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6616Harbor chart for the Port of Barcelona, Spain 1873.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office 
Original Admiralty harbor chart for Port Barcelona
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$900.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeOriginal-Admiralty-harbor-chart-for-Port-BarcelonaScarce original 1873 British Admiralty nautical harbour chart for the Port of Barcelona, Spain based on an earlier Spanish Survey. Chart number 1195. <br><br> Includes numerous soundings and shows a wide, long section at the west of the harbor "being reclaimed" as well as other construction then underway. Key features on the nautical chart include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Barcelonnette, </li> <li>Montjuich, </li> <li>the Arsenal, </li> <li>Punta de la Paz, </li> <li>Vista Alegro, </li> <li>Huertas de S. Beltran (orchards or vegetable gardens), </li> <li>and the Old Mole light which was planned to be demolished. </ul> </div> Published at the Admiralty, London on November 12, 1873 under the Superintendence of Rear Admiral G.H. Richards, Hydrographer from a Spanish chart of 1871. <br><br> Sold by J.D. Potter, agent for the sale of Admiralty charts, Tower Hill. Engraved by Edward Weller. Drawn by H. Stafford of the British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
6640Hand-colored map of the Valley of Mexico by Gemelli, 1704.DetailsGemelli Carreri, Giovanni Francesco1704
Early map of Mexico City with Lakes and Causeways by Gemelli
Gemelli Carreri, Giovanni Francesco
$525.00Gemelli-Carreri--Giovanni-FrancescoEarly-map-of-Mexico-City-with-Lakes-and-Causeways-by-GemelliOriginal, copper-plate engraved and hand-colored map of the Valley of Mexico by Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Carreri (Gemelli) after Enrico Martinez and Adrian Boot (1). Scarce. North is oriented to the left. <br><br> Shows lakes, rivers, streams, and mountains in the Valley of Mexico along with numerous villages and towns. Nascent Mexico City or Tenochtitlán, is shown to lie in lower Lake Texcoco connected to the mainland by seven causeways. From an English-language publication of A Voyage Around the World (1699), probably A. and J. Churchill, 1704. <br><br> (1) Connolly, Patricia and Roberto Mayer. Vingboons, Trasmonte and Boot: European Cartography of Mexican Cities in Early Seventeenth Century. Imago Mundi. January, 2009.
5135Histoire générale des voyages tome onzièmeDetailsPrevost, Antoine-Francois1753
Histoire générale des voyages tome onzième v 11
Prevost, Antoine-Francois
$1,750.00Prevost--Antoine-FrancoisHistoire-générale-des-voyages-tome-onzième-v-11Volume 11 of Prevost's history of voyages to the south sea. Contains accounts of the explorations of Narborough, Wood, Anson, Dampier, Carieri and others. Plates of unusual animals and six plates of botannicals with copper-engraved maps as below. <b>Includes two very desirable, foundational maps of Australia</b> with the continent shown attached to Tasmania: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>"Carte reduite des Terres Australes pour servir …" by Nicolas Bellin. 1753. (11" x 8"). Very good.</li> <li>"Carte reduite de la Mer du Sud pour servir ..." by Nicolas Bellin. 1753. (14" x 8"). Good. </li> </ul> </div> French text. Volume 11- tome onzième. Second Partie. "Histoire Generale des voyages, ou nouvelle collection de toutes les relations de voyages par mer et par Terre, qui ont ete publiees jusqu'a present dans les differentes langues de toutes les nations connue …". Published by Didot from Paris in 1753. <br></br> Contents include but are not limited to these plates: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Carte reduite de la partie la plus meridionale de l'Amerique No. 1</li> <li>Carte reduite du Detroit de Magellan No. 2</li> <li>Carte de l'Isle de Caienne No. 3</li> <li>La Ville de Cayenne No. 4</li> <li>Carte du Detroit de le Maire No. 5</li> <li>Carte particuliere de l'Isle de Juan Fernandez No. 6</li> <li>Coste du Nord Est de l'Isle de Juan Fernandez No. 7</li> <li><b>Carte reduite des Terres Australes No. 8</b></li> <li><b>Carte reduite de la Mer du Sud No. 9</b></li> <li><b>Representation du cours ordinaires des vents … Mer du Sud</b> No. 10</li> <li>Vue de la Place de Juan Fernandez No. 13</li> <li>Batiment leger des Isles de Larrons No. 14</li> </ul> </div>
541Antique map of plans for key cities in Spain and PortugalDetailsDonnet, Alejo1831
Suplemento a los Planos de Ciudades
Donnet, Alejo
$500.00Donnet--AlejoSuplemento-a-los-Planos-de-CiudadesScarce, detailed, antique folding map of plans for key cities in Spain and Portugal: Barcelona (still surrounded by a fortified wall), Ciudad Rodrigo, Tortosa, Oviedo, Denia, Cadiz, Granada, Lisbon (Lisboa), Madrid, Cartagena, and Valencia. The map was published as a supplement to Donnet's six-sheet "Mapa Civil y Militar de España y Portugal, con la nueva división en distritos." <BR> </BR> Large, attractive, well-kept, and linen-backed. Dissected into 18 sections of about 5.5 x 7.5 inches as issued. Published by Dauty and sold by Simonneau from Paris ca. 1831. The map is identified at top as the seventh and last part. <BR> </BR> Cover contains the seller's label in very fine condition that reads:<br> "Magasin de Geographie de Charles Simonneau Graveur. A Paris, Rue de la Paix, No. 6. Hotel Mirabeau vis-à-vis le Timbre. <br> Cartes Geographiques et Topographiques Francaises et Etrangeres.<br> Globes, Spheres, Atlas. Geographie, Ancienne et Moderne. With an index tab at top of the folded maps that reads: "Plans des Villes"<BR> </BR> Not dated but Charles Simonneau was a French engraver, map publisher, and map seller in Paris, France from approximately 1803 to 1838. Attribution at bottom reads: " A Paris. Chez Dauty et Demaisons Palais Royal Galerie de Nemours, et Malo aine Graveur Rue St. Jacques No. 169."
4901Charts of difficult navigational areas on the Mississippi River.DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1865
Antique Mississippi River Charts of Shoals and Sand Bars
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$500.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyAntique-Mississippi-River-Charts-of-Shoals-and-Sand-BarsRare, separately published charts (23) of critical navigational areas on the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. A supplement of charts to accompany the <b>"Letter of the Secretary of the Navy communicating the report of the commission appointed under the joint resolution of Congress, approved June 30, 1864," </b> (Source: Online) <div class="indenttextblock"> "to select the most approved site for a navy yard or naval station on the Mississippi River or upon one of its tributaries and recommending a appropriation to cover the expenses of said commission." </div> The maps were not of proposed locations for the new Navy yard but of shoal or shallow areas of the Mississippi River. These shallow sand bars and narrow channels could impede the movement of vessels of vessels to the new yard: <div class="indenttextblock"> "A series of topographical sketches of some of the difficult places of navigation on the Mississippi between Carondolet and Memphis and in the Ohio between Cairo and Cincinnati. They will have a value in furnishing means of comparison in future studies of the beds of these rivers." </div> <br> Twenty-one charts (sketches) for the Mississippi River and two charts for the Ohio River including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Sketch No. 1 Jefferson Barracks Bar</li> <li>Sketch No. 3 Widow Beard's Island</li> <li>Sketch No. 5 Penitentiary Shoal</li> </ul> </div> The surveys were conducted by a Coast Survey party attached to the command of Admiral Lee, headed by F.H. Gerdes Chief of the Mississippi squadron topographical engineers. <br></br> The expenses of the commission included a whopping $870 to G.W. Blunt, $10 per diem from November 10, 1864 to February 4, 1865. From this expense we know that Blunt also was actively involved in the survey's that produced these maps.
6602Lindenkohl's map of Washington's birthplace in Virginia.DetailsLindenkohl, A.1897
Map of Washington's Birthplace by Coast and Geodetic Survey
Lindenkohl, A.
