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6350DetailsFitz Roy, Robert 
Admiralty chart from 2nd Beagle Voyage along coastal Peru.
Fitz Roy, Robert
$365.00Fitz-Roy--RobertAdmiralty-chart-from-2nd-Beagle-Voyage-along-coastal-Peru-Scarce original antique nautical chart of a portion of the coast of Peru between the Chicama River and Port Payta (Paita). A copper-plate engraving of a sea chart made under the auspices of Captain Robert Fitz Roy, R.N. (1805-1865) and the Officers of HMS Beagle. <b>An important artifact from the hydrographic survey of the west coast of Peru made aboard the HMS Beagle on its second voyage, accompanied by Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882) as Naturalist. </b> <br></br> Traces of use at sea include manuscript track and bearing lines in pencil below Sechura Bay from the island of Lobos de Tierra to the island of Lobos de Afuera. Five finely engraved attractive inset elevation coastal views as seen from offshore. <br></br> Inset map of Point Eten based on an 1870 survey by a group including the H.M.S. Cameleon. A small warning that Eten Point is laid down on the map six miles east of its actual position. <br></br> Survey was conducted in 1836. First published by the British Admiralty on January 26, 1841 Last correction in December 1870. Engraved by J&C Walker. Sold by Potter. Chart # 1335.
6337Scarce map of New England after Captain John Smith.DetailsAa, Pieter van der1707
Nieuw Engeland in Twee Scheeptogten door Kapitein Johan Smith inde iaren 1614 en 1615 Bestevend
Aa, Pieter van der
$1,000.00Aa--Pieter-van-derNieuw-Engeland-in-Twee-Scheeptogten-door-Kapitein-Johan-Smith-inde-iaren-1614-en-1615-BestevendScarce map of New England, Cape Cod, Nantucket and more after John Smith. "Nieuw Engeland in Twee Scheeptogen door Kapitein Johan Smith inde iaren 1614 en 1615 bestevend". (New England as Described by Captain John Smith in two voyages in 1614 and 1615. By Pieter van der Aa, a Dutch mapmaker and publisher. <br></br>
6333View of Cartagena, Colombia during a 1697 assault by French forces.DetailsMondhare, Louis-Joseph1780
Fine vue d'optique of 17th century Cartagena, Colombia
Mondhare, Louis-Joseph
$250.00Mondhare--Louis-JosephFine-vue-d-optique-of-17th-century-Cartagena--ColombiaDetailed original view of the walled city of Cartagena de Indias, (now in Colombia) during an attack by the French in 1697. This vue d'optique "Vue de la Ville de Carthagene, en Amerique, Prise par les Francois en 1667", was engraved by Louis-Joseph Mondhare (1734- 1799) ca. 1780.
438ships, Maui, La Perouse, BlondelaDetailsBlondela, Lieut.1797
Vue du Mouillage des Fregates Francaises a L'Isle de Mowee
Blondela, Lieut.
$450.00Blondela--Lieut-Vue-du-Mouillage-des-Fregates-Francaises-a-L-Isle-de-MoweeEngraved re-strike view of ships from the La Perouse expedition anchored off of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands at an anchorage now known as "La Perouse Bay". This is the first large-format view ever published of the island of Maui. From the "Atlas du Voyage de La Perouse". From a drawing by Lieutenant Blondela, Engraved by J.J. Avril; lettered by L. Aubert. No 14. <BR> </BR> Believe the engraving is an early 20th century re-strike <b> from the original copper plate </b>produced by the Chalcographie du Louvre. La Chalcographie du Louvre is a repository of more that 13,000 original plates from the Louvre's archives, housed upstairs above the Louvre's Paris galleries . Upon request visitors can have a engraving produced from one of those original plates by master printers on museum-quality paper. V. 15<BR> </BR>
6354Charts of the Island of Sardinia, W.H. Smyth, 1825.DetailsSmyth, William Henry1825
Chart of the Grecian Shores Parga to Kaiapha with adjacent islands Gulf of Patras
Smyth, William Henry
$350.00Smyth--William-HenryChart-of-the-Grecian-Shores-Parga-to-Kaiapha-with-adjacent-islands-Gulf-of-PatrasRare chart of coastal Greece, Parga to Kaiapha by Captain W. H. Smyth and his assistant officers. 1825.
