Saudi Arabia

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1118Coming Soon!DetailsAa, Pieter van der1713
Antique Dutch Map of the Persian Gulf region
Aa, Pieter van der
$350.00Aa--Pieter-van-derAntique-Dutch-Map-of-the-Persian-Gulf-regionBeautiful intaglio-printed antique map by Peter van der Aa of the Persian Gulf region incorporating portions of present-day Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, India, Bahrain ("Baharem"), Qatar ("Queximi"), Oman, Ormuz, and Kuwait. Key cities va der AA identified by name include: Mecca ("Mecha") , Medina ("Medina t Alnabi"), Basrah ("Bassora"), Muscat ("Mascate"), Ahmedabad ("Hamedebat"), and Khambhat ("Cambaya"). <br></br> This fine map will make a handsome presentation when framed. An attractive cartouche with European ships in the background shows a local merchant negotiating with two dark, shirtless natives carrying a spear. <br></br> Pieter van der Aa (1659 - 1733) was a Dutch publisher working in Leiden during the early eighteenth century. He is best known for publishing maps and atlases, though he also printed pirated editions of foreign bestsellers and illustrated volumes. Van de AA's use of stock mock-frame borders is a characteristic for which he is well known. This map shows evidence of two plate marks, one for the mock-frame and the second interior platemark for the smaller map which was printed inside the mock-frame. From "Le nouveau theatre du monde. ou La geographie royale, composeĢe de nouvelles cartes tres-exactes", published from Leiden in 1713.
1207Coming Soon!DetailsMannevillette, d'Apres1775
Early chart of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Mannevillette, d'Apres
$450.00Mannevillette--d-ApresEarly-chart-of-Jeddah--Saudi-ArabiaEarly French nautical chart of the anchorage of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea. Shows the passage into the port of "Gedda" with a defensive wall. Curved elevation view of the coastline near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. <br></br> From J. B. d'Apres de Mannevillette's sea atlas "Le Neptune Oriental ou routier general des Cotes des Indes orientales et de la Chine." Jean-Baptiste d'Après de Mannevillette (1707 - 1780) was a French sailor, navigator, and hydrographer active in the mid-18th century. Mannevillette studied mathematics and navigation in Paris before winning a commission as an officer on a merchant vessel headed for the West Indies. Mannevillette collected and revised a number of regional nautical charts during numerous voyages around Africa to India and China. <br></br> Antique copper-engraving, published in Paris, ca. 1775. No folds.