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5436A counterculture map of the United States based on cultural distance.DetailsCrabb, Earl and Shubb, Rick1969
Humbead's Revised Map of the World with List of Population
Crabb, Earl and Shubb, Rick
$285.00Crabb--Earl-and-Shubb--RickHumbead-s-Revised-Map-of-the-World-with-List-of-PopulationOriginal 1969 second-edition offset-lithograph counter-culture map of the "world". The first edition of Humbead's Revised Map of the World was created in 1968 based on a concept by Earl Crabb and drawn by artist Rick Shubb. Two subsequent editions were released in 1969 and 1970.
5434A counterculture map of the United States based on cultural distance.DetailsCrabb, Earl and Shubb, Rick1970
Counterculture Cartography Humbead's Revised Map of the World
Crabb, Earl and Shubb, Rick
$285.00Crabb--Earl-and-Shubb--RickCounterculture-Cartography-Humbead-s-Revised-Map-of-the-WorldOriginal 1970 third-edition offset-lithograph counter-culture map of the "world". The first edition of Humbead's Revised Map of the World was created in 1968 based on a concept by Earl Crabb and drawn by artist Rick Shubb. Two subsequent editions were released. <br></br> Copyright 1970 by The Great Humbead.
5473Rare, 1969 anti-war protest poster with SE Asia map.DetailsStudent Mobilization Committee1971
Very rare persuasive 1971 antiwar poster with outline map of southeast Asia
Student Mobilization Committee
$475.00Student-Mobilization-CommitteeVery-rare-persuasive-1971-antiwar-poster-with-outline-map-of-southeast-AsiaRare, student-led anti-war protest poster on card stock with an outline map of SE Asian countries promoting two anti-war activities: A "Student Strike" on November 3 and a "March on Boston" planned for November 6 [1971] . <br></br> The text for the Strike and the March are both overlaid on top of an outline image of a map of SE Asia including the countries of North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia each filled with the letters "USA", "USA", "USA". <br></br> No holdings of this poster are found online. <br></br> The two protest activities were organized by the Student Mobilization Committee (SMC). 15 Sellers Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. <div class="indenttextblocksingle">"The Student Mobilization Committee was formed in 1966 “to coordinate opposition to U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam among college and high school students.” Originally named The Vietnam Day Committee the SMC organized protests on campuses and in cities in addition to being one of the first groups that included civilians and soldiers alike. Based on a letter from 1969, the SMC had centers in 15 cities around the country but began to disband, like many anti-Vietnam groups in the early 1970s (1973) in conjunction with the U.S. beginning to withdrawing troops from Vietnam." (Brown University, Hall-Hoag Collection. 2015. Online) </div>
4928Pictorial map advertisement for computer networking.DetailsDigital Equipment Corporation1972
Early Persuasive Map Advertising ARPA Network pre-Internet
Digital Equipment Corporation
$275.00Digital-Equipment-CorporationEarly-Persuasive-Map-Advertising-ARPA-Network-pre-InternetI'll see your Timothy Edward Downs and raise you 20. <br /><br /> Very early pictorial map advertisement for Digital Equipment Corporation or DEC, for their DEC10 Supercomputer as a key part of the ARPA network. With the introduction of the TCP-IP protocols, ARPANET grew rapidly in size and within less than 20 years evolved into the Internet. <br /><br /> ARPA stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency, a U.S. Defense Department agency responsible for leading-edge technical research. Beginning in 1967, by 1969 the ARPANET network interconnected four supercomputers, in 1970 - 9 supercomputers and by 1972 - 24 supercomputers . <br /><br /> The ad shows the location of ARPANET supercomputers, generally large universities and research institutions; the interconnections between those supercomputers; and the data exchanged between the computers. <br /><br /> In the early 1970's networking concepts were poorly understood and the artist uses common pictograms as metaphors as an aid to understanding. Without exception each university/research Supercomputing center is represented by old white men in suits, most with ties (NASA Ames the exception). Names of each institution appears on the outstretched arms of the old white men as they extend into the cube of another institution with an old white man. By Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts, run by old white men in the 1970's.
