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1294Coming Soon!DetailsBertelli, Pietro1599
Early antique birds-eye plan of Valetta, Malta
Bertelli, Pietro
$575.00Bertelli--PietroEarly-antique-birds-eye-plan-of-Valetta--MaltaA charmingly detailed birds-eye plan of the area around <b>Valletta, Malta</b> which appeared in the scarce first edition of Pietro Bertelli's "Theatrum Urbium Italicarum", Venice, 1599. Features that Bertelli noted by name on the copper-engraved plan include Malta Citta, Castel di S. Angelo, Castel S. Elmo, Borgo S. Angelo, and Borgo S. Michel. Some experts consider this to be "one the earliest obtainable plans of Malta". With a Maltese-cross cartouche and numerous galleys shown in the harbor. <br></br> Produced less than forty years after the Siege of Malta in May 1565, when the Ottoman Empire invaded Malta, then held by the Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Knights of Malta or Knights of Rhodes). <br></br> The years leading up to the Siege in 1565 saw the Islands under constant threat from the Ottoman Turks. In 1551, the Ottomans carried out an audacious raid, which saw most of Gozo's population taken into slavery. In 1559, the Knights responded, but with a disastrous attack on Djerba, the Ottoman stronghold on the Tunisian coast. <br></br> The Knights knew they were vulnerable in Malta despite the harbours and their two forts, St. Angelo, in what is now Vittoriosa, and newly-built St. Elmo, on the open peninsula of Mount Sciberras overlooking the harbours (later known as Grand Harbour and Marsamxett Harbour). The heroic Knights and Maltese citizens stuggled for many weeks and at the beginning of September, the Ottomans were concerned about having to remain in Malta during the winter, with a long supply-line, and their morale began to fade. Long-awaited relief forces appeared at Mellieħa Bay and the Ottoman troops retreated, but not before losing thousands more men. Today Malta's capital Valetta is named after the Knight's Grand Master Jean de la Valette. (<a href="" target="_blank">Internet</a>)
934Coming Soon!DetailsKip, Johannes1724
Antique birds-eye view of Harwich, England in Essex
Kip, Johannes
$1,250.00Kip--JohannesAntique-birds-eye-view--of-Harwich--England-in-EssexLarge, very attractive antique engraved birds-eye view of Harwich, England in the county of Essex. Published in 1724 by well-known British engraver Johannes (Jan) Kip. <br></br> Legend at bottom is keyed alphabetically to the important features in the view, specifically: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type:none"> <li>A. The Queen's yard and store house</li> <li>B. The Queens Key</li> <li>C. St. Nicholas Church</li> <li>D. The Towne Hall</li> <li>E. The Gate leading to London and the Fire Light house over it</li> <li>F. The Candle Light house</li> <li>G. Landguard Fort</li> <li>H. The harbour behind the Towne and the river leading to Maningtree</li> <li>I. Orvell Station</li> <li>K. The river leading to Ipswitch</li> <li>L. The Pacquett Boat (Packet boat)</li> <li>M. The breakers</li> <li>N. West street</li> <li>O. Shotley Gate house</li> <li>P. Shotley Church</li> </ul> </div> Seller's attribution reads: "Sold by Thomas Taylor at the Golden Lyon near the Horn Tavern, Fleet Street and by Robert Hulton at the corner of Pall Mall over against the Hay Market St. Jameses.
