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1377Map of N.J. beach resorts and connecting railroads from 1885.DetailsPennsylvania Railroad1885
Early Pictorial Map of New Jersey Ocean Resorts and Railroads
Pennsylvania Railroad
$190.00Pennsylvania-RailroadEarly-Pictorial-Map-of-New-Jersey-Ocean-Resorts-and-RailroadsInteresting map evoking seaside dreams of an earlier age at the Jersey shore. <br></br> Matted and framed pictorial map from 1885 to accompany the Pennsylvania Railroad Summer Excursion routes publication. Size with frame 17" x 21". This old survivor shows numerous resorts, beaches, parks, coast and bays covered with decorative ship traffic heading in every direction, most of the vessels under sail or sail with steam assist. Lithograph. Includes New York City at top, Coney Island, Asbury Park, Manasquan, Barnegat, Atlantic City, Cape May, Philadelphia, Delaware Bay and River and Rehoboth Beach at bottom. Very decorative. $45 packing and shipping. <br></br> Railroad lines shown include: the Camden and Atlantic Railroad, West Jersey Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, New York and Long Branch R.R., the Cumberland and Maurice Railroad and many more. Shows little trains of four or five commuter cars with a steam engine puffing along ahead. The age of steam! Great for the man cave.
716Birdseye map from Boston, to Gloucester and Marblehead, MassachusettsDetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1907
Boston Harbor and the North Shore
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$260.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyBoston-Harbor-and-the-North-ShoreOrginal antique birdseye view folding map of Boston Harbor by George Walker shows ferry routes, steamer routes and railroad lines between Boston and points both within Boston Harbor and to outlying towns. This fascinating old lithographed map differs from other birdseye-view maps we are aware of from this era because it includes Marblehead, Lynn, Salem and extends north-eastwards to Gloucester, Massachusetts. We can date the map with confidence because it clearly shows the Wonderland Amusement Park at Revere Beach which failed after five years, operating exclusively between 1906 and 1911. Wonderland, served by the Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad, was modeled along the lines of the World's Fairs of that era and included roller coasters, technological exhibits, theaters and a boardwalk. <br></br> Noted points of interest include Charlestown, Point of Pines, Magnolia, Baker's Island, Thompson's Island, "the Pumping Station", Dorchester Bay, Squantum, Norfolk Downs, Quincy Bay, Hough's Neck, Hingham Harbor, Winthrop, Beachmont, Great Head, Peddock's Island, Nantasket Beach, Port Allerton, the town of Hull with Fort Revere, George's Island with Fort Warren, Deer Island, Lovell's Island, Lynn, Swampscott, Thatcher's Island, Strawberry Hill, and many more. Captures several local lighthouses and aids to navigation including Boston Light, Long Island Light, Fawn Bar Beacon, Graves Light, and far out the bay - a whisting buoy. <br></br> Original lithograph by George W. Walker, lithographer of Boston in landscape format is in very good condition for a 105+ year old map. Was originally folded into a card cover but the front half has disappeared leaving the map attached to the back cover, as issued. <br></br>
1352Large 4' x 3' road map of south New England with ads.DetailsBullard Company, The1916
Huge road map of New England with early advertisements
Bullard Company, The
$65.00Bullard-Company--TheHuge-road-map-of-New-England-with-early-advertisementsLarge antique advertising-related 4' x 3' road map of south New England from the beginning of the age of automobile travel. Coverage extends from New York and Albany in the west to Cape Ann and Nantucket in the east. Includes Boston, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Block Island Sound, Rhode Island and Long Island Sound. Copyrighted 1916 by the Bullard Company, 44 Cornhill, Boston. A fine piece for the man-cave. (Yard-stick shown for size estimation, not included). <br></br> Inset advertising and related photographs and numerous closeup circular maps of key areas including: Fall River, Marblehead, New London, Concord, Plymouth, and Cape Cod. Overstamp reads: "Compliments of the Hotel Raymond. Fitchburg, Mass.". <br></br> Verso with advertisements and numerous tables of related information including distances and census data. Orginal envelope included.
