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1062Coming Soon!DetailsFries, Laurent1541
Tabula Nova Asiae Minoris
Fries, Laurent
$900.00Fries--LaurentTabula-Nova-Asiae-MinorisAttractive, scarce, very-early woodcut map of Asia Minor (Turkey, Syria, Iraq) by Laurent Fries. With the islands of Cyprus, Tenedos, Mitilini, Chios, and Rhodes clearly identified. Also easily identified by name are the location of Constantinople, Ephesus, Aleppo, and Damascus. <br></br> Published in 1541 in the second edition of Michael Servetus' "Ptolemy 's Geographia", published from Vienna by Gaspar Treschel. This guide to geography, written in the 2nd century A.D. by Claudius Ptolemy, a Greco-Egyptian writer became the standard work until the 16th century, and remained influential in the 18th century, in spite of its inaccuracies. In this edition Servetus makes use of the same maps produced by Laurentius Fries for his 1522 edition of Ptolemy. <br></br> Latin text on verso titled: "De Mahometo et Turcarum Origine & Moribus."
358Coming Soon!DetailsLevanto, Francesco M.1664
Carta Maritima del Golfo di Smirne
Levanto, Francesco M.
$1,225.00Levanto--Francesco-M-Carta-Maritima-del-Golfo-di-SmirneRare, original antique portolan-style sea chart of east coast of Chios, Greece and the coast of Turkey around Izmir by Genoan cartographer Francesco Maria Levanto. Charming oblique profile depicitions of Smirne (Izmir) and Sio (Chios, Greece). Charts of Turkey from the mid 17th century are quite scarce.<BR> </BR> From Levanto's "La Prima Parte dello Specchio del Mare" (Sea Mirror). Probably based on earlier Dutch charts, possibly influenced by Jacobsz. Place names and notes in Dutch and Italian. With an inset coastal profile and an elaborate decorative cartouche.<BR> </BR> This chart was reissued about 40 year later by Coronelli. Charts from the Specchio del Mare are quite scarce.
904Coming Soon!DetailsDapper, Olfert (Olivier)1688
The Gulf of Izmir, Turkey on the Aegean Sea
Dapper, Olfert (Olivier)
$170.00Dapper--Olfert-(Olivier)The-Gulf-of-Izmir--Turkey-on-the-Aegean-SeaAntique copper-plate engraved chart of the Gulf of Izmir (Smyrna or Smyrne) in Turkey from 1688. Coverage includes the Karaburun peninsula ("Calaberno") with windmills depicted at the tip of the peninsula near "C. Calaberno". Moving westward the author depicts and names several settlements including: "Clazomene", "Laberno", "Chipa", and very close to a point of land "Vlakke Punt" lies "Sevafato". The city of Izmir, Turkey is depicted with a small fortress near the coast and a larger fortress in the nearby hill, at present Kadifekale, noted as "Castro Vechio oft Oude Cafteel". Near the present neighborhood of Laka, Dapper identifies a small settlement he calls "Lauro". <br></br> The chart is decorated with a square-rigged sailing ship and galleys; in the title cartouche a gentleman in Turkish period attire is shaded by a parasol carried by a servant. <br></br> From Olfert Dapper's 1688 edition of his Descripion of the Mediterranean Islands or "Naukeurige beschryving der Eilanden, in de Archipel der Middelantsche Zee, en omtrent dezelve, gelegen: waer onder de voornaemste Cyprus, Rhodus, Kandien, Samos, Scio, Negroponte ...". Dapper was a Dutch writer and self-described physician best known for his books on Africa, China, Persia and Arabia. <br></br> Dutch text on verso . Page 91.
