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284Antique nautical chart of the entire world by Magini dated 1598DetailsMagini, Giovanni Antonio1598
Descrittione di Tutto'l Mondo, Secondo la prattica de' Marinari
Magini, Giovanni Antonio
$850.00Magini--Giovanni-AntonioDescrittione-di-Tutto-l-Mondo--Secondo-la-prattica-de--MarinariExquisitely-engraved small antique chart of the entire world by Tolomeo Magini executed in the style one would find in larger sea charts of the late 16th century, with rhumb lines. At the time the copperplate engraving was made the outlines of the continents were becoming more accurate. This chart reflects those cartographic achievements with the glaring exception of a large southern landmass "Terra Australis Nondum Cognita", which stretches from West to East at the chart bottom. Much finely engraved detail and calligraphy by Porro with stippling throughout all the world's oceans and seas.<BR> </BR> 5" x 7" engraving set in a larger sheet of Italian text measuring 8" x 12". <BR> </BR> Verso contains text descriptions of Caribbean islands with large woodcut capitals. These descriptions include the islands of Jamaica (L' Isola Iamaica, o di S. Iacomo), Cuba (L' Isole Cuba, o Fernandina) and Canibalori (L'Isole de Canibalori, o de Caribi). Overall a very interesting piece. Chapter 35.
102Old antique nautical print engraved title page by MorisotDetailsMorisot, C.B.1643
Title Page Orbis Maritimi
Morisot, C.B.
$260.00Morisot--C-B-Title-Page-Orbis-MaritimiDecorative antique title page from the first comprehensive work on maritime history by Charles Barthelemy Morisot (1592-1661) - "Orbis Maritimi siue Rerum". <br></br> This rare engraving is adorned with sea shells, anchors, and implements of war. Petrum Palliot, 1643. First and only edition.
4755Pair of beautiful antique maps of North and South Wales, UK.DetailsJansson, Jan1720
Fine pair (2) of antique maps of North Wales and South Wales.
Jansson, Jan
$1,100.00Jansson--JanFine-pair-(2)-of-antique-maps-of-North-Wales-and-South-Wales-Pair of beautiful antique maps of North and South Wales in the United Kingdom ca. 1720. Fine condition. Both maps are filled with charming pictorial topography describing forests, cities, and mountains. Published in Amsterdam by Pieter Schenk and Gerard Valk after Joannes Janssonius (Jan Jansson). <br></br> Locations within Wales include Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Pembroke, Brecon, Cardingan, Radnor in South Wales and Snowdown Hill (Snowdon) in North Wales, the highest mountain in the country. Both maps are adorned with superb engraved aquatic cartouches adorned with putti, coats of arms and sailing ships. Blank verso. Attribution at bottom to Shenk and Valk, Amsterdam, publishers.
5238Engraving to support The Solar System according to Copernicus.DetailsLondon Magazine1752
Antique engraved plate of the Solar System and comets
London Magazine
$150.00London-MagazineAntique-engraved-plate-of-the-Solar-System-and-cometsOriginal antique copper-plate engraved view titled: "The solar system with the orbits of 5 remarkable comets." The print explains the drawing: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "The orbits of the Planets are drawn according to their mean distance from the Sun; and the Planets themselves in the proportions they bear to each other." </div></br> Illustrates the Copernican heliocentric theory of the solar system. Interesting representation of five periodic appearances of comets with their periodicity and generalized orbits. <br></br> Published in the February, 1752 issue of London Magazine to illustrate an article: "The Solar System according to Copernicus."
1126Antique print of a terrestrial globe and a celestial globe.DetailsLe Rouge, George1760
Terrestrial and celestial globes
Le Rouge, George
$180.00Le-Rouge--GeorgeTerrestrial-and-celestial-globesAntique old French copper-plate engraving ca. 1748 of two globes: a terrestrial globe and a celestial globe. A celestial globe is a spherical representation of the celestial sphere, showing the apparent positions of the stars and constellations in the sky. The engraving includes additional representations: of the points of the compass, a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and the relative sizes of the astronomical bodies. <br></br> From le Rouge's "Atlas Nouveau Portatif à l'usage des militaires et du voyageur" published from Paris. George Le Rouge was a Paris-based engineer and surveyor originally from Germany who had a shop on the Rue Des Grands Augustins. Le Rouge's tireless work earned him the title "Geographe du Roi".