4803Gushers!  Cyanotype pictorial map of the Texas Oil Boom.DetailsOsceola Oil Company1919
Osceola Oil Company Gushers in the Great Texas Oil Field
Osceola Oil Company
$2,500.00Osceola-Oil-CompanyOsceola-Oil-Company-Gushers-in-the-Great-Texas-Oil-FieldGushers! More gushers! No gushing prose here but dozens of <b>gushing oil wells</b>. Extraordinary! No other copy found anywhere online. <br></br> The Great Texas Oil Field: Electra, Clara, Burkburnett, Iowa Park, Holliday, Wichita Falls, Huff, and Dundee, Texas. <br></br> Our artifact is a very rare cyanotype (blueprint) pictorial map documenting the Texas Oil Boom in north Texas during the period 1919-1921. This persuasive map exuberantly promotes drilling the 200 acre lease held by Osceola Oil Company (now extinct) near Dundee, Texas in Russell A. Richardson's subdivision "Located right on the Dundee Dome and Anticline." <br></br> Drawn by Wichita Falls Blueprint and Supply Co. <br></br> Names numerous famous oil fields and wells including: the Sunshine Hill Pool, the Ramming Pool, the Burkburnett southwest extension, the Kemp-Munger-Allen field. <br></br> <b>Boom Town</b>, a 1940 film starring Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy, was inspired by events around Burkburnett, Texas during the early 20's oil boom. <img src="/PageImages/BoomTown.jpg" alt="Gushers!" width="140" align="left" style="margin: 10px 10px"> <br></br> The first oil in Burkburnett was discovered in 1912, when a gusher of 2000 barrels a day was brought in on the S.L. Fowler farm. The Burkburnett Townsite Field in Wichita County was discovered in 1918. In 1919 oil was discovered in the Kemp-Munger-Allen field. <br></br> Osceola Oil Company was organized in 1919 with corporate officers Russell A. Richardson, President and C.C. Drake, Secretary. With authorized capital of $500,000 and a single leased property of 200 acres "...one mile east of the Waggoner Ranch in Wichita County Texas" the company began seeking investors. By 1922 it was all over but for the crying… Osceola filed a lawsuit against the driller, Stewart Drilling Company, who failed to discover oil with a 2000 foot deep well on the property. (Source: https://books.google.com/books?id=55tDAQAAMAAJ. Page 698.)
4733Tokyo-Paris-London Map for an e-sugoruku board game.DetailsAsahi Shimbun1926
Fine Japanese inter war sugoroku biplane flight game board
Asahi Shimbun
$165.00Asahi-ShimbunFine-Japanese-inter-war-sugoroku-biplane-flight-game-boardVery attractive and decorative Japanese Taisho period inter-war sugoroku board game with pictures of biplanes. This large sugoroku commemorates a record long flight to Europe in July 1925 via the route of Tokyo-Paris-London. The flight, with two Breguet 19 A2 biplanes, was sponsored by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and piloted by H. Abe and K. Kawachi, covering 13,800 km (8,575 mi). <div class="indenttextblock"> The Bréguet XIX was two-seater light bomber and as a reconnaissance aircraft, first rolled out in 1923. A very successful metal biplane, it stayed in operational service for fifteeen years. (Source Online: http://acepilots.com/pioneer/breguet19.html) </div> </BR> Set across a background of Asia, locations on the board correspond to cities in Asia and Europe to include Rome, London, Paris, Istanbul and many more. Text in Japanese. Verso is blank. <br></br> E-sugoroku, with rules similar to the game of chutes and ladders, appeared in Japan as late 13th century and became popular due to the cheap and elaborate wooden block printing technology of the Edo period. Sugoroku boards were made with pictures and themes from religion, political, actors, heros, and popular culture.
4861Pre-depression era map of Catalina Island in the Pacific Ocean.DetailsEdwards, Ham1929
Antique Map Catalina Island, California Depression-era
Edwards, Ham
$150.00Edwards--HamAntique-Map-Catalina-Island--California-Depression-eraFine pre-depression-era brochure with a bright pictorial map of Catalina Island in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Long Beach, California. Published by Wilmington Transportation Company who offered steamer services from the Catalina Steamer Terminal to Catalina Island from Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Pasadena. <br></br> Included in a six-page brochure with things to do, rates for trips and ferry service, photographs, and advertisements for local hotels including the "Largest one floor hotel in the world with 1250 rooms." Map predates the Great Crash of October 1929 by three months. <br></br> Drawn by "Ham" Edwards - Art Services.
5258Pictorial map of Panama in Central America.DetailsGoodrich, James J.1930
Unrecorded Panoramic Pictorial Map of Panama
Goodrich, James J.
$275.00Goodrich--James-J-Unrecorded-Panoramic-Pictorial-Map-of-PanamaUnrecorded pictorial map of Panama by Corporal James J. Goodrich, 11th Engineers ca. 1930. Adorned with numerous idiosyncratic illustrations including at upper right a drawing of a panther labeled "Black Cats." Many illustrations of military aircraft and naval vessels. Dotted line north of the Panama Canal shows a "proposed highway across the isthmus" beginning at the Madden Dam, completed in 1935, and terminating at Colon on the Pacific Ocean. <br></br> The 11th Engineer battalion was activated on the 20th of November, 1920 in the Panama Canal Zone. The 11th engineers conducted numerous engineer missions over rugged terrain and through dense jungle. It was in Panama that the 11th adopted for its crest the Panama Black Panther and assumed the nickname "Jungle Cats." The 11th Engineers were relieved of their assignment to the Panama Canal Division in April, 1932.
