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567Coming Soon!DetailsSayer, Robert and Bennett, John1776
A General Map of the Northern British Colonies in America
Sayer, Robert and Bennett, John
$1,750.00Sayer--Robert-and-Bennett--JohnA-General-Map-of-the-Northern-British-Colonies-in-AmericaScarce antique map of the British colonies in North America during the Revolutionary War. Dated August 14, 1776. Coverage includes Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and the provinces of what is now Canada. Notes locations of American Indian tribes. <br></br> This map has been referred to as the "Beaver map" because of a prominent beaver in the title cartouche as well as some text related to a then unexplored portion of upstate New York: <div class="indenttextblock">"This vast tract of land which is the Antient Couchcachrage one of the four beaver hunting countries of the six nations is not yet surveyed."</div> </br> At very top is a second title: "The seat of war in the Northern Colonies containing the province of Quebec, Newfoundland, Nova-Scotia, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvan ia, etc". <br></br> This map was originally one of six maps published by Sayer and Bennet in "The American Military Pocket Atlas; Being An Approved Collection of Correct Maps, Both General and Particular, of The British Colonies". David Rumsey notes that this is one of three maps in the atlas that were important to the mapping of the American Revolution. As Rumsey explains:<div class="indenttextblock"> "Nicknamed the 'Holster Atlas' because it was made for the use of British army officers. All maps in outline color, folded and bound into book with paper covered boards and quarter leather with "American Pocket Atlas" stamped in gilt on the spine."</div> </br> Watermarked with a shield containing a fleur de lis surmounted with a crown: at the bottom is "GR". Bottom attribution reads: London, Printed for Robert Sayer and John Bennett, Map and Seachart sellers No 53 Fleet Street, as the act directs, 14th Aug. 1776.,
636Coming Soon!DetailsDepot de la Marine1793
Cote Meridionale d'Espagne depuis Cadiz jusqu'au Cap de Palos
Depot de la Marine
$900.00Depot-de-la-MarineCote-Meridionale-d-Espagne-depuis-Cadiz-jusqu-au-Cap-de-PalosExceptional antique French nautical chart of the Western Mediterranean Sea, including the southern coasts of Spain and France and the northern coast of Africa. Nearly perfect condition. Coverage on this handsome folding sea chart extends from Cadiz, Spain eastward past Cape Trafalgar, Gibraltar, Malaga, Cartagena, to Cape Palos. Hundreds of named towns, villages, and geographic features ring the coastline with depth soundings, but virtually no interior details. Latitude and longitude scales. <br><br/> With the circular stamp of the French Depot de la Marine. Price when issued: Three Francs. No. 93. <br><br/> Exterior of the original linen cover contains a decorative octagonal seller's label: "Ch. Piquet, Geographe ordinaire DU ROI et de S.A.R. Monseig(neur) le Duc d'Orleans. A Paris Quai de Conti No. 17, entre l'Hotel des Monnaies et le Pont des Arts."
1192Coming Soon!DetailsManby, George William1823
Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, in the year 1821
Manby, George William
$1,200.00Manby--George-WilliamJournal-of-a-Voyage-to-Greenland--in-the-year-1821An arctic whaling classic. Scarce second edition (1823) of this illustrated account of the whaling ship Baffin’s voyage with Captain Scoresby. The main purpose of the voyage was to test a new harpoon design by Scoresby. The voyage took them first to Spitzbergen, along the coast of Greenland, to Iceland and then home. <br></br> George Manby accompanied Captain Scoresby on the voyage into the northern Greenland Sea aboard the whaling ship Baffin. Manby creates a vivid picture of Arctic whaling as it was practiced during the early part of the 19th Century. Scoresby invented a harpoon gun and is also remembered for his life-saving apparatus. Numerous woodcuts in the text of whales, narwhal, and other arctic creatures. <br></br> With a fine hand-colored folding map "A General Map of the Polar Ice in the Greenland Sea and Track of the Ship Baffin in the Summer of 1821 by G.W. Manby (14" x 10"). Contains 20 uncolored lithographic plates illustrating the voyage. Five plates "Drawn on stone by J.D. Harding" are larger and folded: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Striking a Whale with Third Harpoon</li> <li>A Whale Upsetting a Boat</li> <li>Lancing a Whale</li> <li>A Bear Attacking A Boat</li> <li>A Boat Going on the Tail of a Fish</li> </ul> </div> In 1819 William Scoresby moved to Liverpool from Whitby where he built (1820) and commanded the whaling ship "Baffin". In 1822 Scoresby mapped the East coast of Greenland. The "Baffin" finally sank in 1830 when 19 out of 90 ships in the whaling fleet were lost in bad weather in the Davis Strait. Scoresby's plans, together with this scale model of his ship are in the Whitby Museum, Yorkshire, England.<a href=" " target="_blank"> (Internet. 2016.)</a> <br></br> Printed for G. and W.B. Whittaker, Ave Maria Lane, London. 225 pages including an appendix illustrated with woodcuts of harpoons and lance heads.