1072Coming Soon!DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1897
1897 Birds-eye View of Boston Harbor
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$340.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-Company1897-Birds-eye-View-of-Boston-HarborBird's-eye folding pocket map of Boston Harbor and surrounding region to the east. Numerous steamers and sailing ships are shown underway in the waters offshore Boston, Massachusetts; Winthrop and Squantum . <br></br> Very fine condition makes this a desirable addition to your collection. The map extends from the coastal area of East and South Boston across the water to the main ship channel and the Boston Light. It locates Winthrop, Thompson's Island, Moon Island, Deer Island, Nahant, Green Island, the Brewster Islands, Strawberry Hill, Fort Warren, Hough's Neck and much more. Several key steets are identified within Boston: Atlantic Avenue, Summer Street, Broadway, Dorchester Street, and State Street to name a few. <br></br> Copyright 1897 by George H. Walker and Company, Harcourt Street, Boston MA.. Shows steamer routes to Nantasket Beach, Nahant, Winthrop and more. On the inside cover is an list of railroad maps; a list of road maps is on the back. <br></br> Single-color chromolithograph. It folds into paper covers titled "Bird's-Eye View of Boston Harbor." Walker's maps were often sold as advertising maps under another name, most notably by the Union News Co. Map is attached to the cover as issued.
1080Coming Soon!DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1902
Stunning Birds Eye View of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$1,250.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyStunning-Birds-Eye-View-of-Mt--Washington--New-HampshireStunning bird's-eye view from <b>Mt. Washington New Hampshire</b> in exquisite condition. The view centers on the summit of Mt. Washington, depicting the famous “Tip Top House” and other structures. The summit is shown surrounded by a ring of clouds that sets it apart from the other peaks. Shown in concentric circles falling away from Mt. Washington are the other major peaks of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, with numerous small towns and villages snuggled in the valleys. This colorful lithographed view of Mt. Washington is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the birds-eye views published near the beginning of the 20th century. <br></br> Almost unused condition and still attached to its original folder. Very rare to find this view and cover in such fine condition. Photographs and text on the verso of the view about the history of Mount Washington, e.g. <div class="indenttextblock"> … , the ancient "Agiochook" (mountain with snowy forehead) of the Indians is the highest point of land in eastern North America. .." </div> <br></br> Created by George W. Walker, Boston, MA.and issued ca. 1902 by the passenger department of the Boston and Maine Railroad. Numerous legend entries are keyed numerically to 189 locations are identified on the view. <br></br> <b>Key features (among 189 listed) include:</b> <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul> <span style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li> Mt. Washington R.R. Train</li> <li>Summit House</li> <li>Mount Eastman</li> <li>Mount Doublehead</li> <li>Mount Pleasant, Maine</li> <li>Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire</li> <li>Sebago Lake, Maine</li> <li>Mount Madison</li> <li>Baldface Mountain</li> <li>Carter Dome</li> <li>Mount Mansfield, Vermont</li> <li>Connecticut River</li> <li>Killington Peaks, Vermont</li> <li>Lake Winnipesaukee</li> <li>Mount Wachusett, Massachusetts</li> <li>Squam Lake</li> <li>Lake Sunapee</li> </span> </ul> </div>
1141Coming Soon!DetailsMurphy, John F.1905
Early Birds Eye View of Boston Harbor and the South Shore
Murphy, John F.
$250.00Murphy--John-F-Early-Birds-Eye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-and-the-South-ShoreOriginal 1905 folding harbor birds-eye of South Boston, Nantasket Beach, Hough's Neck, South Bay, Plymouth Bay, Pleasure Bay, Boston Harbor, Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, Hingham, Squantum, and Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Verso is blank. Index on inside cover with 35 points of interest is keyed to locations on the map. With its simple cover still attached, <b>the map is in excellent condition</b> with bright colors. <BR> </BR> This colorful lithographed chart is the earlier, and more scarce portrait bird's eye view of the area and not the more common landscape view published later by the Union News Corp. The view is also distinguished as an earlier edition of the same view printed later in 1915 with more detail. This very early birds-eye view of Boston bears a copyright attibution: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Copyright 1905 by the Federal Engraving and Publishing Co., Boston, Mass."</div> Shows steamship routes to coastal towns and identifies many nearby islands including: Moon Island, Pleasure Bay, Governor's Island, Thompson Island, Deer Island, Lovell's Island, Peddock's Island, Georges Island, and Long Island. <BR> </BR> This informative map could have been purchased by passengers aboard any steamboat plying the routes shown on the attached map. Published by John F. Murphy, South Station, Boston. That firm is listed on the cover as: " News Agent Eastern District, N.Y.N.H & H.R.R. and Fall River Line Steamers and ROWES WHARF". Price is noted on the front cover as "10 cents".
