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5123DetailsMiami Beach Casino 
Scarce birds eye view of Miami Beach
Miami Beach Casino
$375.00Miami-Beach-CasinoScarce-birds-eye-view-of-Miami-BeachTwo bird's-eye views (airplane views) of Miami Beach on a single folding sheet: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>An airplane view of Miami Beach showing its relation to the adjacent Florida Keys and the mainland. </li> <li>Miami Beach from an airplane with the Gulf Stream in the distance Belle Isle and Star Island in the foreground.</li> <ul> </div> The views were produced by Meinzinger Studios, Detroit, Michigan. From a promotional booklet by the Miami Beach Casino titled "America's Winter Playground: Mid-winter life at Miami Beach- Miami's ocean front. On the larger view biplanes circle Miami Beach as numerous steamers make their way inbound through the channel. </br></br> Advertising copy could not possibly be more favorable to the area. For example: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Children develop robust physiques and vigorous mentality at Miami Beach because of the ideally equable climate and a constant call to play in the ocean; and cases of illness are almost unknown." </div>
5131Antique engraving of a battle at Antwerp for the Black Galley.DetailsBaudartius, Willem1616
Baudartius, Willem
$150.00Baudartius--WillemHantwerpiaAntique copper-plate engraving of a battle between the Spanish and the Dutch during the 80 Years War. The 15-gun Black Galley of Dordrecht defeated eight Spanish ships on the Schelde / Scheldt river at Antwerp, 29 November 1600. <br></br> Published in Amsterdam by M. Colin de Thovoyon in 1616 in 'Les guerres de Nassau' by Willem Baudartius.
5105Navigation engraving from Gentleman's Recreation by Richard Blome.DetailsBlome, Richard1685
Original Navigation Engraving by Richard Blome
Blome, Richard
$300.00Blome--RichardOriginal-Navigation-Engraving-by-Richard-BlomeFine original copper-plate engraving "Navigation" from Gentleman's Recreation by Richard Blome. This plate, as many others in Blome's encyclopedia, was dedicated to an English nobleman. Show's a 17th century square-rigged sailing vessel with charts, a globe, compass and other navigation instruments. <br></br> Dedicated to George Legge, Baron of Dartmouth, Master General of the Ordnance and many other titles. <br></br> From Blome's "The Gentleman's Recreation. ... An Encyclopedy of the Arts and Sciences ... Horsemanship, Hawking, Hunting, Fowling, Fishing and Agriculture. With a Short Treatise of Cock-Fighting."
5106Fine engraved frontispiece for Collin's Great Britains Coasting Pilot.DetailsCollins, Greenvile1753
Engraved Frontispiece for Great Britains Coasting Pilot
Collins, Greenvile
$350.00Collins--GreenvileEngraved-Frontispiece-for-Great-Britains-Coasting-PilotFine original engraved frontispiece for "Great Britains Coasting Pylot being a new survey of the sea coast by Greenvile Collins Hydrographer to His Majesty." With Poseidon, Britannia, sea nymphs, putti, trumpets, navigation instruments, a chart of the U.K. and one trident. Very attractive. <br></br> Sold by William Mount and Thomas Page on Tower Hill, London.
4998Coast Survey charts with tidal information for the east Gulf of MexicoDetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1862
Charts of Cotidalines of Diurnal and Semi-Diurnal Tides East Gulf Mexico
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$180.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyCharts-of-Cotidalines-of-Diurnal-and-Semi-Diurnal-Tides-East-Gulf-MexicoTwo small U.S. Coast Survey charts with tidal information for the eastern Gulf of Mexico. 1862. Includes prominently the state of Florida. Each chart measures 7" x 6" inside the neatline. <br></br> A cotidal line is defined as: "a line on a map connecting points at which a tidal level, especially high tide, occurs simultaneously. " A diurnal tide is characterized by one high water (tide) and one low water (tide) per day. A semidiurnal tidal cycle is a cycle with two nearly equal high tides and low tides every lunar day.
5126Manuscript map of oil fields near Oil City, Pennsylvania.DetailsPomeroy, S.T.1865
Manuscript early map of Pennsylvania Oil Fields
Pomeroy, S.T.
