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5439Rare chart of the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica.DetailsDampier, Wllliam1704
Rare chart of the Gulf of Nicoya Costa Rica
Dampier, Wllliam
$275.00Dampier--WllliamRare-chart-of-the-Gulf-of-Nicoya-Costa-RicaRare chart from 1704 of the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica from an account of his "Voyage Round the World" by William Dampier (1651 - 1715). <br></br> The Gulf of Nicoya lies on the west coast of Costa Rica, about 50 miles from San Juan, the capital city.
5448Chart of Pass Fourchon, Louisiana at the mouth of Bayou Lafourche.DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1854
Antique chart of Pass Fourchon Lafourche Parish Louisiana
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$200.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyAntique-chart-of-Pass-Fourchon-Lafourche-Parish-LouisianaAntique lithographed chart of Pass Fourchon, Louisiana, at the mouth of Bayou Lafourche [1] where it entered the Gulf of Mexico in 1854. Shows Bird Island at bottom left and Lake Champagne to the right, today after erosion, no longer inland- called Bay Champagne. The pass shown on the chart no longer exists, it is closed and maritime traffic utilizes Belle Pass which lies to the west of the Pass Fourchon. The old Pass Fourchon channel is used to access Port Fourchon. <br></br> Port Fourchon is located about 60 miles SSW of New Orleans, Louisiana. The port is the marine support base for more than 90% of the Gulf of Mexico's deep-water oil production. <br></br> Drawn by F.W. Gerdes. Engineered by Bartle and Bradley. Lithographed by Bien and Sterner, New York. <br></br> [1] In 1854 Bayou Lafourche was an active distributary of the Mississippi River. Bayou Lafourche has not been navigable from the Mississippi River since 1905 when a dam was built at Donaldsonville, La. but prior to that time the portion of the Bayou north of the ICWW served as an important commercial artery to New Orleans and other points on the Mississippi River. <br></br> <div> <img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_993/SC_993_400x300.jpg" alt="" width="300" align="bottom" style="margin: 0px 10px 10px 0"/> <span style="vertical-align: middle;"> <br> <a href="" target="_blank">Steamboat Bill of Lading for Valence Plantation on Bayou Lafourche</a> </span> </div>
5451Rare plan of the entrance to Mobile Bay, Alabama from 1896.DetailsSayer, Robert and Bennett, John1896
Antique Chart of the Entrance to Mobile Bay, Alabama 1788 [1896]
Sayer, Robert and Bennett, John
5440Scarce thematic immigration map of the state of Texas.DetailsLone Star Immigration Company1908
Original antique advertisement map for Texas immigrants MKT
Lone Star Immigration Company
$350.00Lone-Star-Immigration-CompanyOriginal-antique-advertisement-map-for-Texas-immigrants-MKTScarce thematic map of the state of Texas ca. 1908, an advertisement aimed at immigrants. No copy of this edition of the MK &T map of Texas is found online. <br></br> The map shows the lines of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway as well as regional crops typically produced in each part of the state and yearly rainfall amounts. The purpose of the map was to encourage settlement in Texas, in this case to lands in the Lower Rio Grande Valley near Brownsville that were owned by the Lone Star Irrigation Company of Kansas City, Missouri. <br></br> The Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway (MKT) was established in 1865. Commonly referred to as the K-T railway, the name evolved into "Katy". Following the route of an old cattle trail, the Katy became the first railroad to cross Indian Territory, now the state of Oklahoma, and enter Texas from the north. By 1904, the MKT system had over 1,110 miles of track in Texas. The railroad carried passengers and transported cattle, cotton, and other crops to market.
