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5278Antique engraved map of the eastern Gulf Coast including Florida.DetailsMallet, Allain Manesson1683
Decorative antique map of the Florida Territory
Mallet, Allain Manesson
$250.00Mallet--Allain-ManessonDecorative-antique-map-of-the-Florida-TerritoryUnusual and somewhat primitive antique engraved map "Floride" of the eastern Gulf Coast including Florida ca. 1683. From Mallet's "Description de L'Univers". Printed from a copper-plate engraving onto chain-laid paper. Figure 18. <br></br> Mallet uses the names of native American Indians as place names. Florida is shown labeled as <b>Tegesta</b>. The Tegesta or Tequesta was a Native American tribe located mainly in southeastern Florida. Explorer, cartographer, and seafarer Bernard Romans used that label on his map of Florida as late as 1794. <br></br> Also shown is the area of the SW Florida coast inhabited by the Cossa or Calussa Indians and the area of the Apalachee Indians shown much too far to the north.
5264Antique map of Cote d'Azur in Provence, France from Nice to Monaco.DetailsBodenher, Gabriel1704
Antique bird's-eye view of Cote d'Azur Provence Nice Monaco
Bodenher, Gabriel
$350.00Bodenher--GabrielAntique-bird-s-eye-view-of-Cote-d-Azur-Provence-Nice-MonacoFine antique engraved bird's-eye coastal view of a small portion of the Cote d'Azur in Provence, France from Nice to Monaco. Decorated beautifully with drawings of galleys and several square-rigged sailing vessels. During this time period up to forty French galleys, stationed in Marseilles, France, provided protection and projected France's power in the region. <br></br> Fine detail and careful engraving make this a very beautiful record of the Cote d'Azur from almost 320 years ago. Legend below in German keyed to 25 important locations including Nice (Niza), Villefranche-sur-Mer, Cap Ferrat, and Monaco. <br></br> Taken from G. Bodenher's "Europeans Macht und Pracht", a series of engravings depicting city views, plans, fortresses and castles in Europe. Gabriel Bodenher was a publisher of maps and prints in Augsburg, Germany.
13Antique nautical chart for sale of Spain and France.DetailsMichelot and Bremond1723
Carte Particuliere des cotes D'Espagne et de Barbarie
Michelot and Bremond
$1,850.00Michelot-and-BremondCarte-Particuliere-des-cotes-D-Espagne-et-de-BarbarieAntique, attractive early 18th-century working portolan-style nautical chart of the western Mediterranean Sea with the southern coasts of France and Spain. This original rare nautical chart was produced by Henri Michelot and Laurent Bremond, who had close, first-hand experience with many of the areas they charted. <BR> </BR> Chart coverage includes the Mediterranean coasts of Europe and Africa (Barbarie) from the Strait of Gibraltar and Ceuta in the west through Marbella, Malaga, Almeria and Cartagena to Cap Palle in the east. Dozens of guard towers are noted along the coast; they would have been crucial during that era of intense raiding from the Barbary coast. Includes two large insets, one of Gibraltar and the other of the Bay of Tangier (Tanger). <BR> </BR> Some unique features not found in other <a rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx">Michelot and Bremond</a> antique nautical charts include a depiction of a navigator (Michelot?) sitting atop bales of merchandise embellished with initials and symbols related to the authors and engraver, and surrounded by maritime objects and navigational instruments including chart, compass and cross-staff. A separate and unexplained distance scale is included inside the neat line near bottom left. As these additional scales are found only on small-scale charts, their probable intended usage is for navigators' placement of divider points so as not to damage the master distance scale by repeated pricking. <br></br> Stopp
5171Two maps of the  West Coast of North America by Vaugondy.Detailsde Vaugondy, Robert1772
Carte de La Californie et des Pays Nord Ouest 1772
de Vaugondy, Robert
$325.00de-Vaugondy--RobertCarte-de-La-Californie-et-des-Pays-Nord-Ouest-1772Two maps of the West Coast of North America, from the Strait of Anian to Cabo San Lucas and the southern tip of Baja California in Mexico. The work by Vaugondy consists of comparative geography from two maps derived from Mercator (1612) and Petrus Planicus (1641). The larger map (by Mercator) shows the Strait of Anian, Anian Regnum, Quivira Regnum, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and Nova Albion. Includes over 30 coastal place names, including Cabo Mendocino, San Miguel (San Diego), Cape Fortuna, and Laguna de los Apostolos. On both maps the lower end of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is referred to as "Cabo California" but only on the larger map is northwestern Mexico called "Nova Granada". <br></br> The smaller inset map (by Planicus) also shows the Strait of Anian, and depicts an open sea above, suggesting a Northwest Passage in the Arctic Circle. The northwest coastline on North America differs radically, and only Anian Regnum and Quivira Regnum are located, the latter considerably south of the location on the larger map. The smaller map includes a similar number of coastal place names including Cabo Blanco , Cabo de San Francisco and los Farilones (the Farallon islands).
1167Antique chart of the "Bay de Tampa" or Tampa Bay, Florida.DetailsLe Rouge, George1778
Scarce early nautical chart of Tampa Bay, Florida
Le Rouge, George
$1,500.00Le-Rouge--GeorgeScarce-early-nautical-chart-of-Tampa-Bay--FloridaFine and very scarce copper-plate engraved harbor chart of the "Baye du Spiritu Santo" comprised of "Bay de Tampa" and the "Baye de Hillsborough", by George le Rouge, from Paris. Coverage on this fine historic French nautical artifact covers areas in Florida that are today's <b>St. Petersburg, Tampa, Brandon, Bradenton and Sarasota</b>. Only one sale recorded in AMPR, 28 years ago. <br></br> Le Rouge noted only a few key features including: two references to "Eau douce" (Trans. 'sweet water'); a location noted as "Black Rocks"; "Egmont Island"; and "Long Island" (today's Longboat Key). <br></br> From Pilote américain septentrional by <b>George le Rouge</b>, this is one of the <b>earliest available large-scale nautical charts of Tampa Bay</b> with the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. Rouge's Pilote américain septentrional drew heavily upon the work of William Faden and Thomas Jefferys. The maps were modified with French nomenclature but their British origin explains why some place names are in English. Latitude is noted but no metrics exist for longitude. Distance scale is in English miles. Manuscript number "27" in upper right.
