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Antique Chart Western Hemisphere

Fine authentic antique chart of the Western Hemisphere by Bellin.

Carte de l'Amerique et des Mers Voisines
J. N. Bellin   1763
Decorative Amelia Island Print

Signed and numbered decorative limited-edition nautical print of the coast near Amelia Island, Florida.

Amelia Island, Florida
Pat Leary   1987
Manuscript Charts
Vice Admiral Charles Favereau

Notebook with eight MS charts and port plans from the early training cruises of Vice-Admiral Charles Eugene Favereau (1856-1936)

Aspirant Charles Favereau MS Charts
Vice Admiral Charles Favereau   1875
Earliest Engraved View of Hanoi, Vietnam.

A fine example of the earliest engraved view of Hanoi, Vietnam. Shows important buildings in Hanoi of the time.

City of Cha-Cho Metropolis of Tonqueen
Samuel Baron   1744
Aviation Map Sugoroku:
Biplane Flight Game Board

A Fine Japanese aviation sugoroku, biplane flight game board from 1926.

Commemorative Aviation Sugoroku
Asahi Shimbun   1926
Rare Trade Card for NY Pilot Schooner
George W. Blunt.

Rare and desirable trade card for Pilot Boat No. 11 the George W. Blunt, a schooner.

Trade card for NY Pilot Boat George W. Blunt
G.W. Blunt   1860
Unrecorded Late Golden-age Dutch Sea Chart by Johannes Loots.

Previouly unrecorded nautical chart of the world by Dutch cartographer Johannes Loots.

Nieuwe Generale Wassende Gradige Paskaart
van de Geheele Werelt
Johannes Loots   1709