5467Charts of the Island of Sardinia, W.H. Smyth, 1827.DetailsSmyth, William Henry1827
Complete 4-sheet set of Sardinia Capt W H Smyth
Smyth, William Henry
$6,000.00Smyth--William-HenryComplete-4-sheet-set-of-Sardinia-Capt-W-H-SmythExceedingly rare and complete set of four nautical charts of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia by Captain William Henry Smyth based on his hydrographic survey of Sardinia for the Royal Navy during 1823 and 1824. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and one of 20 regions of Italy. <br></br> Whatman Turkey Mill watermark (date illegible) on one of four sheets. Complete set of four, ea. ~ 17" x 24". Elson and Graves are co-authors for all four charts. Slater is credited on the chart of the entire Island. <br></br> In 1828 Smyth published a book on the political history of Sardinia- <b>"Sketch of the present state of the Island of Sardinia"</b> [1]. Smyth references a four chart set in the introduction to his "Sketch": <div class="indenttextblocksingle">… in conclusion it may not be unnecessary to state that my <strong>Nautical Survey of Sardinia</strong> has just been published, on four sheets, at the Hydrographical office of the Admiralty. As no pains have been spared in the construction, it is hoped that these charts will be found equal to every purpose of Navigation. [Smyth's chart titles are used here:] </br><div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>A general chart of the Island, "The Island of Sardinia"</li> <li>"The South Coast of Sardinia"</li> <li>"The North East Coast of Sardinia"</li> <li>"The Gulf of Asinara on the N. W. Coast of Sardinia"</li></div> </ul> </div> Small traces of manuscript pencil notations attesting to real-life use of this chart while at sea. Well-executed early to mid 20th-century conservation with the chart laid to linen and protected via a thin-film lamination process. After experience with the lamination process over time, lamination is not now considered to be a effective document conservation procedure. <br></br> [1] Captain William Henry Smyth. London. John-Murray. 351 pp. <br></br> [Sardegna]
5475Lithographed bird's-eye view of Vineyard Haven by Walker.DetailsGeorge W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co1895
Vineyard Haven birds eye view 1893 1895
George W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co
$4,750.00George-W--Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CoVineyard-Haven-birds-eye-view-1893-1895Original lithographed bird's-eye view of Vineyard Haven and Vineyard Haven Harbor on the Island of Martha's Vineyard. Second state of this view, ca. 1895, by George W. Walker, lithographer, first issued in 1893 [1]. Looking east, Walker's view takes in the wharf, the waterfront, and the harbor with many sailing vessels. Measures 18" x 14" within the neat lines. <br></br> This view is quite scarce on the market. No sales recorded in AMPR; no holdings in WorldCat. <br></br> Vineyard Haven, is a working harbor village in the town of Tisbury, Massachusetts a year-round port for Martha’s Vineyard island. Locations in Vineyard Haven that Walker included in his list of references include: the East Chop light; Mansion House; Windmill; sailor's free reading room; and Lagoon Heights. Walker also identifies by name the homes of important Vineyard Haven residents including Dr. William Leach, Captain Benjamin C. Cromwell, Captain Clough, Captain P.L. Smith, and Captain Owens. <br></br> The second state of Walker's view of Vineyard Haven is easily identified as it contains two additional location names on the bottom roll of the scroll of references: 'Grove Hill House' and 'Association Hall'. Also, in the upper right quadrant there are numerous street additions and deletions as compared to the first edition. The second edition also contains marginal text denoting the four compass directions. <br></br> [1] Online. Vineyard Haven bird's-eye view. 1st. Walker. 1893. <br>[ Mass. , MA ]
6353Blueprint for the original North Sydney Bridge.DetailsCoyle, J. E. F.1895
Blueprint Sydney Northbridge Suspension Long Gully Bridge
Coyle, J. E. F.
$1,500.00Coyle--J--E--F-Blueprint-Sydney-Northbridge-Suspension-Long-Gully-BridgeBeautiful, original late 19th century cyanotype (blueprint) profile view of the "North Sydney Bridge" NSW, then a suspension bridge, (also known as Northbridge or Long Gully Bridge). Original 48" rolled old blueprint paper with slight signs of wear consistent with date of late 19th century but fresh and bright from a protected environment. The rigid symmetry of the suspension bridge contrasts with the sketch-like character of the title and gully profile. Scale 20' = 1". <br></br> The Suspension Bridge in Northbridge, NSW was built as a steel suspension bridge with sandstone turreted towers by a private syndicate to promote residential development. The bridge opened to traffic in in January, 1892. With a suspension span of about 500 feet, it was considered one of the engineering wonders of Sydney and became a great tourist attraction. In 1939 the bridge was rebuilt as a reinforced concrete two rib arch bridge, with the original towers intact. (1) <br></br> Manuscript address on the verso "F. L. Keir Esq. Chief Engineer's. Railway Department. Brisbane. Queensland." Keir was an engineer with the railways department (2).<br /><br /> Sources:<br /> (1)<br /> (2)<br />
6361Antique U.S. Coast Survey chart of Key West Harbor, Florida .DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1914
Key West Harbor 1914
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$1,000.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyKey-West-Harbor-1914Large 42" x 34" U.S. Coast Survey chart of Key West Harbor, Florida . Issued September 1914 by the U.S. Department of Commerce / U.S. Coast Survey. Number 584. A scarce original nautical chart of Key West at 107 years old. Last date is 1914.