5279Two 18th-century woodcut harbor charts for South AfricaDetailsBougard, Rene1785
Rare woodcut chart Table Bay Saldanha Bay South Africa
Bougard, Rene
$350.00Bougard--ReneRare-woodcut-chart-Table-Bay-Saldanha-Bay-South-AfricaTwo scarce 18th-century woodcut harbor charts for South Africa on a single sheet. This fine antique harbor chart covers Table Bay, near Cape Town, South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope (Cap de Bonne Esperance). Verso contains another woodcut harbor chart of the Bay of Saldanha, on Africa's west coast about 70 statute miles northwest of Cape Town. <br><br/> From the atlas "Petit Flambeau de la Mer", published in more than 12 editions beginning in 1683 [1785] from le Havre, France by Rene Bougard. Printed area measures 4" x 6" on a larger sheet of laid paper. On the title page Bougard is listed as a Lieutenant of France's Vaisseau du Roi or the French sailing navy. The French navy was headquartered in Toulon while the French galley corps was at that time considered a separate entity and was based mainly at Marseille, France. French text. <br><br/> Copies of Bougard's harbor charts are rare and seldom found available for sale. <br><br/> Full title of Bougard's atlas is: "Le Petit Flambeau de la mer ou le veritable guide des pilotes cotiers ; Où il est clairement enseigné la maniere de naviguer le long de toutes les Cotes de France, d’Angleterre, d’Irlande, d’Espagne, de Portugal, d’Italie, de Sicile, de Malte, de Corse & de Sardaigne, & autres isles du Detroit; & des Cotes de Barbarie . . . "
5218Two miniature maps of North America and of South America.DetailsAnonymous1790
Fine pair miniature maps North America South America
$165.00AnonymousFine-pair-miniature-maps-North-America-South-AmericaFine pair of miniature maps of North America and of South America. Each charming antique, hand-colored map measures 2" x 3.5" inside the neatline. With minuscule text in English describing each continent. Anonymous. Shows Nootka Sound. Date estimated ca. 1790 but certainly between 1778 and 1803. <br></br> Most of the western U.S.A. is labeled as Mexico or New Spain or as Louisiana. Page numbers 5 and 6.
5286Chart of the Port of Leghorn (Livorno), Italy by John Luffman.DetailsLuffman, John1801
Chart of Leghorn, Italy (Livorno) engraved for Luffman's Select Plans
Luffman, John
$225.00Luffman--JohnChart-of-Leghorn--Italy--(Livorno)-engraved-for-Luffman-s-Select-PlansCopper-plate engraved chart or map of the port of Livorno (Leghorn), Italy. In the 16th-century Leghorn was under the control of the Medici family who greatly improved the harbor. Leghorn was free and neutral from 1691 until 1867 when it was incorporated into the nation of Italy. <br></br> The chart shows the Mellora Shoal and Mellora Tower west of Livorno; the Tower of Marzocco, the Colombrone River, and numerous hydrographic features including anchorages, navigation hazards, and depth soundings. <br></br> Description at the bottom reads in part: <div class="indenttextblock"> "The Port of Leghorn is a free port in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Dominions of the Grand Duke of Tuscany in Italy. It is a place of considerable trade; 46 miles west of Florence & 145 miles North West of Rome." </div> <br /> From "Luffman's Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbors, Forts etc. in the World". Engraved and published by John Luffman, No. 28 Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street, January 1, 1801. Vol 1. Number 73. <br></br>
5287Chart of Port Louis, France by John Luffman.DetailsLuffman, John1801
Port Louis, France harbor chart engraved for Luffman's Select Plans
Luffman, John
$185.00Luffman--JohnPort-Louis--France-harbor-chart-engraved-for-Luffman-s-Select-PlansCopper-plate engraved chart or map of Port Louis, France. Louis XIV established the French East India Company or Compagnie française pour le commerce des Indes orientales, at Port-Louis in 1664. in 1769, unable to maintain itself financially, the Company was liquidated. <br></br> The chart shows the walled town of Port Louis and the Citadel, now home to the Musée de la Compagnie des Indes. Along the roadstead: St. Catherines, two un-named forts, the Island of St. Michael; Querco Point and Bangor Point. <br></br> Description at the bottom reads in part: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Port Louis, a town & fort in the Dept. of Morbihan 2 miles S. of l'Orient and 282 W. by S. of Paris." </div> <br /> From "Luffman's Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbors, Forts etc. in the World". Engraved and published by John Luffman, No. 28 Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street, October 1, 1801. Vol II. Number 25. <br></br>
5288Harbor chart for Iskenderun (Alexandretta), Turkey by John Luffman.DetailsLuffman, John1801
Chart of Iskenderun (Alexandretta) engraved for Luffman's Select Plans
Luffman, John
$275.00Luffman--JohnChart-of-Iskenderun-(Alexandretta)-engraved-for-Luffman-s-Select-PlansHarbor chart for Iskenderun (Alexandretta) on Turkey's east Mediterranean Coast. Noted features include: Mount Caillo, Baylassa, Cape Porco, and Cape Canzin. <br></br> Description at the bottom reads in part: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Alexandretta or Scanderoon, a port of Syria at the North Eastern extremity of the Mediterranean Sea, it is the sea port of Aleppo from which city it is distant about seventy miles." </div> <br /> From "Luffman's Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbors, Forts etc. in the World". Engraved and published by John Luffman, No. 28 Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street, September 1, 1801. Vol II. Number 33. [ Scanderoon ].
5262Old nautical antique engraved sea chart of Cartagena, ColombiaDetailsDireccion Hidrografia1816
Rare harbor chart of Cartagena, Colombia
Direccion Hidrografia
$1,400.00Direccion-HidrografiaRare-harbor-chart-of-Cartagena--ColombiaRare harbor chart of Cartagena, Colombia. North is oriented to the right. Numerous soundings and hazards are marked. Plate Number 19. <br></br> Published in 1809, this large-scale port/harbor chart is one of 41 charts of ports in Part II of the atlas "Portolano de la America Septentrional Construido en la Direccion Detrabajos Hidrograficos" containing charts from the USA (Florida and Texas), Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Colombia. Because of Spain's secrecy about its New World territories this chart represents the earliest easily available cartographic record of this area from Spanish sources.