$300.00Lindenkohl--A-Map-of-Washington-s-Birthplace-by-Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyFine map of Washington's birthplace published by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey based on a survey by Adolph Lindenkohl in 1879, but 1897. Photo-lithograph by Andrew B. Graham. Scarce, <b>only one copy of the survey map was located in WorldCat and no copies in the AMPR.</b> <br><br> George Washington was born in 1732 on Pope's Creek Plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia. <br><br> Price when issued was 20 cents (upper left) but that price is crossed out and replaced in manuscript with "30". Note at bottom right: "Location of Monument and other data added in 1897." <br><br> Map # 3081. Scale 1/10,000
1080Stunning bird's-eye view map from Mt. Washington New Hampshire.DetailsGeorge W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co1902
Stunning Birds Eye View of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
George W. Walker Lithograph and Publishing Co
$1,725.00George-W--Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CoStunning-Birds-Eye-View-of-Mt--Washington--New-HampshireStunning bird's-eye view from <b>Mt. Washington New Hampshire</b> in exquisite condition. The view centers on the summit of Mt. Washington, depicting the famous “Tip Top House” and other structures. The summit is shown surrounded by a ring of clouds that sets it apart from the other peaks. Shown in concentric circles falling away from Mt. Washington are the other major peaks of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, with numerous small towns and villages snuggled in the valleys. This colorful lithographed view of Mt. Washington is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the birds-eye views published near the beginning of the 20th century. <br></br> Almost unused condition and still attached to its original folder. Very rare to find this view and cover in such fine condition. Photographs and text on the verso of the view about the history of Mount Washington, e.g. <div class="indenttextblock"> … , the ancient "Agiochook" (mountain with snowy forehead) of the Indians is the highest point of land in eastern North America. .." </div> <br></br> Created by George W. Walker, Boston, MA.and issued ca. 1902 by the passenger department of the Boston and Maine Railroad. Numerous legend entries are keyed numerically to 189 locations are identified on the view. <br></br> <b>Key features (among 189 listed) include:</b> <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul> <span style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li> Mt. Washington R.R. Train</li> <li>Summit House</li> <li>Mount Eastman</li> <li>Mount Doublehead</li> <li>Mount Pleasant, Maine</li> <li>Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire</li> <li>Sebago Lake, Maine</li> <li>Mount Madison</li> <li>Baldface Mountain</li> <li>Carter Dome</li> <li>Mount Mansfield, Vermont</li> <li>Connecticut River</li> <li>Killington Peaks, Vermont</li> <li>Lake Winnipesaukee</li> <li>Mount Wachusett, Massachusetts</li> <li>Squam Lake</li> <li>Lake Sunapee</li> </span> </ul> </div>
4941Boston and Maine Railroad (1903) with summer excursions.DetailsBoston and Maine Railroad1903
Boston and Maine Railroad Summer Excursions with five maps
Boston and Maine Railroad
$350.00Boston-and-Maine-RailroadBoston-and-Maine-Railroad-Summer-Excursions-with-five-mapsRare booklet from the Boston and Maine Railroad (1903) with Summer Excursions, rates, stage and steamer connections. Includes five maps and birds-eye views on thin paper. 88 pages. Thin card covers. 4" x 8" overall.<br></br> "Boston and Maine Railroad Summer Excursions to the White Mountains, Mount Desert, Adirondacks, Catskills, Montreal and Quebec, Winnipesaukee, Memphremagog, Champlain, Rangeley and Moosehead lakes and the New England Beaches." <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>1) "Bird's Eye Map of the White Mountains reached by Boston and Maine." Birds-eye view map of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. </li> <li>2) Map of Lake Winnipesaukee and Vicinity Reached by Boston and Maine and Steamer Mt. Washington. Printed by Rand, Avery Supply Co,. Engineers and Printers, Boston.<.li> <li>3) Lake Memphremagog and About There. Boston and Maine Railroad. Printed by Rand Avery Supply Company, Boston, Mass.</li> <li>4) Fishing and Hunting Resorts reached by Boston and Maine Railroad Connections.</li> <li>5) Map of Lake Sunapee and Vicinity Reached by Boston and Maine Railroad. Rand, Avery Supply Co,. Engineers, Boston, Mass.</li> </ul> </div> Issued by the Passenger Department, Boston and Maine Railroad. 1903. Boston City Ticket Office: 322 Washington Street Cor. Of Milk Street
5219Reports of the  11th meeting of the International Navigation CongressDetailsInternational Navigation Congress1908
Report of the 11th meeting of the International Navigation Congress
International Navigation Congress
$100.00International-Navigation-CongressReport-of-the-11th-meeting-of-the-International-Navigation-CongressScarce booklets (24) of reports for the 11th meeting of the International Navigation Congress or Association Internationale Permanente de Congres de Navigation, held in St. Petersburg, Russia during 1908. Some reports with folding plates. Authors of these reports represent a diverse set of countries including but not limited to: Germany, England, Belgium, Russia, France, Italy, and the United States. <br></br> Contents include booklets in French or English text (some with engineering or hydrographic plates). The topics are related to five broad areas of interest: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Fishing ports and harbors for coastal maritime trade.</li> <li>Economic and engineering studies for Inland maritime ports.</li> <li>Port construction on sandy beaches.</li> <li>General conditions for secure maritime navigation.</li> <li>Hydrographic exploration of the seas.</li> </ul> </div> Hard cover binder secured by string closures with 24 reports, each staple bound with paper covers. Some booklets bear the oval stamp of the Liverpool Engineering Society.
6634 Map of Oregon grant lands along the Santiam Wagon Military Road.DetailsOregon and Western Colonization Company1911
Oregon military road land grant map
Oregon and Western Colonization Company
$400.00Oregon-and-Western-Colonization-CompanyOregon-military-road-land-grant-mapLithographed map of Oregon grant lands featuring land grants available to settlers. Issued in 1911 as an advertising/marketing publication by the Oregon and Western Colonization Company, St. Paul, Minnesota. Scarce map. Shows several railroad lines including the Oregon Trunk Railway, Great Northern Railway, and the Oregon Electric Railway. <br><br> The Washington State University library concisely summarizes the history of this Military Road Land Grant: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "A group of pioneers bent on constructing an east-west military wagon road across Oregon were, in 1866, awarded land grants consisting of alternate sections of land within six miles on either side of their road. The Santiam Wagon Road, as it became known, was reported finished in 1868 and opened that year as a toll road. After the grant lands passed through several hands, the Oregon & Western Colonization Co. purchased the rights to this land in 1908, and began selling the land shortly thereafter." (1) </div> <br> Dated within 3-11-11. Number 5307. <br><br> The area of the land grants include the summit of an extinct volcano- Three Fingered Jack and the towns of: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Lebanon, </li> <li>Sisters,</li> <li>Prineville</li> <li>Paulina,</li> <li>Burns, and</li> <li>Skullspring.</li> </ul> </div> (1) Online. Washington State University. Accessed (January, 2023).
6562Eldridge chart "C" with Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket in Mass.DetailsEldridge, George W.1913
G. W. Eldridge navigation chart for Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket MA
Eldridge, George W.
$2,750.00Eldridge--George-W-G--W--Eldridge-navigation-chart-for-Martha-s-Vineyard-and-Nantucket-MAA fine intact antique example of Eldridge's very desirable "Chart C" including the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket in Massachusetts. Once relatively plentiful, this splendid lithographed nautical chart by George Washington Eldridge is becoming increasing hard to find for sale. <br><br> Copyright by George W. Eldridge, 1912. <br><br> A very "user friendly" nautical chart that would have been appreciated by mariners in the early 20th century who lacked today's electronic navigational aids. This large linen-backed chart includes the following ports and towns: Edgartown, Siasconset, Nantucket town, Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, Falmouth, Cotuit, Osterville, Hyannis, West Dennis, Harwich Port, and Chatham. <br></br> Shown numerous islands along the coast including Chappaquiddick Island, Cuttyhunk Island, Nashawena Island, Pasque Island, Naushon Island, No Man's Land, Tuckernut Island, Muskeget Island, and Monomoy Beach, now Monomoy Island. <br></br> Dotted with interesting comments and observations including: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>"In passing Chatham in thick weather or night time bound to the Northward or Southward make use of the lead and do not go into less than 7 or 8 fathoms of water to avoid the bars that are rapidly extending from the shore and are dangerous."</li> <li>"Vessels passing Nobska in either direction displaying signals will be reported by telegraph to the Boston Chamber of Commerce."</li> <li>About the Nantucket Head of Harbor entrance: "Strangers should enter this place with caution as it changes with every storm from seaward."</li> </ul> </div> Charles C. Hutchinson 152 State Street Boston General Agent.