5428Poster for 1978 Marijuana Trail.DetailsAnonymous1978
Map of the 1978 Marijuana Trail
$375.00AnonymousMap-of-the-1978-Marijuana-TrailScarce Hippie / Yippie cannabis-related map or a 70's Hippie poster with cartographic interest. An uncommon original pictorial map from 1976 showing gatherings "The Marijuana Trail" planned across the continental United States during the Spring and Summer of 1978. <br></br> Interesting iconography used that adapts existing regional stereotypes to a counter-culture cannabis-infused outlook: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>San Francisco- A drunk, be-wigged barrister and a bell-bottom mod smoker.</li> <li>Ashland, Oregon- Bigfoot getting high</li> <li>Grand Junction, Colo. Naked hippies with smokie the bear.</li> <li>Atlanta- Southern gentleman and a banjo-playing hillbilly.</li> <li>Montreal - a frog, cow, and lumberjack- all smoking</li> </ul> </div> Near Kent, Ohio three citizens are shown holding large signs: REMEMBER | KENT | STATE <br></br> For many of the gatherings the provided activity and schedule information could have made this map a fine planning calendar. From A Yipster Times publication.
5426Cannabis-related poster promoting the White House Smoke-in 1982.DetailsFranzen, Dana1982
Poster Ron and Nancy Reagan White House SmokeIn 1982
Franzen, Dana
$295.00Franzen--DanaPoster-Ron-and-Nancy--Reagan-White-House-SmokeIn-1982Original, cannabis-related protest poster promoting the White House Smoke-In '82 Washington, D.C. July 2 - 5. Promising free pot, the poster features President Ron Reagan sporting a huge smoldering doob while standing next to an elegant Nancy Reagan, both garlanded with green cannabis leaves. Above that ironic scene, on an arched semicircle, the text reads: <strong>"Pot is an herb. Reagan is a dope." </strong> <br></br> Created by Dana Franzen, a frequent contributor to the magazine's centerfold posters.. <br></br> Offset-lithograph on better-quality newsprint. Measuring 25" on the diagonal this is an original poster from a 1982 issue of A Yipster Times Publication.
5417World Cannabis March on the U.N. poster from 1983.DetailsYouth International Party Information Service1983
Fine 1983 World Cannabis March on the U.N. Poster
Youth International Party Information Service
$265.00Youth-International-Party-Information-ServiceFine-1983-World-Cannabis-March-on-the-U-N--PosterOriginal, scarce, World Cannabis March on the U.N. poster on good-quality newsprint from a Yipster underground newspaper. The "World Cannabis March", sponsored by the 5th Avenue Pot Parade Coalition, featured speakers, a holistic massage workshop, and reggae music. <br></br> Purpose was to advertise a protest parade in New York City against the Reagan Administration's policies on cannabis. Reagan's policies diverted funds from the enforcement of hard drug laws to enforcement of the marijuana statutes, considered by many at the time to be a less harmful "soft" drug. <br></br> The march was scheduled to start at 11 A.M. May 7, 1983 at Washington Square Park in New York City.