5282Plat of land near Choctaw Point Lighthouse, Mobile Bay Alabama.DetailsU.S. Congress1837
Antique plat of lands Choctaw Point Lighthouse Mobile Bay Alabama
U.S. Congress
$275.00U-S--CongressAntique-plat-of-lands-Choctaw-Point-Lighthouse-Mobile-Bay-AlabamaScarce plat map of land near Mobile, Alabama from 1837 to support the published opinion of Benjamin Franklin Butler, Attorney General of the United States (1833-1838) in a case dated August 5, 1837. The plat shows the Mobile River at right with Choctaw Point Lighthouse. Lot contains 2 page of legal opinion, supported by the plat, probably from a report to Congress. <br></br> Choctaw Point is located on the west bank of the Mobile River about one mile south of downtown Mobile and one mile SW of the U.S.S. Alabama memorial. A brick lighthouse (63' Fixed light), visible for 15 miles, existed at Choctaw Point from 1831 until the beginning of the Civil War. The American Lighthouse Guide of 1845 found the light of little use in navigating the Dog River. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "To mail steamers and bay craft familiar with the shoals, and Choctaw Pass, this light is a valuable aid in dark nights, but of little benefit to strangers. This light is of little utility in consequence of forming too great an angle in its bearing from the courses required through the intricate and narrow channels of the river and passes." (Mills, Robert. The American Light-house Guide: with Sailing Directions, for the Use of the Mariner. 1845. p. 11) </div> Among the land holdings near Choctaw Point that are identified in the map are plots belonging to Antoine Espijo, John Forbes & Co., Regist Burnady, Simon Favre, and John Murrill.
5277Antique 19th-century nautical reference chart of the English Channel.DetailsStanford, Edward1900
Superb late 19th-century nautical chart of the English Channel
Stanford, Edward
$1,275.00Stanford--EdwardSuperb-late-19th-century-nautical-chart-of-the-English-ChannelA very decorative, visually captivating, and informative 19th-century nautical reference chart of the English Channel. This original, rolled, linen-backed chart, based on data from Lieutenant H.C. Lockyer in 1899, was published by Edward Stanford from Stanford's Geographical Establishment in London on March 1, 1900. Stanford's, established in 1853, remains in business today, now at 7 Mercer Walk in Covent Garden. <br></br> Coverage includes relevant portions of the coast of Ireland, Wales, England, and France, with Cornwall near chart center. Scarce, especially in fine condition as this example. <br></br> Contains drawings of the uniform system of buoyage: starboard hand buoys, port hand buoys, middle ground buoys; pillar, spar, and gas buoys; and wreck-marking vessels. Of great visual interest are the dozens of lighthouses identified on the chart with the range, frequency, duration, and color of each light provided for navigators. The chart is filled with tide tables, general information, soundings and distances and sailing directions for numerous ports. Topographical detail useful to navigators is shown for coastal locations and for those inland locations where the height of a feature warranted inclusion, e.g. Brecknock Mountain, Wales at 2862 ft. elevation. <br></br>
5281Nautical chart of the northern Florida coast from Apalachee Bay .DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1900
Scarce nautical chart Apalachee Bay to St. Georges Sound Florida
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$1,500.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyScarce-nautical-chart-Apalachee-Bay-to-St--Georges-Sound-FloridaScarce, very large antique rolled nautical chart of the northern Florida coast from Apalachee Bay to St. Georges Sound, Florida. Published by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. Date of first publication 1883 but this electrotype edition is updated with corrections to 1900. Notable features include Ocklockonee Bay, St. James Island, Oyster Bay, St. Marks and Port Leon, Florida. <br></br> Not a preliminary chart. Full-size antique nautical charts on heavy paper of Apalachee Bay are very scarce, whether by the U.S. Coast Survey or by any other publisher <br></br> Chart number 182. Price when issued 50 cents. J.E. Hilgard, (Washington, DC: United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1883) <br></br> This antique chart of the north Florida coast was printed in 1900 from an electrotype copy of the original hand-engraved copper plate, a process the U.S. Coast Survey first adopted around 1850. As a soft medium, copper plates could only withstand print runs of perhaps 200 copies before the plates wore down. To enable larger print runs, a mold of the original plate was created in wax or another soft medium. Then, using an electro-chemical process ( electrotyping ), the mold was coated with a metal layer, typically copper. Printers were then able to produce output from the new electrotype copper copy, while preserving the original. Electrotype copy no. 1.
5285Route of Excursion Steamer "T. J. Potter" on Columbia River.DetailsOregon Railroad and Navigation Company1908
Route map T. J. Potter Steamer between Portland and North Long Beach
Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company
$575.00Oregon-Railroad-and-Navigation-CompanyRoute-map-T--J--Potter-Steamer-between-Portland-and-North-Long-BeachTwo rare, unrecorded advertising maps on a single sheet:<br> 1) Route of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company's Excursion Steamer "T. J. Potter" between Portland and North (Long) Beach. Contains an inset drawing of the Steamer T. J. Potter with a domed wheelhouse and flagpole.<br> 2) Map of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company Along the Columbia River, Portland to Celilo Falls. One half-page on verso. <br></br> Undated but ca. 1908 based on a advertisement for the excursion steamer T.J. Potter on the six-hour summer run (every day except Sunday) on the Columbia River between Portland, Oregon and North Beach, Washington promoted as "One of the Most Attractive Beach Resorts on the North Pacific Coast." <br></br> The T. J. Potter was a wooden side-wheel paddle steamer owned by the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company. The Potter operated on the Columbia River and Puget Sound between 1888 and 1916, and was considered for a time to be the fastest side-wheel steamer in the Northwest U. S. A. Rebuilt in 1901, the Potter then sported a dome with a flagpole instead of a flat roof. By the 1920's the Potter had been withdrawn from passenger service and was used as a quarter boat for construction crews before she was abandoned near Astoria, Washington.