$3,750.00Pomeroy--S-T-Manuscript-early-map-of-Pennsylvania-Oil-FieldsA hand-drawn antique map, a historical cartographic artifact related to the early days of oil production along the Allegheny River in the U.S.A. An unrecorded foundational map for U.S. oil production created by S.T. Pomeroy six years after oil was first commercially produced in Pennsylvania. The main focus of the oil-field map seems to be a series of leases (in yellow) along Pine Run Creek. <br></br> This one-of-a-kind pen and ink manuscript map of oil fields in Pennsylvania was created during a time of great speculative excitement just six years after Edwin L. Drake struck "rock oil" at Titusville, Pennsylvania in Oil Creek Valley in 1859. Drawn by hand by Pomeroy in 1865, near the end of the Civil War, coverage includes lands, leases, wells, and waterways beginning about 8 miles south of Titusville. <br></br> Shows the Allegheny River and Clarion Rivers and the significant tributaries of Oil Creek, Pit Hole Creek, East Sandy Creek, Pine Hill Run, Big Sandy, and Hemlock Creek. With newly developed Oil City, Franklin, and President, Pennsylvania as well as a clear route for the turnpike linking Oil City, Sandy, and Franklin. One well near the confluence of the Allegheny River and East Sandy Creek is shown as producing 250 barrels daily, quite a prolific output in those days. <br></br> The Pomeroy name was somewhat common in Pennsylvania during that time period, but details on the map of islands in the Allegheny River and the wells along the rivers and creek suggest a nautical connection. Pomeroy's Oil Creek Boat Express operated a river-barge, the "Pomeroy Express" along Oil Creek. <br></br> (Sketches in Crude Oil: Some Accidents and Incidents of the Petroleum …)
5093Map of Elizabeth, New Jersey by Ernest L. Meyer from 1871.DetailsMeyer, Ernest L.1871
Unrecorded map of Elizabeth, New Jersey 19th Century
Meyer, Ernest L.
$4,650.00Meyer--Ernest-L-Unrecorded-map-of-Elizabeth--New-Jersey-19th-CenturyUnrecorded map of Elizabeth, New Jersey by Ernest L. Meyer and W.F. Wonneberg from 1871. Single sheet, apparently the bottom half of a two-sheet map. Published two years before an earthquake, in September 1873, caused a panic that led to a recession. Ernest L. Meyer C.E. was City Surveyor for Elizabeth, N.J. <br></br> Not in LOC, WorldCat, or AMPR. Not found online, nor mentioned anywhere. <br></br> Engraved by J. Schedler. No. 60 Fulton Street, N.Y. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1871 by Ernest L. Meyer and W.F. Wonneberg in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington D.C. <br></br> Meyer also published a "Map of Elizabethtown, N.J. at the time of the Revolutionary War"; a smaller "Map of the City of Elizabeth, N.J.", 1856; and with P. Witzel in 1862, the "Topographical Map of Union County, New Jersey". <br></br> Includes two ink stamps: John G. Saurwein, Attorney at Law, Elizabeth, N.J.; and James Vosseller.
5023Sea chart of the entrance to Pensacola Bay published at the AdmiraltyDetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1883
Scarce large Admiralty nautical chart of the Entrance to Pensacola Bay Florida
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$2,500.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeScarce-large-Admiralty-nautical-chart-of-the-Entrance-to-Pensacola-Bay-FloridaScarce large rolled sea chart on heavy paper of the entrance to Pensacola Bay, Florida (after the U.S. Coast Survey 1857) published at the Admiralty on May 30, 1861 under the superintendence of Captain Washington, R.N. Last correction 1883. No folds. <br></br> Not a preliminary chart. Full-size nautical charts on heavy paper of the Entrance to Pensacola Bay are very scarce, whether by the U.S. Coast Survey or the Admiralty. <br></br> Sold by J.D. Potter. Engraved by J & C Walker. Chart number 2820.
