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Gulf of Aden and Yemen
$375.00AnonymousGulf-of-Aden-and-YemenUncommon anonymous mid-18th century British nautical chart labeled "Arabian Gulph". Includes the lower Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Coast of Yemen, and the island of Socotra. Includes parts of the Somalian coast. Copperplate engraved working chart on chain laid paper with no watermark. <br></br> Lack of a title, authors name, or date makes the source of the chart hard to place but the style, English wording, and lack of a longitude scale is consistent with British charts published ca. 1740 - 1770. The missing title information or any form of attribution is in itself unusual, as during the period when this map was produced, publishers were only too happy to "borrow" other's works to be sold under their own name. <br></br> Noted geographical features include Mocha and Aden in Yemen, Zea Hill, Birim Island (I. Babel-Mandel ), The Eight Islands, Cabo St. Anthony, Black Point, The Asses Ear, Doffar, Bird Island, Berbera ( Barbara ), Cape Guardafui ( Guardafoy ) , Somalia and part of the Gulf of Tadjoura and Djibouti. We have been unable to locate another example of this chart. <br></br> Plate 2.