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1322Coming Soon!DetailsDepot de la Marine1869
Rare Antique Nautical Chart of Port Jackson, Australia (Sydney)
Depot de la Marine
$9,500.00Depot-de-la-MarineRare-Antique-Nautical-Chart-of-Port-Jackson--Australia-(Sydney)Rare and early large Gold-Rush era nautical chart of Port Jackson (Sydney, Australia) published by France's Depot de la Marine in 1861 (last corrections in 1869) based on the 1857 British Admiralty survey made under the command of Captain Denham. Large early nautical charts of Sydney / Port Jackson are very scarce. No record of a sale of this large chart (British or French) is found in the Antique Map Price Record. Includes a elevation view of Port Jackson as seen from offshore. <br></br> In his analysis of the accuracy of early charts of Sydney Harbor, Mulhearn noted: <div class="indenttextblock">"The 1857 British Admiralty survey was carried out by Hutchison under the direction of a Captain Henry Mangles Denham F.R.S. who had been tasked with surveying parts of the south-west Pacific in HMS Herald. The chart of this survey, engraved in 1859, had the high soundings density one would expect with a modern hydrographic survey and it clearly marks a significant departure from earlier mapping efforts of Sydney Harbour. The area covered was from 1.5 miles (2.4 km) seawards of the harbour entrance west to Five Dock Bay. However sounding densities were relatively sparse west of Cockatoo Island, where a new dry dock, Fitzroy Dry Dock, was opened in late 1857. The survey and initial chart production took approximately two months." <a href=" " target="_blank">Online.</a></div> <br></br> The total population of Sydney and its suburbs in 1861 is estimated at 95,000 persons.
775Coming Soon!DetailsHunt and Company1886
Hunts Universal Yacht List 1886
Hunt and Company
$425.00Hunt-and-CompanyHunts-Universal-Yacht-List-1886A great gift for a sailing or yachting enthusiast. Hunts Universal Yacht List for 1886 contains 29 pages of colour printed yacht club flags and colored flags for individual yawls, schooners and cutters, with over 60 pages of interesting trade advertisements (many illustrated). This scarce, compact, antique volume is the 1886 edition in a series that were published annually between 1848 and 1914. Contains a long alphabetical list of specifications for 4800 largely British yachts including the following fields: name of yacht; rig; length; beam; tonnage; depth; owners; a key to the name of one the 61 participating yacht clubs; signal letters; year built; year altered; builder; sailmaker; and distinguishing flag. <br></br> Includes signal flags in color along with regatta dates, a list of owners, list of agents, staff and yachts of all the principal yacht clubs of the World, tide tables, prize winners, etc. <br></br> Bound in the original blue cloth boards, with gilt lettering and a royal crest to the upper cover. Professionally rebacked in gilt-decorated navy-blue morocco. Publisher: London: Hunt & Co., 119 Church Street, London. 422 pages.
1259Coming Soon!DetailsNorie and Wilson1890
Sailing Vessels How to Distinguish Their Different Rigs
Norie and Wilson
$160.00Norie-and-WilsonSailing-Vessels-How-to-Distinguish-Their-Different-RigsSmall antique illustrated nautical booklet that defines and visually presents several types of 19th-century sailing vessels including: ship, barque, barquantine, brig, brigantine, schooners (top-sail, main-top-sail, fore and aft and three-masted), cutter, sloop, barge, lugger and others. At the end of the 19th century Norie and Wilson operated a nautical training adademy from 156 Minories with a focus toward training aspiring yachtsmen. This book would have likely been used by students of the academy. <br></br> With detailed plans of the standing rigging, running rigging, and square sails and driver for a merchant ship that name and relate each item to a drawing of the vessel. With additional illustrations showing the ropes, spars, and sails of both a yawl and a schooner. <br></br> Examples include: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Sloop- A <b>SLOOP</b> has one mast and fore-and-aft sails like the Cutter but has a fixed standing bowsprit and jibboom, inclining upwards: her jib set upon a standing stay with hanks and carries a top-sail, sometimes a flying top-gallant sail and gaff-top-sail. </li> <li>Barque- A <b>BARQUE</b> , or Bark is a vessel with three masts square rigged at the fore and main masts like a ship, but differs from a ship in having no top at her mizzen mast and carrying only fore-and-aft sails (A spanker and gaff-top-sail) on that mast.</li> <li>Lugger- A <b>LUGGER</b> has either two or three masts with square-cut sails set fore and aft, called lug sails- some carry top-sails. These boats are called by the French Chasse-marees.</li> </ul> </div> Published from London, England by Norie and Wilson at the Navigation Warehouse and Naval Academy, 156 Minories E. The firm of Norie and Wilson operated from 156 Minories after 1878 when they moved from their previous site they and precursor firms had occupied since 1763 at 157 Leadenhall Street. (Fisher, Susanna. The Makers of Blueback Charts. 2001).