5060Map of Nantucket Island 1887 after Reverend F.C. Ewer in 1869.DetailsOld Colony Railroad Company1887
Historical Map of Nantucket Surveyed and Drawn by the Rev. F. C. Ewer. D. D. 1869
Old Colony Railroad Company
$400.00Old-Colony-Railroad-CompanyHistorical-Map-of-Nantucket-Surveyed-and-Drawn-by-the-Rev--F--C--Ewer--D--D--1869Map of Nantucket Island, 1887 after Reverend F.C. Ewer in 1869. Printed on very thin paper with a section of Nantucket Island identified in red as property of the Nantucket Surf Side Land Co. <br></br> Historical Map of Nantucket Surveyed and Drawn by the Rev. F. C. Ewer. D. D. Produced by Old Colony Line "the shortest, quickest, best and only direct route between Boston or New York and Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard." With red ink notations advertising the Nantucket Surf Side Land Company, 46 School Street, Boston, Massachusetts, offering for sale lots for $10 and upwards. <br></br> Contains three columns of historical information about Nantucket, arranged chronologically for the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. Latest entry is for 1886: <div class="indenttextblock"> Cable communication with Nantucket by the U.S. Signal Service. Consolidation of the N. & C. C. Steamboat Company with the N. B., V. & Nant. Steamboat Co. with corporate name "New Bedford, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamboat Company." Steamer Nantucket built by the same Company, and placed upon the route in July. </div>
5094State congress. district maps and population statistics for 1880 & 90.DetailsU.S. Congress1891
Map supplement showing boundaries of congressional districts in 1891
U.S. Congress
$650.00U-S--CongressMap-supplement-showing-boundaries-of-congressional-districts-in-1891Scarce volume of maps and population statistics for 1880 and 1890 published as a supplement to the congressional directory. Maps show counties/parishes and boundaries of congressional districts. <br></br> With exceptions noted below, 43 maps show all the states admitted to the Union as of 1890. The following states are not mapped as they had not been admitted to the Union: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, District of Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii. <br></br> By W.H. Michael, Clerk of Printing Records. Washington. Government Printing Office. 1891. 123 pages.
5014Topographical Map of the Island of Santa Catalina, California.DetailsHealey, Charles T.1893
Scarce map of Catalina Island after Coast Survey
Healey, Charles T.
$375.00Healey--Charles-T-Scarce-map-of-Catalina-Island-after-Coast-SurveyScarce topographical Map of the Island of Santa Catalina in part from the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 1893. Map is glued down to cover. <br></br> Folded on thin paper. Part of a scarce photo brochure "Souvenir of Catalina Island, California ca. 1895. Binding secured by ribbon through two punched holes at left. <br></br> With the route for Wilmington Transportation Company's Steamship Line.
5082Map of the Caribbean Sea for the Atlas Steamship Company.DetailsAtlas Steamship Company1896
Track of the Atlas Line showing the Special Cruises Season 1897 - '98.
Atlas Steamship Company
$90.00Atlas-Steamship-CompanyTrack-of-the-Atlas-Line-showing-the-Special-Cruises-Season-1897----98-Map of the Caribbean Sea for the <b>Atlas Steamship Company</b> showing their special passenger cruises in a six-panel folding brochure "Special Cruises of the Atlas Steamship Company's Mail Steamers to the West Indies & the Spanish Main." <br></br> Ports visited on the Special Cruises included New York; Port Royal, Jamaica; Cartagena, Colombia; Barranquilla (Sabanilla), Colombia; and Port Limon, Costa Rica. The twenty-five day cruise cost on $125. <br></br> With an ink stamp on the cover for an unknown reading room. Brochure folds to 4" x 8".
5070Antique surveyor's plat of Ash Point, West Harpswell, Maine.DetailsSpaulding, Leonard. H.1899
Antique Plan of Cottage Lots on Ash Point West Harpswell Maine
Spaulding, Leonard. H.
$500.00Spaulding--Leonard--H-Antique-Plan-of-Cottage-Lots-on-Ash-Point-West-Harpswell-MaineAntique surveyor's plat on thin folding paper of Cottage Lots on Ash Point in West Harpswell, Maine. Ash Point is a peninsula jutting into Casco Bay with Basin Cove to the West and Ash Point Cove to the East. Dated within to September 1899. <br></br> Shows a proposed steamboat pier at the end of Ash Point, and the existing boat house and cottage of L. H. Spaulding. Streets shown include Aucocisco Avenue and Ocean Avenue. <br></br> Map folded in a brochure 5" x 7" with photographs and text advertising the benefits of living in Harpswell and in particular the joy of owning property on Ash Point. <br></br> Drawn by John T. Desmond, Civil Engineer and Surveyor.