716Coming Soon!DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1907
Boston Harbor and the North Shore
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$260.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyBoston-Harbor-and-the-North-ShoreOrginal antique birdseye view folding map of Boston Harbor by George Walker shows ferry routes, steamer routes and railroad lines between Boston and points both within Boston Harbor and to outlying towns. This fascinating old lithographed map differs from other birdseye-view maps we are aware of from this era because it includes Marblehead, Lynn, Salem and extends north-eastwards to Gloucester, Massachusetts. We can date the map with confidence because it clearly shows the Wonderland Amusement Park at Revere Beach which failed after five years, operating exclusively between 1906 and 1911. Wonderland, served by the Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad, was modeled along the lines of the World's Fairs of that era and included roller coasters, technological exhibits, theaters and a boardwalk. <br></br> Noted points of interest include Charlestown, Point of Pines, Magnolia, Baker's Island, Thompson's Island, "the Pumping Station", Dorchester Bay, Squantum, Norfolk Downs, Quincy Bay, Hough's Neck, Hingham Harbor, Winthrop, Beachmont, Great Head, Peddock's Island, Nantasket Beach, Port Allerton, the town of Hull with Fort Revere, George's Island with Fort Warren, Deer Island, Lovell's Island, Lynn, Swampscott, Thatcher's Island, Strawberry Hill, and many more. Captures several local lighthouses and aids to navigation including Boston Light, Long Island Light, Fawn Bar Beacon, Graves Light, and far out the bay - a whisting buoy. <br></br> Original lithograph by George W. Walker, lithographer of Boston in landscape format is in very good condition for a 105+ year old map. Was originally folded into a card cover but the front half has disappeared leaving the map attached to the back cover, as issued. <br></br>
1143Coming Soon!DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1910
Walker's Bird's Eye Map Boston to St. John, New Brunswick
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$450.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyWalker-s-Bird-s-Eye-Map-Boston-to-St--John--New-BrunswickThis scarce antique bird's eye map extends from Nantucket Sound north and includes portions of the Canadian provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Locates Portsmouth, Portland and Cape Elizabeth, Deer Island, East Port, St. John, and Charlottetown on the distant horizon. Includes Cape Cod Bay, Bay of Fundy, and Northumberland Strait. The map extends inland as far as Lake Champlain, including all of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, as well as parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Shows Worcester, Montpelier, Lewiston, Augusta, Bangor, St. Albans, Burlington, Rutland, Concord, Springfield, Hartford, and Providence. <br></br> Chromolithograph bird's eye view map sold by the Union News Company of Boston ca. 1910. The pocket map folds into paper covers with title: "Bird's-Eye View Map of Boston to St. John, N.B. Showing all Steamboat Routes. Price 10 cents." <br></br> Ferry and ship routes are shown from Boston to points north including routes for these lines: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Eastern Steamship Company (routes shown to Portland, Bangor and Eastport)</li> <li>Dominion Atlantic Line (routes shown to Digby, St. John and Yarmouth</li> <li>Plant Line (route to Halifax, Nova Scotia)</li> </ul> </div> On the inside cover is an extensive list of maps available from Walker Lithograph & Publishing Company, 400 Newbury Street, Boston. George H. Walker was a Boston based publisher of books, views, and maps active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Walker began publishing in 1878 when he partnered with an unknown New York Firm. Two years later, Walker brought the operation in house by partnering with his brother, Oscar W. Walker, in the opening of a lithography studio at 81 Milk Street, Boston. The Walker brothers produced a large corpus of works, most of which focused on travel and tourism in New England.