6326Blueprint plat map of Huston Heights near Muscle Shoals, Alabama.DetailsKeane Development Corporation1933
Blueprint plat map for Huston Heights Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Keane Development Corporation
$575.00Keane-Development-CorporationBlueprint-plat-map-for-Huston-Heights-Muscle-Shoals--AlabamaRare unrecorded cyanotype (blueprint) plat map of the Huston Heights development near <b>Muscle Shoals</b>, Alabama which was incorporated in 1923.</b> Inset at upper left is a fine context map of the Tri-cities area of Florence, Sheffield, and Muscle Shoals compiled by T.J. Evans showing the locations of the Huston Heights development. Features the Wilson Dam on the Tennessee River and two nitrate plants. Dated within at February, 1933. <br></br> The plat encompasses an area in Muscles Shoals bounded by and including Ford Highway, Washington Drive, Henry Street and Sheridan Drive. <br></br> <b>Background: </b>After the outbreak of WWI Congress passed the National Defense Act of 1916 which, provided for construction of several new dams and for two nitrate plants. Nitrates, formerly sourced from Chile, were used in explosives and were deemed critical to the war effort. The nitrate plants were to be located in Muscle Shoals with the nearby Wilson Dam (then under construction) to provide power for the plants. The first nitrates were produced from these plants in November of 1918. The war ended before completion of the dam and eventually the Government offered the incomplete Wilson Dam for public sale. Henry Ford (Detroit, Michigan) made an offer to pay for completion of the dams and the nitrate plants in return for a 99-year lease. Ford's vision was to build a city 75 miles wide, employing over 1 million workers. Ford's involvement caused a land boom in the area of Sheffield. Politics ensued, Ford withdrew his offer, and the land boom faded. <br></br> Sources:<br> Kazek, Kelly. "Could Muscle Shoals have been a hub rivaling Detroit? Henry Ford thought so". January 14, 2019.
5493Rare WPA funded pictorial variant map The Coral Isle of Key West.DetailsDornbush, Adrian1935
Public Works of Art Project brochure variant 2nd Edition map Coral Isle of Key West
Dornbush, Adrian
$325.00Dornbush--AdrianPublic-Works-of-Art-Project-brochure-variant-2nd-Edition-map-Coral-Isle-of-Key-WestTwo scarce maps including a rare presumed 2nd. "The Coral Isle of Key West" Florida in a visitor's guide booklet simply titled "Key West" published by the Key West Administration after 1935. The booklet is a product of the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) during the New Deal that was succeeded by the Federal Art Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Public Works of Art Project artists from other parts of the country were brought in and put to work creating paintings, murals or public places, and other projects, such as tourist brochures and postcards." [1] </div><br> <div id="3" align="center"> <a title="Key West Booklet"></a> <img id="3" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_5493/SC_5493_Cover_400x300.jpg" alt="Dornbush pictorial map The Coral Islae of Key West." width="240"/> </div> <br /> Other FERA artists who contributed works to the brochure include Edward Bruce, Richard Sargeant, Avery Johnson, Klir Beck, and Richard Jansen.<br> </br> The brochure includes a fine 9" x 6" pictorial map of Key West, Florida: "The Coral Isle of Key West" by artist Adrian Dornbush, 1935. Second edition. This map is most interesting in that it is an <b>unrecorded substantial revision of Dornbush's original map of Key West.</b> This edition contains numerous changes from the first edition including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul> <li>For the first time, an airport is noted in the location of Meacham Field, now Key West International Airport (EYW)</li> <li>Seaplane ramps at Trumbull Point (labeled "Key West Airways") are replaced with ship docks. </li> <li>Radio towers are now shown located at the island's west side near Duval Street.</li> </ul> </div> The map was engraved on a "miraculous" scale and shows key landmarks such as Duval Street, the lighthouse, the Martello Towers, and the yacht basin. <br></br>
5499Ski trail map or poster of the State of New Hampshire from 1935.DetailsNew Hampshire State Planning and Development Comm1935
Scarce Map or Poster of New Hampshire Ski Trails
New Hampshire State Planning and Development Comm