5431Plat map of Sea Girt, New Jersey in Monmouth County.DetailsOsborn, Frank1909
Plat sales map of Sea Girt New Jersey Atlantic Ocean
Osborn, Frank
$125.00Osborn--FrankPlat-sales-map-of-Sea-Girt-New-Jersey-Atlantic-OceanOriginal lithographed plat map of Sea Girt, New Jersey in Monmouth County by Frank Osborn. The maps reflects sales of residential lots as early as 1909 but the Borough of Sea Girt was formed by an act of the New Jersey Legislature later, in March, 1917. <br></br> The features depicted on the map include the state military encampment including a "Governor's Cottage"; Crescent Park, Edgemere Park, Sea Girt Inlet and the Sea Girt Station- apparently used by several railroads including the New York and Long Branch Railroad. Also shows the route for a trolley line snaking through the settlement to other N.J. communities including Spring Lake, Belmar, Ocean Grove, and Asbury Park. <br></br> Title includes the name of the real estate agent selling the property: E.V. Patterson Jr. on Washington Boulevard in Sea Girt NJ. Interestingly, the map does not show the Sea Girt Lighthouse which has occupied a corner at Ocean Avenue and Beacon Boulevard since 1896. <br></br> North is oriented to the upper right.
5437Coal freight rate map of the United States from 1911.DetailsDurham Iron and Coal Company1911
Unrecorded blueprint railroad freight map southeast United States
Durham Iron and Coal Company
$315.00Durham-Iron-and-Coal-CompanyUnrecorded-blueprint-railroad-freight-map-southeast-United-StatesVery large unrecorded cyanotype (blueprint) map, a decision maker's document, showing the railroad network and rates for freight on bituminous coal shipments across the southeastern USA. The map from 1911, by the Durham Iron and Coal Company, has been marked up in manuscript to show the rail lines for several railroad companies in six groups: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"><ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Seaboard Airline Railway</li> <li>Atlantic Coastline Railroad</li> <li>Southern and M. O. </li> <li>Louisville and Nashville; Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railroad; W and A </li> <li>Queen and Crescent; A.G.S. N.O. N. E. </li> <li>Illinois Central, Central of Georgia</li> </ul> </div>
5443Chart of Key West Harbor and Approaches, Florida from 1914.DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1914
Scarce antique chart of Key West Harbor and Approaches
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$640.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyScarce-antique-chart-of-Key-West-Harbor-and-ApproachesA scarce 107 year-old chart of Key West Harbor and its approaches in Florida. A nice example, scarce to find with process color from this era. <br></br> Published by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1914, the chart shows Whitehead spit, east and west Martello Tower, Raccoon Key, and Stock Island. Coverage extends to the west as far as Boca Grande Key. Chart # 584. Price when issued was 50 cents.
5445Nautical chart of the Potomac River by the British Admiralty.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1919
Chart of the Chesapeake River 1872 1919
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$700.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeChart-of-the-Chesapeake-River-1872-1919Nautical chart of the Potomac River by the British Admiralty after earlier charts by the U.S. Coast Survey. Displayed as 3 charts on a single sheet. Upper left chart contains Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia. Aids to navigation are highlighted in orange. <br></br> Published July 1, 1872 under the Superintendence of Rear Admiral Richards. London. Numerous large and small corrections are recorded with the last corrections in 1919. Chart number 2857.
5444Nautical chart of the St. Johns River, Florida near Hibernia.DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1920
Chart of the St. Johns River in Florida From Hibernia to Racy Point 1900 1920
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$750.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyChart-of-the-St--Johns-River-in-Florida-From-Hibernia-to-Racy-Point-1900-1920Nautical chart of a section of the St. Johns River Florida from Hibernia southward to Racy Point. Hibernia, Florida lies about 22 miles southwest of downtown Jacksonville, on the western side of the St. Johns River, off US 17. Racy Point lies on the east bank of the St. John's River about four miles northwest of Hastings, Florida and 12 miles from Palatka. <br></br> Published by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey October, 1900. Reissued December, 1916. Last corrections April, 1920. Chart # 455c. Price when issued was 40 cents.