1418Old pictorial map of the State of California.DetailsJohst, Paul Spener1931
California Pictorial Map
Johst, Paul Spener
$85.00Johst--Paul-SpenerCalifornia-Pictorial-MapPictorial map of the State of California in a cartoon-like style. Depicts transportation, chief industries (film-making, asparagus farming), nature, and recreations for the state in an exaggerated, stereotyped manner. Legend identifies 5 locations within California: Yosemite National Park, San Francissco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Catalina Island is identified by name. Page 181. <br></br> Verso with text extolling the virtues of California's natural wonders and its agriculture. <br></br> From "Picture Map Geography of the United States" by Vernon Quinn. With Picture Maps by Paul Spener Johst. Publisher: Frederick A. Stokes Company. New York. 1931. Some picture maps in the book contain depictions that today might be considered politically incorrect or even racist.
1419Old pictorial map of the State of Alaska.DetailsJohst, Paul Spener1931
Alaska Pictorial Map
Johst, Paul Spener
$85.00Johst--Paul-SpenerAlaska-Pictorial-MapPictorial map of the State of Alaska in a cartoon-like style. Depicts transportation (dog sledding) , nature (bears and igloos) and recreations for Alaska in an exaggerated, stereotyped manner. Legend identifies four locations within Alaska: Juneau, Ketchikan, Anchorage, and Wrangell. Kodiak Island, British Columbia and the Yukon are identified by name. Page 193. <br></br> Verso with text extolling the virtues of Alaska's natural wonders and its mountains; and bears. <br></br> From "Picture Map Geography of the United States" by Vernon Quinn. With Picture Maps by Paul Spener Johst. Publisher: Frederick A. Stokes Company. New York. 1931. Some picture maps in the book contain depictions that today might be considered politically incorrect or even racist.
1421Old pictorial map of the State of South Carolina.DetailsJohst, Paul Spener1931
South Carolina Pictorial Map
Johst, Paul Spener
$85.00Johst--Paul-SpenerSouth-Carolina-Pictorial-MapPictorial map of the State of South Carolina in a cartoon-like style. Depicts transportation (mules), agriculture (tobacco, rice, watermelon, cotton, corn) for the State of South Carolina in an exaggerated, stereotyped manner. A decorative legend at bottom left identifies four locations within South Carolina: Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Spartanburg. Page 57. <br></br> Verso with text extolling the virtues of South Carolina geography and natural wonders. <br></br> From "Picture Map Geography of the United States" by Vernon Quinn. With Picture Maps by Paul Spener Johst. Publisher: Frederick A. Stokes Company. New York. 1931. Some picture maps in the book contain depictions that today might be considered politically incorrect or even racist.
1422Old pictorial map of the State of North Carolina.DetailsJohst, Paul Spener1931
North Carolina Pictorial Map
Johst, Paul Spener
$85.00Johst--Paul-SpenerNorth-Carolina-Pictorial-MapPictorial map of the State of North Carolina in a cartoon-like style. Depicts industry (textile mills, furniture) and agriculture (tobacco, peanuts, cotton, corn) for the State of North Carolina in an exaggerated, stereotyped manner. <br></br> A decorative legend at bottom left identifies four locations within North Carolina: Charlotte, Winston Salem, Greensboro, and Raleigh. Coastal locations of Pamlico Sound, Albemarle Sound, Cape Hatteras, Cape Lookout, and Cape Fear are identieid in small type. Page 53. <br></br> Verso with text extolling the virtues of North Carolina geography and natural wonders. <br></br> From "Picture Map Geography of the United States" by Vernon Quinn. With Picture Maps by Paul Spener Johst. Publisher: Frederick A. Stokes Company. New York. 1931. Some picture maps in the book contain depictions that today might be considered politically incorrect or even racist.
4767Very fine map of Portugal in a folksy, pictorial style.DetailsBotelho, Carlos1937
Portugal 1937 Exposition Internationale de Paris
Botelho, Carlos
$400.00Botelho--CarlosPortugal-1937-Exposition-Internationale-de-ParisVery fine map of Portugal in a simple, folksy, pictorial style. For a brochure "Portugal Gastronomique" to support the Portugese exhibit at the 1937 International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Paris, France May 4 to November 27, 1937. There, pavilions of the participating countries were built along the Seine. These structures were projects by the outstanding architects of the time. <br></br> On the recto French text written by Albino Forjaz Sampaio and simple images related to traditional Portugese food. (Source: http://garfadasonline.blogspot.com/2013/04/portugal-gastronomico-na-exposicao-de.html <br></br> Signed within as "Botelho 37". Carlos Botelho (1899-1982) was a multi-faceted artist, illustrator, and caricaturist. Lito National - Porto.
5040Cute pictorial map of Bermuda circa 1937.DetailsH. R. Elliot and Co. Inc.1937
Map of Bermuda Merrily we go around
H. R. Elliot and Co. Inc.
$175.00H--R--Elliot-and-Co--Inc-Map-of-Bermuda-Merrily-we-go-aroundCute pictorial map of Bermuda: "Merrily we go around. " Four panel brochure with an Illustration of a train and a pirate are featured next to the title cartouche. Verso with advertisements. Not dated but ca. 1937. <br></br> Published and printed by H. R. Elliot and Co. Inc., New York, N. Y. Provided courtesy of Bermuda. Size within the neatline 17" W x 7 H.