176Scarce nautical antique sea chart or map of the world by BellinDetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1765
Carte des Variations de la Boussole
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$0.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasCarte-des-Variations-de-la-BoussoleNOT AVAILABLE <BR> </BR> Spectacularly decorative antique nautical map of the World from the 'Hydrographie francoise' by Jacques Bellin. Displays compass variation and prevailing wind direction across the globe. Australia is shown with only a partial coastline as "Terres Australis" or "Nouvelle Hollande" and the U.S. Pacific Northwest with no coastal detail.<BR> </BR> Winds are represented as small cherubs with puffed cheeks. Huge rococo cartouche at right is decorated with cornucopia and numerous floral elements; capped with a crowned globe bearing the three fleur-de-lis that have been an emblem on the French coat of arms from the 14th century. This antique map of the world was produced by J.N. Bellin, the first French "Ingenieur de la Marine" towards the end of his career in 1765. The dedicatory cartouche to the Minister of War, the Duke de Choiseul, is as much a tribute to Bellin as to the minister as it lists his several accomplishments: "Ingenieur de la Marine", "Censeur Royal de l'Academie de Marine et de la Societe Royale de Londres".
1124Finely engraved 18th century Ptolemaic armillary sphere.DetailsAnonymous1777
Ptolemaic armillary sphere
$100.00AnonymousPtolemaic-armillary-sphereFinely engraved Ptolemaic armillary sphere. This early engraving served as the source for a later similar image with celestial and terrestrial globes, published by Citoyen (Citizen) Berthelon in Paris ca. 1799, for the "Nouvelle Edition" of the Atlas Modern Portatif. <br></br> An armillary sphere is a model of objects in the sky consisting of a spherical framework of rings, centered on the Earth or the Sun, that represent lines of celestial longitude and latitude and other astronomically important features such as the ecliptic. As such, the armillary sphere differs from a celestial globe, which is a smooth sphere whose principal purpose is to map the constellations. <br></br> With the Earth at the center, an armillary sphere is known as a Ptolemaic sphere. With the sun at center, it is known as a Copernican sphere.
525Antique French navigation chart of the Pacific Ocean and islandsDetailsDepot de la Marine1818
Carte Reduite du Grand Ocean comprise L'Asie et L'Amerique
Depot de la Marine
$0.00Depot-de-la-MarineCarte-Reduite-du-Grand-Ocean-comprise-L-Asie-et-L-AmeriqueSOLD <br><br/> Antique rare 'brown-back' navigation chart issued by the French Depot de la Marine in 1818. Coverage extends from Sumatra in the far west to the Antilles and Gulf of Mexico. Includes: Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Australia (Nouvelle Hollande), New Zealand, the "Sandwich Islands" [Hawaii (Owhywi) , Mowi, Oahu (Woahua)...], Easter Island (Isle de Paques), Port St Francois (San Franciso), California and most of the Pacific Islands. <br><br/> With the circular stamp of the Depot General de la Marine at bottom left. Chart is covered with brown linen; probably contemporary to its issue based on the wear pattern. No. 420. Price 2 Francs.
1280Antique dual-hemisphere world map by Adrien Brue.DetailsBrue, Adrien Hubert1822
Large antique world map of the east and west hemispheres.
Brue, Adrien Hubert
$0.00Brue--Adrien-HubertLarge-antique-world-map-of-the-east-and-west-hemispheres-Sold <br></br> Attractive large antique dual-hemisphere map of the world by Adrien Brue. Presented as two joined views of the eastern and of the western hemispheres. Nice and careful hand-coloring.
110Old maritime nautical book by J.W. NorieDetailsNorie, J.W.1840
A Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation
Norie, J.W.
$0.00Norie--J-W-A-Complete-Epitome-of-Practical-NavigationSOLD <BR> </BR> Twelfth edition of this British nautical standard.