557Early Coast Pilot for the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway ("Inside Route")DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1914
1914 Inside Route Pilot Key West to New Orleans
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$400.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-Survey1914-Inside-Route-Pilot-Key-West-to-New-OrleansVery scarce, intact 1914 Coast Pilot with six strip charts and sailing directions for what is now the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, from Key West, Florida heading north and then west to New Orleans, Louisiana. Published by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. Contains 93 pages of text plus an index. <br><br/> In its early history some portions of the 'inside route' were owned and dredged by private entities who charged a toll to vessels for passage, sometimes by stringing a chain across narrow passages to restrict traffic flow. After 1919 Congress mandated that the entire passage should be turned over to the Federal government and the tolls were eliminated. <br><br/> The sailing directions for Bayou St. John describe a moment in time that New Orleans residents can only imagine today: <dir class="indenttextblock">The channel at the entrance is protected by training walls on each side. Spanish Fort is a pleasure resort at the mouth of Bayou St. John and is connected with New Orleans by an electric car line... Small craft of all kinds use the bayou as far as Esplanade Street, about 2 3/4 miles above the entrance, but pleasure boats rarely go above that point." </dir> Size of each chart when folded is approximately 8" x 5". The pilot's lithographed working navigational charts capture the full extent of the southern U.S. Inside Route in detail. Chart sections include roughly these areas and chart sizes: (fully opened, height is 10" and width is listed below). <br> 1. Key West to Matanzas Pass - 24"<br> 2. Matanzas Pass to Clearwater - 23"<br> 3. Clearwater to Tampa - 27"<br> 4. Tampa to St. Andrews Sound - 24"<br> 5. St. Andrews Sound to Bay St. Louis - 36"<br> 6. Bay St. Louis to New Orleans. - 23"<br> <br><br/> If they were placed end to end, the charts would extend over 13 feet long. Original price 20 cents. Published by the Government Printing Office in Washington DC in 1915.
6648Patriotic WWI map titled Military Camps and Nearby ResortsDetailsSeaboard Air Line Railway1917
Military Camps Winter Resorts Map Florida
Seaboard Air Line Railway
$800.00Seaboard-Air-Line-RailwayMilitary-Camps-Winter-Resorts-Map-FloridaRare patriotic WWI map titled "Military Camps and Nearby Resorts. Winter Near Your Soldier Boy." This fine 31 inch long antique map was published by Seaboard Airline Railway in 1917. Outstanding and emotionally evocative graphics on the cover with a fine thematic promotional map on the recto. <br><br> <div id="0" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6648" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6648/SC_6648_cover_detail.jpg" alt="WWI map titled "Military Camps and Nearby Resorts. Winter Near Your Soldier Boy" published by Seaboard Airline Railway Florida." width="100"/> <br><br> <font size="-2">Military Resorts Cover Art</font> </div><br> Only one holding is found in WorldCat, at Rutgers. WorldCat's mildly cynical one-line summary of the map reads <b>"War as a tourist industry for elegant ladies & gentlemen."</b> (1) <br><br> This full-size folding map shows twenty-eight locations (Army, Navy, and Aero training camps) served by the Seaboard Air Line Railway where a spouse (wife) could travel to spend the winter holidays with her soldier (husband) during 1917, the fourth year of WWI. The camps and stations of the U.S. Army were indicated with red square symbols, those of the Navy with circles, and Aero Stations by triangles. The U.S. Army Air Service, as it was then called, was established after April, 1917 making this map one of the earliest available maps to show Pensacola as an Naval Air Training Station. <br></br> These Army, Navy, and Aero training locations, described in the key at bottom right, include Pensacola, Tampa, and Key West, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Charleston, South Carolina; and Port Royal, SC. <br></br> Brochure folds to 4" x 9". Printed by Poole Brothers, Chicago and dated within at 8/16/1917. <br><br> (WorldCat. Accessed: January, 2023)
6586Map of Palo Alto, California in Santa Clara County, 1924.DetailsAnonymous1924
Map of City of Palo Alto Santa Clara County California
$150.00AnonymousMap-of-City-of-Palo-Alto-Santa-Clara-County-CaliforniaMap of Palo Alto, California in Santa Clara County dated within to November, 1924. At map bottom, below Alma Street, is Stanford Park, the Palo Alto Stock Farm, Palo Alto Union High School, and Stanford University and stadium. <br><br> The map of Palo Alto shows tract numbers, and the location of numerous tracts, subdivisions and developments including Clara Vista, Alba Park Addition, the Alcorn tract, and Ravenswood. <br><br> Palo Alto city limits in 1924 are shown with a dotted line.
6647Blueprint tract map of land southeast of Roseburg, OregonDetailsDouglas County Abstract Company1925
Cadastral map Township No. 28 near Roseburg, Oregon
Douglas County Abstract Company
$100.00Douglas-County-Abstract-CompanyCadastral-map-Township-No--28-near-Roseburg--OregonBlueprint cadastral map of lands southeast of Roseburg, Oregon. Date c. 1920's.
5129Three Corps Engineers maps of the port of Pensacola, Florida.DetailsU.S. Army Engineers1929
Port of Pensacola, Florida scarce photomosaic and two maps
U.S. Army Engineers
$300.00U-S--Army-EngineersPort-of-Pensacola--Florida-scarce-photomosaic-and-two-mapsSmall booklet of 66 pages that includes 3 cartographic artifacts related to Pensacola, Florida. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Mosaic Composed of Aerial Photographs Pensacola Florida. Made by Air Service, U.S. Army 4th Photo Section. Dec. 22, 1922.</li> <li>Origin of Imports and Destination of Exports Pensacola, Fla. 1928. Quantities expressed in cargo tons of 2240 lbs. and shown thus. 1929.</li> <li>Port Facilities at Pensacola, Fla. 1929.</li> </ul> </div> Along with many data tables and additional photographs the contents of the entire booklet include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Port and Harbor Conditions</li> <li>Port Customs and Regulations</li> <li>Port Services and Charges</li> <li>Fuel and Supplies</li> <li>Port and Harbor Facilities</li> <li>Communications</li> <li>The freight rate situation</li> <li>Commerce of the port</li> <li>The territory tributary to the port</li> <li>General</li> </ul> </div> War Department Corps of Engineers and United States Shipping Board Port Series No. 3 Part 2 THE PORT OF PENSACOLA, FLORIDA. Printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1929. Price when issued 30 cents.
6584Map of Manhattan, New York for Broadway Butterflys by Held.DetailsHeld, John Jr.1931
Pictorial Map of Lower Manhattan or Broadway Butterfly's Map
Held, John Jr.