5039Single page folding booklet about the Great San Francisco Fire.DetailsSouthern Pacific Company1906
San Francisco The Imperishable
Southern Pacific Company
$650.00Southern-Pacific-CompanySan-Francisco-The-ImperishableSingle page folding booklet about the Great San Francisco Fire and Earthquake of 1906. Scarce. With a map of the burned area by Allan Dunn and two panoramic photographs on the verso. Map size is 10" x 15". Published by Southern Pacific Company, Passenger Department. <br></br> One source states that the booklet was an instance of disinformation. <div class="indenttextblock"> "Southern Pacific Railroad Co. was aggressive in its attempt to rewrite the history of the San Francisco earthquake and fire. As part of that campaign, the publicity department of the railroad churned out hundreds of articles like this to highlight the damage from fire, and minimize the effects of the earthquake; to "set the record straight," as one piece of SP literature put it." <br></br> "Note how his article casually dismisses the earthquake in San Francisco and surrounding communities, and stresses that the worst results from the tremor were outside the city. " (Source: Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco. </div>
5064Advertising placard for Hotel Sevilla Havana, Cuba, 1908.DetailsFlorida East Coast Hotels1908
Scarce Hotel Sevilla, Havana Cuba Point of Sale Advertisement
Florida East Coast Hotels
$400.00Florida-East-Coast-HotelsScarce-Hotel-Sevilla--Havana-Cuba-Point-of-Sale-AdvertisementRare point-of-sale advertising placard for the opening of Hotel Sevilla in Havana, Cuba. 1908. With information and six pasted photographs for Hotel Sevilla. Two sides on hard stock with red edging. Verso with two large photographs for Hotel Champlain. <br></br> The Hotel Sevilla was scheduled to open on December 1st, 1908 under the management of A.E. Dick: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "A new modern hotel with every convenience situated near the park and Prado, Expensively furnished throughout, delightfully comfortable, lofty ceilings, tiled floors, open courts, balconies, every room with a bath and other modern conveniences, electric lights, bells and telephones in every room." </div>
5065Scarce Maplewood Hotel Pittsfield, Massachusetts Advertisement.DetailsPlumb, Arthur W.1908
Scarce Maplewood Hotel Pittsfield, Massachusetts Advertisement
Plumb, Arthur W.
$400.00Plumb--Arthur-W-Scarce-Maplewood-Hotel-Pittsfield--Massachusetts-AdvertisementRare point-of-sale advertising placard for the Maplewood Hotel in the Berkshire Mountains, ca. 1908. <br></br> Edges of the placard contain manuscript advertising copy: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "One of the automobile road maps will be mailed free to anyone sending their names to A.W. Plumb, Pittsfield, Mass. <br></br> The most picturesque auto. trip in America is up through the Berkshire Hills via Lenox, Pittsfield and Manchester, Vt." </div> </br> The Maplewood Hotel opened in 1887, converted from the Pittsfield Young Ladies Institute. The girl's school had operated on the site since 1841. Later, the school was known as the Maplewood Institute which has historical connections to the world of intercollegiate athletics. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "… the school hosted the country’s <b>first intercollegiate baseball game</b>, with rival schools Amherst College and Williams College playing here on July 1, 1859. The game drew large numbers of Maplewood girls, who watched Amherst win 73-32 in 26 innings, in a game that bore little resemblance to today’s game." (Source: </div>
5102Key West, Florida Bird's-eye View from LighthouseDetailsAnonymous1910
Key West, Florida Bird's-eye View from Lighthouse Showing the Harbor.
$375.00AnonymousKey-West--Florida-Bird-s-eye-View-from-Lighthouse-Showing-the-Harbor-Scarce, framed color panoramic photograph ca. 1910 "Key West, Florida Bird's-eye View from Lighthouse, Showing the Harbor." Shows Key West homes before they were electrified. A horse and buggy are shown driving down Whitehead Street. Not examined out of frame but believed to be a scarce, 3-panel folding postal card, never folded. <br></br> In period bubble-glass and wood frame with original black backing and seller's label for Babberger Studio, Canon City, Colorado. Babberger's photography studio in Colorado burned on December 14, 1915, destroying all the contents [1]. William Babberger was a noted bee keeper whose apiary was featured in the January 1913 edition of the American Bee Journal. <br></br> Not found for sale online. <br></br> [1] Source: Online. Bulletin of Photography, Volume 17. p. 793.
5124A fine oblique elevated view of the harbor at St. Petersburg, Florida.DetailsStraub, W.L.1917
Antique airplane views of St. Petersburg Florida
Straub, W.L.
