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4946Report of the United States Light-house BoardDetailsLighthouse Board of the United States 
Report of the United States Light-house Board. 1901.
Lighthouse Board of the United States
$675.00Lighthouse-Board-of-the-United-StatesReport-of-the-United-States-Light-house-Board--1901-Annual report of the United States Light-house Board for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1901. <br></br> Contents include: <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Index chart of all lighthouse districts.</li> <li>Seventeen colored folding charts of individual lighthouse districts.</li> <li>Eleven black and white plates.</li> </ul> </div> Washington. Government Printing Office. Treasury Department. Document No. 2228. Office of Lighthouse Board.
4942View of the Globe Celeste of Vincenzo Maria Coronelli.DetailsCoronelli, Vincenzo1689
Globe Celeste
Coronelli, Vincenzo
$650.00Coronelli--VincenzoGlobe-CelesteA copper-plate engraved view of the Globe Celeste of Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650-1718), considered as one of Italy's most famous and greatest cartographers. Coronelli was an Italian Franciscan friar, cartographer, cosmographer and encyclopedist, a trained wood engraver who studied astronomy, Euclidean geometry and ancient philosophy and was named cosmographer for the Republic of Venice. <br></br> Coronelli became most famous for his very large globes built in Paris from 1681-1683 at the order of King Louis XIV. His terrestrial and celestial globes measured 3.9 meters in diameter and were not equaled for more than 200 years. <br></br> The print, dated within at 1689, celebrates the consecration of the Celestial Globe in 1683 by Cardinal Destrees. Scarce. Only two sales recorded in the AMPR.
4952Antique chart by Cutler and Halley of the Atlantic Ocean.DetailsCutler and Halley1728
Halleys chart Atlantick Ocean on a Globular Projection
Cutler and Halley
$600.00Cutler-and-HalleyHalleys-chart-Atlantick-Ocean-on-a-Globular-ProjectionScarce antique chart on a <b>globular projection</b> by scientists <b>Nathaniel Cutler and Edmund Halley</b> (the latter the discoverer of Halley's comet). Shows the western coastline of Europe with a broad expanse of the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Includes North America, East Mexico, the Caribbean Islands (Cuba, Hispaniola, Martinique, Antigua and more), and the East Coast of Europe and of Africa. Greatly exaggerates the length of the Saint John's River in Florida. <br></br> From "Atlas Maritimus & Commercialis, or a General View of the World, so Far as Relates to Trade and Navigation …". The sea atlas "Atlas Maritimus" was a collaborative effort of a number of the leading cartographic and scientific names of the era, including English astronomer Sir Edmund Halley, John Senex, Nathaniel Cutler, and Daniel Defoe. The atlas was developed by publishers Senex and Harris to compete with Mount & Page’s English Pilot. Published from London: James and John Knapton et al.
4973 Antique port/harbor plan or chart of Portoferraio, Italy .DetailsAyrouard, Jacques1746
Antique plan of Portoferraio Porto Ferraro Italy
Ayrouard, Jacques
$425.00Ayrouard--JacquesAntique-plan-of-Portoferraio-Porto-Ferraro-ItalyFine copper-plate engraved 1746 antique port/harbor plan or chart of Porto Ferraro (Portoferraio), Italy by Jacques Ayrouard. Portoferraio is the largest city on the island of Elba, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 30 miles east of Corsica. <br></br> In the chart's attribution Ayrouard is described as "Pilot Real" or pilot of la Reale, the flagship of the French galley corps with a total complement of about 550 including 360 oarsmen and 100 soldiers. In their <i>Dictionnaire de la Marine</i> from 1702 Covens and Mortier explain: <div class="indenttextblock">"(Réale) is the name of the main galley of an independent kingdom, not of a tributary kingdom annexed to a greater one. The Réale, in France, is reserved for the general of the galleys and flies the royal ensign which distinguishes it from the others. This ensign is square in shape and red in colour, with golden fleurs-de-lys." <a href="" target="_blank"> (Internet)</a> </div> Ayrouard was likely one of the last such pilots as the French Corps des Galeres was disbanded in 1748 and incorporated into the regular French sailing navy. Engraved by Louis Corne.
4958Antique sea chart of the Yucatan Peninsula to western Cuba.DetailsJefferys, Thomas1775
Jefferys Antique Chart of the Yucatan Peninsula
Jefferys, Thomas
$650.00Jefferys--ThomasJefferys-Antique-Chart-of-the-Yucatan-PeninsulaWell-worn, decorative antique sea chart covering from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to western Cuba, including Merida, Valladolid, Loggerhead Key, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, etc. By English cartographer Thomas Jefferys. A fleet of galleons is shown on a plotted track labeled: "Gallions Track from Cartagena", while two ships head west along a plotted track labeled: "Track from Cape Catoche to Campeche." To round out the cast of characters a third ship, apparently a privateer, exits a shorter track between two rocky areas. That track is noted as the "Passage del Corsario" (A corsair was a privateer, or pirate acting with the explicit backing of a foreign government). <br></br> From Sayer's and Bennett's atlas titled: The West-India Atlas: or, a compendious description of the West-Indies: illustrated with forty one correct charts and maps, taken from actual surveys." <br></br> Publishers attribution reads: "London. Printed for Rob.t Sayer, Map and Print seller. No 53 Fleet Street as the Act directs 20th Feb.y 1775.