304Coming Soon!DetailsCary, John1828
Cary's Reduction of his Six Sheet Map of the British Isles
Cary, John
$1,050.00Cary--JohnCary-s-Reduction-of-his-Six-Sheet-Map-of-the-British-IslesLarge, beautifully hand-colored antique folding map of the entire British Isles. John Cary's first map of the post roads, dated 1828. Good example of this map first published in 1796. Inset at upper right of the Shetland Isles. Maritime features include: the Atlantic Ocean, the German Ocean, the North Sea, the Irish Sea, St Georges Channel, and the English Channel. <br></br> Hand colored, dissected, and backed unto linen when issued. Folds into 42 parts. Marbled endpapers and complete with a green marbeled slipcase to match that is labeled "Cary's two-sheet map of the United Kingdom." Published by G. and J. Cary, 86 St. James Street, London.
539Coming Soon!DetailsDonnet, Alejo1831
Algarbe, Andalucia, Granada
Donnet, Alejo
$575.00Donnet--AlejoAlgarbe--Andalucia--GranadaMap of the Algarve region in Portugal, southwest Spain, and the Strait of Gibraltar, with numerous city insets: Seville, Merida, Tarifa, Murviedro, Cadiz, Algeciras and Gibraltar. Large, attractive, well-kept, linen-backed folding map has been dissected into 18 sections of about 5.5 x 7.5 inches when issued. <BR> </BR> The map's source is Donnet's six-sheet "Mapa Civil y Militar de España y Portugal, con la nueva división en distritos." Shows the Portuguese and Spanish coasts from Cape St. Vincent to well past Malaga along with the North African coast, Strait of Gibraltar, and Mediterranean Sea. Political regions and divisions are outlined in red. Published by Dauty and sold by Simonneau ca. 1831 from Paris.Hoja 4. <BR> </BR> Contains two altitudinal cross sections. Detailed insets of key cities with prominent points identified and tied to a key for each city.<BR> </BR> The map is unusual in that it presents 11 different measuement scales in alignment:<BR> Leguas Geograficas de Espana<BR> Leguas Legales de Espana<BR> Leguas de Aragon<BR> Leguas de Mallorquinas<BR> Leguas Municipales Valencianas<BR> Legoas communes de Portugal<BR> Leguas Marimas o de 1 hora de Camino<BR> Myriametres 10 por un grado decimal<BR> Lieues de Poste de France 2000 toises<BR> Lieues communes de France 2285 toises<BR> British miles 1760 yards<BR> </BR> Cover contains the seller's label in very fine condition that reads:<br> "Magasin de Geographie de Charles Simonneau Graveur. A Paris, Rue de la Paix, No. 6. Hotel Mirabeau vis-à-vis le Timbre. <br> Cartes Geographiques et Topographiques Francaises et Etrangeres.<br> Globes, Spheres, Atlas. Geographie, Ancienne et Moderne.<br> (In manuscript): Espagne & Portugal Sud Ouest."<BR> </BR> Not dated but Charles Simonneau was a French engraver, map publisher, and map seller in Paris, France from approximately 1803 to 1838. Grave par les Freres Malo, Rue du Ges No. 10. Pres la Sorbonne.