5423Poster for 1984 Bastille Day Marijuana Parade in San Francisco, CA.DetailsFranzen, Dana1984
Poster Bastille Day Marijuana Parade on the Democratic Convention
Franzen, Dana
$325.00Franzen--DanaPoster-Bastille-Day-Marijuana-Parade-on-the-Democratic-ConventionAn artists view of San Francisco, California. Fine, very scarce, original 1984 cannabis-related poster promoting a Bastille Day Marijuana Parade in San Francisco. The event was a march on the Democratic Convention, to be held at the Moscone Center, the largest convention complex in San Francisco. The colorful, imaginative, scene of the march shows cannabis growing like shrubs from every rooftop. The marchers were to assemble at the corner of Oak Street and Cole at 1:00 p.m. and then march to the Moscone Center. <br></br> Presumably by Dana Franzen but unattributed. Franzen was the artist on several other similar posters. Offset lithograph. Dated within at 4/29/84. Printed for a Yipster Times Publication. <br ></br> A sign above the Moscone Center in San Francisco reads: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"><i> "Welcome to Yerba Buena Center and don't forget "Yerba Buena" is Spanish for "Good Weed." Also, "Free the half-billion." </i> </div>
5424A 1984 protest poster with Ronald Reagan and the Texas-State shape.DetailsSwartzbeck, Mike1984
Iconic Yipster Poster Texas State Reagan Mechanical Bull
Swartzbeck, Mike
$200.00Swartzbeck--MikeIconic-Yipster-Poster-Texas-State-Reagan-Mechanical-BullFine mid-80's original protest-rally poster, an iconic offset-lithographed artifact from the waning days of the Hippy sub-culture. A broadsheet for the more liberal segment of the Baby Boomer cohort, with a Texas accent. <br></br> Ronald Reagan is depicted astride a missile-shaped quarter-a-ride mechanical bull emblazoned with the atom symbol, with all set before the shape of the State of Texas, in blazing yellow. Text at the right lays out the rally schedule in Dallas, Texas at the Republican Party Convention from August 11 to August 24, 1984. Activities included a Peace Vigil, religious services, voter registration, and a Rally Against Reagan's Diversion of Dollars from Hard to Soft Drugs. Created by Mike Swartzbeck and apparently paid for by the North American Greens Party, P.O. 392, Canal Street Station, New York City. <br></br> Activities planned for Wednesday, August 22 were: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Morning: Toxic Waste Redeployment</li> <li>Evening: blockade Convention</li> </ul> </div> Title: "Don't Let Reagan take you For a Ride. Rally and Blockade Dallas G.O.P. Convention, Aug. 11 - 24 [1984]."
5408World Cannabis March on the U.N. poster from May, 1985 by Franzen.DetailsFranzen, Dana1985
Fine 1985 World Cannabis March on the U.N. Poster
Franzen, Dana
$275.00Franzen--DanaFine-1985-World-Cannabis-March-on-the-U-N--PosterStunning, scarce, original World Cannabis March on the U.N. poster (1985) on heavier, better-quality newsprint. Designed by Dana Franzen for A Yipster Times Publication. The poster was a center-fold insert. <br></br> The intent of the poster was to advertise a protest parade in New York City against the Reagan Administration's strict policies on cannabis. The march was to start "before high noon" on May 4, 1985 at Washington Square Park. <br></br> Contains text likely to appeal to members of the counter-culture who understood the double entendre meaning of some of the poster's copy:</br> "Appeal to a <b>higher power</b>"</br> "Meet at Washington Sq. Park before <b>high noon</b>"
5472Thematic, pictorial, world map for dope growing and manufacture.DetailsHigh Times1985
Late 20th C map of International Drug Production
High Times
$225.00High-TimesLate-20th-C-map-of-International-Drug-ProductionThematic, pictorial, world map focused on the agricultural and manufacturing/refining sites that produced illegal drugs in the mid 1980's. A two-page "Bonus Centerfold" to a 1985 issue of <i>High Times</i> a monthly drug-oriented, counterculture magazine published by Trans-High Corporation of Farmingdale, N.Y. Robert Aronson, publisher. Perfect for collectors, dispensary decoration, or nostalgic old hippies. <br></br> This fine, increasingly scarce, original map <strong>"The World According to Dope: A Guide to International Drug Production"</strong> shows locations for growing coca, pot, poppies, and khat as well as of laboratories for production of cocaine, heroin amphetamine, and more all explained in a legend near bottom center using simple easily-understood pictographs to represent each drug. Notations on the map supplement the location information with a few interesting tidbits, (e.g., "Ukrainian ditchweed", "Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands: one big money laundry".) <br></br> Verso with a single-page map <strong> "Guide to International Trade Routes" </strong>for heroin, marijuana, Quaaludes, Cocaine, and khat. Most destinations are located on the map in the United States or in Europe. Polar projection.