5357Humorous pictorial map of Lowry Field, outside Denver, Colorado.DetailsGrimes, George1944
Pictorial map of Lowry Field Denver Colorado
Grimes, George
$275.00Grimes--GeorgePictorial-map-of-Lowry-Field-Denver-ColoradoA very scarce pictorial map of Lowry Field, at the eastern edge of Denver, Colorado, from the first issue of the Lowry Field Information Handbook [1] in November, 1944. Lowry field was activated in February, 1938 as the site of the Army Air Forces Training Command [2]. From the 1980’s, Lowry Air Force Base was one of Colorado’s largest employers. Lowry AFB employed nearly 10,000 military and civilian men and women, providing an economic impact annually approaching $1 billion [3]. <br></br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> [1] Earliest publication was November, 1944 with a later edition of February, 1945. On the later map a telephone icon is added and locations of the telephone shelter house and telephone lounges are colored orange.<br> [2] Information Handbook Lowry Field (AAF Training Command). Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. Denver. 1944. Online.<br> [3] https://wingsmuseum.org/about/history/. Online </div>
5200Large wartime pictorial poster after US nuclear attacks on Japan.DetailsArmy Bureau of Current Affairs1945
Wartime pictorial maps one week after A-bombs on Japan
Army Bureau of Current Affairs
$800.00Army-Bureau-of-Current-AffairsWartime-pictorial-maps-one-week-after-A-bombs-on-JapanLarge wartime pictorial poster issued less than one week after the United States used nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. This issue, with a heavy emphasis on use of maps to communicate the progress of the war, was the first such to be issued by the [British] Army Bureau of Current Affairs (ABCA) after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9 respectively. The issue was published 3 days before Emperor Hirohito announced the total Japanese surrender on national radio. <br></br> The maps reflect the importance of the A-bomb to Allied war efforts and the hastiness with which this publication was revised before publication. No photographs or illustrations are present that show the mushroom cloud or the aftermath of the attacks. The verso contains text that does not reflect the news about the bomb: " … the counter invasion of this island empire [East Indies] has begun." <br></br> Printed on both sides: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li><b>Recto:</b> Headings include "The close of 14 years of Jap aggression" with six inset pictorial maps charting Japanese aggression from 1933 to 1945. Japan's early successes and later defeat are reflected in the image of a sword-bearing Japanese soldier who grows fat with success and then thin with defeat. Also, photographs of the British Cabinet and news from the Potsdam conference.</li> <li><b>Verso:</b> "Riches of the Southern Seas". Large black and white pictorial map focused on the strategic value of key commodities in the Netherlands East Indies. Map contains pictograms for oil, rubber, rice, tin, and vegetable oils. </li> </ul> </div> ABCA MAP Review No. 72 From July 30th to August 12th, 1945. Drawn and issued by the Army Bureau of Current Affairs. Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Fosh & Cross Ltd., [1945] <br></br> No copies of this issue found online. Scarce.
5201Pictorial map of Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington.DetailsBarnes, Carroll1946
Mt. Rainier National Park Willy Nilly Map
Barnes, Carroll
$175.00Barnes--CarrollMt--Rainier-National-Park-Willy-Nilly-MapPictorial mailer map of Mt. Rainier National Park from 1946, a Willy Nilly Map by C. Barnes, Cartographer. Locations on the map include Paradise Valley, Narada Falls, Longmire Springs, Yakima Park, Ohanapecosh and many more. Barnes also produced Willy Nilly mailer maps for Sequoia, Yosemite, and Yellowstone National Parks. <br></br> Sixty locations are listed in an index on the verso with numbers that correspond to locations on the map. Verso also with room for a mailing address and a stamp, which along with a closeable tab, turn the map into a large mailer. <br></br> Originally from North Carolina, Carroll Barnes (1906-1997) made his home in Three Rivers, California. Barnes studied at Washington DC's Corcoran School of Art, and with Carl Milles in the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 'Barnes embarked on a 16 ½-foot-tall version of Paul Bunyan, a project which, interrupted by service in the Army, preoccupied him for seven years. Carved from a 2,000-year-old Sequoia tree, (over the actual time of 18 months) the mammoth statue gained distinction as the world’s largest wood carving and earned Barnes a legendary status among sculptors.' (Source Online: https://cranbrookartmuseum.org/artwork/carroll-barnes/)
4971Humorous map of the state of Texas by Withers.DetailsWithers, James Harlan1947
Humorous map of Texas from a Texan perspective
Withers, James Harlan
$700.00Withers--James-HarlanHumorous-map-of-Texas-from-a-Texan-perspectiveScarce original blue-line, politically incorrect, map of the state of Texas from the 'humorously' distorted perspective of a Texan looking outward at the rest of the country. Believed to be the earliest recorded version of later similar 'humorous' maps of Texas inspired by Wither's design. Only one holding is found online, at the University of Texas, Arlington, where it is described: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> Map shows distortion of boundaries of the state of Texas in comparison to its U.S. neighbors with humorous bragging and derogatory relabeling. Relief shown by hachures. (Source: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth252139/) </div> <br></br> The Catalog of Copyright Entries for 1947 records a copyright for "A Texan's Map of U.S.A.", held by James Harlan Withers of San Angelo , Texas. Predates by two years the derivative but substantially different "A Texan's Map of the United States" by Frank Oliver published in 1949 for TexOak flooring. <br></br> The blue-line, or diazo process is a chemical method of document reproduction that fell out of use in the early 2000's.