776Coming Soon!DetailsStebbins, Nathaniel L.1896
The Yachtsmans Album 1896
Stebbins, Nathaniel L.
$350.00Stebbins--Nathaniel-L-The-Yachtsmans-Album-1896Scarce volume of photographic images of sail and power yachts at the end of the 19th century by American marine photographer Nathaniel L. Stebbins (1847-1922). The pictured yachts represent the toys of America's super-rich of that era: the Corsair- J. Pierpont Morgan; Nourmahal - John Jacob Astor IV; Alicia - Henry M. Flagler. Other notables include members of families with names that are recognzable even today: Dows, DuPonts, Carnegies, and Vanderbilts. <br></br> With two tabular lists: 'Steam Yachts', and 'Sail Yachts' both containing these data fields describing each of the pictured yachts: page; name; owner; K or CB [Note: for sail yachts only]; length overall; waterline length; beam; draft; designer; builder; date. Contains 240 images, 4 to a single page, printed on the recto only. Versos are blank. <br></br> N.L. Stebbins was a Boston-based photographer specializing in maritime subjects. Among Stebbins' other works are : 'The New Navy of the United States' (1896) and 'Illustrated Coast Pilot with Sailing Directions: The Coast of New England from New York to Eastport, Maine, including Bays and Harbors' (1891).
517Coming Soon!DetailsLloyd's Register1928
American Yacht Flags
Lloyd's Register
$175.00Lloyd-s-RegisterAmerican-Yacht-FlagsColorful compendium of yacht flags produced by <b>Lloyd's Register of American Yachts</b> in 1928. Contains 14 colored plates of yacht club burgees and 53 colored plates of private signals of yachtsmen. Plates are organized by color and style to make it easier to lookup a flag graphically. Includes a full alphabetical index by first and last name name to all the flags followed by more than a dozen pages of advertisements.
488Coming Soon!DetailsHaffenreffer, R.F.1940
Yachts by Herreshoff
Haffenreffer, R.F.
$150.00Haffenreffer--R-F-Yachts-by-HerreshoffPromotional book by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, Bristol, Rhode Island ca. 1940. Contains eight color reproductions of America's Cup race winners built by Herreshoff, after drawings by R.F. Paterson. These classic vessels designed by Nathanael G. Herreshoff or W. Starling Burgess include the Vigilant, Defender, Columbia (2), Reliance, Resolute, Enterprise and Rainbow. A "Roll of Honor" for these successful America's Cup defenders on page 47 shows that the boats were owned by many of the business leaders of the early 20th century including Cornelius Vanderbilt, Vincent Astor, Alfred Sloan, J.P. Morgan, and Walter Chrysler, among others. <BR> </BR> With numeous other black and white photographs of Herreshoff-built boats and manufacturing processes. Contains plans and specifications on glassine paper for eight smaller Herreshoff one-design class offerings from 11 to 31 feet. Table of Contents and Registry of Owners. <BR> </BR> Number 8741 presented to J.G. Sheldon. 53 pages as issued.