Republic of Benin

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1159 Fort Williams, the English "slave fort" at Ouidah.DetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1747
Plan du Fort Anglois de Juida
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$0.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasPlan-du-Fort-Anglois-de-JuidaSOLD <br><br/> French antique engraved plan from 1747 of Fort Williams, the English <b>"slave fort"</b> at "Juida" (Ouidah or Whydah) in the Kingdom of Dahomey, now the Republic of Benin, Africa. <br></br> The general layout of the lower fort is instructive. The layout defines a central square- the Place d'Armes"; large apartments and at the back of the fort lie fourteen small, windowless, <b>cramped holding cells</b> labeled "Lieu ou se tiennent les Negres" for the slaves in transit. <br></br> Fort Williams was <b>trans-shipment point</b> for cargoes of slaves shipped from the fort to points west including the West Indies, North and South America. For defense, the fort provided three triangular bastions and one circular bastion that could mount up to nineteen cannon. <br></br> From Prevost's 'Histoire Generale des Voyages'. Tome IV No.11.