$200.00Held--John-Jr-Pictorial-Map-of-Lower-Manhattan-or-Broadway-Butterfly-s-MapJohn Held, Jr., (1889-1958) was a cartoonist, illustrator, printmaker and author. Held's cartoons satirized and epitomized the United States' “Jazz Age” of the 1920s. Here, Held's cartoon for "Broadway Butterflys" satirizes the fast life of the New York elite with its focus on Wall Street, Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and Park Avenue. Shows the Jefferson Market Night Court, now the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library and the morgue, "end of the Primrose Path." Presumably Held included the image to illustrate his story, “Broadway Butterfly,” in Held's second published collection of short stories, Dog Tales (1930). <br><br> Verso with an engraving by Held: "When the Theatre was Fraught with Romance." <br><br> Held was apparently a VERY popular cartoonist before the Depression. According to New York's Center Gallery: <div class="indenttextblocksingle">"He lived in the era of cartoonists as national heroes. In 1927, Vanity Fair named Held to its “Hall of Fame” alongside international luminaries of the decade. The Hearst newspapers paid him $250,000 a year (nearly $4,000,000 today, adjusted for inflation) for his cartoon strip, Oh! Margy, and his drawings sold for up to $5,000 each, roughly the price of a house." (1) </div><br> (1) Online. Retrieved December, 2022.
6643Cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Oahu by White.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1931
Pictorial map of the Island of Oahu in Hawaii
White, Ruth Taylor
$200.00White--Ruth-TaylorPictorial-map-of-the-Island-of-Oahu-in-HawaiiFine lithographed cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Oahu, Hawaii by Ruth Taylor White. In 1931 White produced four maps of individual islands for the Hawaii Tourist Bureau: Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and one map of the entire Hawaiian Island chain. Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. <br><br> Locations and features that White captured on her map of Oahu include:" <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Waimea Falls</li> <li>Kaneohe Bay</li> <li>Kailua Bay</li> <li>Diamond Head</li> <li>Waikiki Beach</li> <li>Honolulu</li> <li>Pearl Harbor</li> <li>Koko Head</li> </ul> </div>
6644Cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Maui by White.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1931
Pictorial map of the island of Maui in Hawaii
White, Ruth Taylor
$250.00White--Ruth-TaylorPictorial-map-of-the-island-of-Maui-in-HawaiiFine lithographed cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Maui, Hawaii by Ruth Taylor White. In 1931 White produced four maps of individual islands for the Hawaii Tourist Bureau: Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and one map of the entire Hawaiian Island chain. Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. <br><br> Locations and activities that White featured on her map of Maui include:" <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Lahaina</li> <li>Kaanapali</li> <li>Kahului Harbor</li> <li>Hana</li> <li>Kipahuhu</li> <li>Molokini</li> <li>Makena</li> <li>Wailuku</li> </ul> </div>
6645Cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Kauai by White.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1931
Pictorial map of the island of Kauai in Hawaii Polynesia
White, Ruth Taylor
$250.00White--Ruth-TaylorPictorial-map-of-the-island-of-Kauai-in-Hawaii-PolynesiaFine lithographed cartograph or pictorial map of the Polynesian island of Kauai, Hawaii by Ruth Taylor White. In 1931 White produced four maps of individual islands for the Hawaii Tourist Bureau: Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and one map of the entire Hawaiian Island chain. Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. <br><br> Locations and activities that White featured in her map of the Island of Kauai include:" <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Barking Sands</li> <li>Napali Coast</li> <li>Hanalei Beach</li> <li>Moloaa</li> <li>Nawiliwili Harbor</li> <li>Port Allen</li> <li>Ruins of Russian Port</li> <li>Waimea</li> </ul> </div>
6646Cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Hawaii by White.DetailsWhite, Ruth Taylor1931
Pictorial map of the Island of Hawaii
White, Ruth Taylor
$200.00White--Ruth-TaylorPictorial-map-of-the-Island-of-HawaiiFine lithographed cartograph or pictorial map of the island of Hawaii by Ruth Taylor White. In 1931 White produced four maps of individual islands for the Hawaii Tourist Bureau: Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and one map of the entire Hawaiian Island chain. Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. <br><br> Locations and features that White featured in her map of Hawaii include:" <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Mauna Kea</li> <li>Mauna Loa</li> <li>Kilauea</li> <li>Hilo</li> <li>Kealakekua Bay</li> <li>Kailua</li> <li>Upolu Point</li> <li>Hookena</li> <li>Hoopuloa</li> </ul> </div>
6607Little America Aviation and Exploration Club Map by Noville, 1933.DetailsNoville, George O.1933
Antarctic Little America Aviation and Exploration Club Map
Noville, George O.
$860.00Noville--George-O-Antarctic-Little-America-Aviation-and-Exploration-Club-MapApparently scarce polar map of Antarctica created and copyrighted by George O. Noville and published by the Tide Water Oil Company in 1933. Little America was a series of Antarctic exploration bases from 1929 to 1958, founded by Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Little America I and II were located south of the Bay of Whales on the Ross Ice Shelf. <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "… promotional map was issued with the claim that was used exclusively by Byrd on both his Antarctic Expeditions. Members of the Little America Aviation and Exploration Club received reports on expeditions, so that they could plot their progress on the map. Only the known, explored parts of the continent are depicted. Shaded areas indicate land permanently covered by ice and snow while white areas indicate unexplored land." (1) </div> <br> No sales of this map are recorded in AMPR and only two institutional holdings are noted in WorldCat. <br><br> George Otto Noville (1890-1963), winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross, was an aviation pioneer who served with Admiral Byrd during Byrd's first and second expeditions to Antarctica. <br><br> (1) Online. Accessed 1/23.
6598Pictorial map for Denver and Rio Grande Western RR.DetailsDietemann, C.A.1934
Scarce Pictorial Map Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
Dietemann, C.A.
$250.00Dietemann--C-A-Scarce-Pictorial-Map-Denver-and-Rio-Grande-Western-RailroadC. A. Dietemann's scare pictorial map: Denver and Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) Railroad Scenic Line of the World spans four panels of a six-panel promotional brochure for the railroad featuring the Royal Gorge Route and the James Peak Route with the Moffat Tunnel, cutting through the Continental Divide. The map, dating from the mid 1930's features a wide expanse of the west including portions of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. From Salt Lake City to Denver, this fine map of routes for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad entices the viewer to visit some of the West's greatest attractions including Mesa Verde National Park, Pikes Peak, Santa Fe, and Rocky Mountain National Park. <br><br> Dietemann's pictograms on this lithographed pictorial map feature numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, tennis, skiing, hunting, tobogganing, and fishing. <br><br> The D&RGW entered bankruptcy in 1935 and was not able to emerge from that status until 1947. <br><br> Only five holdings od Dietmann's pictorial map are found in WorldCat. No copies appear for sale on the market at this moment (01/23).
6589Pictorial map Of Kabetogama Lake, Minnesota by AntoncichDetailsW. A. Fisher Company1936
Pictorial map of Kabetogama Lake Minnesota
W. A. Fisher Company
$325.00W--A--Fisher-CompanyPictorial-map-of-Kabetogama-Lake-MinnesotaScarce original pictorial map of Kabetogama Lake, Minnesota. Kabetogama means "rough waters" in Chippewa. Created by Frank M. Antoncich. Published by the W. A. Fisher Company, Virginia, Minnesota. Date of 1936 from the example in the Rumsey Collection. Price when issued was 25 cents. <br><br> Along with and cute cartographs including bears and Native Americans the map is filled with useful navigational information and historical facts. Portages, trails and roads are laid out. Many canoes. <br><br> Notes and observations about the area include:<br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>an "Indian Village",</li> <li>"Funeral Island Burial Ground"</li> <li>the "Yates Resort",</li> <li>"Mrs. McCaw- first white woman and homestead here",</li> <li>"Good duck hunting", and</li> <li>"Impassable in low water".</li> </ul> </div>
6595Hayden tourists map Olancha to Sierraville.DetailsHayden, Walter Emmet1939
Olancha to Sierraville tourists driving map Bullocks advertisement
Hayden, Walter Emmet
$275.00Hayden--Walter-EmmetOlancha-to-Sierraville-tourists-driving-map-Bullocks-advertisement1939 Two-sided black and white edition of the Hayden Map Company's Olancha to Sierraville tourist's auto map sponsored in part by Bullock's Sporting Goods. Interesting inset large-scale detailed maps of the Reno, Nevada Business District, Bridgeport Business District, Leevining Business District, and a very unusual inset circular 360 degree mileage chart of points south and east of Tahoe City. Includes Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Reno. <br><br> Map # 825419. Copyright 1939. No price. <br><br> Inset small-scale context map of California. <br><br>
6637Larter's historical pictorial map of the Lake Champlain area, 1939.DetailsLarter, H.C. Jr.1939
Pictorial Map of the Lake Champlain Region by Larter
Larter, H.C. Jr.
