la Boussole
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$0.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasCarte-des-Variations-de-la-BoussoleNOT AVAILABLE <BR> </BR> Spectacularly decorative antique nautical map of the World from the 'Hydrographie francoise' by Jacques Bellin. Displays compass variation and prevailing wind direction across the globe. Australia is shown with only a partial coastline as "Terres Australis" or "Nouvelle Hollande" and the U.S. Pacific Northwest with no coastal detail.<BR> </BR> Winds are represented as small cherubs with puffed cheeks. Huge rococo cartouche at right is decorated with cornucopia and numerous floral elements; capped with a crowned globe bearing the three fleur-de-lis that have been an emblem on the French coat of arms from the 14th century. This antique map of the world was produced by J.N. Bellin, the first French "Ingenieur de la Marine" towards the end of his career in 1765. The dedicatory cartouche to the Minister of War, the Duke de Choiseul, is as much a tribute to Bellin as to the minister as it lists his several accomplishments: "Ingenieur de la Marine", "Censeur Royal de l'Academie de Marine et de la Societe Royale de Londres".
179Scarce nautical antique sea chart or  map of Florida, Cuba, BahamasDetailsDepot de la Marine1851
Carte des Canaux de la Providence et de Bahama
Depot de la Marine
$0.00Depot-de-la-MarineCarte-des-Canaux-de-la-Providence-et-de-Bahama<BR> </BR> SOLD <BR> </BR> Fine antique nautical chart from 1851 of Southern Florida and the Keys to Cuba including the Bahamas to Eleuthera. This scare old chart after a work by Edmund Blunt in 1847 was produced by the French Depot-General de la Marine and includes the circular imprint of that organization. Points of interest include "Havane" (Havana, Cuba) and Fort Dallas (est. 1836), at the mouth of the Miami River. Notably absent is any mention of the towns of Miami, Palm Beach or any other population center in that area. Insets at upper right and upper left contain profiles of topographic features. <BR> </BR> <BR> </BR> Old maps of Florida by the Depot de la Marine are uncommon and should be prized both by the collector and by those interested in their use as nautical décor.
181Old antique sea map or nautical chart of Plymouth SoundDetailsLaurie and Whittle1798
Plymouth Sound---- SOLD
Laurie and Whittle
$0.00Laurie-and-WhittlePlymouth-Sound-----SOLDThis item has been sold. <br></br> Very cool antique nautical chart by Laurie and Whittle from 1798 of the Hamoaze and Catwater rivers, port of Plymouth, England and Plymouth Sound. Plymouth has a long distinguished history as a maritime port. This old sea chart of Plymouth Sound shows the location of many historic locations including a hill known as the Hoe, where legend says Francis Drake was to have insisted on completed a game of bowls before setting out to meet the invading Spanish Armada of 1588 led by the Duke of Medina Sidonia (Drake knew the tide was not in his favor at the time he was notified of the approaching Spanish fleet).<br></br> Attractive title cartouche with date. Copious sailing directions, soundings, landmarks (especially churches), and navigational hazards are noted. The chart is an attractive record of the days when the town Plymouth was smaller in size, but no less important to England.
186This antique sea chart of Cadiz, Spain is soldDetailsRocque, John1762
A Plan of the City of Cadis - - - SOLD
Rocque, John
$0.00Rocque--JohnA-Plan-of-the-City-of-Cadis-------SOLDTHIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD <BR> </BR> Scarce and desirable antique plan of Cadiz, Spain published by Mary Anne Rocque, wife of engraver John Rocque, after her husband's death in 1762. The colorful engraved plan covers from Rota in the North to Chiclana in the South with an scroll inset of the town of Cadiz. Inset legend with descriptions of map locations. Numerous soundings and navigational hazards are identified.<BR> </BR> John Rocque, born in France, had a long career during which he engraved and published maps and plans based on surveys he personally conducted of many English estates, cities and counties. Two of Rocque's best known achievements are a 24 sheet map of London published by John Pine and John Tinney in 1746 and a posthumously published "A Set of Plans and Forts in America Reduced from Actual Surveys".