5284Manuscript trace of the earliest map of Erving's Grant, 1788 [1910].DetailsAvery, F. Deane1910
Manuscript trace Erving's Grant Massachusetts Map by Metcalf
Avery, F. Deane
$1,100.00Avery--F--DeaneManuscript-trace-Erving-s-Grant-Massachusetts-Map-by-MetcalfRare decorative ink manuscript trace map ca. 1910 made by F. Deane Avery (1876 - 1940) of an earlier 1788 [1] map of Erving's Grant, Massachusetts by surveyor Joseph Metcalf in Orange, MA. April 21, 1788 (copied by John ? Pope, Boston, August 11, 1788). The text describing Metcalf's map is in a decorative calligraphic style as might have been used in the late 18th century. The only available true copy of Metcalf's survey of Erving's Grant. [2] <br></br> In 1920 Avery, self-described as an "Engineer and Architect", published a short article describing his method of indexing survey artifacts [3]. By 1924 F. Deane Avery was employed as County Engineer in Greenfield, Massachusetts. With Avery's index number "5B-20" at lower right corner. <br></br> [1] On February 6, 1788 Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and was admitted to the Union.<br> [2] On the map the land is described as lying in Hampshire County, but today the land lies in Franklin County, Massachusetts.<br> [3] Avery, F. Deane. "A simple system of indexing notes and plans: Filing by location preferred to other methods- key has numbered areas- loose leaf ledger used". Engineering News-Record. Vol. 85 p. 155.
5261Unrecorded plat map of Villa Park, Washington, D.C.DetailsMarden, Edwin R.1911
Unrecorded sales plat map Villa Park Washington D.C.
Marden, Edwin R.
$1,650.00Marden--Edwin-R-Unrecorded-sales-plat-map-Villa-Park-Washington-D-C-A rare, unrecorded sales plat map of Villa Park, Villa Park Heights, and Sherwood subdivisions in Washington, District of Columbia by Edwin R. Marden (d. 1914). Marden owned the National Co-operative Realty Company. Dated within to July 2, 1911. <br></br> Recto with a map of the entire District showing Villa Park in its geographical context and with the prices per sq. foot for other developments in the District of Columbia. The Villa Park subdivision lay just across the border from Mount Rainier, Maryland. <br></br> Verso with a detailed plat map and a price list for hundreds of lots with price per square foot ( $.15 to $.60 ) and the total price. The Villa Park development was generally bounded by 20th Street, Rhode Island Avenue, and Eastern avenue. <br></br> The detailed plat map shows <b>McKinley Circle</b> in the location of Barnard Hill Park. Apparently the feature was never developed. Land for Barnard Hill Park was acquired by the National Capital Park Commission around 1930. The park was named after Brigadier General John G. Barnard who supervised the construction of the forts protecting Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. <br></br> Includes four half-tone photographs of new housing at these intersections: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Corner Rhode Island Avenue and 22nd Street (Verso)</li> <li>Jackson Street looking west from 20th Street (Recto)</li> <li>Kearny Street between 20th and 22nd Streets (Recto)</li> <li>22nd Street looking north from Kearny Street (Recto)</li> </ul> </div>
5294Sanborn's Insurance Atlas Jacksonville Florida 1913 - 1960.DetailsSanborn Map Company1913
Insurance Atlas for Jacksonville Florida Vol. 2
Sanborn Map Company
$2,000.00Sanborn-Map-CompanyInsurance-Atlas-for-Jacksonville-Florida-Vol--2Sanborn's Insurance Atlas Volume two for Jacksonville, Florida with 1913 copyright date and pasted updates from 1920's, 1940's - 1950's. The manuscript correction record shows 12 sets of corrections between April 1949 and April 1960, but earlier updates appear to have been made. A very heavy atlas published by Sanborn Map Company, Broadway New York. <br></br> Volume two coverage includes downtown north Jacksonville with almost all important river frontage along the St. John's River south of Long Branch Creek. A quick sampling of features includes Jacksonville Memorial Stadium- the GATOR BOWL, City Hall, Jacksonville Gas Company, Sinclair Refining Company storage plant, Merrill-Stevens Dry Dock and Repair. <br></br> Pages have not been counted or checked for completeness but the sheets are generally in good condition with linen binder's tabs still holding all tightly in place in the metal binder. Built to last! Many sheets are original to 1913 (see bottom right corner) with pasted updates; some sheets have been replaced over time. <br></br> Numerous (hundreds) of pasted updates over five decades make this an invaluable cartographic researcher's reference source for Jacksonville, Florida in the first half of the 20th century. In some cases entire new updated sheets are pasted over old sheets. It is possible, in theory, to perform an "archaeological" unpasting all the way down to the original base maps from 1913. For example sheets 171 and 172 show pasted overlays of an new East Expressway laid over the original 1913 base maps, potentially providing a clear picture of urban renewal in action.
5273Map of a 20,000 mile horse-back ride across the United States.DetailsBeck, George W.1914
Scarce map of the route of the Overland Westerners.
Beck, George W.
$95.00Beck--George-W-Scarce-map-of-the-route-of-the-Overland-Westerners-Map ca. 1914 documenting a 20,352 mile horse-back ride across the United States (1912-1915) that visited the state capitols in each of the 48 contiguous states. Map on one panel of a an unused folding postcard with photographs of the four riders who made the journey: C. C. Beck, J. B. Ransom, G. W. Beck, and R. G. Rayne. <br></br> The four riders set out from Shelton. Washington on May 1, 1912 and sold promotional calendars and postcard along the way to pay for their expenses. On May 24, 1915 the four reached their final state capitol at Sacramento, California and they ended the trip at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco on June 1, 1915. Unfolded the card measures 7" x 5.5".
4736Antique nautical birds-eye view of Boston and environsDetailsMurphy, John F.1915
Birds Eye View of Boston Harbor and South Shore to Provincetown
Murphy, John F.
$275.00Murphy--John-F-Birds-Eye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-and-South-Shore-to-ProvincetownA fine, original, early 20th-century folding harbor excursion map of Boston Harbor ready for framing. This fine antique birds-eye view is bright, in great condition with no holes or tears as is common. <BR> </BR> Coverage includes South Boston, Nantasket Beach, Hough's Neck, South Bay, Pleasure Bay, Boston Harbor, Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, Hingham, Squantum, and Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown. Verso is blank. Index on inside cover with 35 points of interest keyed on the map. <BR> </BR> Published by Union News Company , South Station, Boston, Massachusetts. Price is noted on the front cover as "10 cents". Manuscript owner's name on cover, detached but present.