1005Coming Soon!DetailsFinn, W.J.1917
Birdseye View of Boston Harbor by Union News Co.
Finn, W.J.
$240.00Finn--W-J-Birdseye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-by-Union-News-Co-Folding antique colored harbor excursion map from ca. 1917 of South Boston, Boston Harbor, Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, and Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown. This colorful survivor shows steamship routes to coastal towns and identifies many nearby islands. <br></br> This map could have been purchased by passengers aboard any steamboat plying the routes shown on the map including: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>To Europe</li> <li>To Provincetown</li> <li>To Plymouth</li> <li>To Nantasket</li> <li>To New York</li> </ul> </div> Legend at bottom identifies numerous islands and other features as a sample below illustrates: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Nixes Mate</li> <li>Snake Island</li> <li>Commonwealth Pier</li> <li>Minots Light</li> <li>Rowes Wharf</li> </ul> </div> Without the advertisements sometimes found on the cover. Price is noted on the front as "10 cents".
1144Coming Soon!DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1927
Birds-eye View of Boston Harbor ca. 1927
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$295.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyBirds-eye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-ca--1927Bird's-eye map of Boston Harbor and surrounding region to the east. This folding pocket map is Walker's earliest view of Boston with the new airport, constructed in 1923, that would eventually become Logan International Airport. At far upper right are the yards of the <b>Fore River Ship and Engine Company</b> with two vessels shown under construction. <br></br> Numerous steamers, sailboats, and sailing ships are shown underway in the waters offshore Boston, Massachusetts; Winthrop and Spectacle Island. This edition of Walker's map only shows steamer routes for the <b>Nantasket Beach Line Steamers</b> to Nantasket Beach and other points to the east. <br></br> The map extends from the coastal area of East and South Boston across the water to the main ship channel and the Boston Light. It locates Winthrop, Thompson's Island, Moon Island, Deer Island, Nahant, Green Island, the Brewster Islands, Strawberry Hill, Fort Warren, Hough's Neck and much more. Several key steets are identified within Boston: Atlantic Avenue, Freeport, Summer Street, Broadway, Dorchester Street, and State Street to name a few. <br></br> Copyright Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company, Boston. <br></br> Single-color chromolithograph. The bird's eye map folds into manilla board cover titled "Boston Harbor" in manuscript. Map is attached to the cover as issued. Cover apparently made by the seller whose stamp appears on the cover in red ink: "H.A. Shepard and Company. Stationers 50 - 52 Cornhill Boston". Price in manuscript: 15 cents. An unusual find!
1068Coming Soon!DetailsDown-East Sportcraft1950
Birds-eye View of Casco Bay, Portland, Maine and Surroundings
Down-East Sportcraft
$185.00Down-East-SportcraftBirds-eye-View-of-Casco-Bay--Portland--Maine-and-SurroundingsLarge, detailed, panoramic view of coastal Maine north of Portland, including Casco Bay. Neat, 1950's re-print of a view first published by Walker Lithograph at the end of the 19th century, and reproduced in the mid-1950's. This folding birds-eye view highlights dozens of islands, coves, lighthouses, railroad, ferry routes, and other points of nautical interest. Shows the locations of Fort Williams, Portland Head, Fort Preble, Fort Leavitt, Ft. McKinley, Casco Castle, Freeport Landing, and the Portland Yacht Club. Folds to 3 1/2" x 6 1/2". <br></br> Named features include Cape Elizabeth, Portland Head light, Cushing Island, Great Diamond Island, Long Island, Great Chebeague Island, Presumpscot River, Mt. Washington, Sebago Lake, Falmouth, Underwood, Harraseeket River, Cousins Island, Bailey's Island, Harpswell Harbor, Merriconeag Sound, Maquoit Bay, Freeport Landing, Brunswick and Lewiston. Routes of the Casco Bay Lines shown in solid black. <br></br> Simple, green cardboard cover with blue title printing.