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Pictorial Map Eastern North Carolina Vacationist's Guide Sink

Rare Eastern North Carolina A Vacationist's Map & Guide

DESCRIPTION: Rare and nicely lithographed folding pictorial map "Eastern North Carolina Vacationist's Guide" by John Sink ca. 1949, WorldCat records only two holdings of this map. Also, Sink is credited with a similar map: "Western North Carolina a vacationists map and guide."

Very interesting pictorial map. On the verso the description of some of the coast's less well-travelled areas is priceless. Before overall completion of Highway 12 (1) here is a description of a car trip down the path now filled by Hwy. 12:
"Down the Outer Banks of North Carolina, from junction of road with US 158 to Hatteras. 60 miles. This tour is recommended for the adventurous and only the good sand driver should attempt it in his own car. Much of the route is without benefits of highways, and often the inexpert driver is stalled in the sand. Generally, best driving is on the beach at low tide (it should not be attempted on an incoming tide). All the villages are on the Sound side, however, and to reach them, motorists must drive across the top of the beach, usually through soft sand. Take a can of extra water... There are coast guard stations along the way where help may be obtained. There are no facilities or dwellings between villages."

" is junction of a paved road (L) with US 158 at the so-called Whalebone site. Turn left on this road which is paved for only a mile, and down either the "inside" set of sand ruts or the beach. The route runs along an undeveloped beach section, with here and there the remains of old wrecks. At 05.0 on R is Bodie Island (pronounced body) lighthouse. It first was erected in 1848, rebuilt in 1859 and destroyed during the Civil War. While the present tower was under construction five sailing vessels were wrecked on the beach. Rebuilt in 1872, the structure is 162 feet high, has a 160,000 candlepower beam visible 19 m. "

(1) I-12 was completed in the 1990s.

CREATOR: Sink, John



BODY OF WATER: Pamlico Sound, Albemarle Sound, Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Clear, bright and without issues. Folds as issued.

COLORING: Lithographed.


SIZE: 33 " x 21 "


PRICE: $550


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