$400.00Straub--W-L-Antique-airplane-views-of-St--Petersburg-FloridaBrochure with maps and scarce airplane views of St. Petersburg, Florida including a fine oblique elevated view of the harbor: "St. Petersburg, the Place 'of Proved Desire and Known Delight' " by artist W.L. Straub (15" x 6"). Found at the center of a six-panel folding brochure- "St. Petersburg Florida, The Sunshine City Issued by the St. Petersburg Board of Trade." <br></br> Along with numerous smaller illustrations and photographs the brochure includes additionally two fine views and two maps: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>View of the "mole", the "spa", the municipal pier and bathing beaches</li> <li>Panoramic view of St. Petersburg, Fla. from the Plaza Theater (by Van Deventer & Sons 1913.</li> <li>Map showing location of St. Petersburg Florida with Railroad and Steamship Connections.</li> <li>Map of Pinellas County, Florida showing location of St. Petersburg "The Sunshine City".</li> Brochure folds to 9" x 4".
5053Manuscript maps of St. Augustine, Florida and of the area.DetailsAnonymous1918
Two manuscript maps of St. Augustine, Florida and of the area.
$500.00AnonymousTwo-manuscript-maps-of-St--Augustine--Florida-and-of-the-area-Two manuscript maps on a single sheet inserted into a tourism brochure of St. Augustine, Florida after printing. Unusual. Maps show St. Augustine at street-level detail and on verso a smaller-scale map of the area surrounding St. Augustine. Type-written text on one map sheet indicates re-use of a telephone service remittance document for creation of the map. The small scale map of the area around St. Augustine appears only to consider railway lines (F.E.C., A.C.C.) of importance as railways are highlighted in color and stops along each route are identified. <br></br> Booklet (folds to 4" x 9") presented with the compliments of the St. Augustine Hotel Association. Fine cover graphics of period clothing. Booklet art work, engraving and printing by the Record Company, St. Augustine. Dated between 1916 and 1919 based on information provided about the Flagler Hospital, under construction at printing, after a fire in 1916 destroyed much of the original structure.
5080Antique British Admiralty chart of the coast of Oman with Muscat.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1918
Oman Maskat and Al Matrah surveyed by Lieut A.W. Stiffe
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$3,500.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeOman-Maskat-and-Al-Matrah-surveyed-by-Lieut-A-W--StiffeScarce and truly fascinating British Admiralty chart of the coast of Oman showing Matrah (Mutrah) Bay and Maskat Cove with a plan of the town of Maskat, now Muscat the port capital of Oman. Includes two fine inset elevation views: View of Maskat from the Cove and a view of the larger area from Ras Maskat to Doha. Only one sale of the chart is recorded in the Antique Map Price Record- by the esteemed dealer Jonathan Potter in 1985 (those were the days). <br></br> Published first by the Admiralty May 27, 1862 under the superintendence of Rear Admiral Washington, Hydrographer. This is the edition of 1917 with last correction in 1918. Engraved by J. & C. Walker. <br></br> Just a few of the interesting features captured by this chart include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>The Sultan's Palace.</li> <li>"Mass of rugged hills culminating in the Saddle 3 miles to the Southward."</li> <li>A pass through the rugged terrain "for foot passengers and unloaded animals."</li> <li>The city gate with an auction bazaar just outside the walls.</li> <li>Telegraph office.</li> <li>British Consulate.</li> </ul> </div> Chart number 2869.
5132Scarce map of Polk County, Florida highways by J.W. Pope.DetailsJ. Walker Pope and Son1919
Official Road Map of Polk County Florida, 1919
J. Walker Pope and Son
$265.00J--Walker-Pope-and-SonOfficial-Road-Map-of-Polk-County-Florida--1919Scarce map of Polk County, Florida highways: "Official Road Map of Polk County Florida, 1919 showing the famous 300 mile system of asphalt paved highways. Approved by J. Walker Pope. President Polk County Good Roads Association, Winter Haven." District roads are shown in dark red. According to advertising copy on the map: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> Polk County ships over a million boxes of citrus fruits and two thousand car loads of winter vegetable annually -- and furnishes over 40 per cent of the world's output of phosphate." </div> <br></br> The map is printed on the verso of a single-sheet folding advertisement for J. Walker Pope and Son of Winter Haven, Florida. Recto with six half-tone photographs including local orange groves, Mountain Lake Golf Course, Lake Wales, and the offices of J. Walker Pope and Richard D. Pope of Winter Haven, Florida. <br></br> J.W. Polk was President of the Polk County Good Roads Association, President of the Winter Haven Motor Club, and Vice-President of the United States Highway Association.