4963Spanish antique nautical sea chart of Cadiz, SpainDetailsTofino de San Miguel1789
Antique Map of Cadiz Spain and Cape Trafalgar
Tofino de San Miguel
$1,350.00Tofino-de-San-MiguelAntique-Map-of-Cadiz-Spain-and-Cape-TrafalgarFinely engraved and printed scarce original Spanish antique nautical chart of Cadiz, Spain and environs from Captain Vincente Tofiño de San Miguel y Van der Walle (1732-1795), Director of the Spanish Naval Academy in Cadiz. Manuscript pencil notations in English below the title cartouche suggest use aboard an English-speaking vessel. <br></br> This old sea chart of Cadiz, Spain to Cape Trafalgar was one of 47 charts published in 1789 as part of the first scientific Spanish sea atlas: 'Atlas Maritimo de España' (Maritime Atlas of Spain) by the Dirección de Hidrografía, Spain's equivalent to the U.S. Coast Survey. Prior to the late 18th century Spain jealously guarded nautical maps and charts of its possessions, especially so for its overseas colonies. <br></br> Drawn by Bauza. Grabado en Madrid por Joaquin Ballester.
4940French manuscript chart of the island of Diego Garcia.DetailsAnonymous1809
Manuscript chart of the island of Diego Garcia
$1,375.00AnonymousManuscript-chart-of-the-island-of-Diego-GarciaFrench manuscript chart of the island of Diego Garcia. Diego Garcia, a coral atoll, is the largest and southernmost member of the Chagos Archipelago, in the central Indian Ocean. <br/><br/> Dated on or near May 2, 1809 when the French Governor of Mauritius Decaen granted rights over the island to Cayeux, the Didier brothers, and Lapotaire. Lapotaire was reported to have over 100 slaves working his copra plantation in 1809. The map clearly shows those three land holdings, with Didier at the southern end of the island. (Cawley, Charles. Colonies in Conflict: The History of the British Overseas Territories. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2015.) <br/></br/> "Portuguese explorers discovered Diego Garcia in the early 1500s. The islands remained uninhabited until the 18th century when the French established coconut and copra plantations with the help of slave labor. Diego Garcia became a possession of the United Kingdom after the Napoleonic wars, and from 1814 to 1965, it was a dependency of Mauritius." (Source:
4956Scarce map of the Harbor at Stornaway on the Island of Lewis,DetailsWood, John1821
Rare Plan of the Town and Harbour of Stornaway Lewis Island
Wood, John
$1,999.39Wood--JohnRare-Plan-of-the-Town-and-Harbour-of-Stornaway-Lewis-IslandVery scarce antique map of the Harbor at Stornaway on the Island of Lewis, part of the Outer Hebrides Islands of Scotland. An exceptional finely-engraved example of an early 19th century harbor map. By John Woods from his Town Atlas to accompany his "Descriptive Account of the Principal Towns of Scotland…" <br></br> With a decorative smaller-scale inset Plan of the Town and Harbor of Stornaway and Projected Improvements. Notable features of the inset plan include Seaforth Lodge, Gallow Hill, Anish, Sandwich Bay, Big Rock, and Sandwich Hill. <br></br> Wood described Stornaway as <div class="indenttextblocksingle">"a considerable thriving town in the Island of Lewis, in the Parish of that name and shire of Ross. The old part of the Town is situated at the head of the Loch of Stornaway, on a point or ness of land jutting into it; the newer parts of the Town stretch to the north and south of this point, along the margins of the Loch." (ibid pp. 545-547).</div>
4943The earliest chart published by the Coast Survey: Bridgeport, Conn.DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1835
First chart issued Coast Survey Bridgeport, Conn.
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$575.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyFirst-chart-issued-Coast-Survey-Bridgeport--Conn-This "Extract from the U.S. Coast Survey... Bridgeport, Conn." is the earliest chart issued by the United States Coast Survey. In 1835 the Coast Survey had not fully hit its stride and did not possess printing equipment. This chart was not published in-house but was sent out for printing as noted: Lithographed by P. Haas. <br></br> Two other charts are notable as early Coast Survey charts printed outside the government. Charts of New Haven Harbor (1838) and Newark Bay (1839) all distinguished from later printings by the presence of the word "Extract" in the map's title. <br></br> It was not until 1844 / 1845 that the Coast Survey printed a chart on their own, that of New York Harbor, in six sheets measuring 63" x 64". (Burroughs, Charles A. Hassler's First Chart. 1987. )
4953The earliest chart published by the Coast Survey of New Haven.DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1838
First chart issued Coast Survey New Haven Harbour
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$425.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyFirst-chart-issued-Coast-Survey-New-Haven-HarbourThis "Extract from the U.S. Coast Survey New Haven Harbour" Connecticut is one of the three earliest charts published by the United States Coast Survey. No sale of this chart is recorded in the AMPR. <br></br> Taken from a Letter from the Secretary of Treasury transmitting a map of New Haven and its harbor in the state of Connecticut. Doc 25th Congress. 1839.