5251Humorous map of the world explained by pictorial illustrations.DetailsHutson, H.H.1948
Humorous map of the world from a Texans perspective
Hutson, H.H.
$125.00Hutson--H-H-Humorous-map-of-the-world-from-a-Texans-perspectiveA humorous map of the world explained by pictorial illustrations related to Texas features and exaggerations. Distributed as a paper placemat for Long Champ restaurant in Amarillo, Texas - Homer Rice, Owner. Copyright 1948 by H.H. Hutson. Only one recent sale recorded, scarce.
4983Map of the Hawaiian islands produced by The Hawaiian Pineapple Co,DetailsFeher, Joseph1950
The Dole Map of the Hawaiian Islands
Feher, Joseph
$400.00Feher--JosephThe-Dole-Map-of-the-Hawaiian-IslandsOriginal lithographed pictorial map of the Hawaiian Islands copyrighted by the Hawaiian Pineapple Company Ltd. 1950. Artist Joseph Feher depicted the Hawaiian islands and adjacent waters with boats, fish, and typical objects and pursuits associated with the islands: flying fish, surfing, spear fishing, sailing, poi-making, hula dancers, etc. Islands of the State of Hawaii mentioned in the legend include: Kauai, Niihau, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, and the big island- Hawaii. <br></br> The map is completely original minus the attached text legend at right that is, as in this case, often detached from the print. This is the second of two "Dole Pineapple Maps", the first was published in 1937. <br></br> Lithography by Schwabacher-Frey. <br></br> Once known as the Sandwich Islands, the Hawaiian Islands first documented discovery by a westerner occurred in 1778 with the arrival of British explorer Captain James Cook. <br></br>
5253Pictorial route map for the James River Ceramics Club, ca. 1951.DetailsJames River Ceramics Club1951
Jamestown James River Ceramics Club Field Trip
James River Ceramics Club
$350.00James-River-Ceramics-ClubJamestown-James-River-Ceramics-Club-Field-TripUnrecorded and hand-colored pictorial route map for the James River Ceramics Club. Mid 20th-century birds-eye perspective map of the area surrounding the James River near Jamestown, Virginia, location of the first permanent English settlement in North America. <br></br> Made for the occasion of the first annual field trip of the James River Ceramics Club to the Jamestown Island Archaeological Laboratory and to James O'Donnell Pottery on Sunday, August 12, 1951. Shows the towns of Williamsburg, Hilton Village, Benn's Church, Bacon's Castle, Surry, Burrowsville and more. With the logo for the James River Ceramics Club.
1371A Map of the Marked Historical Sites of California by Butler.DetailsButler, Lowell1952
Fine Baby-Boom Era Pictorial Map of California
Butler, Lowell
$155.00Butler--LowellFine-Baby-Boom-Era-Pictorial-Map-of-CaliforniaLarge, attractive poster-size map of California's historical sites created during the post-war baby-boom era of the early 1950s. Numerous sites are numbered on the map. Includes extensive notations on the verso related to a whopping 496 sites in California. Cartography By Lowell Butler. <br></br> Verso contains textual descriptions related to the precise location and a brief history of each of the 496 sites. A few examples of the sites include: <br><br/> <hr> <ul> <li><strong>1-- Customs House. Alvarado, Main and Scott Streets, Monterrey.</strong><i> The port of entry for vessels and cargo reaching California during the days of Spanish and Mexican occupation...</i></li> <li><strong>411-- Campo Store. Campo, San Diego County</strong><i> A frontier trading post and border fort built by Luman H. and Silas E. Gaskill who settled here in 1868.</i></li> <li><strong>190-- Painted Rock. 7 miles southeast of Corona on State Highway No 71, Riverside County. </strong><i>A boulder with Indian pictographs applied (probably of Louiseno origin), registered and marked in 1927. What the pictographs mean has not been determined. <hr></i></li> </ul> According to David Rumsey "The sites are identified by whether they are from the Spanish-Mexican Period, Years of the Gold Rush, Agricultural Era or Commercial and Industrial Expansion era. . With insets: San Francisco Bay; Monterey sites; Los Angeles and vicinity sites; San Diego sites; Mother lode sites. On verso: 'A note of explanation by Phil Townsend Hanna'; descriptive list of historical sites with color drawings, numbered to correspond with sites on map." <br></br> Compiled from the official registrations of the California State Department of Natural Resources. By Phil Townsend Hanna and William Webb. Copyright 1952 by the Automobile Club of Southern California. Published by Westways, Vol. 44, No. 12.
