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917Coming Soon!DetailsMallet, Allain Manesson1683
Antique map of Iceland with Greenland
Mallet, Allain Manesson
$215.00Mallet--Allain-ManessonAntique-map-of-Iceland-with-GreenlandCharming antique map of Iceland (Islande) with a profile view of Greenland (Groenland) in the background. Between the two islands is a scene of several whaling vessels hunting and harpooning very large whales from whaleboats. By Allain Mallet, Paris, 1683. <br></br> Towns depicted include Reykjavík ("Rikiaves"), Holar ("Hola"), Kopavogur ("Koplavnik"), and "Bestede". Mount Hekla ("Mont Hecla") is shown erupting vigorously and numeous other vocanic cones are depicted in the interior. A recorded eruption of Mount Hekla that began in May 1636 lasted over one year. <br></br> Published by Mallet in "Description de l'Univers" . Allain Mallet (1630-1706) was a French engineer, soldier, and cartographer. He served in the court of King Louis XIV as a techer of mathematics. In addition to "Description de l'Univers" Mallet also published "Les Travaux de Mars ou l'Art de la Guerre".