5427University Pool oilfield in Pecos County, Texas ca. 1929.DetailsAnonymous1929
Map of the University Pool oilfield in Pecos County, Texas
$250.00AnonymousMap-of-the-University-Pool-oilfield-in-Pecos-County--TexasLarge anonymous oilfield cadastral map of the University Pool oilfield in Pecos County, Texas ca. 1929. An unintentional found work of abstract art- a 38" x 30" blueline map with hand color of leased tracts by pencil with similar ownership designated by coloring. <br></br> Across the center of entire map are simply the words: <strong>"State University Land."</strong> <br></br> Numerous lessees are noted on the map with many large and small oil companies including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Tower & McKanna</li> <li>Dixie</li> <li>Shell</li> <li>Humble</li> <li>Tidal</li> <li>Transcontinental</li> <li>Tay-Link</li> <li>California</li> <li>W.R. Jones</li> </ul> </div>Large manuscript crayon filing notation on the verso reads "Rowan-Tong Area, Pecos County."
5430Blueprint map of the railroad network in New Orleans, LA in 1938.DetailsAnonymous1938
Detailed map Railroads Interchanges, and Terminals New Orleans Louisiana
$400.00AnonymousDetailed-map-Railroads-Interchanges--and-Terminals-New-Orleans-LouisianaOriginal unrecorded blueprint (cyanotype) map of the railroad network in New Orleans in 1938. At a high level, the map shows the ownership and location of railroad tracks, interconnections (Interchanges) between railroad lines, and input/output points to the rail system (Terminals). Includes parts of the West Bank communities of Avondale, Westwego, Marrero, Harvey, Gretna, and Algiers. Also clearly shows the Industrial Canal (opened 1923) [1] and the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, then the Shushan Airport (opened 1934). <br></br> Shows the West End (remember Brunings? Fitzgerald's?) and the <strong> New Basin Canal</strong>, now long filled. <br></br> For many years New Orleans was a key seaport. Its location allowed access to large ships (cutting edge technology at that time) from across the world and provided a water route into the heart of the United States that favored movement of bulk goods and people. <br></br> At extreme upper left is a numerical index to key streets and locations in New Orleans (e.g. Julia Street, N.O. Cooperative Butchers Abattoir, and the Cotton Warehouse and Elevator). Below that is an index to the location of railroad interchanges and to support locations for railroad logistics operations: Engine Houses, Train Yards, Freight Depots, and Passenger Depots. <br></br> [1] More correctly known as the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC). The IHNC connects the Mississippi River with Lake Ponchartrain.
5422Old Prospector's gold mining map of California by Jack Douglas 1948.DetailsDouglas, Jack1948
Rare blueprint prospectors map of California gold lodes
Douglas, Jack
$550.00Douglas--JackRare-blueprint-prospectors-map-of-California-gold-lodesVery rare cyanotype (blueprint) self-published gold mining map of California by Jack Douglas (d. 1956)- "The Old Prospector's Lode Map of California." At a scale of one inch = 32 miles the map shows areas in California known to have produced gold, shown as shaded areas. <br></br> The map includes crude decorative images of gold panning equipment and of an old prospector at work. At bottom left a list of other gold lode district maps for sale at $1.00 each includes Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. These could be purchased along with blueprint assembly instructions for mining equipment by Jack Douglas at Box 21, Dutch Flat, California. <br></br> No holdings found in WorldCat and no mention of the map is found online. <br></br> Text at right discusses gold mining in several California mining districts. Verso is blank. Map no. 153. <br></br> Jack Douglas was the founder of the United Prospectors Organization (1947), originally targeted at professionals who made their livelihood by prospecting and mining. Douglas published a journal- Panning Gold- the first issue of which was issued in 1947. United Prospector's was incorporated on November 29, 1949 with Jack Douglas as President. Other officers at the time of incorporation included Walter Robertson, Stockton, CA; Tylar Jack, Reedy, CA; Speed Freeman, Olympia Field, IL; Louis Borde, Eugene, OR; Harold Mitchell, Umatilla, OR; and Glen Houston, Lodi, CA. Today UPI is "the oldest gold, gems, and minerals prospecting group of its kind." <br></br> <div> <img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_5422/Doodle_Bug.jpg" alt="" width="200" align="left" style="margin: 0px 10px"/> <span style="vertical-align: middle;"> Note: Price includes an additional rare blueprint (shown here) for Jack Douglas' "Doodle Bug" wet concentrator. Copyright 1944. </span> </div> <br></br>
5433Chart of Rothesay Sound and the Firth of Clyde, ScotlandDetailsAnonymous1950
Map of Rothesay Sound with watercolor side-wheel steamer.