4959Rare "bottle chart" of the Atlantic Ocean by A.B. Becher.DetailsBecher, Alexander Bridport1843
Rare Drift Bottle Chart of the Atlantic Ocean
Becher, Alexander Bridport
$600.00Becher--Alexander-BridportRare-Drift-Bottle-Chart-of-the-Atlantic-OceanRare. Little-known, engraved "bottle chart" of the Atlantic Ocean by A.B. Becher (1796-1876), a Commander in England's Royal Navy. After graduation from the Royal Naval College, Becher began a long career that included several assignments related to hydrographic surveying including Canada, the Azores, Africa, and the Cape Verde Islands. <br></br> No sales of the "bottle chart" recorded in AMPR. No other similar chart is found for sale online. Only two institutional holdings are confirmed. <br></br> In 1843 Becher published this chart in the Nautical Magazine, showing the courses followed by floating bottles where there was information available about the location the bottle was thrown into the sea and where it was found. With his bottle chart Becher included a table with data about the bottle such as the name of the ship, latitude and longitude, the dates the bottle was cast away and found, etc. The data were derived from published records of bottle discoveries that Becher had systematically recorded and published in the Nautical Magazine over the course of 40 years. Those data and associated lettters to the editor and comments became known as the "Bottle Papers." <br></br> Published by the Proprietors of the Nautical Magazine Feb 1, 1843. Engraved by J and C Walker. Becher was founder and editor of the Nautical Magazine from 1832 - 1871. <br></br> Becher also authored "The Storm Compass or Seaman's Hurricane Companion", a booklet for the mariner explaining hurricanes with an emphasis on best practices to predict and avoid hurricanes.
4969Scarce Admiralty chart of the East coast of China.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1849
Antique Admiralty Chart Eastern China Chelang To Chauan
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$575.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-Admiralty-Chart-Eastern-China-Chelang-To-ChauanAntique nautical chart of China coast. First edition of a scarce Admiralty nautical chart of the East coast of China. <b>"Sheet III - Eastern Coast from Chelang Pt. To Chauan Bay"</b> . <br></br> Includes an area north of Hong Kong from Jieshi Bay ( "Hie-Che-Chin Bay" ) trending northeast past Nan'ao ( "Namoa" ) Island to Zhao'an Bay ( "Chauan Bay" ). In 2007, off the coast of Nan'ao island local fishermen discovered a shipwreck, Nan'ao One, considered to be the first late Ming dynasty ship ever found; likely the only one from the reign of Emperor Wanli (1573–1620) that China has discovered. <br></br> Manuscript pencil and ink course plot lines and position plots. Published September 12, 1849 by the Hydrographic Agency of the British Admiralty. Number 1963. Four detailed inset port/harbor plans: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Chino Bay</li> <li>Cupchi Point</li> <li>Cape of Good Hope</li> <li>Hai Mun</li> </ul> </div> Based on a survey conducted by Royal Navy Captain R. Collinson in 1845. Published by the Admiralty September 12, 1849. Engraved by J & C Walker. Chart #1963.
4948Broadside for a Sheriff's sale of the Rising Sun Property, N.J.DetailsCity of Elizabeth, New Jersey1860
Broadside for Rising Sun Property Elizabethport, NJ.
City of Elizabeth, New Jersey
$1,600.00City-of-Elizabeth--New-JerseyBroadside-for-Rising-Sun-Property-Elizabethport--NJ-Rare lithographed broadside for a Sheriff's sale of the Rising Sun Property, consisting of 1000 lots in Elizabethport, New Jersey along the Elizageth River (13 miles SW of Lower Manhattan). The land for sale is apparently the Rising Sun Farm, one of Thomas Gibbon's extensive land holdings in New Jersey. Gibbon's was an early employer and partner with Cornelius Vanderbilt. <br></br> Quite a bit of land to the north of the Rising Sun tract is associated with Captain J.S. Spencer. Captain John Smythe Spencer (1745-1826), son of Colonel Thomas Spencer, was a British Army officer who lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey at an estate aptly named "Edgemoor". Spencer married Julia Radcliffe who produced two children: John Cotton Smith Spencer and Maria Spencer. <br></br> Two sailing vessels are shown plying the waters of Elizabethtown Creek; significant in that neither ship shows any evidence of steam power. <br></br> Streets named include: Atlantic, Baltic, Caspian, Delaware, Erie , Florida, Geneva ,Second, Butler, Smith, First, and Water Street. Avenues named include: Fourth, Third , Second, First, and Elizabeth Avenue. <br></br> Noted points of interest include: Old Point Road, Elizabethtown Creek, J. C. Fairbank & Company Rope Walk, Staten Island Sound, Whitmore & Jones Wheel Factory, Eagle Hotel, Price's Creek, Elizabethport & New York Ferry Dock, Voorhees and Bacon's Coal Yard, and the C. H. Waterbury Oil Manufactory. <br></br> Lithographed by William Faust, 59 Fulton Street, New York. An 1860 entry for Faust in Trow's New York City Directory lists his address as 59 Fulton Street. Stamped by James S. Vosseller. Purchased from a lot of similar Voseller surveys and sales broadsides dated 1857 - 1874. <br></br> The City of Elizabeth, N.J. was created in March, 1855 combining and replacing both Elizabeth Township and Elizabeth Borough. With the creation of the City of Elizabeth, Elizabeth Township was dissolved.