191Spanish antique nautical sea chart of Gibraltar and Algeciras.DetailsTofino de San Miguel1786
Plano Geometrico de la Bahia de Algeciras y Gibraltar
Tofino de San Miguel
$0.00Tofino-de-San-MiguelPlano-Geometrico-de-la-Bahia-de-Algeciras-y-GibraltarSOLD<br></br> Scarce original Spanish antique nautical chart from Captain Vincente Tofiño de San Miguel y Van der Walle (1732-1795), Director of the Spanish Naval Academy in Cadiz. This old sea chart of the Bay of Gibraltar and Algeciras was one of 47 published in 1786 as part of the first scientific Spanish sea atlas: 'Atlas Maritimo de España' (Maritime Atlas of Spain) by the Dirección de Hidrografía, Spain's equivalent to the U.S. Coast Survey. Prior to the late 18th century Spain jealously guarded nautical maps and charts of its possessions, especially so for its overseas colonies.<br></br> Attractive title cartouche at upper left contains a legend that identifies several dozen landmarks in and around the Bay of Gibraltar. <br></br> Unlike other 18th century antique nautical charts that focus primarily on the coastal outline around the bay of Gibraltar, this old sea chart is notable for the extensive detailed engraving that is used to illustrate inland topographical details. This detail on inland areas, which is also evident in contemporary British charts from the same era (e.g. Faden), is likely related to the emphasis on land forces used in battles that occurred in this strategic location. During the siege of British occupied Gibraltar by Spanish and French forces during 1779 - 1783 , Spain and its allies are said to have fielded 35,000 ground troops in addition to the tens of thousands of sailors and marines aboard its naval fleet (80,000 spectators are said to have watched the grand assault of 1782 from locations in the surrounding hills).
199Old antique sea map or nautical chart of Pozzuoli, ItalyDetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1764
Plan de Bayes et Poussole
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$0.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasPlan-de-Bayes-et-PoussoleSOLD <br></br> Clean copy of this small 18th century antique chart of the Italian coast including the city of Pozzouli (Poussole) from La Petit Atlas Maritime. Coverage includes the Mediterranean coast from Cap Mizene to Cap Coroille. Highlights include a small volcano "Souffriere" and the island of Nizita south of Pozzouli. Tome 4. No. 85.
201Old antique nautical photographic Coast Pilot by StebbinsDetailsStebbins, Nathaniel L.1896
Stebbins' Illustrated Coast Pilot
Stebbins, Nathaniel L.
$0.00Stebbins--Nathaniel-L-Stebbins--Illustrated-Coast-PilotSOLD<br></br> Important, late 19th century landmark in coastal navigation from the Boston-based marine photographer Nathaniel Stebbins. We are not aware of an earlier coast pilot containing photographic coastal images. This book demonstrated the practical application of photography to navigation, a field long dominated by man-made representations of coastal features. Photographs of key landmarks and navigational aids accompanied by textual sailing directions. Full coverage of U.S. East Coast and marginal coverage of the United States Gulf Coast . 2nd ed.<BR> </BR> Already scarce, this overlooked volume with a sea-worthy canvas cover belongs in the collection of all those interested in 19th century U.S. coastal charts. Numerous nautical-related advertisements scattered throughout. The author describes this internal advertising as an effort to hold down the cost to the reader.
202Old antique maritime nautical book on United States Navy by StebbinsDetailsStebbins, Nathaniel L.1912
The New Navy of the United States
Stebbins, Nathaniel L.
$0.00Stebbins--Nathaniel-L-The-New-Navy-of-the-United-States<BR> </BR> SOLD <BR> </BR> Black and white photographic record of U.S. Navy vessels published in 1912 by the noted Boston marine photographer Nathaniel Stebbins. Contains roughly 200 photographs that capture a transitional period in naval architecture and shows how some remnants of sailing ship design lingered well into the era of steam-power. Brief technical descriptions beneath each photo capture key dimensions and armament of each ship. <BR> </BR> Contains a supplement and photographs on the Revenue Cutter Service by Capt. Preston Uberroth. Three years after the publication of this work the Revenue Cutter Service was merged with the Lifesaving Service to form the new United States Coast Guard.
205Reference book on United States coast maps and blueback chartsDetailsGuthorn, Peter1984
United States Coastal Charts 1783-1861
Guthorn, Peter
$0.00Guthorn--PeterUnited-States-Coastal-Charts--1783-1861SOLD <br></br> Must-have reference guide for those interested in early nautical cartography of the U.S. coast. Numerous photographs and descriptions of coastal charts including blueback charts by historian Peter Guthorn make this a singular valuable resource for both collectors and researchers. 224 pages. Includes dust jacket.
