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1481Coming Soon!DetailsBlaeu, Johannes1645
North Polar Region or Regiones Sub Polo Arctico
Blaeu, Johannes
$1,900.00Blaeu--JohannesNorth-Polar-Region-or-Regiones-Sub-Polo-ArcticoBeautiful engraved map of the North Polar region with fine color. With rhumb lines radiating from the North Pole, a large title cartouche, two figures and numerous wind heads, compass roses, ships and an additional vignette of explorers. Arctic animals shown include a polar bear and foxes. With Backer's coat-of-arms in "Nova Britannia." French text on verso regarding the "Pole Arctique". <br></br> Blaeu's map of the North Pole region is a close copy of Jansson's Nova et Accurata Poli Artici based on the arctic map of Barentsz, Baffin, and others. This is state two of the map with Willem Backer's coat-of-arms.
3660Coming Soon!DetailsMallet, Allain Manesson1719
Neat antique view of Iceland
Mallet, Allain Manesson
$175.00Mallet--Allain-ManessonNeat-antique-view-of-IcelandManneson-Mallet's small and very interesting view of Hecla a volcano on Iceland, a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. Hekla (Hecla) is a large and active volcano on the south of Iceland, part of a 40 mile long volcanic ridge.