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982Antique French sea chart of the entrance to Valdivia, Chile.DetailsDepot de la Marine1867
Plan of the Entrance to Valdivia Bay
Depot de la Marine
$550.00Depot-de-la-MarinePlan-of-the-Entrance-to-Valdivia-BayAntique French sea chart of the entrance to <b>Corral Bay</b> and the Valdivia estuary, situated to the southwest of the city of <b>Valdivia, Chile</b>. Clearly shows Mancera Island ("Ile Mansera") , Fort Niebla, Fort St. Carlos, Fort d"Amargos, and St Jean Bay. Two attractive elevation views of the coastline at the entrance to Valdivia River. <br></br> This edition of the old nautical chart was published in 1867 and contains changes made by French Naval officers Lartigue and Flury to an earlier survey by Ange René Armand, Baron de Mackau, Captain of the French 58-gun Frigate, the Clorinde (1822). The <b>Baron de Mackau</b> had been given command of the Clorinde which he sailed to the Pacific in order to conduct negotiations with the nascent states of Chile and Peru, in South America. <br></br> Inset plan of Corral Bay at bottom right: "Plan Particulier de l'Anse du Corral" with a small walled encampment, the "Chateau du Corral". <br></br> With an oval-shaped black ink overstamp from the seller in Harve, France.
345Depot Marine:  Chile, Strait of Magellan. 1872.DetailsDepot de la Marine1872
Carte Particuliere de la Cote Sud-Ouest d'Amerique
Depot de la Marine
$355.00Depot-de-la-MarineCarte-Particuliere-de-la-Cote-Sud-Ouest-d-AmeriqueLarge mid-nineteenth century antique nautical chart from the French Depot de la Marine. This antique chart is made more interesting by the display of extensive topographical relief details of the coastal margins. Detailed coverage of the Southwest coast of Patagonia (Chile) from the Western approach to the Strait of Magellan (near the Evangelistas group of islands) north to the Gulf of Penas. An inside route is shown that would have permitted 19th century navigators to bypass at least some of the lower Pacific. Features include Mont Burney, insets of Hevre de l"isle and Anse Colombine; numerous islands, archipelagos, and straits. <BR> </BR> Corrected version from 1872 of a chart first published in 1851. No. 1307. With circular stamp of Depot General de la Marine.
647British Admiralty chart of the Coquimbo Peninsula in ChileDetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1879
Coquimbo Bay and Port Herradura, Chile
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$175.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeCoquimbo-Bay-and-Port-Herradura--ChileBritish Admiralty chart of the Coquimbo Peninsula in north-central Chile, just south of the tourist destination of La Serena. Detailed topography and hydrography with numerous soundings about the town and bay of Coquimbo, Chile and the adjacent Port Herradura. Based on the survey by Captain Richard C. Mayne, R.N. and the officers of H.M.S. Nassau, 1868. <br></br> Feaures include Whale Rock, the town of Herradura (in ruins), Cuyacan, the English cemetery, a Clilean cemetery, Signal Hill, Tortuga Point with lighthouse, and four smeltting works. Railroad lines are located both to Serena and to Panucillo. <br></br> Orginally published at the Admiralty, London on May 1, 1869 and corrected in August 1873. Sold by J.D. Potter. 31 Poultry and 11 King Street, Tower Hill.