5024Scarce tract map of lots for sale in Borrego Springs, California.DetailsBorrego Springs Land and Development Company1953
Scarce Borrego Springs California Sales Map
Borrego Springs Land and Development Company
$550.00Borrego-Springs-Land-and-Development-CompanyScarce-Borrego-Springs-California-Sales-MapScarce tract map of lots for sale in Borrego Springs, California ca. 1953 before construction was completed on the Catholic Church. With an inset smaller-scale humorous pictorial map of the region around Borrego Springs, in San Diego County. <br></br> Today Borrego Springs is designated as a Dark Sky Community, the only community in California with that designation and one of only 22 locations in the world to have the designation. Not dated, not attributed.
4984Pictorial map of Washington State routes by West Coast AirlinesDetailsWest Coast Airlines1954
Pictorial Map of Washington State by West Coast Airlines
West Coast Airlines
$300.00West-Coast-AirlinesPictorial-Map-of-Washington-State-by-West-Coast-AirlinesScarce, colorful, pictorial map of airline routes across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho flown by West Coast Airlines. Statement at bottom of the map reads: "Paul Bunyan's Empire Cut to Travel Size". <br></br> West Coast Airlines (WCA), founded in 1941, was based at Boeing Field in Seattle. WCA began scheduled passenger service in 1946 with a fleet of Douglas DC-3s. Table at upper right contains a list of Key Points of Interest across the three-state area. Dated within at 1954. Verso with text and photo images from across the region. <br></br> Apparently the map was updated and re-issued again in 1962.
5097Humorous pictorial map tablecloth titled A Texan's Map of U.S.A.DetailsWithers, James Harlan1958
A Texan's Map of U.S.A.
Withers, James Harlan
$500.00Withers--James-HarlanA-Texan-s-Map-of-U-S-A-A Texan's Map of U.S.A. A derivative edition of a classic pictorial "humorous" map with more than a whiff of the intolerance that some believe permeates the state of Texas today. Tablecloth-sized map of the United States on Indian Head cloth [1] based on a design copyrighted by J.H. Withers in 1947 and branded with the imprint of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. <br></br> Wither's distinctive design elements include a revised shape for Texas which extends to the west coast to provide Texas with a space for a "future seaport" and the appellation "damm' Yankee territory" for most of the northeast U.S.A. <br></br> The Catalog of Copyright Entries for 1947 records a copyright for "A Texan's Map of U.S.A.", held by James Harlan Withers of San Angelo, Texas. Wither's 1947 pictorial map is the earliest documented example of a genre of pictorial map with many derivative versions that begin with the fact that Texas was, at the time, the largest state in the U.S. and extend that simple premise to exaggerate the importance and quality of the state of Texas over the every other state in the U.S.A. <br></br> Early 50's date is supported by the fact that neither Alaska nor Hawaii, which both attained statehood in 1959, are mentioned on the map. <br></br> [1] Indian Head cloth was not manufactured after 1962. Indian Head Cloth Permanent Finish Sanforized stamping on a single line is associated with cloth produced from the late 1940s to early 1950s. (Source: http://info.fabrics.net/indian-head-remembered-revisiting-an-american-institution/)
5255Pictorial map of Sanlando Springs in Central Florida.DetailsAnonymous1958
Pictorial Map of Sanlando Springs attraction near Longwood, Florida
$125.00AnonymousPictorial-Map-of-Sanlando-Springs-attraction-near-Longwood--FloridaColorful pictorial map of the Sanlando Springs tourist attraction in Central Florida. Map is surrounded with drawings of family-oriented activities available at Sanlando: Jungle Cruise, outdoor cooking, dancing on the patio. Based on the postal rate of 3 cents this item probably dates to the late 1950's. Folding map, verso with space for a stamp and address as well as a pre-written letter in script touting the many things to do at Sanlando. <br></br> Sanlando Springs, along with nearby Rock Springs, Wekiwa Springs and Palm Springs, form the headwaters of the Wekiva River. <br></br> The spring, originally Hoosier Springs, was used for recreation as far back as the 1880's. The location was renamed as Sanlando by Altamonte Mayor J.F. Haithcox who developed the location as an amusement park in the 1920's. (Source: https://studiohourglass.blogspot.com/2013/06/giving-new-life-to-sanlando-springs.html).
5346Pictorial map with estates or homes in Talbot County, Maryland.DetailsKellogg, Charles W.1960
Pictorial Map of Seats on Talbot County Waterways
Kellogg, Charles W.
