Saudi Arabia

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3633Bellin: Saudia Arabia, Red Sea.DetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1740
Nice French antique map of Saudi Arabia, Red Sea, Persian Gulf
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$320.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasNice-French-antique-map-of-Saudi-Arabia--Red-Sea--Persian-GulfStriking and beautifully engraved map of Arabia, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf. Decorative compass rose and scroll-work title cartouche. The area shown on this fine original map is currently territory of these states: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman and more. <br></br> Published by Jacques Bellin by order of the Count de Maurepas (Jean-Frédéric Phélypeaux 1701-1781) who served as France's Minister of Marine from 1723-1749. By his recommendations to Louis XVI delaying economic and administrative reforms, Maurepas was partially responsible for the governmental crises that led to the French Revolution. <br></br> French hydrographer Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) was born in Paris and educated as an engineer. In 1741, Bellin became the first Ingénieur de la Marine of the Depot des cartes et plans de la Marine (the French Hydrographical Office) and was named Official Hydrographer of the French King. Bellin's largest and most comprehensive work is the Petit Atlas Maritime that covered the coasts and important port cities of the known world.