$160.00AnonymousMap-of-Rothesay-Sound-with-watercolor-side-wheel-steamer-Attractive, offset lithographed chart of Rothesay Sound and the Firth of Clyde, Scotland decorated with a small manuscript watercolor of a side-wheel steamboat. The chart is undated but probably 20th century after an earlier chart. Aids to navigation are highlighted in red and yellow. <br></br> The steamboat is unnamed but probably the <strong>Duchess of Fife</strong>, built and launched by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in May 1903. The Duchess of Fife was owned by the Caledonian Steam Packet Company and except for use during WWI and WWII, spent her career serving passenger routes in the Firth of Clyde. <br></br> Anonymous but initials "E.S." at bottom right corner.
5434A counterculture map of the United States based on cultural distance.DetailsCrabb, Earl and Shubb, Rick1970
Counterculture Cartography Humbead's Revised Map of the World
Crabb, Earl and Shubb, Rick
$285.00Crabb--Earl-and-Shubb--RickCounterculture-Cartography-Humbead-s-Revised-Map-of-the-WorldOriginal 1970 third-edition offset-lithograph counter-culture map of the "world". The first edition of Humbead's Revised Map of the World was created in 1968 based on a concept by Earl Crabb and drawn by artist Rick Shubb. Two subsequent editions were released. <br></br> Copyright 1970 by The Great Humbead.
5438Map of worldwide catches of sperm and baleen whales in 1970.DetailsFAO United Nations1970
Map of the world distribution of sperm and baleen whale catches
FAO United Nations
$200.00FAO-United-NationsMap-of-the-world-distribution-of-sperm-and-baleen-whale-catchesScarce map of the number of catches of sperm whales and of baleen whales worldwide. From the "Atlas of the living resources of the seas" a publication of the Department of Fisheries for the <strong>Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations [1]</strong>. <br><br> Updating Maury one hundred years earlier, the color of whale pictographs are used to represent whale species. Location, and catch quantity also are represented on this chart of the world. Maury's chart reported whale sightings for sperm, baleen, and right whales, while this chart displays data on actual catches only of sperm and baleen whales. <br></br> [1] Online. Atlas of the living resources of the ses. United Nations FAO. <br></br> (Atlas des resources biologiques des mers; Atlas de los recursos vivos del mar)
5432Map of Koheroa Ridges during the Maori War of 1860 - 1861.DetailsGamble, D.J.1973
Map of Action on Koheroa Ridges Maori War New Zealand
Gamble, D.J.
$65.00Gamble--D-J-Map-of-Action-on-Koheroa-Ridges-Maori-War-New-ZealandMap related to the New Zealand Wars. In response to Maori attacks on local settlers on the 12th of July 1863, Lieutenant-General Cameron and 400 soldiers occupied the high ground on the Koheroa Range in order to control navigation along the Waikato River. The map shows the location of Maori entrenchments, British field works, the track along the narrow ridge tops, and the site of battle on July 17, 1863. <br></br> An illustration from <strong>Bush Fighting: Illustrated by Remarkable Actions and Incidents of the Maori War in New Zealand</strong> by Major-General Sir James Edward Alexander. <br></br> Published by SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON, LOW AND SEARLE.: London. 1873. Lithographed by Edward Weller, Red Lion Square. Verso is blank.
5428Poster for 1978 Marijuana Trail.DetailsAnonymous1978
Map of the 1978 Marijuana Trail
$325.00AnonymousMap-of-the-1978-Marijuana-TrailScarce Hippie / Yippie cannabis-related map or a 70's Hippie poster with cartographic interest. An uncommon original pictorial map from 1976 showing gatherings "The Marijuana Trail" planned across the continental United States during the Spring and Summer of 1978. <br></br> Interesting iconography used that adapts existing regional stereotypes to a counter-culture cannabis-infused outlook: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>San Francisco- A drunk, be-wigged barrister and a bell-bottom mod smoker.</li> <li>Ashland, Oregon- Bigfoot getting high</li> <li>Grand Junction, Colo. Naked hippies with smokie the bear.</li> <li>Atlanta- Southern gentleman and a banjo-playing hillbilly.</li> <li>Montreal - a frog, cow, and lumberjack- all smoking</li> </ul> </div> Near Kent, Ohio three citizens are shown holding large signs: REMEMBER | KENT | STATE <br></br> For many of the gatherings the provided activity and schedule information could have made this map a fine planning calendar. From A Yipster Times publication.