4957Depot: Scarce French Chart of the East Indies.DetailsDepot de la Marine1862
Fine French chart of the East Indies
Depot de la Marine
$1,500.00Depot-de-la-MarineFine-French-chart-of-the-East-Indies1862 edition of a French sea chart of the Indian Ocean and East Indies first published by the Depot General de la Marine in 1837. French charts of the Indian Ocean are very scarce. No record in the AMPR. <br></br> Based on exploration led by Daussy (Chief Hydrographer) and Wissocq. Engraved by Chassant. With contemporary manuscript ink annotations of a ship's daily course plotted east bound past the Cape of Good Hope and again west bound on the home trip. The positions extend far to the east, past the Philippine islands, another 4 days cruise past the neatline, and terminate at "Pelew" or the island of Palau. <br></br> Coverage includes a wide swath of ocean extending from Africa and Madagascar to Australia, Borneo, and Eastern China. <br></br> Published by order of the King. Seller's paste-on label at bottom right: "SAUVAT Libraire Rue Saint-Remy 3, a Bordeaux."
4947Map of Sherman's march through the deep South.DetailsU.S. War Department1865
Military Map Marches of General Sherman Forces
U.S. War Department
$850.00U-S--War-DepartmentMilitary-Map-Marches-of-General-Sherman-ForcesFine original lithographed map showing the marches of the United States Forces under command of Major General W.T. Sherman U.S.A. during the years 1863, 1864, 1865. <br></br> Drawn by Captain William Kossak in St. Louis MO and printed by the American Photo Lithographic Company of New York using "Osborne's process." [1] The map was compiled by order of General Sherman under the direction of Brevet. Major W.L.B. Jenney. It covers the region bounded by Mobile in the south, Washington and St. Louis in the north, Chesapeake Bay to the east and to the west by Little Rock, Arkansas. <br></br> [1] Osborne's process was a photo-lithographic process based on a large copy camera and photo-sensitized transfer paper made from photo negatives. By 1866 the American Photolithographic Company operated a massive copy camera with a 14 foot platform at its Brooklyn plant. The huge apparatus was capable of reproducing drawings up to forty-eight by sixty inches. (Reps, John William. Views and View makers of Urban America: Lithographs of Towns and Cities in the United States … University of Missouri Press. 1984. pp 36, 37.)
4976Australia Magnetic Island to Double Point Barrier Reefs chart.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1875
Admiralty chart of Australia Magnetic Island to Double Point Barrier Reefs
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$1,300.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAdmiralty-chart-of-Australia-Magnetic-Island-to-Double-Point-Barrier-ReefsAntique British Admiralty navigation chart of the East Coast of Australia, sheet 15 in a series. Coverage includes Moresby River, Mourliyan Harbor, the King Reefs, Bay Hill, Dunk Island, Kennedy Bay, Rockingham Bay, Goold Island, Port Hinchinbrook, Bishops Peak, Halifax Bay. <br></br> Map cleary features several sources of fresh water, low mangrove swamps, sugar plantations, and much of the innner Australian Barrier Reef. Includes a large poorly mapped region of the east Australian coast noted as: "Low wooded coast and apparently much occupied by lagoons". <br></br> Colophon: Published according to an Act of Parliament at the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty March 20th, 1855. Sold by J.D. Potter.
4979Blueprint or cyanotype map of the San Juan Islands, Washington.DetailsWashington Map and Blueprint Company1895
Cyanotype map of San Juan County, Washington state
Washington Map and Blueprint Company
$375.00Washington-Map-and-Blueprint-CompanyCyanotype-map-of-San-Juan-County--Washington-stateEarly blueprint (cyanotype) map of the San Juan Islands including Stuart Island, Waldron Island, Orcas Island, Shaw Island, Blakely Island, Lopez Island, San Juan Island and many more. Numerous water features include the Canal de Haro, San Juan Channel, President Channel, Rosario Strait, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Thatcher Passage. Manuscript notations in red for several parcels of land on Orcas Island and Lopez Island. <br></br> Scarce. With detached fragmentary front cover of map. Price when issued 50 cents. <br></br> By the Washington Map and Blueprint Company, 607-11 Pacific Block, Seattle, Washington. That company was the successor to the O.P. Anderson Map and Blueprint Company, Engineers and Draughtsmen. Established 1885. <br></br> Printed by Lowman and Hanford Stationery and Printing Company.