5103Scarce bird's-eye view of Lakemont, Florida.DetailsBurgert Brothers1920
Lakemont Florida Early Bird's-eye View
Burgert Brothers
$75.00Burgert-BrothersLakemont-Florida-Early-Bird-s-eye-ViewScarce drawn bird's-eye view of Lakemont, Florida ca. 1920 as it was being platted and developed for sale. Below the scene of lots, lakes, and orange groves, a brief description explains the view (shown looking south): <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Lakemont, located between Avon Park and Sebring, Fla., at the crossing of scenic highway and S.A.L.R.R. [Seaboard Air Line Railway]" </div></br> Description on the verso reads: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "LAKEMONT, FLA. A new townsite now being developed and destined to become a city within the next few years, located in the Ridge Section at the crossing of scenic highway and new S.A.L. Railroad. Four miles north of Sebring and five miles south of Avon Park, Florida." </div></br> Major topographic features include the city of Sebring with Dinner Lake, Lake Jackson, Basket Lake, Bonnet Lake, and Little Red Water Lake. <br></br> Folding postal card in two panels. White border (1915-1930). No. 103139. Fl. Fla. Postally unused. Dated with reference to the founding of Sebring, Florida in 1912. Published by Burgert Brothers of Tampa, Florida.
5031Map of the eastern portion of Mount Desert Island by Waldon Bates.DetailsBates, Waldron and others1922
Path Map of the Eastern Part of Mount Desert Island, Maine
Bates, Waldron and others
$295.00Bates--Waldron-and-othersPath-Map-of-the-Eastern-Part-of-Mount-Desert-Island--MaineScarce map of the eastern portion of Mount Desert Island by Waldon Bates, Edward Rand, and Herbert Jaques after the U.S. Coast Survey. In 1922 Acadia National Park (in green) was known as Lafayette National Park. Includes coastal areas of Mount Desert Island on Frenchman's Bay and Somes Sound. <br></br> Waldron Bates began exploring Mount Desert Island in the 1880's. From 1900 to 1909, Bates was chairman of the Path Committee of the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association (VIA). VIA's in each of the four island towns created most of the Mount Desert Island's trail system we know today, adding twenty-five miles of trails under Bate's leadership, including the Giant Slide, Canon Brook, Gorham Mountain, and Cadillac Cliffs Trails. (Source: <br></br> Bates is well-known for the Bates cairn, a rock-constructed trail indicator which he designed: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "The cairns are built on two base columns of between 2 and 4 rocks, with a lintel stone, or platform, across the two columns and a pointer rock on top. The cairns help orient hikers and steer them in the right direction, while protecting the environment by keeping people on the trail." Over times the Bates cairns suffered damage from human or environmental forces. Starting in 2001, an effort began to rebuild the cairns and to educate the public about their design and importance." (Source: </div>
5087Map Hillsboro County: The Strong Box in the Treasure House of Florida.DetailsTampa Board of Trade1923
Tampa the Strong Box in the Treasure House of Florida
Tampa Board of Trade
$250.00Tampa-Board-of-TradeTampa-the-Strong-Box-in-the-Treasure-House-of-FloridaPre-depression advertising map promoting Tampa and Hillsborough County as: "The Strong Box in the Treasure House of Florida". Beneath the map an explanation describes the benefits to be found in Hillsborough County: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Containing lands, rich and of infinite variety, adapted for fruit raising, agriculture in all its phases, trucking, poultry farming, stock raising, and all those novelty lines for which Florida is famous. The marketplace of practically all of South and West Coast Peninsular Florida, with over fifty miles of salt water shoreline. Look us over." </div> Unusual and scarce. 1923. <br></br> Map image with strong graphics is inside the front cover of 44-page brochure ( 9" x 6") about Tampa, Florida. Brochure wraps covered with images of local leisure activities for Tampa (front) and Hillsboro County (rear). On both covers images of bi-planes cruising aloft attest to the importance of Tampa, Florida as an early aviation center.
5091Map of New Orleans, LA Inner Harbor Navigation Canal.DetailsBoard of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans1923
Early Map of New Orleans Inner Harbor Navigation Canal
Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans
$250.00Board-of-Commissioners-of-the-Port-of-New-OrleansEarly-Map-of-New-Orleans-Inner-Harbor-Navigation-CanalScarce early promotional map in an advertisement for the New Orleans Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (the Industrial Canal), a 5 1/2 mile waterway linking Lake Ponchartrain to the Mississippi River. Published from New Orleans, Louisiana by the Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans in 1923, the year the canal opened. <br></br> At center right is shown a "possible location of deep-sea connection", a concept that was later, in 1965, to become the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) providing a shorter link for shipping traffic from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico. <br></br> Published in the May 12, 1923 edition of The Traffic World Magazine by the Traffic Service Corporation. Volume XXXI No. 19. P. 1090.