5256Map of Pisa, Italy for Jonni's Grand Hotel Minerva.DetailsJonni, G.1915
Pianta di Pisa
Jonni, G.
$75.00Jonni--G-Pianta-di-PisaMap of Pisa, Italy for Jonni's Grand Hotel Minerva ca 1915. Located on verso of a folding trade card for the hotel. No phone number, but electric lights … estimated ca. 1915 when adoption rates for the telephone in Italy were about 5% of the rate in the U.S.A.
4862Antique plans for the Hidden Treasure Mine at Lake City, Colorado.DetailsForeman, D. H.1916
Antique Plans Hidden Treasure Mine Lake City, Colorado
Foreman, D. H.
$4,000.00Foreman--D--H-Antique-Plans-Hidden-Treasure-Mine-Lake-City--ColoradoHere are the treasure maps everyone asks about! <br></br> Fine antique presentation plans on two sheets for the Hidden Treasure Mine at Lake City, in Hinsdale County, Colorado between Crystal Creek and Ute Creek. "Mr. Bennett" in MS pencil upper right. <br></br> Plan 1 includes: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Fig 1. Plan Map of the Hidden Treasure Property</li> <li>Fig 2. Longitudinal Section of Slope of Vein Looking West.</li> <li>Fig 3. Plan of Underground Workings.</li> </ul> </div> Plan 2 includes <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Fig 4 Longitudinal Section Underground Workings. Looking West.</li> <li>Fig 5. Cross-section Through "X-Y" (Plate 1) Looking S.W.</li> <li>Sampling data and ore valuation table.</li> </ul> </div> The Hidden Treasure Mine (1897-1922) was a gold, silver, lead, and copper mine located in Hinsdale county, Colorado at an elevation of 10,200 feet. <br></br> Blue-line artifacts on architectural vellum. Architectural vellum was used in the early 20th century for important plans because of its dimensional stability and wear resistance. <br></br> Dated within to 12/20/16. Drawn by D.H. Foreman, Denver, Colorado. <br></br> The old Hidden Treasure Dam on Henson Creek, built in the 1890's, made the news in late May, 2019. It was announced that the dam was to be demolished because of the concern for flash floods associated with the potential for sudden heavy snowmelt. (Source: <br></br> More than 100 years old, the Hard Tack Mine was built as an underground transport tunnel for the Hidden Treasure Mining Company's ore production a quarter mile up the mountain. The Hardtack Mine now offers tours and houses a museum designed to preserve area mining history.
52911921 cadastral map of the Beasley Ranch, San Luis Obispo, California.DetailsParsons, A.F.1921
Unrecorded cyanotype plat Beasley Ranch San Luis Obispo, California
Parsons, A.F.
$325.00Parsons--A-F-Unrecorded-cyanotype-plat-Beasley-Ranch-San-Luis-Obispo--CaliforniaUnrecorded cyanotype (blueprint) cadastral map of the Beasley Ranch in San Luis Obispo County, California. In 1921 the Beasley Ranch was owned by R.K. Smith. Manuscript outline coloring to differentiate the Beasley Ranch in yellow, from property owned by Eckstine in red. <br></br> The Beasley Ranch, at the junction of the Nacimiento River and Burnett Creek, was named for William F. Beasley, a native Californian from Mariposa County, CA. Neighboring property is recorded for Joshua Wood, Alice Lynch, Luther Hester, Sands, Harris, Wheeler, Knox, Eckstine, and others. <br></br> Survey of the Beasley Ranch was conducted by Austin F. Parsons in October, 1921. Parsons (b. 1853), was San Luis Obispo County Surveyor from 1902 to 1930. Parsons was the Civil Engineer for numerous area bridges including the California Canyon Bridge and San Juan Bridge. <br></br> Scale 1" = 40 chains ( 1/2 mile). T.25S R.8E.
5296Map of DeSoto, Charlotte, Glades, Hardee, and Highlands counties, Fla.DetailsDunwody, William E.1922
Earliest map of Charlotte, Glades, Hardee, Highlands counties Florida after DeSoto redivision
Dunwody, William E.
$225.00Dunwody--William-E-Earliest-map-of-Charlotte--Glades--Hardee--Highlands-counties-Florida-after-DeSoto-redivisionMap of DeSoto, Charlotte, Glades, Hardee, and Highlands counties in Florida ca. 1922. In 1921 the Florida legislature created the latter four counties out of what had previously been DeSoto County. Possibly the earliest map containing the names of those four new counties. Map is a Fotoprint printed by Foote & Davies Co, Atlanta. <br></br> Published by William Elliott Dunwody (1882-1956) a businessman in Arcadia, Florida, the seat of DeSoto County. Dunwody had interests in real estate, ranching, and citrus farming, and was Chairman of the local Selective Service Board from 1941 to 1954. <br></br> Interesting in that before this Fotoprint was produced a base plat map was edited in manuscript (by Dunwody ?) to show the new county boundaries and features: roads, railroads, towns, lakes; and type of terrain: swamp and muck, pine, or prairie. This item is a product of that enhancement made just after the new counties were created. <br></br> It is ironic that at center left, in one of the marked swampy areas, a manuscript notation is made: <b>"Red dot within green circle represents location your 10 acres."</b> Lucky guy! Key features include the Kissimmee River, Lake Istokpoga, Lake Okeechobee, Charlotte Harbor, and two airbases built in 1917 during early WWI: Carlstrom Field, and Dorr Field.
5257Original, 1923 map of Pinehurst Country Club North Carolina.DetailsJohnson, W.L.1923
Map Pinehurst Golf Country Club North Carolina
Johnson, W.L.
$650.00Johnson--W-L-Map-Pinehurst-Golf-Country-Club-North-CarolinaRare. Original, 1923 map of Pinehurst Country Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Includes the Club House, putting greens, tennis courts, polo fields 1 and 2 as well as courses 1,2,3, and 4, each 18 hole golf courses. Courses designed by important golf-course architect Donald J. Ross. Excellent condition for a map near 100 years old. <br></br> Insets with tables of distance between holes in yards for each course and hole. Lithograph on thin paper. Engraved by W.L. Johnson.