$480.00Kellogg--Charles-W-Pictorial-Map-of-Seats-on-Talbot-County-WaterwaysScarce pictorial thematic map with more than 80 historic estates (seats) near Chesapeake Bay in Talbot County, Maryland. Each estate is numbered and keyed to a list with the names of their owners. Small elevation drawings of each estate provide a rough idea of how the estate looked in 1960. The map includes some old historic points of interest in Talbot County such as the old Wye Church and Friends Meeting House. <br></br> The large waterways shown on this estate map include the Wye River, Miles River, Harris Creek, Broad Creek, Tred Avon River, and Choptank River. Smaller waterways include among others, Goldsborough Creek, Leeds Creek, Island Creek, and Trappe's Creek. Towns in Talbot County include St. Michaels, Easton, Oxford, Queen Anne, and Trappe. <br></br> Map Title: "Seats on Talbot County Waterways Chesapeake Bay." By Charles W. Kellogg. Updated edition from 1960 of a map that Kellogg first published in 1949. Charles Kellogg's own estate on Skipton Creek, numbered as #1 was "Langshaws". <br></br> Several of the seats listed in Talbot County in 1960 are found today in the National Register of Historic Places. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>The Anchorage: Easton. Robert L. Kemp</li> <li>Compton: Trappe. Charles F.C. Arensberg</li> <li>Otwell: Oxford. J. E. Jackson</li> <li>Troth's Fortune: Easton. Frederick S. Thomas</li> <li>Wye House. Easton. Morgan B. Schiller</li> </ul> </div>
5292Decorative mid 20th-century map of the West IndiesDetailsIsland Workshop, Inc.1965
Mid 20th-Century decorative Caribbean Map
Island Workshop, Inc.
$70.00Island-Workshop--Inc-Mid-20th-Century-decorative-Caribbean-MapAhoy Matey! Here is a decorative, fun mid 20th-century "pirate treasure" chart of the West Indies and Caribbean Sea stretching from Florida to Trinidad and Tobago. Inset map of the region around Panama. With decorative compass roses and square-rigged sailing vessels. Shows the Panama Canal Zone, which did not exist in the early eighteenth century, but it's all in great fun. Artist's name may have been Lake (bottom left). Published in 1965 by Island Workshop, Inc. <br></br> Captain says hoist your wallet and heave your doubloons on this one before she sails away!
5356Pictorial "Treasure Map" of Florida in 17th-century style.DetailsFlorida Power and Light Company1967
Decorative Pictorial Florida Treasure Map
Florida Power and Light Company
$85.00Florida-Power-and-Light-CompanyDecorative-Pictorial-Florida-Treasure-MapVery decorative pictorial "Treasure Map" of Florida in the style of an early 17th century map. On faux antique paper designed to resemble an old map complete with aging and "mat burn". The treasures depicted in this 20th-century Treasure Map comprise Florida's natural and manmade features including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Historic sites and memorials</li> <li>National and state parks</li> <li>Gardens and zoos</li> <li>Museums and art galleries</li> <li>Miscellaneous attractions</li> </ul> </div> Published by the Florida Power and Light Company in 1967. Verso has attached a separate list of the listed attractions with a bit of additional information for each location.
4769Pictorial map of the Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast, Italy.DetailsSocieta Partenopea di Navigazione1970
Pictorial map of Amalfi Coast and Bay of Naples.
Societa Partenopea di Navigazione
$35.00Societa-Partenopea-di-NavigazionePictorial-map-of-Amalfi-Coast-and-Bay-of-Naples-Decorative pictorial map of the Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast area in Italy ca. 1970. Includes the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida linked with mainland towns of Pozzuoli, Napoli, Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi. <br></br> This colorful small map was published by the Italian transportation service SPAN, the Societa Partenopea di Navigazione. Art by Cassese. With the SPAN flag and the phrase "con la SPAN verso mete felici" or Google-translated from Italian as "with SPAN towards happy destinations." <br></br> Verso with a complete SPAN timetable in English.
5085Manuscript Map the City of Bath after an earlier map by Joseph GilmoreDetailsAnonymous1970
Manuscript copy of the map City of Bath after Joseph Gilmore
$450.00AnonymousManuscript-copy-of-the-map-City-of-Bath-after-Joseph-GilmoreManuscript pen and ink (hand drawn) map of the City of Bath, England after an earlier map by Joseph Gilmore in 1731. On heavy paper. Likely mid-20th century. Differs from Gilmore's original map of Bath in that fewer buildings are shown on the border of the map. <br></br> Gilmore's original elaborate map of the city of Bath shows Bath still largely contained within its medieval walls. The map indicates the growing popularity of Bath as a destination for visitors in the early 18th century. Around the border of Gilmore's map are views of 36 lodging houses or other public buildings. The map was reissued 6 times between 1694 and 1731.
4928Pictorial map advertisement for computer networking.DetailsDigital Equipment Corporation1972
Early Pictorial Map Advertising ARPA Network pre-Internet
Digital Equipment Corporation
$275.00Digital-Equipment-CorporationEarly-Pictorial-Map-Advertising-ARPA-Network-pre-InternetI'll see your Timothy Edward Downs and raise you 20. <br /><br /> Very early pictorial map advertisement for Digital Equipment Corporation or DEC, for their DEC10 Supercomputer as a key part of the ARPA network. With the introduction of the TCP-IP protocols, ARPANET grew rapidly in size and within less than 20 years evolved into the Internet. <br /><br /> ARPA stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency, a U.S. Defense Department agency responsible for leading-edge technical research. Beginning in 1967, by 1969 the ARPANET network interconnected four supercomputers, in 1970 - 9 supercomputers and by 1972 - 24 supercomputers . <br /><br /> The ad shows the location of ARPANET supercomputers, generally large universities and research institutions; the interconnections between those supercomputers; and the data exchanged between the computers. <br /><br /> In the early 1970's networking concepts were poorly understood and the artist uses common pictograms as metaphors as an aid to understanding. Without exception each university/research Supercomputing center is represented by old white men in suits, most with ties (NASA Ames the exception). Names of each institution appears on the outstretched arms of the old white men as they extend into the cube of another institution with an old white man. By Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts, run by old white men in the 1970's.