5016Map in brochure for Silver Springs Daylight Route cruise, Florida.DetailsSilver Springs Transportation Company1924
Map of Silver Springs Daylight Route Cruise Ocklawaha River
Silver Springs Transportation Company
$295.00Silver-Springs-Transportation-CompanyMap-of-Silver-Springs-Daylight-Route-Cruise-Ocklawaha-RiverFlorida 1920's land-boom era map of Silver Springs Daylight Route cruise over the Silver River, Ocklawaha River, and St. John's River Florida, a distance of 135 miles. Map is one page in a folded brochure "Daylight Route Ocklawaha River" produced by the Silver Springs Transportation Company for the 1923-24 season. For more than a century tourism and transportation have both greatly contributed to Florida's growth. The map, supported by the rest of the brochure, details the route, landings, and sights for one of three boats operated by the Silver Springs Transportation Company the "City of Ocala", "Silver Springs", and "Wekiwa". <br></br> During the season two trips were offered daily, six days a week with one boat traveling from Silver Springs to Palatka and the other from Palatka to Silver Springs. Map identifies important points along the trip including Gore's Landing, Hell's Half Acre, Forty Feet Cliff, Fort Brooks, McBride's landing and many more.
5050Map of the Nela Isle Subdivision on Lake Conway at Orlando.DetailsLovett Company1925
Rare, early map of Nela Isle Subdivision Orlando Florida.
Lovett Company
$280.00Lovett-CompanyRare--early-map-of-Nela-Isle-Subdivision-Orlando-Florida-Early, pre-construction map of the Nela Isle Subdivision on Lake Conway at Orlando, Florida in Orange County. Rare. Map on verso of a four-panel folding brochure. Dated within at August, 1925. <br></br> By The Lovett Company 118 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida. Map drawn by M. Klein, Cleveland, Ohio. With an inset large-scale context map showing Nela Isle in the larger Orlando, Lake Conway, Pine Castle area. <br></br> Verso with title and a fine two-panel Artist's Conception of the New Bridge to Nela Isle. According to the brochure: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Plans are being developed by the Florida Associated Engineers--- The Bridge will soon be a Reality. Watch Nela Grow." </div> MS signature of Geo[rge] W. Ireland 1897 (likely the phone number). Scale 1" = 200'.
5005Map of Seaboard Airline Railway and ConnectionsDetailsSeaboard Air Line Railway1927
Map of Seaboard Airline Railway and Connections
Seaboard Air Line Railway
$425.00Seaboard-Air-Line-RailwayMap-of-Seaboard-Airline-Railway-and-ConnectionsMap of Seaboard Airline Railway and Connections. Covers the route along the United States East Coast from Virginia, through the Carolinas to Florida. Verso blank. <br></br> Folds into card stock folder with a List of Stations and Index to locations on map. Issued by the Freight Traffic Department, Norfolk, Virginia. June, 1927. <br></br> Printed by the Whitney Graham Co. Inc. Buffalo and New York City.
5026Map and brochure for a regatta at the Palm Beach Yacht Club, 1927.DetailsCarr and McFadden, Inc.1927
Map and Brochure for Palm Beach Regatta 1927
Carr and McFadden, Inc.
$365.00Carr-and-McFadden--Inc-Map-and-Brochure-for-Palm-Beach-Regatta-1927Map (9" x 12") and booklet for the Washington's Birthday Regatta on Lake Worth. Palm Beach Yacht Club, 1927. Florida. Map shows the course of the Regatta races. Very scarce. <br></br> 33 pages with advertisements, race rules, race history, and members of the Palm Beach Regatta Association. <br></br> Map drawn by Carr & McFadden, Inc. Civil Engineers in West Palm Beach Florida.