4808Lithographed map of Boston, Massachusetts by Walker .DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1925
Attractive lithographed map of Boston, Mass
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$180.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyAttractive-lithographed-map-of-Boston--MassFine lithographed map of Boston, Massachusetts by Walker Lithographers and Publishers, 400 Newbury Street, Boston. In a style easily recognizable as Walker's. Attractive appearance with variously-shaped red and green lines identifying surface lines, subway lines, elevated lines, and tunnels , all explained in a key at the bottom right corner. Parks and common lands are identified with solid green. <br></br> Shows the beginnings of a municipal airport ("airplane landing field") on the East Boston Flats where Logan's Field now stands. Map contains two helpful lists: "places of amusement" and "places of historical and general interest." Includes numerous piers and docks along with significant portions of South Bay, the Charles River, the Mystic River and Chelsea River. <br></br> Folding pocket map folds to a simple brown card-stock cover 3" x 5". Cover states this as "Walker's Vest Pocket Map of Boston" with an address as 390 Newbury Street, different from the address on the map at 400 Newbury Street. <br></br> Undated but based on known dates for the airport construction and some of the subway stations, the estimated publishing date for this piece is ca. 1925.
5265Plans of accidents at Chatterley Whitfield colliery, England.DetailsWhitfield Colliery1928
Three MS plans mining accidents Whitfield Colliery, Staffordshire, England
Whitfield Colliery
$265.00Whitfield-CollieryThree-MS-plans-mining-accidents-Whitfield-Colliery--Staffordshire--EnglandLot containing three manuscript plans related to mining accidents at the Chatterley Whitfield colliery (coal mine) in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. The three accidents took place over a period of eight years, attesting to the danger of coal mining. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Plan shewing scene of accident to Charles Stubbs on Newtons No. 3 north conveyor face institute pit 29th Oct. 1935. [MS plan on paper at a scale of 1/4" = 1 foot]</li> <li>Plan showing scene of accident to Joseph Howell on No. 5 Bowling Alley Level, Holly Lane dip in the middle pit. 8/1/37 [MS plan of tracing cloth. Scale 1/4" = one foot]</li> <li>Plan shewing scene of accident to Richard Harper in the No. 3 south ten feet, hard mine dip, middle pit on 27-3-29. [MS plan of tracing cloth. Scale 1/4" = one foot] </li> </ul> </div> The Chatterley Whitfield colliery was the largest mine working the North Staffordshire coalfield and was the first colliery in the UK to produce 1,000,000 tons of saleable coal in a year (1938). In 2019, the colliery was named on the Victorian Society's list of the top ten most endangered buildings in England and Wales.
5258Pictorial map of Panama in Central America.DetailsGoodrich, James J.1930
Unrecorded Panoramic Pictorial Map of Panama
Goodrich, James J.
$275.00Goodrich--James-J-Unrecorded-Panoramic-Pictorial-Map-of-PanamaUnrecorded pictorial map of Panama by Corporal James J. Goodrich, 11th Engineers ca. 1930. Adorned with numerous idiosyncratic illustrations including at upper right a drawing of a panther labeled "Black Cats." Many illustrations of military aircraft and naval vessels. Dotted line north of the Panama Canal shows a "proposed highway across the isthmus" beginning at the Madden Dam, completed in 1935, and terminating at Colon on the Pacific Ocean. <br></br> The 11th Engineer battalion was activated on the 20th of November, 1920 in the Panama Canal Zone. The 11th engineers conducted numerous engineer missions over rugged terrain and through dense jungle. It was in Panama that the 11th adopted for its crest the Panama Black Panther and assumed the nickname "Jungle Cats." The 11th Engineers were relieved of their assignment to the Panama Canal Division in April, 1932.
5274A Map of Plum Island for Annie H. Brown Sanctuary.DetailsPepin, A. L.1931
Map Plum Island Annie H. Brown Wild Life Sanctuary
Pepin, A. L.
$350.00Pepin--A--L-Map-Plum-Island-Annie-H--Brown-Wild-Life-SanctuaryAn unrecorded cyanotype (blueprint) map of Plum Island from 1931 related to early conservation efforts on the Massachusetts coast. The map shows the location of land purchased for the Annie H. Brown Wildlife Sanctuary and several adjacent properties proposed for purchase. <br></br> Plum Island is a New England barrier island that lies on the coast of Massachusetts about two miles from Newburyport, Mass. Plum Island, 11 miles in length, is named for the beach plum shrubs that grow in the dunes. The North Point of the island is located at the mouth of Newburyport Harbor, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Merrimack River. <br></br> Legend at bottom describes seven numbered tracts of land on the map: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>300 acres - Annie H. Brown Wildlife Sanctuary.</li> <li>110 acres - Land of Knobbs Beach Associates.</li> <li>225 acres - Land of Woodworth.</li> <li>90 acres - Land of Stafford.</li> <li>75 acres Land of Clement.</li> <li>400 acres - Land of Bar Island realty Company.</li> <li>3 acres - Land of Small.</li> </ul> </div> Annie Hamilton Brown, a resident of Stoneham, willed a sum of between $15,000 and $25,000 to the Federation of the Bird Clubs of New England in 1929. Working with the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the federation was able to purchase most of the southern end of Plum Island for a wildlife sanctuary. In 1943, the Audubon Society sold the 1,600 acre sanctuary to the Federal Government who merged the land into the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. This item includes the original fund-raising transmittal letter and return envelope from the Federation of the Bird Clubs of New England, Inc. Laurance B. Fletcher, Secretary; Boston, Massachusetts. <br></br>
4974Circuit map of the Fury Four radio introduced in 1933.DetailsCamm, Frederick James1933
The Fury Four Circuit Map
Camm, Frederick James
$125.00Camm--Frederick-JamesThe-Fury-Four-Circuit-MapCircuit map of the Fury Four radio introduced in 1933. The circuit was characterized by two high-frequency stages. Not to be confused with the 1954 revised circuit for the Fury Four. Printed in blue in the style of a cyanotype, or blueprint diagram. Dated within as February 11, 1933. Drawn by F.J. Camm and published by George Newnes Ltd. as a free supplement to the magazine "Practical Wireless. <br></br> Frederick James Camm (1895 – 1959) was an English technical author and magazine editor. He founded several radio and electronics titles, including Practical Wireless devoted to radio and electronics. In 2017 Practical Wireless was sold to Warners Group Publications, a Lincolnshire-based publishing company.