$365.00New-Hampshire-State-Planning-and-Development-CommScarce-Map-or-Poster-of-New-Hampshire-Ski-TrailsVery scarce original lithographed skiing map / poster for the State of New Hampshire from 1935 when the state was the heart of skiing in the United States. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "New Hampshire was the first place in America to have many things you see now at every ski resort. New Hampshire was the first to have trails cut just for downhill skiing. The Granite State was the first to have overhead wire-rope ski tows and an aerial tramway. Many famous races and styles of racing took place in New Hampshire. Professional ski patrols and ski schools began in New Hampshire. These new ideas, plus ski villages, started a whole new tourism industry." [1] </div> <br> Inset tables of distances between cities, status (active/inactive) of airports during the winter season, and a list of approximately seventy member clubs of the U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Association that included: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Appalachian Mountain Club. Boston, Mass.</li> <li>Dartmouth Outing Club</li> <li>Winnipesaukee Ski Club</li> <li>Woodstock Ski Club</li> <li>Nansen Ski Club</li> <li>Lake Placid Ski Club</li> </ul> </div> A rare record of club and commercial skiing in New Hampshire published by the New Hampshire State Planning and Development Commission in Concord, New Hampshire. Unlike another example of this ski map that we have in stock from a decade later in 1945, this map only lists individual ski trails, organized by region and very few of these trails have mechanical assistance to bring the skier up the mountain, such as tow ropes, chair lifts or trams (the first chairlift was built in New Hampshire. in 1937). <br></br> Verso contains text and statistics describing ski trails across the state. Copyright General Drafting Company, New York, N.Y. <br></br> [1] New Hampshire Ski History. Online. 2016.
5498Ski map or poster of the State of New Hampshire from 1945.DetailsNew Hampshire State Planning and Development Comm1945
Ski Map or Poster for New Hampshire State
New Hampshire State Planning and Development Comm
$275.00New-Hampshire-State-Planning-and-Development-CommSki-Map-or-Poster-for-New-Hampshire-StateDecorative lithographed skiing map / poster of the State of New Hampshire published by the New Hampshire State Planning and Development Commission in 1945. <br></br> This medium-sized thematic pictorial poster of New Hampshire uses an unusual two-part icon design to signify locations in New Hampshire for skiing, snowmobiling (skimobile) and ice skating for these regions: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Monadnock Region</li> <li>White Mountains Region</li> <li>Dartmouth, Lake Sunapee Region</li> <li>Lakes Region</li> <li>Merrimack Region</li> <li>Seacoast Region</li> </ul> </div> The poster shows numerous, mostly small ski-areas, many no longer in operation including:<a href="" target="_blank">Epping Tow</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Nansen Ski Jump (Berlin, N.H.)</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Drumalock Hill / Drummer Hill Tow (Keene, N.H.</a> and many more [1]. </br> Recto contains text and statistics describing ski locations across the State of New Hampshire, organized alphabetically by town within region. <br></br> [1] New Hampshire's lost ski areas. Online. <br></br> [ NH ]
6340Atomic Tunnel, a 1950's Florida roadside attraction near Daytona BeachDetailsJohnson, W.R.1955
Plan of the Atomic Tunnel 1950's attraction near Daytona Beach
Johnson, W.R.
$100.00Johnson--W-R-Plan-of-the-Atomic-Tunnel-1950-s-attraction-near-Daytona-BeachLithographed plan / view of the <i>"World's Most Unusual</i> Atomic Tunnel". A four-panel <strong>Florida roadside-attraction</strong> brochure from the early 1950s. An atomic age wonder! The illustrator is unknown but his interpretation of Happy the Walking Fish is a high point in mid-century illustration with Happy dressed to the nines in bow tie, top hat, and tuxedo and carrying a cane. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> " … it was a long, white concrete building in the shape of a meandering tube, studded with 824 "port holes" (variously shaped small windows) that was designed primarily as a showcase and shop for exotic orchids. It also featured tropical birds, a monkey, and "Happy, the walking fish," a typical Southeast Asian "walking" catfish that could be prodded into flipping its way across a short dry connection from one tank to another." (1) </div> <BR /> <div id="1" align="center"> <a title="Atomic Tunnel"> <img id="TunnelPlan" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6340/SC_6340_Happy_400x300.jpg" alt="Atomic Tunnel" width="240" /> </a> </div> <div id="2" align="center"> <a title="Atomic Tunnel"> <img id="TunnelPlan" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6340/SC_6340_400x300.jpg" alt="Atomic Tunnel" width="300" /> </a> </div> <br /> <u>Verso</u> contains two reverse-profile portraits of "Happy, the Walking Fish" and also two fold-in panels showing a map and plan of the Atomic Tunnel with happy visitors strolling along walkways. The illustrator cleverly uses two different levels of scale on this work, at top a linear representation with mile boards of HWY 1 stretching from Daytona Beach, Florida through Port Orange to the Atomic Tunnel and below on the same page a plan view of the Atomic Tunnel's tunnels, rooms and walkways at a large scale. The <u>recto</u> shows detailed photographs of the rooms including the Fish room, Bird room and Cactus room.
