Antique Nautical Charts, Nautical Prints, and Nautical Ephemera

Please join us in San Francisco for the
San Francisco Map Fair.

Rarecharts will attend the 2018 San Francisco Map Fair.  Our offerings will include an unrecorded Dutch sea chart of the World by Johannes Loots.

September 21-23, 2018

The Lodge at the Regency Center
1290 Sutter Street, San Francisco, California
Two Maps of the Eastern Gulf Coast.
Geographic coverage on this antique chart extends from Sabine Pass, Texas ( Cabo del Norte ) to Appalachicola Bay in the Florida Territory. Fine first edition British navigational chart documents the Peninsula of Florida.
Unrecorded World Chart by Dutch Cartographer Johannes Loots.

Previouly unrecorded nautical chart of the world by Dutch cartographer Johannes Loots.

Nieuwe Generale Wassende Gradige Paskaart
van de Geheele Werelt
Johannes Loots   1709
Rare Manuscript Hydrographic Map of the Fayoum Region of Egypt

Carte de La Province du Faioume Anciennement Dite Arsinoe
Anonymous   ca. 1790
Huge Antique Chart of
New York Bay and Harbor

A spectacular, large antique nautical chart of New York Bay and Harbor from 1889 by the U.S. Coast Survey.

Bay and Harbor of New York
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey   1889
Unidentified Manuscript Plan of
Fortifications and Village

Anonymous manuscript pen and ink plan of a well-fortified cape jutting into a body of water. Military orientation and focus.

Unidentifed MS Plan - Mediterranean?
Anonymous   1823
The Mystery of le Fort de Tarlevinne

A pen and ink, manuscript plan of the Fort of Tarlevinne.

Fort of Tarlevinne. French text. Location unknown.
Anonymous   1840

Beautifully colored antique nautical chart of the Bay of Naples, Italy by Jacques Ayrouard (Marseilles ca. 1746).

Plan du Golfe de Naples
Ayrouard, Jacques   1746
Rare Dutch Sea Chart of the Pas de Callais

Wagenhaer's rare Dutch sea chart of Belgium, Picardie, and France.

Beschrijvinghe van de Zee Custen van Vlanderen en Picardien
Lucas Jansz Wagenhaer   1584
Maury's Whale Chart

Rare thematic chart of reported whale sightings by geographic area, whale species, and relative number of sightings.

Whale Chart
Matthew Maury   1851/1956
Monterey Bay and Carmel Bay, California

First French edition of this antique plan of Monterey Bay, Carmel, and Carmel Bay in California.

Plan de la Baie de Monterey Situee dans la Calfornie Septentrionale
La Perouse, Jean Fran├žois Galaup   1797