206Antique steamer ship map Boston Massachusetts, Gloucester MaineDetailsAnonymous1889
Brochure- Boston Gloucester Steamboat Co.
$0.00AnonymousBrochure--Boston-Gloucester-Steamboat-Co-SOLD <br><br/> Highly decorative and collectible antique folding coastal map / brochure from the Boston and Gloucester Steamboat Company 1889 season. Colorful, quaint map with ships wheel decoration (far right) is a full 7" x 15" when folded out from the brochure and would frame beautifully. Map covers the coast between Boston and Portland Maine including Salem, Marblehead, Newburyport, and Cape Ann. Includes steamer schedule and pier locations. <BR> </BR> Front cover page contains a picturesque view of a steamboat with sails underway. Two pages include descriptions of sights along the route: Swampscott, Nahant, Marblehead… One-page advertisement for a new residential development near the Gloucester harbor- Eastern Point.
209Nautical antique Australia sailing directions almanac book by SawtellDetailsSawtell, Alfred E.1874
Sawtells Nautical Almanac
Sawtell, Alfred E.
$0.00Sawtell--Alfred-E-Sawtells-Nautical-AlmanacSOLD<BR> </BR>Small extremely scarce antique 64 page nautical almanac published by Alfred E. Sawtell of Port Adelaide, Australia in 1874 less than 40 years after colonists founded the city. Probably a relatively early printing as an Adelaide newspaper advertisement from 1901 lists the Almanac still for sale, although now updated with colored plates and enlarged at 324 pages.<BR> </BR> Very interesting early Australian nautical reference would be a good fit for collectors of 19th century Australian sea charts or nautical books. Along with an ephemeris and tide tables the contents include information on courses and distances, sailing directions, pilotage dues, a 7 page list of Australian vessels and their tonnage, and ships regulations for bathing, sanitation and gunpowder. <BR> </BR> Back cover advertisement describes A.E. Sawtell as: "Chronometer, Watchmaker, Nautical Optician, Chart and Nautical Bookseller". An enclosed stock list includes nautical books, charts, chronometers and "transparent dipping needle and plain compass cards all sizes". 32 page advertising supplement contains ads for many nautical services and goods including : "J. Hill and Co. Omnibus Proprietors", "J. Lavin Steam Biscuit Manufactory" and the "80 HORESPOWER steam tugs Eleanor and Sophia". Feel the power!
213Antique maritime nautical book: sailing directions for Spain, PortugalDetailsNorie, J.W.1845
Sailing Directions for the Coasts of Spain and Portugal
Norie, J.W.
$0.00Norie--J-W-Sailing-Directions-for-the-Coasts-of-Spain-and-PortugalSOLD<br></br> Small scarce 42 page booklet of sailing directions for the West coasts of Spain and Portugal compiled by J.W. Norie and published by Charles Wilson in 1845. Paper covers. Fascinating reading. With one and one half pages plus rear cover listing charts for sale with prices. Front cover contains signature of Sewell Strout, quite possibly Sewell Cushing Strout of Bridgton, Maine who served as an Associate Justice on the Maine Supreme Court (d. 1914).
223Old nautical antique sea chart map of Scheldt river, ZeelandDetailsTardieu, Ambroise1822
SOLD--- Carte des Bouches de L'Escaut
Tardieu, Ambroise
$0.00Tardieu--AmbroiseSOLD------Carte-des-Bouches-de-L-EscautThis item is SOLD. <BR> </BR> Tardieu's engraving of Zeeland , based on an earlier work of Beautemps-Beaupre, covers the many waterways associated with the mouth of the Scheldt (Fr. Escaut) river. Key cities in the Southern Netherlands included in the map include Sluis, Middelburg, and Berg Op Zoom, and Anvers. Most larger cities are shown still fortified with the Vauban-inspired defensive walls that were needed for protection during that period. This work is probably from one of a six-volume series published by General Count Mathieu Dumas: "Précis des Evénemens militaires. Recueil de plans et de cartes pour servir à l'intelligence des opérations militaires décrites dans le texte."<BR> </BR> Amboise Tardieu (1788 - 1841) was descended from a family of famous French engravers that included Pierre Alexandre Tardieu and Nicolas Tardieu, a 17th century coppersmith from Paris. Tardieu is sometimes confused with his famous son Auguste Ambroise Tardieu, France's top expert in forensic pathology.
