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3672Amedee Frezier's plan of the Peruvian port city of Ilo .DetailsFrezier, Amedee1717
Plan of the anchorage at Ilo, Peru
Frezier, Amedee
$325.00Frezier--AmedeePlan-of-the-anchorage-at-Ilo--PeruFrezier's plan of the Peruvian port city of Ilo (Ylo), the capital of Ylo province. Frezier made a reconnaisance mission to the coast of South America from 1712-1714. Posing as a trader or merchant captain, Frezier sketched harbor defenses and gathered information on the military preparedness of each port visited. <br></br> Includes a coastal elevation view and several drawings of a mill probably for sugar cane. Key at top right relates to locations identified on the plan. North is oriented to the left. <br></br> Amédée Frézier (1682 – 1773) was an French explorer, military engineer, mathematician, and spy. This plan of Ylo, Peru is from Frezier's 1717 account of his travels published in French in 1717: "Relation du voyage de la mer du Sud, aux côtes du Chili, du Pérou et de Brésil, fait pendant les années 1712, 1713, et 1714".