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Scarce Antique Nautical Chart of Oman

Antique chart of Arabia from Muscat to Ras Sukra, Oman.

North-East Coast of Arabia
from Maskat to Ras Sukra
British Admiralty   1912
Amelia Island, Florida

Scarce engraved, chart from 1770 containing three maps of Amelia Island, the Nassau River, Talbot Island and Cumberland Island.

Plan of Amelia Island in East Florida
Thomas Jefferys   1770
Rivers of Gold

Antique gold mining map of the Nechi River, Colombia.

MS Mining Map of the Nechi River
Between Dos Bocas and Rio Caceri
Manuel Herrera de Hoya   1913

A persuasive cyanotype pictorial map documenting the 1920's Texas Oil Boom.

The Great Texas Oil Field
Osceola Oil Company   1921
Cyanotype of Corita Vineyard,
Palo Alto, California

Rare original cyanotype (blueprint) topographic map of the Corita Vineyard, then located in Los Altos Hills, CA.

Map of the Corita Vineyard
Barker, Curtis M.   1905
Very Rare Map of
South African Gold Fields

Very rare sales broadside of the Witwatersrand gold fields of Johannesburg.

Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa Witwatersrand.
Central Section
Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa   1897