$80.00Larter--H-C--Jr-Pictorial-Map-of-the-Lake-Champlain-Region-by-LarterAn historical pictorial map of the Lake Champlain area surrounded on three sides by vignettes of historical events in the region. Four panels of an 8-panel brochure on Lake Champlain Bridges, specifically the Rouse's Point Bridge and the Lake Champlain Bridge. Published in 1939 by the States of New York and Vermont, Lake Champlain Bridge Commission, Crown Point, N.Y. The New York World's Fair was held in 1939 as well. <br><br> Verso with an eight-panel traditional driver's road map of the wider area extending from Boston at lower right to Ottawa at upper left. Printed by The National Survey, Chester, Vermont. National Survey published maps from 1912 until 2000 when they were acquired by Universal Map.
6614Detailed map of the Harbor of San Francisco, California 1940.DetailsSan Francisco Harbor Commission Board1940
Detailed Map of San Francisco Waterfront 1940
San Francisco Harbor Commission Board
$650.00San-Francisco-Harbor-Commission-BoardDetailed-Map-of-San-Francisco-Waterfront-1940A 55 inch long detailed planning map of the Harbor of San Francisco, California dated 1940. Produced by the Board of State Harbor Commissioners for San Francisco Harbor, Frank White, Chief Engineer. Rare. <div><img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6614/SC_6614_title_detail.jpg" alt="Close-up detail from the title of the Map of the Waterfront of San Francisco 1940 by SF Harbor Commissioners" width="300" align="center" style="margin: 20px 0px 20px 20px"/> </div> Documents harbor development in 1940 in minute detail. Coverage sweeps along San Francisco Bay from the South Basin westward and then northward past the Aquatic Park and Fort Mason. Delineates the extent of both the pier head line and the waterfront line. Details each wharf and shows measurements of every space along the waterfront with pier lengths and pier slip widths as well as the very extensive railroad yards and rail lines connected to each dock. Most of these railroad tracks do not exist today.<div><img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6614/SC_6614_wharf_detail.jpg" alt="Close-up detail of the waterfront piers near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, California in 1940." width="300" align="center" style="margin: 20px 0px 20px 20px"/> </div> Photo-lithograph on a 55" long rolled sheet of thin translucent paper.
6579Pictorial map of Portland, Maine by Maine artist Roger L. DeeringDetailsDeering, Roger L.1941
Unrecorded pictorial map Portland Maine by Maine artist Roger Deering
Deering, Roger L.
$575.00Deering--Roger-L-Unrecorded-pictorial-map-Portland-Maine-by-Maine-artist-Roger-DeeringUnrecorded pictorial map of Portland, Maine copyrighted in 1941 by Maine artist Roger Deering. <br><br> Roger L. Deering (1904-1980) is best known for his paintings of Maine and is credited with creation of a series of small black and white prints for the Maine Bonding and Casualty Company of Portland, Maine. <br><br> Tri-fold brochure. Recto with text and black and white images explaining why the reader should "Make your headquarters in Portland". No reference found anywhere to "Playground Metropolis."
6591Hayden Fisherman's Paradise map for Mono County, CaliforniaDetailsHayden, Walter Emmet1941
Mono County Hayden Fishermans Paradise Map 1941
Hayden, Walter Emmet
$400.00Hayden--Walter-EmmetMono-County-Hayden-Fishermans-Paradise-Map-1941Early, scarce, 1941 edition of the Hayden Map Company's Fisherman's Paradise map for Mono County, California. Map # 818415. South oriented at upper left. Copyright 1941. Verso blank. <br><br> Shows numerous and substantial advertiser differences from the 1952/1955 edition at the Rumsey Map Collection and several topographic and road changes including but not limited to: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Lake Crowley covers a greater area in the 1941 edition, with the eastern portion of the lake extending past Chalk Bluff. Global warming? </li> <li>In the 1955 edition Hayden extended map coverage to the northwest by approximately 4 miles and included Saddlebag Lake, perhaps to make room for additional advertisements.</li> <li>The 1955 edition shows a new road linking U.S. 395 in the vicinity of Birchim Canyon to a feeder road and following the Owens River Road.</li> <li>The 1955 edition no longer shows the road from rock creek Lake as extending along the Little Lakes Valley all the way to Lang Lake</li> <li>In the 1955 edition upper right contains a price for the map of 25 cents, the price not included in the earlier edition.</li> </ul> </div>
6597Cyanotype map of the 1865 route of Confederate General Jefferson DavisDetailsMcClelland S.W. Kincaid R.L. et al1941
Cyanotype (blueprint) map of the Route of Jefferson Davis in Spring 1865
McClelland S.W. Kincaid R.L. et al
$200.00McClelland-S-W--Kincaid-R-L--et-alCyanotype-(blueprint)-map-of-the-Route-of-Jefferson-Davis-in-Spring-1865Unrecorded and interesting cyanotype map of the route of Confederate General Jefferson Davis as he fled south after the Civil War from Charlotte, North Carolina to the city of Irwinville, Georgia where he hoped to escape to a foreign country. The map shows key rivers crossed and locations where Jefferson Davis stopped along the route. <br><br> Creators were Dr. S.W. McClelland, Dr. R.L. Kincaid, Dr. J.M. Nicholson, and C.P. Williams in August. 1941. This blueprint map is yet another scarce example of how an early photographic reproduction technology allowed individuals to disseminate their own unique works, bypassing traditional publishing technologies and institutions.
6638Pictorial map of the Southwest USA.DetailsG.M. Hopkins Co.1941
Pictorial Map of the Southwest United States
G.M. Hopkins Co.
$75.00G-M--Hopkins-Co-Pictorial-Map-of-the-Southwest-United-StatesA fine decorative pictorial map of the United States Southwest that plays to many of the stereotypes of the era for that region. One interesting feature near the center of Texas is a depiction of an airplane taking off from "West Point of The Air". West Point of The Air was the name of a 1935 American movie about pilot training at Randolph Field, about 15 miles northeast of San Antonio, Texas. Between October 1931 and March 1935, more than 2,000 candidates reported for pilot training at Randolph Field. <br><br> At upper right an inset "Transportation Map of the Picturesque Southwest. With legend showing routes used by aircraft, railroads, and automobile. <br><br> Anonymous author, but signed illegibly in the plate at bottom right. <br><br> Published in Picturesque Southwest by Picturesque Publications, November, 1941.
6613Pictorial map of Great Britain's many resources from 1942.DetailsBritish Information Services1942
Pictorial WWII era propaganda map Great Britain Natural and Industrial Resources
British Information Services
$2,500.00British-Information-ServicesPictorial-WWII-era-propaganda-map-Great-Britain-Natural-and-Industrial-ResourcesLarge, lithographed poster-sized map: "Great Britain Her Natural & Industrial Resources" published circa 1942, during WWII, by British Information Services. On the verso a printed statement: "Printed in Great Britain." Scarce on the market and quite nicely executed. <br><br> At bottom right the attribution reads: "Distributed by British Information Services, an agency of the British Government, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City." British Information Services was formed in 1941 as an office of the British Government with the goal to promote Britain's interests in the United States. Prior to December 1941 the United States had not formally entered into the war in Europe and this map poster was part of the propaganda Britain employed to sway U.S. opinion to its side.
6622Thematic map population density statistics of the world by Sundberg.DetailsSundberg, Edwin L.1944
Thematic Map of the World's population WWII era
Sundberg, Edwin L.
