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284Coming Soon!DetailsMagini, Giovanni Antonio1598
Descrittione di Tutto'l Mondo, Secondo la prattica de' Marinari
Magini, Giovanni Antonio
$850.00Magini--Giovanni-AntonioDescrittione-di-Tutto-l-Mondo--Secondo-la-prattica-de--MarinariExquisitely-engraved small antique chart of the entire world by Tolomeo Magini executed in the style one would find in larger sea charts of the late 16th century, with rhumb lines. At the time the copperplate engraving was made the outlines of the continents were becoming more accurate. This chart reflects those cartographic achievements with the glaring exception of a large southern landmass "Terra Australis Nondum Cognita", which stretches from West to East at the chart bottom. Much finely engraved detail and calligraphy by Porro with stippling throughout all the world's oceans and seas.<BR> </BR> 5" x 7" engraving set in a larger sheet of Italian text measuring 8" x 12". <BR> </BR> Verso contains text descriptions of Caribbean islands with large woodcut capitals. These descriptions incude the islands of Jamaica (L' Isola Iamaica, o di S. Iacomo), Cuba (L' Isole Cuba, o Fernandina) and Canibalori (L'Isole de Canibalori, o de Caribi). Overall a very interesting piece. Chapter 35.
102Coming Soon!DetailsMorisot, C.B.1643
Title Page Orbis Maritimi
Morisot, C.B.
$260.00Morisot--C-B-Title-Page-Orbis-MaritimiDecorative antique title page from the first comprehensive work on maritime history by Morisot. Adorned with sea shells, anchors, and implements of war. First and only edition.
1126Coming Soon!DetailsLe Rouge, George1760
Terrestrial and celestial globes
Le Rouge, George
$180.00Le-Rouge--GeorgeTerrestrial-and-celestial-globesAntique old French copper-plate engraving ca. 1748 of two globes: a terrestrial globe and a celestial globe. A celestial globe is a spherical representation of the celestial sphere, showing the apparent positions of the stars and constellations in the sky. The engraving includes additional representations: of the points of the compass, a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and the relative sizes of the astronomical bodies. <br></br> From le Rouge's "Atlas Nouveau Portatif à l'usage des militaires et du voyageur" published from Paris. George Le Rouge was a Paris-based engineer and surveyor originally from Germany who had a shop on the Rue Des Grands Augustins. Le Rouge's tireless work earned him the title "Geographe du Roi".
176Coming Soon!DetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1765
Carte des Variations de la Boussole
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$1,600.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasCarte-des-Variations-de-la-BoussoleSpectacularly decorative antique nautical map of the World from the 'Hydrographie francoise' by Jacques Bellin. Displays compass variation and prevailing wind direction across the globe. Australia is shown with only a partial coastline as "Terres Australis" or "Nouvelle Hollande" and the U.S. Pacific Northwest with no coastal detail.<BR> </BR> Winds are represented as small cherubs with puffed cheeks. Huge rococco cartouche at right is decorated with cornucopia and numerous floral elements; capped with a crowned globe bearing the three fleur-de-lis that have been an emblem on the French coat of arms from the 14th century. This antique map of the world was produced by J.N. Bellin, the first French "Ingenieur de la Marine" towards the end of his career in 1765. The dedicatory cartouche to the Minister of War, the Duke de Choiseul, is as much a tribute to Bellin as to the minister as it lists his several accomplishments: "Ingenieur de la Marine", "Censeur Royal de l'Academie de Marine et de la Societe Royale de Londres".
1124Coming Soon!DetailsAnonymous1777
Ptolemaic armillary sphere
$100.00AnonymousPtolemaic-armillary-sphereFinely engraved Ptolemaic armillary sphere. This early engraving served as the source for a later similar image with celestial and terrestrial globes, published by Citoyen (Citizen) Berthelon in Paris ca. 1799, for the "Nouvelle Edition" of the Atlas Modern Portatif. <br></br> An armillary sphere is a model of objects in the sky consisting of a spherical framework of rings, centered on the Earth or the Sun, that represent lines of celestial longitude and latitude and other astronomically important features such as the ecliptic. As such, the armillary sphere differs from a celestial globe, which is a smooth sphere whose principal purpose is to map the constellations. <br></br> With the Earth at the center, an armillary sphere is known as a Ptolemaic sphere. With the sun at center, it is known as a Copernican sphere.
525Coming Soon!DetailsDepot de la Marine1818
Carte Reduite du Grand Ocean comprise L'Asie et L'Amerique
Depot de la Marine
$1,150.00Depot-de-la-MarineCarte-Reduite-du-Grand-Ocean-comprise-L-Asie-et-L-AmeriqueAntique rare 'brown-back' navigation chart issued by the French Depot de la Marine in 1818. Coverage extends from Sumatra in the far west to the Antilles and Gulf of Mexico. Includes: Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Australia (Nouvelle Hollande), New Zealand, the "Sandwich Islands" [Hawaii (Owhywi) , Mowi, Oahu (Woahua)...], Easter Island (Isle de Paques), Port St Francois (San Franciso), California and most of the Pacific Islands. <br><br/> With the circular stamp of the Depot General de la Marine at bottom left. Chart is covered with brown linen; probably contemporary to its issue based on the wear pattern. No. 420. Price 2 Francs.
88Coming Soon!DetailsWilson, Elena1937
The Story of the Blueback Chart
Wilson, Elena
$65.00Wilson--ElenaThe-Story-of-the-Blueback-ChartBooklet contains a brief history and chronology of the old chart publishing firm of Imray as far back as John Seller and John Senex. Self-published complimentary brochure with softcover and string binding. 20 pages plus illustrations.