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654Coming Soon!DetailsJansson, Jan1648
Elbe River with Hamburg Germany
Jansson, Jan
$600.00Jansson--JanElbe-River-with-Hamburg-GermanyBeautiful, hand-colored map of the Elbe ( Albis ) River by Jan Jansson (Johanne Jansonnious) from 1648. Attractive inset profile of Hamburg, Germany "Emporium Hamburgum" with 17 referenced buildings tied to explantory notes. Traces the course of the Elbe River from "De Noordt Zee" past Brokdorf, Gluckstadt, Stade, Buxtehude, past Hamburg, and ends at Geesthact. Numerous towns, chuches, windmills and other structure are noted by name. Latin text. Published from Amsterdam.
324Coming Soon!DetailsWagner, Johann Christoph1684
Untitled - Kriegsschiff
Wagner, Johann Christoph
$400.00Wagner--Johann-ChristophUntitled---KriegsschiffAntique print of a decorative 3 masted sailing vessel firing stern cannon. This early wood-block print shows a early 17th century vessel of war. Interesting feature of this time period are the six crows nests. These would have been used in battle to hurl stones, javelins and even caustic substances down on the heads of the opposition forces. An opportunity to own a plate that was first published in Furttenbach's very scarce 1629 classic of naval architecture "Architectura Navalis" . Interesting rigging! <BR> </BR> Note: Seller has attributed the source as Wagner's "Delineatio Provinciarum Pannoniae et Imperii Turcici in Oriente Eine Grundrichtige Beschreibung deß ganzen Aufgangs", published in Augsburg 1684. "N3" at upper left.
129Coming Soon!DetailsLotter, T.C.1749
Novissimum Astronomiae
Lotter, T.C.
$275.00Lotter--T-C-Novissimum-AstronomiaeContemporary handcolor livens this dense chart of Astronomical and Geographic theory. Graphic elements that make the mid-eighteenth century Latin explanations spring to life include a backstaff, sundial and astornomical diagram. Single verical centerfold.
1261Coming Soon!DetailsHeck, Georg1849
Antique plans and architectural details for a three-decked warship ship-of-the-line.
Heck, Georg
$125.00Heck--GeorgAntique-plans-and-architectural-details-for-a-three-decked-warship-ship-of-the-line-Maritime architectural print of views of a large three-deck ship-of-the-line. This antique print is full of nautical renderings including a plan of the hull contour; an elevation view showing side framing; a cutaway showing bottom-deck framing plan; a stowage plan view; and numerous smaller details related to naval architecture. Steel-plate engraving.
505Coming Soon!DetailsBrockhaus, F.A.1870
Seewesen (Sailing Ship with Rigging)
Brockhaus, F.A.
$190.00Brockhaus--F-A-Seewesen-(Sailing-Ship-with-Rigging)Original antique steel engraving of a 19th sailing ship and its rigging. Ship dates to the early period when ships converted from sail to steam- a single smokestack is visible amidships. Details of numerous ship's blocks, sails, spars, and nautical knots. Plate 12. Leipzig, Germany.