$125.00Sundberg--Edwin-L-Thematic-Map-of-the-World-s-population-WWII-eraWWII-era thematic Coloroto (1) or color rotogravure map by Edwin Sundberg presenting statistics on the relative population density of the world's nations in 1944. <br><br> (1) Coloroto is a trade name for a rotogravure used to print multiple colors. According to Google a rotogravure printing system uses a rotary press with <b>intaglio cylinders</b>, typically running at high speed and used for long print runs of magazines and stamps. (Google Oxford languages dictionary. Online). <br><br>
6565Mid-century pictorial map of Taos, New Mexico by Ward Lockwood.DetailsLockwood, Ward1945
Scarce pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood
Lockwood, Ward
$325.00Lockwood--WardScarce-pictorial-map-of-Taos-New-Mexico-by-Ward-LockwoodScarce mid-century pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood. This fine, humorous map of Taos comprises three panels in a folding brochure issued by the Taos Chamber of Commerce circa 1945. <br></br> <div class="indenttextblock"> <img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6565/SC_6565_Title.jpg" alt="Pictorial map of Taos New Mexico by Ward Lockwood, 1945" width="300" align="left" style="margin: 0px 20px"> </div> <br></br> Taos artist Ward Lockwood (1894-1963) attended the University of Kansas. Based in Taos (NM), Lockwood taught at the University of Texas (1938-49) and UC Berkeley (1949-61).
6620Middle East map highlighting the Arab League by Sundberg.DetailsSundberg, Edwin L.1946
Colorful Scarce Coloroto Map Arab League Nations Middle East
Sundberg, Edwin L.
$250.00Sundberg--Edwin-L-Colorful-Scarce-Coloroto-Map-Arab-League-Nations-Middle-EastColorful "Coloroto" rotogravure (1) map of the Middle East post WWII highlighting the Arab League member nations and prospective nations. Shows the seven nations that comprised the Arab League in July, 1946: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon. <br><br> Formed March, 1945, the Arab League's purpose was "… draw closer the relations between member states and co-ordinate collaboration between them, to safeguard their independence and sovereignty, and to consider in a general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries". (1) <br><br> (1) Coloroto is a trade name for a rotogravure used to print multiple colors. According to Google a rotogravure printing system uses a rotary press with <b>intaglio cylinders</b>, typically running at high speed and used for long print runs of magazines and stamps. (Google Oxford languages dictionary. Online). <br> <br> (2) Pact of the League of Arab States, 22 March 1945. The Avalon Project. Yale Law School. 1998. <br><br>
6621Map of India referred to a "Britain's Problem Child".DetailsSundberg, Edwin L.1946
India Britains Problem Child Pictorial Coloroto map
Sundberg, Edwin L.
$250.00Sundberg--Edwin-L-India-Britains-Problem-Child-Pictorial-Coloroto-mapPost-WWII pictorial Coloroto (1) or color rotogravure map with India referred to a "Britain's Problem Child", reflecting Britain's colonial presence in India in July, 1946. A legend lists numerous exported products with icons for each including jute, coconut, manganese, copper, linseed, and rubber. Inset map at left shows trade routes from Britain to India via the Suez Canal with British colonies colored in red. Inset pictorial bar chart at right shows the comparative population for each religion in India. <br><br> (1) Coloroto is a trade name for a rotogravure used to print multiple colors. According to Google a rotogravure printing system uses a rotary press with <b>intaglio cylinders</b>, typically running at high speed and used for long print runs of magazines and stamps. (Google Oxford languages dictionary. Online). <br><br>
6567Pictorial advertising map of Hollywood, LA, by Castle's Camera Store.DetailsAnonymous1949
Castles Inc. map of Hollywood and Los Angeles
$750.00AnonymousCastles-Inc--map-of-Hollywood-and-Los-AngelesClean, single-sided pictorial advertising map of Hollywood and the surrounding area circa 1948 published by Castle's Camera Store, 1529 Vine Street, Hollywood 28, California. Scarce. Price when issued 5 cents. <br></br> Castle's Camera Store operated from a small storefront across from the streamline-moderne style NBC Radio City office and studios at the corner of Sunset and Vine streets. <br></br> <div> <img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6567/Castles Camera Shop.jpg" alt="Castle's Camera Store Hollywood Storefront" width="300" align="left" style="margin: 0px 20px"/> Karl Breneman was brother to radio personality Tom Breneman who operated Tom Breneman's restaurant from a location at 1525 North Vine Street, a few doors from brother Karl's Castle's Camera Shop. <br></br> Key landmarks on the map include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Don Lee Mutual Broadcasting Studios (1313 North Vine Street opened August 1948)</li> <li>Beverly Hills</li> <li>Republic Studios</li> <li>Grauman's Egyptian Theater</li> <li>Hollywood Ball Park</li> <li>a television studio</li> <li>Earl Carrol's</li> <li>Santa Monica, Ocean Park, and Venice piers</li> <li>American Legion Stadium</li> </ul> </div>
6556Pictorial map of the New Orleans area for Bayou Gardens.DetailsAnonymous1952
Pictorial map New Orleans area near Bayou Gardens Lacombe Louisiana
$150.00AnonymousPictorial-map-New-Orleans-area-near-Bayou-Gardens-Lacombe-LouisianaPictorial map (1952) of the New Orleans area to promote the Bayou Gardens attraction in Lacombe, Louisiana. The map spans the back two panels of a promotional brochure titled: "Bayou Gardens Lacombe, La. Beauty Spot of the Bayou Country." <br><br> Bayou Gardens was a 25-acre gardening attraction located north of New Orleans between Mandeville and Slidell. Bayou Gardens was founded in the late 1940's by convicted felon and former Louisiana Governor Richard W. Leche (1898-1965). In addition to a commercial nursery, swimming pool and a museum, according to the brochure "The Gardens contain one of the nation's outstanding Camelia collections, numbering hundreds of varieties." <br><br> Two-panel folding brochure with text on the recto.
6592Hayden Fisherman's map Topaz Lake area, California.DetailsHayden, Walter Emmet1952
West Walker River Topaz Lake Directory Fishing Hunting Map 1952
Hayden, Walter Emmet
$350.00Hayden--Walter-EmmetWest-Walker-River-Topaz-Lake-Directory-Fishing-Hunting-Map-19521959 revised edition of the Hayden Map Company's Hunter's and Fisherman's map for the Topaz Lake / West Walker River area of Mono County, California. Map # 598141. Copyright 1952. Verso blank. <br><br> Very fine detail, printed in blue, ink based on surveys from 1923 to 1952. <br><br> Scarce today. Price was 50 cents when issued. <br></br>
6594Hayden Fisherman's map Northern Mono County with Bridgeport, CADetailsHayden, Walter Emmet1954
Northern Mono County Bridgeport Fishing Hunting Map
Hayden, Walter Emmet
$350.00Hayden--Walter-EmmetNorthern-Mono-County-Bridgeport-Fishing-Hunting-Map1954 edition of the Hayden Map Company's Hunter's and Fisherman's Map and Resort Directory of Northern Mono County with Bridgeport, California. Map # 1162954. Copyright 1954. Verso blank. No price. <br><br> Inset small-scale context map of California. North oriented to bottom.
6564Cartograph or pictorial map of Sonoma County, California by McCarty.DetailsMcCarty, Lea1955
Scarce pictorial map of Sonoma County
McCarty, Lea
$350.00McCarty--LeaScarce-pictorial-map-of-Sonoma-CountyFun, activity-oriented cartograph or pictorial map of Sonoma County, California by artist Lea McCarty. From a folding brochure "Fascinating Sonoma County in California's Redwood Empire Wonderland" issued in 1955 by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and Associated Chambers of Commerce of Sonoma Valley Inset context map withing a colorful compass rose shows Sonoma County in relationship to San Francisco and other nearby counties in California. <br></br> Coverage on this amusing map of Sonoma County includes portions of the surrounding counties: Napa County, Mendocino County and Marin County as well as numerous Sonoma County highlights to include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Bodega Bay</li> <li>Bohemian Grove</li> <li>Stewarts Point</li> <li>Healdsburg</li> <li>Digger Indian Reservation</li> <li>Petrified Forest</li> <li>Burbank Gardens, and</li> <li>Petaluma</li> </ul> </div>
4962Birds-eye view map of the Salt River Project, near Phoenix, AZ.DetailsHayden, T.A.1959
Huge Unrecorded Map of the Salt River Project Phoenix Arizona
Hayden, T.A.