1136Pictorial map of downtown Manteo, North Carolina .DetailsWilson, John F.1979
Decorative pictorial map of Manteo, North Carolina
Wilson, John F.
$125.00Wilson--John-F-Decorative-pictorial-map-of-Manteo--North-CarolinaInteresting pictorial map of downtown Manteo, North Carolina on Roanoke Island along Shallowbag Bay. This very decorative map is packed with features of daily life on Roanoke and provides a street map and birds-eye view of Manteo downtown ringed by pictures reflecting its maritime heritage including boats, sea chests, seagulls, oars, antique furniture, anchors, and foodstuffs. <br></br> A number of local historical homes are featured including the George Howard Creef House; the Forbes Nixon House; the Meekins House; the James Bonner House; and "The Old House" or George Washington Creef House, said to be one of the oldest structures then standing in downtown Manteo. Other key features pictured on the map are the Pioneer Theater; the Roanoke Island Volunteer Fire Department; Water Oak at Mother Vineyard; and the Dare County Courthouse. <br></br> About the courthouse Wilson notes: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Erected 1904, replacing a wooden 1873 structure. The land for the building was donated by John Wescott in 1870 when the county of Dare was formed from the counties of Hyde, Tyrrell and Currituck. It was named in honor of Virginia Dare, the first child of English parents born in the New World." </div> <br /> Manteo is located on Roanoke Island, part of North Carolina's Outer Banks. Named the seat of government for Dare County in 1870, Manteo incorporated in 1899 and in 2010 had a population of just 1434 persons. <br></br> Published by John F. Wilson IV in 1979.
5260Pictorial map  / poster of Venice, California from 1979.DetailsStanton, Jeffrey1979
Large pictorial map of Venice, California
Stanton, Jeffrey
$375.00Stanton--JeffreyLarge-pictorial-map-of-Venice--CaliforniaLarge and amusing pictorial map of Venice, California by Jeffrey Stanton, businessman and artist. First edition. <br></br> Copyright 1979. Artwork by C. June Barton and R. Greenway Frager.
4746Decorative print of the Atlantic Coast and Amelia IslandDetailsLeary, Pat1987
Limited edition print of Amelia Island, Florida
Leary, Pat
$175.00Leary--PatLimited-edition-print-of-Amelia-Island--FloridaSigned and numbered decorative limited-edition nautical print of the coast near <b>Amelia Island, Florida</b>. This fine modern print features a 20th-century Coast Survey chart of the Atlantic Coast in that area overlaid with a eighteenth-century "Plan of Amelia Island in East Florida" by Fuller/Jefferys. With images of shrimp boats, nets and other artifacts that evoke the laid-back low-country charm of that area. <br></br> Signed in pencil and dated within to 1987. Number 399/500. <br></br> A fine original gift for those with interests in boating, fishing, or beach recreation in the area near Amelia Island or the Florida Altantic Coast.
5076Smiley's pictorial fishing map/print of southern Florida.DetailsSmiley, Russ1987
Russ Smiley's Fishing-Boating Map Cape Sable to Crystal River
Smiley, Russ
$60.00Smiley--RussRuss-Smiley-s-Fishing-Boating-Map-Cape-Sable-to-Crystal-RiverLate 1980's chart of the Everglades, South Florida, and the Florida Keys surrounded by Smiley's illustrations of colorful fishes. Chart is overprinted with dots representing hot fishing spots and with the names of the fishes that might be caught in an area. <br></br> Created and published by Miami, Florida artist Russ Smiley. Last copyright is from 1979 by Russ Smiley. Purchased as new old stock. Published by Windward Publishing, Miami. <br></br> Verso with illustrations of south Florida fishes, fishing techniques, and baits.
5095Poster for 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.DetailsGulf Coast Impressions1996
50th anniversary poster map Pensacola Blue Angels
Gulf Coast Impressions
$145.00Gulf-Coast-Impressions50th-anniversary-poster-map-Pensacola-Blue-AngelsPictorial poster map of Pensacola, Florida printed for the 50th Anniversary of The Navy Blue Angels Precision Flying Squadron. With advertising for local businesses. Glossy paper. <br></br> The Blue Angels were formed in 1946 under the leadership of Admiral Chester Nimitz to increase public interest in naval aviation. Since 1955 the Blue Angels have made Forrest Sherman Field, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida their home base during the air show season.