88Old antique maritime nautical book history of Imray firmDetailsWilson, Elen1937
The Story of the Blueback Chart
Wilson, Elen
$65.00Wilson--ElenThe-Story-of-the-Blueback-ChartBooklet contains a brief history and chronology of the old chart publishing firm of Imray as far back as John Seller and John Senex. Self-published complimentary brochure with softcover and string binding. 20 pages plus illustrations.
4846Zingg's singular Map of Future EventsDetailsZingg, Andrew1939
Map of the Future by Andrew Zingg
Zingg, Andrew
$0.00Zingg--AndrewMap-of-the-Future-by-Andrew-ZinggSOLD <br></br> A work, not of the display of quantitative information, but of pure imagination. Visually depicts Andrew Zingg's personal, apocalyptic "inspirational vision" for a transformative change of the Earth's surface and magnetic poles. The map was almost certainly self-published, a vanity map. <br></br> No other copy of this map is found anywhere on this planet. <br></br> By Andrew Zingg (1868-1954) of Wilton Junction, Iowa. 1939. The online Catalog of Copyright Entries shows that a copyright was granted to Andrew Zingg on January 21, 1939 for a "Map of Future Events". <br></br> Zingg's vision is documented in an included two-page typed letter titled: "A New Map of the World (There will be a Cycle Change of this Globe in the Near Future.)" The explanation defines the results of Zingg's hypothesis for imminent change in the earth's magnetic field along with climate changes and massive changes in the earth's landmass that might be expected with extreme tectonic forces. <br></br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "We are now living in that age in which a physical change of the Globe will soon occur in which this world will roll (in its orb) to a new point of balance which will swing its axis unto new moorings, the North Pole will be shifted into Siberia east of the Ural Mountains and the South Pole in the South Pacific Ocean." </div> <br></br> Contains blue ink hand-stamps referencing Zingg's copyright in 1939. Zingg signed his letter cryptically with "(A - Z - Alpha Omega)". Note: map is much larger that the two typed pages (not to same scale).
5385WWII-era pictorial map of the British Commonwealth of Nations.DetailsBritish Information Services1942
Fine pictorial WWII-era map of the British Commonwealth of Nations
British Information Services
$300.00British-Information-ServicesFine-pictorial-WWII-era-map-of-the-British-Commonwealth-of-NationsFine pictorial world map showing the British Commonwealth of Nations. Issued during WWII by the British Information Services, an agency of the British Government. Mercator projection. <br></br> Includes two inset tables:<br> 1) "Forms of Government". This key uses color to signify the form of government administration and management of internal and external affairs. <br> 2) "Principal Products". A tabular representation by geographical area uses pictograms to represent the most valuable products produced in the Commonwealth. <br></br> Distributed by the British Information Services, an agency of the British Government, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York. Printed in England.
2494Matthew Maury's 3rd edition chart of whale sightings.DetailsMaury, Matthew Fontaine1956
Maury's Whale Chart 3rd. Ed
Maury, Matthew Fontaine
$0.00Maury--Matthew-FontaineMaury-s-Whale-Chart-3rd--EdSOLD <br></br> Rare thematic chart of reported whale sightings by geographic area, whale species, and relative number of sightings. <br></br> Third issue (of four). Hydrographic Office of the US in the mid 20th century. Upper top left position with logo of eagle clutching items in claws surrounded by text: "Hydrographic Office U.S. Navy". Top right position is blank. Bottom right position reads "Price 20 cents / H.O. Miscel. No. 8514" Mid-20th-century electrotype on wove paper. This instance of Maury's whale chart carries a blue ink over-stamp from the U.S. Naval Supply Depot at Scotia, NY. "Corrected through Notice to Mariners No. 25 June 23, '56" that is- 1956.