$2,500.00Hayden--T-A-Huge-Unrecorded-Map-of-the-Salt-River-Project-Phoenix-ArizonaLarge, very rare map of the first Federal hydroelectric energy project, updated to show hydrological improvements and issued revised 8-7-1959. An untitled birds-eye view map of the Salt River Project by T.A. Hayden, centered near Phoenix, Arizona. Similar to, but covering a larger area, than a small format map of the region by Hayden from 1934, now housed at Arizona State University. <br><br> Blue-line print hand-colored and enhanced with small red paste-on stickers and larger, manuscript lettering for cities. Shows the rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, and canals . Particular interest is indicated for reservoirs and canals as they have been hand colored in white and bright blue respectively. <br></br> The beginning of federal production of electric power occurred on the Salt River Project when Congress, in 1906, authorized the Reclamation Service to develop and sell hydroelectric power from the project. The map is significant because it was updated in 1959 when the original name "Salt River Dam #1" was changed to the name in use today: Roosevelt Dam. <br></br> Coverage is bound to the west by Gila Bend and to the east by Superior, AZ. Northern coverage ends above Prescott, Arizona, and to the south the map extends as far as Casa Grande. <br></br> The map has an interesting orientation with North oriented about 35 degrees to the left and that with the birdseye perspective, the large size, and the township and range grid of the Public Lands Survey System all give the map a commanding appearance. <br></br> In the 1930's T.A. Hayden was the Chief Assistant Engineer with the Salt River Valley Water User's Association, Phoenix. Copyrighted 1932 and Revised 1934 by T.A. Hayden. Final revision 1959. Phoenix, Arizona.
6585Menu from Mama Leone's restaurant in New York City ca 1960.DetailsMama Leone1960
Large menu for Mama Leone's Restaurant in NYC
Mama Leone
$225.00Mama-LeoneLarge-menu-for-Mama-Leone-s-Restaurant-in-NYCLarge original menu from Mama Leone's restaurant in New York City circa 1960. Colorful pictorial map of Italy at center at center divided into administrative regions with each region promoting one or more of Mama Leone's wine offerings, for example Frecciarossa, Brachetto, Lambrusco, or Verdiccio or another of the available wines. Mama Leone's restaurant closed in 1994. <br><br> Inset photo of Mama Leone at top right.
6593Hayden Fisherman's map June Lake Lee Vining , California.DetailsHayden, Walter Emmet1960
June Lake Lee Vining Directory Map Fishing Hunting Map
Hayden, Walter Emmet
$160.00Hayden--Walter-EmmetJune-Lake-Lee-Vining-Directory-Map-Fishing-Hunting-Map1960 revised edition of the Hayden Map Company's Hunter's and Fisherman's map for the June Lake / Lee Vining area of Mono and Inyo Counties, California. Map # 61912. Copyright 1952. Verso blank. Shows a <br><br> Price was 50 cents when issued. Printed in bright blue ink. <br><br> Inset small-scale context map of California.
6596Pirate themed pictorial map of south Georgia Coast.DetailsBrunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce1963
Treasure Map Brunswick and Golden Isles Georgia
Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce
$120.00Brunswick-Golden-Isles-Chamber-of-CommerceTreasure-Map-Brunswick-and-Golden-Isles-GeorgiaYe Olde Treasure Map Brunswick and the Golden Isles of Georgia is a fact-filled pirate-themed pictorial map of Brunswick and the Golden Isles of Georgia. Includes Jekyll Island, Saint Simons Island, and Sea Island. At right, an inset large-scale context map of the United States East Coast.
6618Old-west style pictorial map of the Permian Basin by Bill Holm.DetailsHolm, Bill1965
Old West style pictorial map of the Permian Basin Texas New Mexico
Holm, Bill
$350.00Holm--BillOld-West-style-pictorial-map-of-the-Permian-Basin-Texas-New-MexicoVery scarce old-west style pictorial map of the Permian Basin region complete with Native Americans, buffalo, forts, cowboys, and scenic mesas. Created by Bill Holm. <br><br> The map is centered on Odessa, Texas. Covers the Permian Basin area in Texas and New Mexico, showing cities, towns, highways, Indians, roads, and trails. Legend at right includes the California Trail, overland stage trails, and the Comanche war trail. <br><br> Towns and features include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Big Spring, buffalo hunters camp</li> <li>Fort Lancaster</li> <li>Midland</li> <li>Fort Stockton</li> <li>the McDonald Observatory</li> <li>Guadalupe Peak</li> <li>Carlsberg Caverns State Park</li> <li>The Llano Estacado</li> <li>Castle Gap</li> </ul> </div> Compiled by the Tourist Committee of the Permian Basic Chamber of Commerce and created by Bill Holm. Copyrighted by Holm and West Texas Office Supply circa 1965 (Interstate 20, or I20, is not shown). <br><br> The pictorial map is found on the verso of an eight-panel folding brochure titled "Ride the Permian Basin, The Official Guided of the History Lands of the Southwest. Price when issued 25 cents.
6612Historic-pictorial map of Charleston, S.C. by Marie Fenner, 1967.DetailsFenner, Marie1967
Rare 1960's Pictorial Map of Charleston South Carolina Queen City
Fenner, Marie
$695.00Fenner--MarieRare-1960-s-Pictorial-Map-of-Charleston-South-Carolina-Queen-CityRare, overlooked 1967 original historic-pictorial map of Charleston, S.C. by artist Marie Fenner, Olde South Galleries, Charleston, South Carolina. Of the six historic-pictorial maps of South Carolina towns that are attributed to Fenner, this item (1967) is the earliest. <br><br> A tourist-oriented map of Charleston, the Queen City, full of sketches of local architecture and interesting details of the city. The map's border is surrounded with drawings of local and regional historical scenes including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Willtown Bluff- Edisto Island c. 1807</li> <li>Seed from Madagascar, Carolina Rice Paddies - 1680</li> <li>Charles Town - The Port City - c. 1800</li> <li>The Old Citadel- Charleston's Arsenal</li> <li>Arming the Hunley Submarine February 17, 1864</li> <li>Volunteer Firefighters Organized 1736</li> <li>Charleston Museum Organized 1773</li> <li>Lining House - First Weather Observatory 1738</li> </ul> </div> Only one copy is found online, in WorldCat, at the University of South Carolina, Columbia SC. <br><br> Copyright 1967 by Old South Galleries. 2nd printing. This second printing ca. 1967 adds the Gallery's Charleston address next to the copyright date at bottom left: 64 Society Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401. The address is absent in the 1st printing copy held by the University of South Carolina. <br><br> Created by offset lithography in 1967 using the halftone process (1). Bottom right corner: Charleston Lithographing Co. On 20th century laid paper with an illegible watermark. Verso is blank <br><br>
6632Historic-pictorial map of Savannah, Georgia by Marie Fenner, 1968.DetailsFenner, Marie1968
Rare 1968 Savannah, Georgia Sovereign City Pictorial Map by Marie Fenner
Fenner, Marie
$695.00Fenner--MarieRare-1968-Savannah--Georgia-Sovereign-City-Pictorial-Map-by-Marie-FennerAn attractive, tourist-oriented historic-pictorial map of Savannah, Georgia full of sketches of local architecture and interesting details of the city. At top center Fenner has drawn an image of James Edward Oglethorpe, the first Governor of Georgia. <br><br> As with other maps Fenner created in the late 1960's the map's border is surrounded with drawings of local and regional historical scenes including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Fort Pulaski</li> <li>Tybee Light- 18th Century</li> <li>Cathedral of St. John the Baptist</li> <li>Forsyth Park</li> <li>The City Hall- Griffin Park</li> <li>Davenport House</li> <li>Monterey Square- General Pulaski Monument</li> <li>Fort Jackson, and Fort Wayne</li> </ul> </div> Only one copy is found online, in WorldCat, at the University of South Carolina, Columbia SC. <br><br> Copyright 1968 by Old South Galleries. <br><br> Printed in 1968 using the halftone process (1). Bottom right corner: Charleston Lithographing Co. On 20th century laid paper with an illegible watermark. Verso is blank