540Coming Soon!DetailsDonnet, Alejo1831
Cuenca, Valencia, Murcia, Baleares
Donnet, Alejo
$700.00Donnet--AlejoCuenca--Valencia--Murcia--BalearesAntique map of the Balearic Islands: Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca ( Majorca ), Menorca ( Minorca ); the Mediterraneran Sea, and the East coast and interior of Spain. Published by Dauty and sold by Simonneau from Paris ca. 1831. Title printed on the map reads: "Cuenca, Valencia, Murcia, Baleares". The map's source is Donnet's six-sheet "Mapa Civil y Militar de España y Portugal, con la nueva división en distritos." <BR> </BR> Large, attractive, well-kept, linen-backed folding map dissected into 18 sections of about 5.5 x 7.5 inches as issued. Maps the Balearic Islands and the East coast of Spain from Mar Menor near Cartagena north to Barcelona. Political regions and divisions are outlined in red. <BR> </BR> Cover contains the seller's label in very fine condition that reads:<br> "Magasin de Geographie de Charles Simonneau Graveur. A Paris, Rue de la Paix, No. 6. Hotel Mirabeau vis-à-vis le Timbre. <br> Cartes Geographiques et Topographiques Francaises et Etrangeres.<br> Globes, Spheres, Atlas. Geographie, Ancienne et Moderne.<br> (In manuscript): "Espagne (illegible) centrales."<BR> </BR> Not dated but Charles Simonneau was a French engraver, map publisher, and map seller in Paris, France from approximately 1803 to 1838. Engraving is attributed as: "Grave par les Freres Malo, Rue du Gres No. 10. Pres la Sorbonne." Contains index tab at top of the map: "No. 4".
541Coming Soon!DetailsDonnet, Alejo1831
Suplemento a los Planos de Ciudades
Donnet, Alejo
$550.00Donnet--AlejoSuplemento-a-los-Planos-de-CiudadesScarce, detailed, antique folding map of plans for key cities in Spain and Portugal: Barcelona (still surrounded by a fortified wall), Ciudad Rodrigo, Tortosa, Oviedo, Denia, Cadiz, Granada, Lisbon (Lisboa), Madrid, Cartagena, and Valencia. The map was published as a supplement to Donnet's six-sheet "Mapa Civil y Militar de España y Portugal, con la nueva división en distritos." <BR> </BR> Large, attractive, well-kept, and linen-backed. Dissected into 18 sections of about 5.5 x 7.5 inches as issued. Published by Dauty and sold by Simonneau from Paris ca. 1831. The map is identified at top as the seventh and last part. <BR> </BR> Cover contains the seller's label in very fine condition that reads:<br> "Magasin de Geographie de Charles Simonneau Graveur. A Paris, Rue de la Paix, No. 6. Hotel Mirabeau vis-à-vis le Timbre. <br> Cartes Geographiques et Topographiques Francaises et Etrangeres.<br> Globes, Spheres, Atlas. Geographie, Ancienne et Moderne. With an index tab at top of the folded maps that reads: "Plans des Villes"<BR> </BR> Not dated but Charles Simonneau was a French engraver, map publisher, and map seller in Paris, France from approximately 1803 to 1838. Attribution at bottom reads: " A Paris. Chez Dauty et Demaisons Palais Royal Galerie de Nemours, et Malo aine Graveur Rue St. Jacques No. 169."
346Coming Soon!DetailsDepot General de la Guerre1857
Environs de Paris.
Depot General de la Guerre
$290.00Depot-General-de-la-GuerreEnvirons-de-Paris-Antique folding map of Paris, France and its environs by the French war deparment originally published in 1839. This revised edition from 1857 has an emphais on the Seine river and includes Versailles. Backed with coarse brown linen, the map is divided into eight horizontal sections and 4 vertical sections and folds to a compact 6" x 8 3/4".<BR> </BR> The antique map is annotated at bottom with a circular, blue seller's stamp from "E. Andriveau-Goujon - Geographe" and an oval blind-stamp by the "Depot de la Guerre". Scale 1:40,000. When folded the front cover contains a decorative black and white sticker from E. Andriveau-Goujon geographe, editeur, Rue du Bac 21, Paris . The sticker details the many specialties of his shop including: globes, spheres, Atlas de Choix, and cartes de parties du monde.
542Coming Soon!DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1866
New York Bay and Harbor. Chart 20.
