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Fine antique chart of Iceland and Faroe Islands ... Whaling related
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$1,900.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasFine-antique-chart-of-Iceland-and-Faroe-Islands-----Whaling-relatedVery large antique French sea chart published by France's Depot de la Marine to serve whaling interests near Iceland ("pour servir a la peche de la balaine"). After the work of Horrebows and of Knopf. Contains all of Iceland and portions of the Greenland coast, the Faroe Islands, and Jan Mayen Island. A long stretch of the Greenland coast is noted as speculative: "Toute cette coste n'est tracee que sur des conjectures". <br></br> At left an inset correction of a part of Iceland's west coast south of Cap Nord (near today's Hornstrandir Nature Reserve) based on the exploration of Kerguelen in 1707. Inset to right contains coastal details of the east coast of Iceland based on Dutch charts. With a very decorative title cartouche and the circular anchor logo of France's Depot de la Marine. Dated 1767 within but printed ca. 1789 - 1799, based of the "R.F." ( République française ) within the logo. <br></br> This scarce and highly decorative chart is annotated with information about re-supply points that could have been useful to whalers and other mariners: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>"Ville et port a viande."</li> <li>"Ville et port a poisson."</li> <li>"Ville et port a viande y a aussi boucherie."</li> <li>"Ville et port ou l'on charge du poisson et de la graisse de poisson."</li> </ul> </div> Contains a diagram noting the high magnetic variation experienced in the area (32 degrees west). Interesting detail is the knitted fisherman's cap directly below the North direction arrow.