232Antique map of the River Thames to London, EnglandDetailsBennet1900
Sold--- Bennet's Map and Guide to the River Thames from Oxford to Gravesend
$0.00BennetSold-------Bennet-s-Map-and-Guide-to-the-River-Thames-from-Oxford-to-GravesendSOLD<BR> </BR> Scarce lithographed color map and advertising guide of the Thames River ca 1900. Fisherman's or traveller's map to this historic English river identifying numerous bridges, piers, and roads. Presence of the Tilbury Docks (built 1886) downstream from London dates the map to no earlier than 1886.
238Spanish nautical antique engraved sea chart: port of Cienfuegos, CubaDetailsDireccion Hidrografia1809
Bahia de Jagua (Cienfuegos)
Direccion Hidrografia
$0.00Direccion-HidrografiaBahia-de-Jagua-(Cienfuegos)Enquire for price. <BR> </BR> Beautiful antique, black and white engraved copperplate port plan of Jagua Bay, (now Cienfuegos) on the southern coast of Cuba. Published in 1809, this chart of Cienfuegos Bay was one of 34 charts of Cuban ports published by the Spanish Admiralty, the Direccion Hidrografia, in the sea atlas "Portolano de la America Setentrional Construido en la Direccion Detrabajos Hidrograficos". <BR> </BR> Highlights include a fortress, 'Castillo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles', built in 1745 at the mouth of the bay for protection from pirates. Unlike many other port plans, very few structures are noted and the position of the Castillo is hardly noticeable as it represented with only a very small double circle and even smaller lettering. A fine example with careful, delicate engraving and a wide platemark on high-quality paper. Distance scale is in cables. Engraved by T.G. Part 3. Plate #33.<BR> </BR> Reference: Materiales para una Cartografia Mexicana. Manuel Orozco y Berra. 1871. p. 216. <br></br> <a href="/DireccionHidrografiaBackground.aspx" > See all items by Spain's Direccion de Hidrografia.</a>
251Nautical antique sea chart map: Ibiza and Formentera island: MichelotDetailsMichelot and Bremond1727
Partie de l'Isle d'Yvice et des Isles Fromentieres (Ibiza and Formentera islands)
Michelot and Bremond
$0.00Michelot-and-BremondPartie-de-l-Isle-d-Yvice-et-des-Isles-Fromentieres-(Ibiza-and-Formentera-islands)<a rel="nofollow" href= ""> SOLD, but see another copy in our stock.</a> <BR> </BR> Original small engraved nautical chart of the Balearic islands of Ibiza and Formentera which now belong to an autonomous unit and province of Spain. Shows the port and the town of Elvissa which is labeled "Yvice". This chart is one of 37 port plans published by <a style="color:#9BAFCB" rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx">Henry Michelot and Laurens Bremond</a> ca. 1730 in their atlas of small scale Mediterranean ports: "Recueil de Plusieurs Plans de Ports et Rades de la Mer Mediterranée" . <BR> </BR> Contains a carefully colored compass rose.
255Antique nautical sea chart: Channel, Dover, Callais, London, by BellinDetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1759
Carte du Comte de Kent et du Pas de Calais
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$0.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasCarte-du-Comte-de-Kent-et-du-Pas-de-CalaisSOLD <BR> </BR> Full colored old antique nautical chart produced by the Depot de la Marine in 1759. This chart, produced by J.N. Bellin, covers many areas of historical importance including the English Channel, and the Thames river as far as London, Dover, Calais, Beachy Head, Dunkirk. Good coverage of inland cities, towns, and road in England including New Haven. Croydon, Bromley, Deal, Sandwich, Rochester and many, many more. Numerous soundings and details of the sandbanks near Dover, Dunkirk, and the entrance to the Thames River. Highly decorative dated cartouche at bottom right.
