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457Coming Soon!DetailsPontault, Sébastien Beaulieu de1694
Combat Naval 1645
Pontault, Sébastien Beaulieu de
$1,250.00Pontault--Sébastien-Beaulieu-deCombat-Naval-1645Interesting, scarce depiction of the "Action of 28 September 1644" when six Maltese galleys (galère / pl. galères; Fr.) attacked and defeated several sailing vessels of the Ottoman Sultan. This attractive original copperplate engraving contains an elaborate border and garland wrapped with ribbons and a central portrait of Gabrielle Chambres de Boisbaudran, the leader of the Maltese contingent and a Knight of Malta, who was killed in that engagement. From Paris, 1694. <BR> </BR> The engraved battle scence includes the island of Rhodes, Greece in the distance as Christian galleys engage with Greek and Turkish square-rigged sailing vessels. The six galleys depicted include" "La Capitaine de Malte, St. Jean, St. Laurent, St. Joseph, Ste. Marie, and La Victoire. <BR> </BR> The Christian galleys engaged a Ottoman convoy carrying pilgrims bound for Mecca. The Maltese killed many pilgrims and took almost 400 prisoners as slaves including by some reports one of the Sultan's wives and her son.On their voyage home the Maltese stopped in Crete, then a possession of Venice, for a few days. This apparent collusion between the Maltese and Venetians, previously at peace with the Turks, served as a pretense for the Cretan war between the Ottomans, Venice and Malta between 1645 and 1669. <BR> </BR> From the book "Les glorieuses Conquêtes de Louis-le-Grand: ou Recueil, de Plans et Vues des places assiegeés, et de celles ou se sont douneés des batailles…" produced from the drawings of the Sébastien Pontault de Beaulieu (1612-1674). Pontault, a French engineer, is considered to have been the inventor of the art of military topography.
380Coming Soon!DetailsMichelot and Bremond1718
Nouvelle Carte de'lisle de Malthe (Malta)
Michelot and Bremond
$4,800.00Michelot-and-BremondNouvelle-Carte-de-lisle-de-Malthe-(Malta)Highly desirable antique nautical chart of the eastern Mediterranean islands of Malta ( Malthe ), Gozo ( Goze ), and Comino. The chart is the scarce, folio-sized nautical chart of Malta, Gozo, and Comino by French galley pilot Henry Michelot and Laurens Bremond dated 1718: "Nouvelle Carte de'lisle de Malthe… ". <BR> </BR> A unique feature of this antique chart is the spouting sea serpent, not found on any of the other 17 charts by Michelot and Bremond, <a style=rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx">Marseilles based cartographers</a> associated with the French Galley Service- the 'Corps des Galeres'. <br></br> Contains rhumb lines, two decorative compass roses and a large inset of the port of Valetta. Adorned with a decorative cartouche of unclothed captive Muslim slaves and numerous cannon, flags and other martial symbols. Contains extensive interior detail of towns, villages, hills, aquaducts, and defenses.
630Coming Soon!DetailsRoux, Joseph1764
Plan of Valletta Malta by Joseph Roux
Roux, Joseph
$385.00Roux--JosephPlan-of-Valletta-Malta-by-Joseph-RouxBeautifully hand-colored mid 18th-century antique nautical chart and plan of Valetta, Malta ( Malthe ). Plate 75. <BR> </BR> There were at least four small atlases of port and coastal charts that originated from Marseille hydrographers in the 18th century. Beginning in approximately 1727 these atlases included works by cartographers <a rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx"> Michelot and Bremond</a>, <a rel="nofollow" href= "/Creator/Ayrouard--Jacques"> Jacques Ayrouard</a>, <a rel="nofollow" href= "/Creator/Roux--Joseph"> Joseph Roux</a> , and Jean Allezard. This small original chart is from the atlas of Mediterranean ports produced by Joseph Roux - "Recueil des Principaux Plans des Ports et Rades de la Mer Méditerranée".
1108Coming Soon!DetailsSteam Tug Agency1856
Rate Sheet and Invoice for Maltese Steam Tug Dragon
Steam Tug Agency
$375.00Steam-Tug-AgencyRate-Sheet-and-Invoice-for-Maltese-Steam-Tug-DragonFascinating piece of mid-nineteenth century Maltese maritime history. Tugboat rate sheet with manuscript invoice for towing services performed by the steam tug "Dragon". The Dragon was a 40 horsepower paddle-wheel steam tug operating out of the port of Valetta, Malta, then a part of the British Empire. <div class="indenttextblock"> …. "the arrival of steam propulsion opened a new chapter in the history of Maltese maritime trade. The port of Valletta became an important bunkering station and this position was further strengthened with the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869.<br> …<br> The ‘Dragon’ was one of the earliest steam tugboats operating in the Grand Harbour and Marsamxett. She arrived at Malta from Newcastle early in December 1855 and on arrival she was immediately placed in service under the command of Captain William Donkin. A circular distributed to the commercial community by the owners of the ‘Dragon’ makes interesting reading. ( First International Merchant Bank 2002 Annual Report. <a href=" " target="_blank">Internet</a> </div> <br> <em>"NOTICE TO SHIPMASTERS <br></br> The steam Tug "Dragon" tows vessels in and out and about the ports of Valetta at the following rates: …<br> …<br> … The signal to be used by vessels coming from seaward or in port requiring the tug's services will be to hoist the national ensign at the fore topgallant or royal mast head. Special services subject to agreement with John C. Swift, ship-chandler Malta or Capt. William Donkin on board."</em>