4941Boston and Maine Railroad (1903) with summer excursions.DetailsBoston and Maine Railroad1903
Boston and Maine Railroad Summer Excursions with five maps
Boston and Maine Railroad
$500.00Boston-and-Maine-RailroadBoston-and-Maine-Railroad-Summer-Excursions-with-five-mapsRare booklet from the Boston and Maine Railroad (1903) with Summer Excursions, rates, stage and steamer connections. Includes five maps and birds-eye views on thin paper. 88 pages. Thin card covers. 4" x 8" overall.<br></br> "Boston and Maine Railroad Summer Excursions to the White Mountains, Mount Desert, Adirondacks, Catskills, Montreal and Quebec, Winnipesaukee, Memphremagog, Champlain, Rangeley and Moosehead lakes and the New England Beaches." <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>1) "Bird's Eye Map of the White Mountains reached by Boston and Maine." Birds-eye view map of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. </li> <li>2) Map of Lake Winnipesaukee and Vicinity Reached by Boston and Maine and Steamer Mt. Washington. Printed by Rand, Avery Supply Co,. Engineers and Printers, Boston.<.li> <li>3) Lake Memphremagog and About There. Boston and Maine Railroad. Printed by Rand Avery Supply Company, Boston, Mass.</li> <li>4) Fishing and Hunting Resorts reached by Boston and Maine Railroad Connections.</li> <li>5) Map of Lake Sunapee and Vicinity Reached by Boston and Maine Railroad. Rand, Avery Supply Co,. Engineers, Boston, Mass.</li> </ul> </div> Issued by the Passenger Department, Boston and Maine Railroad. 1903. Boston City Ticket Office: 322 Washington Street Cor. Of Milk Street
4980Rare 1909 map of Covington, Louisiana in Saint Tammany ParishDetailsBarrow, John1909
Official map of Covington, La. St Tammany by K.H. Barrow, City Engineer
Barrow, John
$795.00Barrow--JohnOfficial-map-of-Covington--La--St-Tammany-by-K-H--Barrow--City-EngineerRare, unrecorded official map of Covington, Louisiana in St. Tammany Parish. The map taken from surveys by K.H. Barrow, City Engineer. No copies found in the AMPR or WorldCat. A very attractive, fresh map from 1909 with delicate hand coloring. Attractive. Copyrighted 1909 by J.I. Sanford. <br></br> This historical duo includes an 1886 copy of the charter for the town of Covington, Louisiana: "Charter of the Town of Covington as passed by the Legislature of the State of Louisiana and approved April 2d 1832 and March 16th 1870." Printed at Covington by St. Tammany Farmer Printers, 1886.. Both items inside newer simple card stock cover. <br></br> Features on this rare map of Covington, La. Include railroads, several churches, the Tchefuncta (Tchefuncte) River, Abita Bayou, Bogufalaya River, Courthouse, convent, City Park, Mandeville Road, Dixon Academy, Ozone Rest Cure, and the cemetery. Colored sections of the map delineate the area for several subdivisions, specifically: New Covington, Donnolley Addition, Sulphur Springs Addition, Oak Ridge Addition (has very strange street alignment), Division of St. John, Division of Spring, Weaver Addition, Wayside Addition, and the Sommer Addition. <br></br> Online sources list the following contact details for Barrow: K. H. BARROW. Surveying, Engineering and Mapping. Member Louisiana Engineering Society. Office-526 Whitney Bldg. Phone Main 1481.
4966Antique map of the Dominion of Canada.DetailsCanada Department of the Interior1911
Antique Map of the Dominion of Canada
Canada Department of the Interior
$400.00Canada-Department-of-the-InteriorAntique-Map-of-the-Dominion-of-CanadaAntique map of the Dominion of Canada, with an emphasis on the Canadian Railroads, published by Canada's Department of the Interior . A reduced edition of the "Railway Map of the Dominion of Canada" aa much larger work of eight sheets totaling 100 inches in length. <br></br> Ottawa. R.E. Young, D.L.S. Chief Geographer. <br></br> Table at right shows a total of 1869 of track miles constructed in the Dominion of Canada during 1910 broken down into railway systems including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Canadian Northern</li> <li>Canadian Pacific</li> <li>Grand Trunk Pacific</li> <li>National Transcontinental</li> <li>Algoma Central and Hudson Bay</li> <li>Atlantic Quebec and Western</li> <li>Sundry Railways</li> </ul> </div>
4968Antique Railway Map of the Dominion of Canada.DetailsCanada Department of the Interior1911
Railway Map of the Dominion of Canada
Canada Department of the Interior
$700.00Canada-Department-of-the-InteriorRailway-Map-of-the-Dominion-of-CanadaScarce antique railway map of the entire Dominion of Canada, from coast to coast, a work of eight sheets roughly totaling about 104 inches in length inside the neatline, over 9 feet wide including the margins. Call for complete photo set and condition report. No sale of this map is recorded in AMPR. No holdings of the 1911 edition of the Railway Map were found in WorldCat (1 holding of the 1910 edition). <br></br> Ottawa. R.E. Young, D.L.S. Chief Geographer. Scale 35 miles to one inch. <br></br>
4949Antique nautical chart of PETROGRAD BAY (Neva Bay).DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1919
St. Petersburg Russia Petrograd Bay (Neva Bay)