5266Map of Lake County, FloridaDetailsAnonymous1933
Advertisement with map for Lake County, Florida
$175.00AnonymousAdvertisement-with-map-for-Lake-County--FloridaMap of Lake County, Florida on an advertising brochure from the Lake County Chamber of Commerce. Fine graphics focused on the agricultural bounty available in a fertile and water-rich Florida. Shows numerous cities in central Florida including Altoona, Eustis, Howey, Clermont, Tavares, Sanford, and Orlando. Inset half-tone black and white illustrations of scenes typical to the area. <br></br> Brochure was issued by the Lake County Chamber of Commerce in Tavares, Florida to registrants at the Florida Exhibit during the Century of Progress Exhibition in Chicago (the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair).
5293Promotional street map of Palm Beach Florida by Brockway.DetailsBrockway, George S.1940
Promotional street map of Palm Beach Florida
Brockway, George S.
$275.00Brockway--George-S-Promotional-street-map-of-Palm-Beach-FloridaPromotional street map of Palm Beach, Florida from the Chamber of Commerce ca. 1940. A simplified map for visitors; limited in scope, this edition lacks detailed coverage of West Palm Beach and does not include either a key to street names or names of the inhabitants found in other similar maps by Brockway. Dated with reference to "Island no. 17" which is labeled "Pinner's Island" in Brockway's 1942 edition. <br></br> Verso is blank but with a blue ink stamp: "Courtesy of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce." <br></br> The map spans an area of southern Palm Beach from the Southern Boulevard Bridge (now Bingham Island Bridge) at north, past the Lake Worth Bridge, and terminating past the Lantana Bridge near the north corporate limits of Manalapan. By George S. Brockway, Engineer. <br></br> Features on the map include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Lake Worth Municipal Golf Course</li> <li>Phipps Ocean Park</li> <li>Ibis Isle</br> <li>Lake Worth Municipal Casino and Pool</li> <li>South Ocean Club</li> <li>WWPG radio broadcasting station</li> <li>Island 17 and Island 18</li> <li>Ambassador Hotel Villas</li> <li>Hypoluxo Island</br> </ul> </div> <br> Two manuscript notations in pencil apparently for additions of Clifton and Corley Streets. <br></br> North oriented to right. Scale 1 inch = 1 mile.
5269German propaganda poster from WWII related to the fall of Singapore.DetailsAnonymous1942
German propaganda poster of Japanese capture of Singapore WWII
$750.00AnonymousGerman-propaganda-poster-of-Japanese-capture-of-Singapore-WWIIFolding German propaganda poster from WWII related to the fall of Singapore, once thought to be the "Gibraltar of the East", to the Japanese in February 1942. This broadside propaganda poster was produced by the German Army's Department of Wehrmacht Propaganda to mock the British for their failure to protect Singapore from Japanese attack. <br></br> In "Singapura em poder dos japoneses" four views show Japanese soldiers stalking through the jungle and marching in formation with tanks, and Japanese warplanes strafing the airport. Inset map at center shows the supply lines from the Allies to Singapore interrupted or cut (shows scissors) and numerous British and American bases captured throughout the South China Sea , the Philippines, and Malaya. <br></br> At bottom: "A castello forte britanico na Grande Asia foi desbarratado Churchill e Roosevelt tambem ali perderam a jogo" reflecting the magnitude and impact of the defeat. <br></br> Verso with text related to Singapore and details of the conflict in Asia. Portuguese text. <br></br> [Singapora, Singapura, Singapour]
5272Map of existing and prospective analog broadcast television stations.DetailsBennett, Philip A.1949
Earliest U.S. Government map television stations and networks
Bennett, Philip A.
$1,250.00Bennett--Philip-A-Earliest-U-S--Government-map-television-stations-and-networksThe earliest official large-format map of U.S. television stations and networks from the infancy of TV advertising. By U.S. Department of Commerce Industrial Economist Philip A. Bennet and printed by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in July, 1949. At the time of publication in 1949 the map clearly shows that numerous states were without a single operating TV station including: Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, South Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. <br></br> This map is scarce outside of institutional holdings. No copy of the map or record of the sale of this television map is found online. Price when issued 35 cents. <br></br> In January 1948, less than 200,000 TV sets existed in the U.S. This map documents the early distribution of broadcast TV stations, pre-dating the phenomenal growth of the industry. The map was and is important because the geographical distribution of TV stations impacted the size of the television market while TV networks served to lower the cost of content production. <br></br> Shows the 75 existing and 42 prospective analog broadcast television stations and <b>network routes</b> in the United States. Compiled and printed by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (Department of Commerce) to the specifications of Philip A. Bennet, General Products Division of the Office of Domestic Commerce. <br></br> See also Gould in NYT:
5268Cyanotype (blueprint) map of Memphis, Tennessee rail terminal.DetailsAnonymous1950
Small Mid-20th Century blueprint map Memphis Railroad Terminal
$135.00AnonymousSmall-Mid-20th-Century-blueprint-map-Memphis-Railroad-TerminalSmall unrecorded cyanotype (blueprint) map of Memphis, Tennessee related to the railway lines, rail yards, and railroad depots in the Memphis area. Would have provided a high-level condensed overview of the railways in the Memphis area. <br></br> Key features on the map include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Union Station</li> <li>Central Station</li> <li>Paine Yard</li> <li>Frisco Yale Yard</li> <li>Forrest Yard</li> <li>North Yard</li> <li>South Yard</li> <li>Johnston Yard</li> <li>Motor Car shop</li> <li>Mississippi River</li> <li>President's Island</li> </ul> </div> Dated within at May 1950. MS annotation on verso: "V. W. White." [Tenn. , TN]
5253Pictorial route map for the James River Ceramics Club, ca. 1951.DetailsJames River Ceramics Club1951
Jamestown James River Ceramics Club Field Trip
James River Ceramics Club
$350.00James-River-Ceramics-ClubJamestown-James-River-Ceramics-Club-Field-TripUnrecorded and hand-colored pictorial route map for the James River Ceramics Club. Mid 20th-century birds-eye perspective map of the area surrounding the James River near Jamestown, Virginia, location of the first permanent English settlement in North America. <br></br> Made for the occasion of the first annual field trip of the James River Ceramics Club to the Jamestown Island Archaeological Laboratory and to James O'Donnell Pottery on Sunday, August 12, 1951. Shows the towns of Williamsburg, Hilton Village, Benn's Church, Bacon's Castle, Surry, Burrowsville and more. With the logo for the James River Ceramics Club.
