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Mount Etna, Sicily Sea Chart

Mount Etna erupting on the island of Sicily.

Photo of cloud from Mount Etna erupting on the island of Sicily. (Davide Anastasi/LaPresse via AP)
(Davide Anastasi/LaPresse via AP)

Antique Dutch chart of Sicily with Mount Etna.

Mount Etna Erupts
Gerard van Keulen   1724
Rare Florida Railway Track Chart

Rare unrecorded cyanotype accordion-folded track chart or track profile (1916) for the Georgia Southern and Florida Railway.

Valdosta, Georgia to Palatka, Florida
Georgia Southern and Florida Railway   1916
Dolph's Atlas of Miami, Florida

 Dolph's Subdivision and Zoning Atlas of Miami, Florida from 1946.

Miami Florida Subdivision Atlas
Frank B. Dolph Company   1946
St. Johns River Corridor Plan

Scarce three-panel map of the St. Johns River Corridor Plan in Duval County, Florida  from 1977.

St. Johns River Corridor Plan: Duval County, Florida
Jacksonville Area Planning Board   1977
Tampa the Strong Box
in the
Treasure House of Florida

Pre-depression advertising map promoting Tampa and Hillsborough County from 1923.

Treasure House of Florida
Tampa Board of Trade   1923
Rare Charts of Florida Ports. 1834.

Charts of Florida ports by Guillaume Poussin from 1834.

Plans Hydrographiques ... des Florides sur le Golfe du Mexique.
G.T. Poussin   1834
Plan of the Subdivision of Harwood, Florida

Rare 1888 cyanotype (blueprint) cadastral plat map of the subdivision of Harwood in Volusia County, Florida, bounded to the west by the Old King's Road.

Harwood, Volusia County Florida
P.D. Rogers   1888
Cracker Swamp, Volusia County Florida

 Cyanotype (blueprint) cadastral plat map of the vicinity around Hastings, Florida, the 'Potato Capital of Florida', featuring a proposed drainage canal from the St. Johns River to Hawhead at the northernmost point of what is today referred to as Cracker Swamp

Hasting, Florida
Robert Ranson   1906
Antique British Chart: Florida Keys

British Admiralty sea chart published 1866 with cartographic coverage of the islands of the Florida Keys.

Florida Keys
British Admiralty   1866/1920
Proposed General Land Use Master Plan
Metropolitan Dade County, Florida

Dade County, Florida
Dade County Planning Department   1963
Brightwaters Snell Isle
The Finest Section of
St. Petersburg's Most Exclusive
Residential Area

 Scarce original plat map of Snell Isle Harbor in St. Petersburg, Florida ca. 1951, by John B. Green, a local realtor.

St. Petersburg Florida
John B. Green   1951