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$675.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeSt--Petersburg-Russia-Petrograd-Bay-(Neva-Bay)Antique nautical chart of PETROGRAD BAY (Neva Bay) and St. Petersburg, Russia copied from Russian Surveys made between 1831-1894. Manuscript corrections in red ink dated to 1919. Lighthouses and other navigational aids are marked in orange. <br></br> First published at the Admiralty March 19, 1855 under the superintendence of Captain Washington. Sold by J.D. Potter. This issue with final minor corrections up to 1919. Chart number 2279. <br></br> Four inset sketches of important local aids to navigation including: <br></br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Krasnaya Gorka Signal Station</li> <li>Pitka Point Tower</li> <li>Stirs Point Lighthouse</li> <li>Tolbenkin Lighthouse</li> </ul> </div>
4951British Admiralty chart of Burrard Inlet, Vancouver.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1919
Antique Admiralty chart of Vancouver, B.C. and Burrard Inlet
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$650.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-Admiralty-chart-of-Vancouver--B-C--and-Burrard-InletBritish Admiralty chart of Burrard Inlet, Vancouver Harbor, the First Narrows, the Second Narrows. First published by the British Admiralty in 1893, this is the edition of 1917 with corrections to 1919. Canada. <br></br> In June 1890, while outbound for the Orient from Burrard Inlet, BC the Canadian Pacific Railway steamer Parthia touched a shoal, incurring minor damage. The incident caused the Dominion government to recommend that the inlet be resurveyed and in April 1891 William J. Stewart arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia to lead the effort which lasted until September of that year. Travelling an estimated 75 miles of shoreline on foot and sounding over 450 miles by whaleboat, Stewart accomplished the survey of Burrard Inlet for less that $2,600. (
4944Oil-field prospect map ca. 1920 for San Juan County, New Mexico.DetailsAdams Engineering Company1920
Wildcatters oil-field prospect map for San Juan County, New Mexico
Adams Engineering Company
$300.00Adams-Engineering-CompanyWildcatters-oil-field-prospect-map-for-San-Juan-County--New-MexicoWildcatter's blueprint (cyanotype) oil-field prospect map ca. 1920 for San Juan County, New Mexico. Four corners region near Aztec, Farmington, Shiprock and the Navajo Indian Reservation. The blueprint shows existing and proposed oil wells and oil field leases owned by an anonymous individual or company, annotated with typewritten notes: <br></br> "Midwest Oil Co. pool on the Hog Back they just … the 7th well at 690 feet they found sand … this is the most wonderful oil field in the world." <br></br> "U.S. Geological Survey of 1916 Professional paper 98-P of the San Juan … I looked this country over carefully for 5 months at the same time trying to get rid of my Rheumatism and [in my] my opinion it will only take development to have an oil field where I have my leases marked in red on this map." <br></br> My interpretation of the maps and notes are that the purpose of the map was to persuade investors to invest in the leases marked in red squares (at furthest right center) by reference to other known, producing oil wells (marked with small red dots). Published by Adams Engineering Company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Drawn by H. Marsh.
4972Map of Lake Worth and Lake Worth Heights, Florida.DetailsCouncil, D.P.1925
Map of Lake Worth and Lake Worth Heights Palm Beach County Florida
Council, D.P.
$400.00Council--D-P-Map-of-Lake-Worth-and-Lake-Worth-Heights-Palm-Beach-County-FloridaFolding sales brochure from Florida's 1920's land boom with photographs including <b>Lake Worth Heights</b> entrance and The Royal Poinciana "fronting on beautiful Lake Worth". On the verso a lot plan or map of Lake Worth and Lake Worth Heights, in Palm Beach County, Florida. Printed by D.P. Council Owner & Developer Lake Worth, Fla. <br></br> Cute manuscript notation on the outer row of homes along Lake Worth, an "X" next to a small rectangle, filled in with pencil as on an S.A.T. exam, and the proud words in neat script: "Our Bungalow". Awwww. <br></br> Inset map on lower right with a "Key Map Showing Locations of Lake Worth Heights" relative to other features such as The Breakers, Royal Poinciana, Lantana, Lake Osborne Park, and West Palm Beach. <br></br> The copy on the last page of the brochure nicely sums up the offering: <div class="indenttextblock"> The Key Map on the inside page has been accurately compiled to give you an indelible picture of the important developments between the world-famed Palm Beaches and the Wonder City of Lake Worth, and the close relation of Lake Worth Heights in the ultimate unity of those two cities.<br></br> … <br></br> With the attractive, rustic entrances, the wide avenues and boulevard parked with the tropical Australian pins, cleared of unsightly undergrowth. Lake Worth Heights commands the attention of those anxious to locate in a restricted residential section enjoying the advantages of spacious building estates, uniform building lines, building and residential restrictions, making a high-class development for attractive homes. </div> On November 19, 1920, Model Land Company a portion of the lands they owned to D.P. Council, who platted in into Lake Worth Heights Subdivision.