5283Privately published resource map of Ossabaw Island, Georgia.DetailsTorrey, Bill Sr.1956
Rare privately published map of Ossabaw Island, Georgia
Torrey, Bill Sr.
$550.00Torrey--Bill-Sr-Rare-privately-published-map-of-Ossabaw-Island--GeorgiaRare, a privately-published first edition map of Ossabaw Island, Georgia from 1956 with roads, woods, ponds, marsh, and artesian wells as the chief focus. Contains an inset map showing the generalized coastline from Savannah to Brunswick, Georgia. Just behind the Egg Islands, at the north end of Ossabaw Island, Torrey's Landing is simply labeled "Boat House". Two additional maps on the verso. <br></br> The map was created and privately published by William F. "Bill" Torrey Sr., the son of Henry Torrey and Nell Ford Torrey who purchased the island in 1924. Bill Torrey Sr. ran a timber operation and a cattle business, Circle T. Ranch, on Ossabaw Island in the 1950's. The cattle business Torrey operated was no doubt the reason that the location of artesian wells on the island was considered as a key data point. <br></br> Together the three maps were designed for use by visitors to the island, providing route details from the DeSoto hotel in Savannah, GA to the Torrey Dock at Vernon View (verso); then from the dock to St. Catherine's Sound and Ossabaw Sound (verso). Once visitors had docked at Torrey Landing boat house the map (recto) served as a guide to the entire island. This map, by Torrey who knew the island well, is the reference source for place names and island locations on more recent maps. Source (DuBose, Elizabeth. Executive Director, Ossabaw Island Foundation. June, 2020. Personal communication.) <br></br> Ossabaw Island is Georgia's third largest barrier island, with 26,000 acres total - 9,000 acres of high ground. Ossabaw is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east; the Bear River/ Florida Passage of the Intracoastal Waterway to the west; the Ogeechee River to the north; and, St. Catherine’s Sound to the south.
5255Pictorial map of Sanlando Springs in Central Florida.DetailsAnonymous1958
Pictorial Map of Sanlando Springs attraction near Longwood, Florida
$125.00AnonymousPictorial-Map-of-Sanlando-Springs-attraction-near-Longwood--FloridaColorful pictorial map of the Sanlando Springs tourist attraction in Central Florida. Map is surrounded with drawings of family-oriented activities available at Sanlando: Jungle Cruise, outdoor cooking, dancing on the patio. Based on the postal rate of 3 cents this item probably dates to the late 1950's. Folding map, verso with space for a stamp and address as well as a pre-written letter in script touting the many things to do at Sanlando. <br></br> Sanlando Springs, along with nearby Rock Springs, Wekiwa Springs and Palm Springs, form the headwaters of the Wekiva River. <br></br> The spring, originally Hoosier Springs, was used for recreation as far back as the 1880's. The location was renamed as Sanlando by Altamonte Mayor J.F. Haithcox who developed the location as an amusement park in the 1920's. (Source:
5028British Admiralty nautical chart of western Hong Kong Harbor.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1963
Chart of Hong Kong Waters West China South Coast
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$1,000.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeChart-of-Hong-Kong-Waters-West-China-South-CoastTwentieth-century British Admiralty nautical chart of western Hong Kong Harbor, Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbor, and Belcher Harbor. Extends as far west as Lantau Island in the vicinity of Hong Kong Disneyland. <br></br> Engraved and first published by the Admiralty in 1903, this edition contains minor corrections to 1963. Chart number 3280. Numerous updates to aids to navigation shown in red ink.
5260Pictorial map  / poster of Venice, California from 1979.DetailsStanton, Jeffrey1979
Large pictorial map of Venice, California
Stanton, Jeffrey
$375.00Stanton--JeffreyLarge-pictorial-map-of-Venice--CaliforniaLarge and amusing pictorial map of Venice, California by Jeffrey Stanton, businessman and artist. First edition. <br></br> Copyright 1979. Artwork by C. June Barton and R. Greenway Frager.
5270Manuscript map of tribes Massachusetts, Rhode Island.DetailsGriffin, J. Eve1997
Manuscript map of tribes Massachusetts, Rhode Island
Griffin, J. Eve
$280.00Griffin--J--EveManuscript-map-of-tribes-Massachusetts--Rhode-IslandManuscript map, artwork for the book "Two Paths in the Wilderness" by Ellen Eaton Wilson, published in 1997. The book, about King Philip's War, included the Wampanoag Indians of Rhode Island and the first organized resistance of American Indians to English intrusion on their homelands. This map is the first of two similar MS maps in our inventory by Griffin. <br></br> The map, drawn by J. Eve Griffin, is reproduced in the book. Map includes the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island with the locations shown for native American Indian tribes: Nipmucks, Narragansett, and Wampanoags.
5271Manuscript map of tribes Massachusetts, Rhode Island.DetailsGriffin, J. Eve1997
Manuscript map of Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island
Griffin, J. Eve
$280.00Griffin--J--EveManuscript-map-of-Connecticut-Massachusetts-Rhode-IslandManuscript map, artwork for the book "Two Paths in the Wilderness" by Ellen Eaton Wilson, published in 1997. The book, about King Philip's War, included the Wampanoag Indians of Rhode Island and the first organized resistance of American Indians to English intrusion on their homelands. This map is the second of two similar MS maps in our inventory by Griffin. <br></br> The map, drawn by J. Eve Griffin, is reproduced in the book. Map includes the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island with several of the small towns identified including Deerfield, Hadley, Marlboro, Mt. Hope, and Simsbury.