258Rare manuscript sea chart of Portugal, Spain by Charles RandleDetailsRandle, Charles1813
Sold- Manuscript Chart - Portugal, Spain, Strait of Gibraltar
Randle, Charles
$0.00Randle--CharlesSold----Manuscript-Chart---Portugal--Spain--Strait-of-GibraltarThis manuscript chart is sold.<br></br> Small manuscript sea chart of Spain, Portugal and the Strait of Gibraltar. Signed and dated "C. Randle May 18, 1813". Despite the relatively small size of this manuscript chart, the author spent considerable time drawing fine detail of navigational hazards and features. The Guadalquivir River is shown past the bridge in Seville and the Guardiana River is shown to Alcoutin with some details that suggest the author was very familiar with its navigation. <br></br> Charles Randle (fl. 1775 - 1813) served as an officer in the British Royal Navy during both the battle for American independence from Great Britain and the war of 1812. Records show Randle held the rank of Lieutenant in 1783 and retired in 1820 with the rank of commander. <br></br> Randle is best known for several watercolor drawings he produced during the time of the American Revolution. These include several drawings of the battle of Valcour Island that show the British and American lines of battle . These and other drawings he made from that period are presumably based on his first-hand knowledge as a participant at those events. All are signed as C. Randle and are dated between 1775 and 1778.<br></br> The Library of Congress records holding of 37 manuscript maps and 46 watercolor views signed C. Randle and dated to 1810 .<br></br>
264Antique nautical chart of Cabo San Antonio Cuba by JefferysDetailsJefferys, Thomas1762
Plan of the Colorado Rocks near the west end of Cuba.
Jefferys, Thomas
$0.00Jefferys--ThomasPlan-of-the-Colorado-Rocks-near-the-west-end-of-Cuba-SOLD<br></br> Antique copperplate engraved harbor chart of the barrier reef of Colorado's Archipelago on the westernmost point on the island of Cuba. This detailed chart covers the far west point of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, Cape San Antonio and was published in 1762 by the prolific British engraver and publisher Thomas Jefferys (ca.1710-1771) in "A Description of the Spanish Islands and Settlements on the Coast of the West Indies, compiled from Authentic Memoirs, Revised by Gentlemen who have Resided Many Years in the Spanish Settlements".<br></br> The amount and type of detail on this antique chart , lacking in many charts of this series, indicates as great familiarity with the area. Noted points of interest include an Isle of Pines (Pinos), Cape Corrientes, several watering places, a grove of date trees, and a beach with "white sands with cockle shells" near an "old ruined castle" where several soundings and the symbol of an anchor indicate a landing might be made. There is an interesting notation at top center of chart that identifies a rock offshore "Seen by the Cornwall Sept 8th 1748". <br></br> Scale in sea leagues. Plate 25. Page 88.
265Antique nautical harbor chart - Thomas Jefferys: Puerto Cavanas, CubaDetailsJefferys, Thomas1762
Plan of Puerto de Cavanas
Jefferys, Thomas
$0.00Jefferys--ThomasPlan-of-Puerto-de-CavanasSOLD ... but see an antique hand-colored example of this "Plan of Cavanas, Cuba" <a href="" target="_blank">we just added to our stock: </a> <br></br> Antique chart / plan of Puerto Cabanas (Cavanas), Cuba.
266Antique nautical harbor chart by Thomas Jefferys of Bahia Honda, CubaDetailsJefferys, Thomas1762
Plan of Bahia Honda
Jefferys, Thomas
$0.00Jefferys--ThomasPlan-of-Bahia-HondaSOLD<br></br> Antique nautical chart shows Bahia Honda, Cuba in Artemisa province on the Northwestern coast of that island nation, about 70 km west of Havana, Cuba. Copperplate engraved harbor chart published in 1762 by the prolific British engraver and publisher Thomas Jefferys (ca.1710-1771) in "A Description of the Spanish Islands and Settlements on the Coast of the West Indies, compiled from Authentic Memoirs, Revised by Gentlemen who have Resided Many Years in the Spanish Settlements".<br></br> Two fishing spots are identified on the chart, one at the confluence of several creeks with the notation: "Here is plenty of fish to be caught". Scale in miles. Plate 26. Page 89.
269Old nautical antique sea chart of Naples, Italy.DetailsAyrouard, Jacques1746
Plan du Golfe de Naples
Ayrouard, Jacques
$0.00Ayrouard--JacquesPlan-du-Golfe-de-NaplesSOLD<br></br> Please search our site for "Ayrouard" for a similar engraving with beautiful hand-color.. <br></br> Lovely antique nautical chart by Jacques Ayrouard (Marseilles ca. 1746) from a scarce nautical atlas: "Recueil de Plusiers Plans des Ports et Rades et de Quelque Cartes Particulieres de la Mer Mediterranee".
274DetailsFisher, Susanna2001
The Makers of the Blueback Charts
Fisher, Susanna
$0.00Fisher--SusannaThe-Makers-of-the-Blueback-ChartsSOLD <br></br> Fine reference book on mapmakers from the City of London from 1750's to present.