4981Antique blueprint key map for Minnesota canoe routes.DetailsArchitects and Engineers Supply Company1928
Rare Key Map Canoe Routes in Minnesota Ontario Lakes Region
Architects and Engineers Supply Company
$275.00Architects-and-Engineers-Supply-CompanyRare-Key-Map-Canoe-Routes-in-Minnesota-Ontario-Lakes-RegionVery rare cyanotype (blueprint) key map / advertisement, by C. & S. map, showing the coverage of 15 larger-scale sectional maps of canoe routes in the Minnesota and Canadian wilderness including the Superior National Forest. No copy of this key map is found online and the associated sectional maps (blue-line) are seldom found individually. <br></br> C. & S. canoe maps became so treasured and scarce that a cloth replica of C. & S.'s smallest-scale map is now offered online under the name "Greggar's Map" . <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <i>"Greggar's Map is a cloth replica map of the 1928 Canoe Country Map, which is a unique remnant of navigating what we now know as the BWCAW and Quetico Provincial Park In its original form, the 1928 cloth map includes hand drawn lakes and written information like portages, rapids and unique author notes." </i> ( </div> </br> Title reads: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Announcing our new map of The Greatest Canoe Route Country in America 'In the Heart of the Wilderness.' " </div> </br> Printed by Architects and Engineers Supply Company of Duluth, Minnesota. Sectional maps could be purchased individually for $0.85 on paper or $1.25 on cloth. Only one sectional map was found online attributed to C. & S. map and AESC, a blue-line print.</br> (Source: <br></br> A. Bernard Gustfason (b. 1893) founded Architects and Engineers Supply Company in 1917 to provide quick production of blue prints, blue line prints, and black line prints to architects, engineers, draftsmen and surveyors in the Duluth, Minnesota area.
4974Circuit map of the Fury Four radio introduced in 1933.DetailsCamm, Frederick James1933
The Fury Four Circuit Map
Camm, Frederick James
$120.00Camm--Frederick-JamesThe-Fury-Four-Circuit-MapCircuit map of the Fury Four radio introduced in 1933. The circuit was characterized by two high-frequency stages. Not to be confused with the 1954 revised circuit for the Fury Four. Printed in blue in the style of a cyanotype, or blueprint diagram. Dated within as February 11, 1933. Drawn by F.J. Camm and published by George Newnes Ltd. as a free supplement to the magazine "Practical Wireless. <br></br> Frederick James Camm (1895 – 1959) was an English technical author and magazine editor. He founded several radio and electronics titles, including Practical Wireless devoted to radio and electronics. In 2017 Practical Wireless was sold to Warners Group Publications, a Lincolnshire-based publishing company.
4982 1939 Art Deco sample calendar by artist Ruehl Heckman.DetailsHeckman, Ruehl Frederick1939
Aviation Advertising Dawn of a New Age Manhattan Sample Calendar
Heckman, Ruehl Frederick
$215.00Heckman--Ruehl-FrederickAviation-Advertising-Dawn-of-a-New-Age-Manhattan-Sample-CalendarFine 1939 Art Deco sample calendar by artist Ruehl Heckman (1890-1942). This aviation-related calendar "Dawn of a New Age" shows a four-engine aircraft cruising above Manhattan as the sun breaks through the morning clouds to the east. The 'dawn' could be considered to be the end of the Great Depression which started with the stock market crash in October, 1929 and ended in the late 1930's. <br><br/> This original calendar was printed by the Thomas D. Murphy Company of Red Oak, Iowa "The Birthplace of Art Calendars." With a single unmarked calendar sheet for January 1939. New York City. <br></br> Heckman had homes in Pasadena and Laguna Beach, California until 1942 when he died in an auto accident.
4971Humorous map of the state of Texas by Withers.DetailsWithers, James Harlan1947
Humorous map of Texas from a Texan perspective
Withers, James Harlan
$600.00Withers--James-HarlanHumorous-map-of-Texas-from-a-Texan-perspectiveScarce original blue-line humorous map of the state of Texas from the 'humorously' distorted perspective of a Texan looking outward at the country. Believed to be the earliest recorded version of later similar 'humorous' maps of Texas inspired by Wither's design. Only one holding is found online, at the University of Texas, Arlington, where it is described: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> Map shows distortion of boundaries of the state of Texas in comparison to its U.S. neighbors with humorous bragging and derogatory relabeling. Relief shown by hachures. (Source: </div> <br></br> The catalog of copyright entries for 1947 records a copyright for "A Texan's Map of U.S.A.", held by James Harlan Withers of San Angelo , Texas. Predates by two years the derivative but substantially different "A Texan's Map of the United States" by Frank Oliver published in 1949 for TexOak flooring. <br></br> The blue-line, or diazo process is a chemical method of document reproduction that fell out of use in the early 2000's.
4983Map of the Hawaiian islands produced by The Hawaiian Pineapple Co,DetailsFeher, Joseph1950
The Dole Map of the Hawaiian Islands
Feher, Joseph
$400.00Feher--JosephThe-Dole-Map-of-the-Hawaiian-IslandsOriginal lithographed pictorial map of the Hawaiian Islands copyrighted by the Hawaiian Pineapple Company Ltd. 1950. Artist Joseph Feher depicted the Hawaiian islands and adjacent waters with boats, fish, and typical objects and pursuits associated with the islands: flying fish, surfing, spear fishing, sailing, poi-making, hula dancers, etc. Islands of the State of Hawaii mentioned in the legend include: Kauai, Niihau, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, and the big island- Hawaii. <br></br> The map is completely original minus the attached text legend at right that is, as in this case, often detached from the print. This is the second of two "Dole Pineapple Maps", the first was published in 1937. <br></br> Lithography by Schwabacher-Frey. <br></br> Once known as the Sandwich Islands, the Hawaiian Islands first documented discovery by a westerner occurred in 1778 with the arrival of British explorer Captain James Cook. <br></br>
4977Land-atlas of large plates for Polk County Florida.DetailsDolph, Frank B.1952
Land-atlas for Polk County, Florida by Dolph
Dolph, Frank B.