6328Rube Allyn's Fishing Map for Lower Tampa Bay, FloridaDetailsAllyn, Rube1960
Allyn's Fishing Map 2C Lower Tampa Bay
Allyn, Rube
$135.00Allyn--RubeAllyn-s-Fishing-Map-2C-Lower-Tampa-BayOriginal Rube Allyn's Authentic Fishing Map (ca. 1960), for lower Tampa Bay - Manatee River, Florida. Key features include Terra Ceia Bay, Snead Island, McGill Island, Anna Maria Key, Perico Island, Palma Sola Bay, Bradenton Beach, Cortez, the Holmes Yacht Basin and the northern-most point of Sister Key. <br></br> Map # 2C. Ca. 1960.
6329Rube Allyn's Fishing Map for Sarasota Bay, FloridaDetailsAllyn, Rube1960
Allyn's Fishing Map 2E Sarasota Bay
Allyn, Rube
$135.00Allyn--RubeAllyn-s-Fishing-Map-2E-Sarasota-BayOriginal Rube Allyn's Authentic Fishing Map (ca. 1960), for Sarasota Bay, Florida. Key features include Sister Key, Sleepy Lagoon, Dream Island, Buttonwood Harbor, Longboat Key, Sarasota, Ringling Isles and Big Sarasota Pass. <br></br> Map # 2E. Ca. 1960. Copyright Rube Allyn, St. Petersburg, Florida. Lithographed by MacDonald, Tampa.
63451966 pictorial poster map of South Vietnam by Mike Roberts.DetailsRoberts, Mike1966
South Vietnam pictorial map mid-war era
Roberts, Mike
$250.00Roberts--MikeSouth-Vietnam-pictorial-map-mid-war-eraFine pictorial poster-size map of South Vietnam. Created and published during the middle of the Vietnam War (1966) by Mike Roberts Color Productions. Map contains pictorial scenes of everyday life and of Vietnam War era aircraft and ships. Numerous inset photographs with scenes from simple Vietnamese everyday life, all in a format that suggests probable prior use as tourist-oriented postcards. (1) <br></br> Mike Roberts (1905-1989) was known as America's Postcard King. Roberts had a long career in color photography and printing that spanned more than 50 years. He became an important pioneer of Kodachrome postcards in the United States. (2) <br></br> Sources:<br /> (1)<br /> (2) <br></br> [Fine pictorial map of Vietnam.]
6331Pictorial birds-eye view of Sarasota, Florida by Rees.DetailsRees, Jack1988
Large original birds eye view of Sarasota, Florida
Rees, Jack
$225.00Rees--JackLarge-original-birds-eye-view-of-Sarasota--FloridaOriginal pictorial birds-eye view map / poster of Sarasota, Florida. Copyright by Jack Rees (1988). <br></br> Includes Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Indian Beach and much more.
6348Late 20th Century Poster of Key West, Florida.Detailss. w. artz inc.1998
Key West Map Poster with street legend
s. w. artz inc.
$200.00s--w--artz-inc-Key-West-Map-Poster-with-street-legendLate 20th Century Poster of Key West, Florida by s. w. artz, inc. Copyright 1998 by s. w. artz, inc. as "The Complete Map and Legend of Key West." Map with an inset legend of street names. <br></br> Key locations include:<br /> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Wisteria Island</li> <li>Christmas Tree Island</li> <li>Fleming Key</li> <li>Thompson Island</li> <li>Fort Zachary Taylor State Park</li> <li>Mallory Square</li> <li>Simonton Beach</li> </ul> </div>
6327Limited edition poster for Key West, Florida by Garry Trudeau.DetailsTrudeau, Garry B.2005
Signed Key West poster by cartoonist Garry Trudeau
Trudeau, Garry B.
$355.00Trudeau--Garry-B-Signed-Key-West-poster-by-cartoonist-Garry-TrudeauRare limited edition poster by Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau (1948 - ) promoting the 23rd Annual Key West Literary Seminar, Humor: January 6 - 16, 2005. Number 58 of 100 issued. Signed and numbered by Trudeau. <br></br> In 1975 Garry Trudeau became the first comic strip artist to win a Pulitzer Prize, an honor usually awarded to editorial page cartoonists.