6631Historic-pictorial map of Columbia, S.C. by Marie Fenner, 1969.DetailsFenner, Marie1969
Original Pictorial Map of Columbia SC Beautiful Capital City by Fenner
Fenner, Marie
$595.00Fenner--MarieOriginal-Pictorial-Map-of-Columbia-SC-Beautiful-Capital-City-by-FennerNow virtually unobtainable historic-pictorial map of Columbia, South Carolina "surveyed and delineated by Marie Fenner in 1968-69 A.D.". Olde South Galleries. The map's border is surrounded with drawings of local Columbia and regional South Carolina historical scenes including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Confederate printing plant 1864</li> <li>Palmetto Armory and Iron Works - 1850</li> <li>Ainsley Hall Mansion</li> <li>The Fisher-Bachman House</li> <li>The Horry-Guinard House 1818</li> <li>The Governor's House</li> </ul> </div> Only one copy of Fenner's Historic Savannah found online, in WorldCat, at the University of South Carolina, Columbia SC. No sales recorded in AMPR. <br><br> Copyright 1969 by Old South Galleries. 1st Printing. <br><br> Created by offset lithography in 1969 using the halftone process (1). On 20th century laid paper. Verso is blank
6635Pictorial map for Alaska Flight Planning 1969 pub. Plan-a-Flight.DetailsLee, Eric and George Crowe1969
Alaska Pictorial Flight Planning Map Published by Plan-a-Flight Pub
Lee, Eric and George Crowe
$625.00Lee--Eric-and-George-CroweAlaska-Pictorial-Flight-Planning-Map-Published-by-Plan-a-Flight-PubA very scarce original pictorial flight planning map for Alaska bush pilots complete with point-to-point routes, radio frequency and call sign for each airport. Compiled and Drawn by Eric Lee and George Crowe. Not in WorldCat or elsewhere online. <br><br> The area outside the route planning map is filled with sketches of aircraft and notes about early Alaskan bush pilots who flew them and their achievements in Alaska aviation history. <br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Lockheed Vega - Wilkins and Eielson - First trans-polar flight - 1928 </li> <li>Fairchild - "Glacier Pilot" Bob Reeves</li> <li>de Haviland - Ben Eielson - First airmail flight in Alaska - 1924</li> <li>Cessna 180</li> <li>Piper Super Club</li> <li>"Jenny" - First flight- Fairbanks - 1923</li> <li>Standard (Hisso Powered) - Noel Wain- first to cross the Arctic Circle and land on the north side of Alaska - 1925</li> </ul> </div> This "Alaska Flight Planning Map" was published in 1969 by Plan-a-Flight Publishing. In 1968 Plan-a-Flight published a book- "Plan-a-Flight to Alaska- a complete flight guide book to the Alaska Highway." with a fold-out sequence map of airports and emergency airstrips along the Alaska Highway route. There are several institutions that hold the Plan-a-Flight guide book, while no holdings of this Alaska Flight Planning Map are found anywhere on the Internet. <br><br> Verso with a suggested survival equipment list, organized by season; mountain flying rules; and more than three dozen airport diagrams.
66051974 poster titled Astrology and Black People, Berkeley, CA.DetailsBlack Star Liberation Press1974
Astrology and Black People Zodiacal Chart
Black Star Liberation Press
$695.00Black-Star-Liberation-PressAstrology-and-Black-People-Zodiacal-ChartUnrecorded, a bit strange and highly unusual astrological or horoscope poster: "Astrology and Black People" an apparently self-published poster from Berkeley, California in 1974. <div><img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6605/SC_6605_detail.jpg" alt="Title cartouche details for 1974 Astrology and Black People zodiacal chart published by Black Star Liberation Press" width="300" align="center" style="margin: 20px 20px 20px"/> </div> The creator's faces, names, astrological sign, and role appear at bottom center in a far-out UFO-style title cartouche: Reggie, layout; Gypsie, astrologer; Detroit, artist; Wayne, details; and Jason, ideas. Black Studies interest. <br><br> Published and copyrighted 1974 by Black Star Liberation Press, P.O. Box 3215 Berkeley, California. Verso is blank.
6609Sketched map of the New Hampshire Seacoast region 1974.DetailsNillson, Bob1974
Map of East New Hampshire Seacoast with Pictorial Scenes of Activities
Nillson, Bob
$375.00Nillson--BobMap-of-East-New-Hampshire-Seacoast-with-Pictorial-Scenes-of-ActivitiesWindow on the Seacoast the Publick Occurrences Guide to Activities in the New Hampshire Seacoast. An attractive sketched map of the New Hampshire Seacoast region surrounded by smaller sketches of local New Hampshire Seacoast attractions and activities. These include Prescott Park, New Castle, Fuller Gardens, Isle of Shoals, apple orchards, Kingston, Adams Point, UNH, and Route 125. <br><br> Copyrighted, conceived, and created by well-known New Hampshire artist, cartoonist, and teacher- Bob Nilson in 1974. Nilson is best known for his two-handed ambidextrous drawing method and, since the 1990's, for his caricature sketches of local Seacoast bands and performers. Here we have one of Nilson's earlier works, probably based on architectural and landscape sketches he submitted to the Portsmouth Herald for a section: Seacoast Sketchbook. (1) <br><br> (1) Online. Accessed 1/23.
6627Official Souvenir Map of Treasure Island Florida from 1992 by Banana.DetailsBanana, Joe1992
Official Souvenir Map of Treasure Island Florida Pictorial
Banana, Joe
$350.00Banana--JoeOfficial-Souvenir-Map-of-Treasure-Island-Florida-PictorialTourist-oriented pictorial map of coastal Treasure Island, Florida titled "Official Souvenir Map of Treasure Island Florida". Published 1992. Copyright 1993 by Joe Banana Enterprises. <br><br> An advertising-supported map designed and illustrated entirely by Joe Banana. Margins include text describing the Treasure Island area with statistics, information about the beaches and the educational institution Admiral Farragut Academy (AFA), a preparatory and boarding school. Among the facts in the margins is a statement that the map took Banana over 300 hours to draw and color.
6590Unpublished MS maps for a fantasy novel by Cheryl Roma.DetailsRoma, Cheryl L.2004
Maps and notes for an unpublished fantasy novel The Fires of Truth
Roma, Cheryl L.
$450.00Roma--Cheryl-L-Maps-and-notes-for-an-unpublished-fantasy-novel-The-Fires-of-TruthLike a map we sold a few years ago, <a href="" target="_blank">A New Map of the World</a> by Andrew Zingg , some map creators are driven to lay down their vision of a world that existed only in their imagination. Such are the manuscript maps in the notebooks of author Cheryl L. Roma who labored for three years to write "The Fires of Truth." <br><br> While the fate of the unpublished manuscript for Roma's novel "The Fires of Truth" is unknown we are pleased to offer two small bound notebooks that contain manuscript maps for the imaginary world she conceived. Apparently written ca. 2001-2004, the maps are part of two notebooks (Book of the Ancient World and Book of the New Kingdom) that contain research notes on real-world topics such as military formations and terminology, folk healing and folk food, and the structure and organization of royal courts. <br><br> The bulk of the notebooks contain historical timelines and numerous details Roma would have used to structure the plot of the book which seems to have had religious overtones. These include a sketch of the Palace of Seven Hills, a table of distances between locations, larger scale maps of Heden's Meadow, Woodburn, Erland's Point, and Amber Hill.