867Coming Soon!Detailsde Fer, Nicolas1705
Birds-eye view of Constantinople or Istanbul, Turkey
de Fer, Nicolas
$545.00de-Fer--NicolasBirds-eye-view-of-Constantinople-or-Istanbul--TurkeyVery detailed and attractive antique engraving of Constantinople or Istanbul,Turkey published from Paris in 1705. Minute detail of all the numerous towers, lighthouses, minarets and mosques that filled the city in the early 18th century. <br></br> Two settlements outside the well-fortifed walls are noted: Galata, and on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorous Strait- Scutari, which today is a municipality of Istanbul called Üsküdar. A few hundred meters off the coast of Scutari, on a small rocky islet is pictured the "Tour de Leander" or Maiden's Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi) , which over many centuries has served as watchtower, quarrantine station, lighthouse, and defensive structure. Today the tower has been converted into a café and restaurant. <br></br> Other named features include the Tower of Belisarius ("Tour de Bellissaire"), le Serail, the Seven Towers ("Les 7 Tours"), le Solimanie, Constantine's Palace, les Magazines de Pera, and Calcedoine. <br></br> This antique view was produced by the well known French geographer and cartographer, Nicolas de Fer (1646 - 1720). De Fer was a prolific producer of maps and prints who among other honors, was appointed as official geographer to the Spanish King in 1702. From "L'atlas curieux, ou Le monde réprésenté dans des cartes générales et particulières du ciel et de la terre."
528Coming Soon!DetailsAnonymous1750
$350.00AnonymousSmyrnaOriginal etched view of Smyrna (Izmir) Turkey dating to about the mid 18th century. Foreground depicts European-style warships at anchor. Background shows several forts and a minaret.
3648Coming Soon!DetailsProbst, Georg Balthasar1780
Fine vue d'optique of Constantinople now Istanbul
Probst, Georg Balthasar
$375.00Probst--Georg-BalthasarFine-vue-d-optique-of-Constantinople-now-IstanbulFine antique 'vue d'optique' of a street in Constantinople, 'from the Mosque of Mechemet and Selim'. In the foreground is a heavily-guarded caravan of camels. Constantinople, conquered in 1453 by the Ottomans, is today modern Istanbul, Turkey. By Georg B. Probst. Folio No. 54. <br></br> This type of print was designed to be looked at through a zograscope, a device designed to give an illusion of depth using mirrors and lenses. The image and title at the top have been transposed left to right. The prints were placed into a view box and the viewers for a small price, could look through a lens to see the print. <br></br> Georg Balthasar Probst was the most important member of an Augsburg family of artists and publishers. Probst produced about 400 vue's d'optique on varied subject matter.
1127Coming Soon!DetailsRoux, Joseph1790
Antique harbor plan of Çesme , Turkey
Roux, Joseph
$160.00Roux--JosephAntique-harbor-plan-of-Çesme---TurkeyAntique nautical chart or port plan of the environs around the Bay and village of Çeşme ( Chesme ) Turkey at the far west end of Anatolia near the Çeşme Peninsula. Interestingly, the character "N" in the title "Natolie" is engraved backwards. Çeşme Castle, a 500 year old Ottoman fort is depicted as a walled compound and dominates the east end of the bay. The castle, renovated after the Ottoman-Russian War in 1770, was not used for military purposes after the Crimean War. The castle is is now the Çeşme Archeology Museum. <BR> </BR> Çeşme lies in Izmir Province about 50 miles west of the city of Izmir and across a narrow strait from the Greek island of Chios. Çeşme is known as the windsurfing and kite-surfing capital of Turkey, and is considered among the best surfing areas in the world. A few small islands or sandbars, and depth soundings are shown on the map, along with a grove of trees on the north side of the bay. <BR> </BR> This small original chart is from a late 18th century edition of the atlas of Mediterranean ports produced by Joseph Roux - "Recueil des Principaux Plans des Ports et Rades de la Mer Méditerranée". Plate 144A. <BR> </BR> There were at least four small atlases of port and coastal charts that originated from Marseille hydrographers in the 18th century. Beginning in approximately 1727 these atlases included works by cartographers : <a rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx"> Michelot and Bremond</a>, <a rel="nofollow" href= "/Creator/Ayrouard--Jacques"> Jacques Ayrouard</a>, <a rel="nofollow" href= "/Creator/Roux--Joseph"> Joseph Roux</a> , and Jean Allezard.