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$325.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyNew-York-Bay-and-Harbor---Chart-20-Detailed, antique, original folding harbor chart on linen of Manhattan, New York Bay, and surrounding areas published immediately after the U.S. Civil War. Coverage includes Staten Island, the Hudson River, Newark Bay, and the Rockaway Peninsula. Produced under the direction of A.D. Bache, a great-grandson of Benjamin Franklin (Guthorn, 1984). The chart is based on triangulation of J. Ferguson and E. Blunt. <br></br> This chart is even more scarce and unusual because of its provenance and because it is a folding chart. The chart was dissected into 8 sections and mounted to linen at the time it was issued. Folded the chart measures 8" x 14". Separately issued by the U.S. Coast Survey in 1866 for use at sea, this chart is NOT the commonly found Coast Survey sketch/chart on thin paper. <br><br/> This chart has an interesting provenance as it carries the manuscript signature of Charles DW Brownell, Bristol, Rhode Island on the inside front cover. Charles deWolf Brownell (1822 - 1909) was born in Providence Rhode Island, educated in the law, and later settled on a career as an artist for health reasons. Brownell travelled widely to Cuba, the Carribean and Europe. He is best known for his landscapes but produced several paintings of maritime subjects including "The Burning of the Gaspee". <img src="" alt="Painting by Charles DW Brownell titled 'The Burning of the Gaspee'" align="middle" height="200" width="240"><br> Brownell lived in New York City from 1860 - 1865. <br><br/> With well-worn embossed black boards and manuscript notation on verso- "New York Harbor".
288Coming Soon!DetailsDepot de la Marine1895
Cote est D'Irlande de la Baie de Dublin de la Baie de Belfast
Depot de la Marine
$275.00Depot-de-la-MarineCote-est-D-Irlande-de-la-Baie-de-Dublin-de-la-Baie-de-BelfastInteresting and uncommon folding 1895 edition (bottom of chart) of an antique nautical chart first printed in 1875. This intact linen-backed large folding chart of the Irish sea was published by the French Admiralty (Depot des Cartes et Plans de la Marine). Covers a wide area of Ireland and western portions of Britain including Belfast and Dublin , Isle of Man, and Holyhead Island. Lighthouses highlighted in yellow.<BR> </BR> The antique chart folds to 5" x 9 1/2". Folds into 3 sections horizontally and 8 sections vertically. With a printed seller's sticker on front: " Maison Andriveau Goujon. Henry Barrere, Editeur-Geographe. 21 Rue du Bac, Paris". On the sticker below the seller's attribution is a script annotation of the chart title and a date of 1906.<BR> </BR> Insets of the Port of Killough, Port of Ardglass, and a small view of the entrance to the Bay of Dundalk. Platemark is apparent but the chart is probably lithographic due to late 19th century provenance. Number 3460. Price: two francs.
1149Coming Soon!DetailsF.O. Ellery1900
Chart of Portsmouth, New Hampshire harbor including historical points and landmarks
F.O. Ellery
$180.00F-O--ElleryChart-of-Portsmouth--New-Hampshire-harbor-including-historical-points-and-landmarksScarce folding chart of the harbor of Portsmouth, New Hampshire printed about 1900 in Boston by Skinner, Kidder & Co. Overprinted in large red numerals keyed to a legend below with 25 key points including: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Badger's Island</li> <li>Kittery, Maine</li> <li>The United States Navy Yard</li> <li>Fort Washington on Pierce Island</li> <li>Seavey's Island</li> <li>New Castle</li> <li>Fort Constitution and the Portsmouth Lighthouse</li> <li>Champernowne Hotel</li> <li>Gerrish Island</li> <li>Pocahontas Hotel</li> <li>Whale's Back Light</li> <li>Jaffrey's Point</li> <li>U.S. Life Saving Station</li> <li>Hotel Wentworth</li> <li>Odiorne's Point, first place settled in New Hampshire</li> </ul> </div> With numerous soundings and navigational features identified. Good detail of the near-shore margins. Includes a very small inset map of the Isle of Shoals. Folds into a heavy paper cover at 4.5" x 6". Cover contains ads for local businesses. Price when issued 10 cents. Copyrighted by F.O. Ellery.
1141Coming Soon!DetailsMurphy, John F.1905
Early Birds Eye View of Boston Harbor and the South Shore
Murphy, John F.
