Antique Nautical Charts, Nautical Prints, and Nautical Ephemera

First Map of the State of Florida

Antique map of Florida published in 1846, one year after Florida gained statehood.

The State of Florida Compiled in the
Bureau of Topographical Engineers
U.S. War Department   1846
A Cartographic Mystery Solved

A Rediscovered Chart- Only known example
Richard Patten, Mathematical Instrument Maker   ca. 1823
Antique Engraving of the
Copernican Solar-System Model.

A fine representation of Copernicus' astronomical theory of our solar system.

Systeme de Copernic
Mornas and Desnos   1761
Rare Port Jackson (Sydney), Australia

Rare and early large Gold-Rush era nautical chart of Port Jackson (Sydney, Australia) published by France's Depot de la Marine in 1861

Port Jackson (Australie)
Depot de la Marine   1869
Chart of Lower Baja California with
Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Amazing, clean, authentic British nautical chart of lower Baja Peninsula and west coastal Mexico with Sinaloa, Jalisco and the Sea of Cortez.

Manzanilla Bay to the Gulf of California
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office   1926
Antique Chart of Narragansett Bay with Newport Rhode Island

Scarce original antique sea chart of Narragansett ( Narraganset ) Bay, parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Rare antique sea chart of Narragansett Bay
George le Rouge   1778
Large Antique Nautical Chart of
Iceland and Greenland.

his scarce and highly decorative chart is annotated with information about re-supply points that could have been useful to whalers and other mariners.

Carte réduite de l'Islande.
J.N. Bellin   1767
Loots: Rare Capture of Gibralter /
Battle of Spanish Succession

are first edition broadsheet chart / view of the Capture of Gibraltar in 1704 by Dutch cartographer Johannes Loots.

De Baay en Stad van Gibralter
Johannes Loots   1705
Antique South Pacific Map with Australia

 Fine 18th-century antique French map of the South Pacific showing recent discoveries as of mid century.

Carte Reduite de la Mer du Sud
J.N. Bellin   1753
Scarce Antique Sea Chart of Atlantic
With Europe and Morocco

Scarce antique chart of Atlantic Ocean by Nathaniel Cutler and Edmund Halley, the discoverer of Halley's comet.

A Chart of the Atlantick Ocean
Cutler and Halley   1728
Scarce Antique Charts of Florida
Bays, Anchorages and Ports

Ten very scarce antique nautical charts of Gulf Coast bays, passes, and port entrances from Mobile, Alabama past Appalachicola, Florida and the Ochlockonee River.

Plans Hydrographiques des Baies ... des Florides
Poussin, Guillaume   1834
Antique Chart of Florida Territory with Proposed Canals

Beautiful antique chart of the Gulf Coast from the Atchafalaya River, past Bayou Lafourche and the Mississippi passes to Mobile Bay, Alabama

Carte Generale de la Floride...
Poussin, Guillaume   1834