4935Matthew Maury's scarce thematic chart of whale sightings.DetailsMaury, Matthew Fontaine1960
Maury's Whale Chart 4th Edition
Maury, Matthew Fontaine
$0.00Maury--Matthew-FontaineMaury-s-Whale-Chart-4th-EditionSOLD <br></br> Rare thematic chart of reported whale sightings by geographic area, whale species, and relative number of sightings. An early example of the graphical display of quantitative information for decision making. <br></br> Matthew Maury's Whale Chart, was first issued by the United States Bureau of Ordnance & Hydrography in 1851. This is the fourth (4th.) edition, from the United State Hydrographical Office in the 1960s. <br/></br/> Upper top left position with logo of eagle over an anchor surrounded by text: "United States Hydrographical Office". Top right position reads "Catalog: Introduction. Part 1.". Bottom right position reads "Price 50 cents / H.O. Miscel. No. 8514" Mid-20th-century electrotype on wove paper. This instance of Maury's whale chart carries two unknown blue ink accession hand stamps in the far bottom right margin: "June 23, 1969." and "Accession no. [in MS] 763." <br></br> Shows best whaling areas and migration patterns for sperm whales and right whales, as well as the most densely populated areas and areas of "Straggling" Sperm Whales and Right Whales.
5438Map of worldwide catches of sperm and baleen whales in 1970.DetailsFAO United Nations1970
Map of the world distribution of sperm and baleen whale catches
FAO United Nations
$200.00FAO-United-NationsMap-of-the-world-distribution-of-sperm-and-baleen-whale-catchesScarce map of the number of catches of sperm whales and of baleen whales worldwide. From the "Atlas of the living resources of the seas" a publication of the Department of Fisheries for the <strong>Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations [1]</strong>. <br><br> Updating Maury one hundred years earlier, the color of whale pictographs are used to represent whale species. Location, and catch quantity also are represented on this chart of the world. Maury's chart reported whale sightings for sperm, baleen, and right whales, while this chart displays data on actual catches only of sperm and baleen whales. <br></br> [1] Online. Atlas of the living resources of the ses. United Nations FAO. <br></br> (Atlas des resources biologiques des mers; Atlas de los recursos vivos del mar)
5435Very rare thematic world map of LSD historic sites from 1993.DetailsHorowitz, Reemes and Harrison1993
Rare Map of Historic Sites of LSD Discovery, Research, and Culture
Horowitz, Reemes and Harrison
$550.00Horowitz--Reemes-and-HarrisonRare-Map-of-Historic-Sites-of-LSD-Discovery--Research--and-CultureVery scarce original thematic world map of LSD historic sites published in 1993 on the 50th anniversary of the first use of the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Contains information relative to the discovery, usage and culture of LSD (and other drugs) for approximately forty locations spread across the world. For example:</br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li><strong>SAN FRANCISCO: </strong>The Hippie-Xanadu (Haight-Asbury 1966-1970), Owsley tabs, windowpane, blotter acid, First Human Be-in (Jan. 1967), Fillmore and Avalon psychedelic dance concerts, poster art, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother, Quicksilver, Blue Cheer, Ludlow Library, 1978-1980 Ecstasy, rave scene, early 1990's.</li> <li><strong>BERKELEY: </strong>Telegraph Ave., counterculture scene, Psychedelic Venus Church, The Barb, The Tribe, A. Shulgin's research lab. Home mushroom cultivation started.</li> <li><strong>VANCOUVER: </strong>Captain Al Hubbard manages Hollywood Hospital for LSD therapy, late 1950s-60s.</li> <li><strong>CUERNAVACA: </strong> Site of Leary's first psychedelic trip.</li> <li><strong>COPENHAGEN: </strong>Joint lecture of Huxley and Leary, 1961.</li> <li><strong>SIBERIA: </strong>Ancient shamanic use of Amanita muscaria. Tree/mushroom/reindeer triad.</li> <li><strong>NORFOLK ISLANDS: </strong>Hallucinogenic fish reported, 1960.</li> </ul> </div> At the bottom of the map is a large canoe populated with human and animal passengers drawn in the style of ancient Mayan art. The map is surrounded by a wild assortment of icons, totems, pure decorative elements and drawings relative to psychedelic drugs and the psychedelic experience. Small scroll at the top center identifies the work as "Psychedelica cartographia." Copyright 1978, 1993 by Michael Horowitz, Dana Reemes, and Kathleen Harrison. Lysergic World. Published by L-World, 40 Fourth Street, Suite 260 Petaluma, CA. 1993.