5426Cannabis-related poster promoting the White House Smoke-in 1982.DetailsFranzen, Dana1982
Poster Ron and Nancy Reagan White House SmokeIn 1982
Franzen, Dana
$295.00Franzen--DanaPoster-Ron-and-Nancy--Reagan-White-House-SmokeIn-1982Original, cannabis-related protest poster promoting the White House Smoke-In '82 Washington, D.C. July 2 - 5. Promising free pot, the poster features President Ron Reagan sporting a huge smoldering doob while standing next to an elegant Nancy Reagan, both garlanded with green cannabis leaves. Above that ironic scene, on an arched semicircle, the text reads: <strong>"Pot is an herb. Reagan is a dope." </strong> <br></br> Created by Dana Franzen, a frequent contributor to the magazine's centerfold posters.. <br></br> Offset-lithograph on better-quality newsprint. Measuring 25" on the diagonal this is an original poster from a 1982 issue of A Yipster Times Publication.
5417World Cannabis March on the U.N. poster from 1983.DetailsYouth International Party Information Service1983
Fine 1983 World Cannabis March on the U.N. Poster
Youth International Party Information Service
$265.00Youth-International-Party-Information-ServiceFine-1983-World-Cannabis-March-on-the-U-N--PosterOriginal, scarce, World Cannabis March on the U.N. poster on good-quality newsprint from a Yipster underground newspaper. The "World Cannabis March", sponsored by the 5th Avenue Pot Parade Coalition, featured speakers, a holistic massage workshop, and reggae music. <br></br> Purpose was to advertise a protest parade in New York City against the Reagan Administration's policies on cannabis. Reagan's policies diverted funds from the enforcement of hard drug laws to enforcement of the marijuana statutes, considered by many at the time to be a less harmful "soft" drug. <br></br> The march was scheduled to start at 11 A.M. May 7, 1983 at Washington Square Park in New York City.
5429Pictorial map of Duck, North Carolina from 1983 by M. Price.DetailsPrice, Matthew1983
Historical Map of Duck and Beyond
Price, Matthew
$155.00Price--MatthewHistorical-Map-of-Duck-and-BeyondPictorial map of Currituck Sound, the Atlantic Ocean and the Outer Banks in the vicinity of Duck, Dare County, North Carolina. Created by Matthew Price in 1983. <br></br> This "Historical Map of Duck and Beyond" is decorated with scenes typical to the area near Duck, North Carolina (past and present): crabs, whales, wild flowers, shipwrecks, and ducks. <br></br> Price shows the street network and notes many points of interest on that narrow strip of land in the Outer Banks including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Old Navy bombing range (no bombing allowed during hunting season).</li> <li>Powder Ridge Gun Club</li> <li>Caffey's inlet station</li> <li>Maurice and Bea's Decoy Shops</li> <li>Home and duck shop of "Pop" Scarborough</li> <li>Ocean Beach campground</li> <li>Duck Woods Golf Course</li> <li>Old site of Martin's Point Club</li> <li>Carolina Dunes</li> </ul> </div>
5418World Cannabis March on the U.N. poster from May, 1984 by Franzen.DetailsFranzen, Dana1984
Fine 1984 World Cannabis March on the U.N. Poster
Franzen, Dana
$335.00Franzen--DanaFine-1984-World-Cannabis-March-on-the-U-N--PosterOriginal, scarce and very colorful poster "World Cannabis March on the U.N." from 1984 on heavier and higher-quality newsprint by the 5th Avenue Pot Parade Coalition. Designed by Dana Franzen for A Yipster Times Publication. The poster was a center-fold insert. <br></br> Purpose was to advertise a protest parade in New York City against the Reagan Administration's policies on cannabis. The march was to start at 11 A.M. May 5, 1984 at Washington Square Park. <br></br> Verso with a black and white poster for "Rock Against Racism."