$250.00Murphy--John-F-Early-Birds-Eye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-and-the-South-ShoreOriginal 1905 folding harbor birds-eye of South Boston, Nantasket Beach, Hough's Neck, South Bay, Plymouth Bay, Pleasure Bay, Boston Harbor, Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, Hingham, Squantum, and Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Verso is blank. Index on inside cover with 35 points of interest is keyed to locations on the map. With its simple cover still attached, <b>the map is in excellent condition</b> with bright colors. <BR> </BR> This colorful lithographed chart is the earlier, and more scarce portrait bird's eye view of the area and not the more common landscape view published later by the Union News Corp. The view is also distinguished as an earlier edition of the same view printed later in 1915 with more detail. This very early birds-eye view of Boston bears a copyright attibution: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Copyright 1905 by the Federal Engraving and Publishing Co., Boston, Mass."</div> Shows steamship routes to coastal towns and identifies many nearby islands including: Moon Island, Pleasure Bay, Governor's Island, Thompson Island, Deer Island, Lovell's Island, Peddock's Island, Georges Island, and Long Island. <BR> </BR> This informative map could have been purchased by passengers aboard any steamboat plying the routes shown on the attached map. Published by John F. Murphy, South Station, Boston. That firm is listed on the cover as: " News Agent Eastern District, N.Y.N.H & H.R.R. and Fall River Line Steamers and ROWES WHARF". Price is noted on the front cover as "10 cents".
756Coming Soon!DetailsDepot de la Marine1907
Antique nautical chart of Brittany Coast near the Vilaine River
Depot de la Marine
$425.00Depot-de-la-MarineAntique-nautical-chart-of-Brittany-Coast-near-the-Vilaine-RiverAntique chart of the west coast of France from the Anse de Cornaud and Pointe du Grand Mont southward to le Croisic. First published in 1826, this chart of Brittany includes part of the Department of Morbihan, and the mouths of the Penerf and Vilaine rivers. The chart is updated as of 1907. Settlements and habitations covered include Cornaud, Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys, Chateau de Suscino (en ruins), Damgan, Port de Billiers, Penestin (Pennetin), Mesquer, Piriac-sur-Mer, la Turballe, Guerande, Clie, and Saille. The chart extends westward to include the Ile d'Hoedic and many surrounding smaller islets of the greater and lesser Cardinaux Islands. <br></br> Very extensive and minute detail of the shoreline and near shore areas with elevation denoted by fine hachuring. Hundreds of individual structures are placed accurately. Thousands of soundings with isobath contour lines and navigational hazards would have aided the coastal navigator in the area. <br></br> This is a early 20th century linen-mounted folding chart, an updated edition of a chart first published by France's Depot de la Marine in 1826. This sea chart is based on the original surveys conducted in 1820 and 1821 under the supervision of Charles-François Beautemps-Beaupré (1766-1854), considered to be the father of modern French hydrography. Linen verso is printed via letterpress with "De La Pointe du Grand-Mont AU CROISIC. Entrée de la Vilaine."
1143Coming Soon!DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1910
Walker's Bird's Eye Map Boston to St. John, New Brunswick
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$450.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyWalker-s-Bird-s-Eye-Map-Boston-to-St--John--New-BrunswickThis scarce antique bird's eye map extends from Nantucket Sound north and includes portions of the Canadian provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Locates Portsmouth, Portland and Cape Elizabeth, Deer Island, East Port, St. John, and Charlottetown on the distant horizon. Includes Cape Cod Bay, Bay of Fundy, and Northumberland Strait. The map extends inland as far as Lake Champlain, including all of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, as well as parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Shows Worcester, Montpelier, Lewiston, Augusta, Bangor, St. Albans, Burlington, Rutland, Concord, Springfield, Hartford, and Providence. <br></br> Chromolithograph bird's eye view map sold by the Union News Company of Boston ca. 1910. The pocket map folds into paper covers with title: "Bird's-Eye View Map of Boston to St. John, N.B. Showing all Steamboat Routes. Price 10 cents." <br></br> Ferry and ship routes are shown from Boston to points north including routes for these lines: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Eastern Steamship Company (routes shown to Portland, Bangor and Eastport)</li> <li>Dominion Atlantic Line (routes shown to Digby, St. John and Yarmouth</li> <li>Plant Line (route to Halifax, Nova Scotia)</li> </ul> </div> On the inside cover is an extensive list of maps available from Walker Lithograph & Publishing Company, 400 Newbury Street, Boston. George H. Walker was a Boston based publisher of books, views, and maps active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Walker began publishing in 1878 when he partnered with an unknown New York Firm. Two years later, Walker brought the operation in house by partnering with his brother, Oscar W. Walker, in the opening of a lithography studio at 81 Milk Street, Boston. The Walker brothers produced a large corpus of works, most of which focused on travel and tourism in New England.