$1,625.00Dolph--Frank-B-Land-atlas-for-Polk-County--Florida-by-DolphA original large land ownership atlas for Polk County, Florida. Published and copyrighted, Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Frank B. Dolph, 1952. <br></br> Scarce. With 1 key map of Polk County, Florida and 39 plat maps as called for, clean. No tears or condition issues.
4984Pictorial map of Washington State routes by West Coast AirlinesDetailsWest Coast Airlines1954
Pictorial Map of Washington State by West Coast Airlines
West Coast Airlines
$300.00West-Coast-AirlinesPictorial-Map-of-Washington-State-by-West-Coast-AirlinesScarce, colorful, pictorial map of airline routes across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho flown by West Coast Airlines. Statement at bottom of the map reads: "Paul Bunyan's Empire Cut to Travel Size". <br></br> West Coast Airlines (WCA), founded in 1941, was based at Boeing Field in Seattle. WCA began scheduled passenger service in 1946 with a fleet of Douglas DC-3s. Table at upper right contains a list of Key Points of Interest across the three-state area. Dated within at 1954. Verso with text and photo images from across the region. <br></br> Apparently the map was updated and re-issued again in 1962.
4962Birds-eye view map of the Salt River Project, near Phoenix, AZ.DetailsHayden, T.A.1959
Huge Unrecorded Map of the Salt River Project Phoenix Arizona
Hayden, T.A.
$3,500.00Hayden--T-A-Huge-Unrecorded-Map-of-the-Salt-River-Project-Phoenix-ArizonaEarly map of renewable energy project. Huge (40"x70"), unrecorded and untitled birds-eye view map of the Salt River Project by T.A. Hayden, centered near Phoenix, Arizona. Blue-line print from 1959 hand-colored and enhanced with small red paste-on stickers and larger, manuscript lettering for cities. Shows the rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, and canals . Particular interest is indicated for reservoirs and canals as they have been hand colored in white and bright blue respectively. Very similar to a published map of the region by Hayden from 1934. <br></br> The beginning of federal production of electric power occurred on the Salt River Project when Congress, in 1906, authorized the Reclamation Service to develop and sell hydroelectric power from the project. The map is significant because it was updated in 1959 when the original name "Salt River Dam #1" was changed to the name in use today: Roosevelt Dam. <br></br> Coverage is bound to the west by Gila Bend and to the east by Superior, AZ. Northern coverage ends above Prescott, Arizona, and to the south the map extends as far as Casa Grande. <br></br> The map has an interesting orientation with North oriented about 35 degrees to the left and that with the birdseye perspective, the large size, and the township and range grid of the Public Lands Survey System all give the map a commanding appearance. <br></br> In the 1930's T.A. Hayden was the Chief Assistant Engineer with the Salt River Valley Water User's Association, Phoenix. Copyrighted 1932 and Revised 1934 by T.A. Hayden. Phoenix, Arizona.
4965Map of Big Pine Key Florida.DetailsMajor H.D. Moorman1970
Map of Big Pine Key Florida
Major H.D. Moorman
$225.00Major-H-D--MoormanMap-of-Big-Pine-Key-FloridaLarge rolled map of Big Pine Key, Florida prepared by Major Henry Dean Moorman for Big Pine Key Civic Association ca. 1970. Obviously locally prepared, the map contains a large list of streets and a list of 50 local businesses and locations on Big Pine Key that appears to be based on typewritten copy. <br></br> A history of the island ( states that Les Cunningham and Dwight Pettit operated the Big Pine Key Glassworks at the west end of the island from 1967 - 1973. Our map shows the glassworks as location #20 on the index of 50 key locations.
4964Manuscript (hand-drawn) illustration of Cyprus by SabryDetailsSabry, John1980
Manuscript map of Cyprus by Cypriot artist John Sabry
Sabry, John
$1,800.00Sabry--JohnManuscript-map-of-Cyprus-by-Cypriot-artist-John-SabryManuscript (hand-drawn) illustration of Cyprus by Cypriot artist John Sabry (1914-2006). ( Τζων Σάμπρι ). Date not stated but assumed 1980's. Fine condition. <br></br> Sabry is the author of pictorial maps of Cyprus in the "Romantic Cyprus" guide book (1947): Famagusta & Varosha, and Nicosia. John Sabry was born and raised in Kyrenia, Cyprus; a painter from an early age, he also worked as a professional photographer and managed the Kodak shop in Nicosia during the 1950’s. In 1965 three of Sabry's paintings were selected for the Royal Academy Summer show in London.