5424A 1984 protest poster with Ronald Reagan and the Texas-State shape.DetailsSwartzbeck, Mike1984
Iconic Yipster Poster Texas State Reagan Mechanical Bull
Swartzbeck, Mike
$200.00Swartzbeck--MikeIconic-Yipster-Poster-Texas-State-Reagan-Mechanical-BullFine mid-80's original protest-rally poster, an iconic offset-lithographed artifact from the waning days of the Hippy sub-culture. A broadsheet for the more liberal segment of the Baby Boomer cohort, with a Texas accent. <br></br> Ronald Reagan is depicted astride a missile-shaped quarter-a-ride mechanical bull emblazoned with the atom symbol, with all set before the shape of the State of Texas, in blazing yellow. Text at the right lays out the rally schedule in Dallas, Texas at the Republican Party Convention from August 11 to August 24, 1984. Activities included a Peace Vigil, religious services, voter registration, and a Rally Against Reagan's Diversion of Dollars from Hard to Soft Drugs. Created by Mike Swartzbeck and apparently paid for by the North American Greens Party, P.O. 392, Canal Street Station, New York City. <br></br> Activities planned for Wednesday, August 22 were: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Morning: Toxic Waste Redeployment</li> <li>Evening: blockade Convention</li> </ul> </div> Title: "Don't Let Reagan take you For a Ride. Rally and Blockade Dallas G.O.P. Convention, Aug. 11 - 24 [1984]."
5435Very rare thematic world map of LSD historic sites from 1993.DetailsHorowitz, Reemes and Harrison1993
Rare Map of Historic Sites of LSD Discovery, Research, and Culture
Horowitz, Reemes and Harrison
$550.00Horowitz--Reemes-and-HarrisonRare-Map-of-Historic-Sites-of-LSD-Discovery--Research--and-CultureVery scarce original thematic world map of LSD historic sites published in 1993 on the 50th anniversary of the first use of the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Contains information relative to the discovery, usage and culture of LSD (and other drugs) for approximately forty locations spread across the world. For example:</br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li><strong>SAN FRANCISCO: </strong>The Hippie-Xanadu (Haight-Asbury 1966-1970), Owsley tabs, windowpane, blotter acid, First Human Be-in (Jan. 1967), Fillmore and Avalon psychedelic dance concerts, poster art, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother, Quicksilver, Blue Cheer, Ludlow Library, 1978-1980 Ecstasy, rave scene, early 1990's.</li> <li><strong>BERKELEY: </strong>Telegraph Ave., counterculture scene, Psychedelic Venus Church, The Barb, The Tribe, A. Shulgin's research lab. Home mushroom cultivation started.</li> <li><strong>VANCOUVER: </strong>Captain Al Hubbard manages Hollywood Hospital for LSD therapy, late 1950s-60s.</li> <li><strong>CUERNAVACA: </strong> Site of Leary's first psychedelic trip.</li> <li><strong>COPENHAGEN: </strong>Joint lecture of Huxley and Leary, 1961.</li> <li><strong>SIBERIA: </strong>Ancient shamanic use of Amanita muscaria. Tree/mushroom/reindeer triad.</li> <li><strong>NORFOLK ISLANDS: </strong>Hallucinogenic fish reported, 1960.</li> </ul> </div> At the bottom of the map is a large canoe populated with human and animal passengers drawn in the style of ancient Mayan art. The map is surrounded by a wild assortment of icons, totems, pure decorative elements and drawings relative to psychedelic drugs and the psychedelic experience. Small scroll at the top center identifies the work as "Psychedelica cartographia." Copyright 1978, 1993 by Michael Horowitz, Dana Reemes, and Kathleen Harrison. Lysergic World. Published by L-World, 40 Fourth Street, Suite 260 Petaluma, CA. 1993.