995Coming Soon!DetailsStanford, Edward1920
Stanford's Colored Chart of the Thames Estuary
Stanford, Edward
$145.00Stanford--EdwardStanford-s-Colored-Chart-of-the-Thames-Estuary2 coloured lithographic charts mounted on linen and folding into the same original cloth covers with paper label. With a tide table and 12 small inset maps showing tidal flows in knots over a 12 hour period based on high-water at Dover. <br></br> Two folding charts, the largest mounted on linen and both folding into the same original cloth covers with paper label. <br/> --Estuary Chart "Stanford's Chart of the Thames Estuary Prepared Under the Supervision of Captain O.M. Watts, A.I.N.A.". 28" x 27". <br/> --River Thames. "The River Thames from London to Gravesend". 20" x 6" <br></br> Original blue cloth boards with mounted printed publisher's plate to front cover. Published by Edward Stanton, 12, 13, & 14, Long Acre, W.C.2 London and Whitehall S.W.1
1129Coming Soon!DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1924
West Coast of Spain and Portugal
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$250.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeWest-Coast-of-Spain-and-PortugalA fine folding British sea chart of the Atlantic coastline of Spain and Portugal from a chart originally published at the Admiralty in 1873, but this a later edition corrected to 1924. <br></br> This handsome chart provides numerous depth soundings, lighthouse locations, coastal details, and other hydrograpic information from the Algarve coastline near Lagos, Portugal working northward past Lisbon and Opporto and ending near Cape Finisterre in Spain. Six inset port plans including: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Port Leixoes</li> <li>Sines Bay</li> <li>Cezimbra Bay</li> <li>Peninsula of Peniche</li> <li>Port Figueria</li> <li>River Douro</li> </ul> </div> Dissected and laid to fine linen. Early 20th century edition with last correction in 1924. Sellers label on the verso for Sifton, Praed, & Co. Ltd. The Map House. 67 St. James Street, London S.W. Owners ink stamp on cover "H.F. Cronin." Marbeled board covers.
1144Coming Soon!DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1927
Birds-eye View of Boston Harbor ca. 1927
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$295.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyBirds-eye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-ca--1927Bird's-eye map of Boston Harbor and surrounding region to the east. This folding pocket map is Walker's earliest view of Boston with the new airport, constructed in 1923, that would eventually become Logan International Airport. At far upper right are the yards of the <b>Fore River Ship and Engine Company</b> with two vessels shown under construction. <br></br> Numerous steamers, sailboats, and sailing ships are shown underway in the waters offshore Boston, Massachusetts; Winthrop and Spectacle Island. This edition of Walker's map only shows steamer routes for the <b>Nantasket Beach Line Steamers</b> to Nantasket Beach and other points to the east. <br></br> The map extends from the coastal area of East and South Boston across the water to the main ship channel and the Boston Light. It locates Winthrop, Thompson's Island, Moon Island, Deer Island, Nahant, Green Island, the Brewster Islands, Strawberry Hill, Fort Warren, Hough's Neck and much more. Several key steets are identified within Boston: Atlantic Avenue, Freeport, Summer Street, Broadway, Dorchester Street, and State Street to name a few. <br></br> Copyright Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company, Boston. <br></br> Single-color chromolithograph. The bird's eye map folds into manilla board cover titled "Boston Harbor" in manuscript. Map is attached to the cover as issued. Cover apparently made by the seller whose stamp appears on the cover in red ink: "H.A. Shepard and Company. Stationers 50 - 52 Cornhill Boston". Price in manuscript: 15 cents. An unusual find!