5077Charts of Harbours and Anchorages in the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1927
Chart of Harbours and Anchorages in the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands 1927
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$1,350.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeChart-of-Harbours-and-Anchorages-in-the-Hawaiian-or-Sandwich-Islands-1927Bold, engraved chart with harbor plans in the Hawaiian Islands first published by the British Admiralty in 1891 but 1927. Retains the distinctive appearance of antique British nautical charts. "Harbours and Anchorages in the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands from Surveys of the Hawaiian Government". Engraved by Edward Weller. Excellent topographic detail for mountains and hills. <br></br> Apparently, quite scarce. No record of a sale in AMPR and only one copy in WorldCat. <br></br> Published at the Admiralty, London, February 5, 1891 under the superintendence of Captain W. J. L. Wharton, Hydrographer. This edition: 1912. Last correction in 1927. Sold by J.D. Potter. <br></br> Includes large-scale harbor and anchorage plans for 12 locations in Hawaii: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Waimea Bay, Kauai</li> <li>Hanamaula Bay, Kauai</li> <li>Kapueokahi Bay, Maui</li> <li>Kaanapali Anchorage, Maui</li> <li>Lahaina Roads, Maui</li> <li>Pukoo Harbor, Molokai</li> <li>Kaunakakai Harbor, Molokai</li> <li>Kamalo Harbor, Molokai</li> <li>Waimea Bay, Oahu</li> <li>Waianae, Oahu</li> <li>Waialua Bay, Oahu</li> <li>Kawaihae Bay, Hawaii</li> <li>Mahukona Harbor, Hawaii</li> </ul> </div>
5062Map and brochure for Shands Bridge over the St. Johns River .DetailsSt. Augustine Green Cove Springs Bridge Company1928
Map of Shands Bridge over the St. Johns River
St. Augustine Green Cove Springs Bridge Company
$180.00St--Augustine-Green-Cove-Springs-Bridge-CompanyMap-of-Shands-Bridge-over-the-St--Johns-RiverMap of the first Shand's Bridge over the St. Johns River in Florida from 1928. Map in folding brochure 18" x 6" with information on the Shand's Toll Bridge in the year of its opening. The bridge was conceived, financed and built privately by the St. Augustine Green-Cove Springs Bridge Company. <br></br> Title: "Shands Bridge over the St. Johns River connecting scenic highways St. Augustine and Green Cove Springs: Florida's longest single span bridge Open April 10, 1928." <br></br> In 1928 the bridge was a toll bridge of wooden construction, except for the draw span. The current bridge, located just south of the old bridge, opened in 1963.
51081928 Road map for the entire state of Florida for the Shriners.DetailsLake Worth Herald Press1928
1927 Florida State Road Map
Lake Worth Herald Press
$85.00Lake-Worth-Herald-Press1927-Florida-State-Road-MapRoad map for the entire state of Florida in a ten-panel folding brochure published during the 1920's Florida land boom, prior to the Great Depression. The brochure is titled: "Greeting Nobles, Oases of Lake Worth welcomes you. This road guide will assist you in your tour of Florida while attending the Shrine Convention at Miami, May 1, 2, 3, 1928." <br></br> Cover with logo for the Shriner organization. Verso captioned "Lake Worth Greets You" and filled with text descriptions and half-tone photographs of Lake Worth's attractions including the Municipal Recreational Center, the Gulf Stream Hotel, and its fine schools. <br></br> Published by the Lake Worth Herald Press.
5078Admiralty harbor chart of Port Townsend / Kilisut Harbor, Washington.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1929
Fine harbor chart of Port Townsend, Washington and Kilisut Harbor
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$640.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeFine-harbor-chart-of-Port-Townsend--Washington-and-Kilisut-HarborBold harbor chart of Port Townsend / Kilisut Harbor, Washington drawn and published from London in June, 1893 by the British Admiralty under the superintendence of Captain W. J. L. Wharton, Hydrographer. Chart data are after the U.S. Coast Survey chart of 1892. Scarce. <br></br> Fine topographic contour lines and details. Includes Port Hadlock, Irondale, Chimikim Creek, Mystery Bay, Oak Bay, Marrowstone Island, and Fort Townsend. <br></br> Sold by J.D. Potter. Chart number 1792. Engraved by Edward Weller. Scale: 1 / 24,361. Last correction 1929.
5081British Admiralty chart of the southwest coast of Florida.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1929
Antique chart of Florida Tortugas Cays to Cap San Blas
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$1,200.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-chart-of-Florida-Tortugas-Cays-to-Cap-San-BlasBold British Admiralty chart 1890 (1928) of the southwest coast of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico: "Tortugas Cays to Cape San Blas from the latest United States Coast Surveys". Includes extensive coastal detail with St. Andrews Sound, Cape San Blas, Apalachicola, Sea Horse Reef, Anclote Key, Tampa Bay, Punta Gorda, Cape Romano, Cape Sable, Key West, and the Tortuga Bank. <br></br> Published at the Admiralty, London on January 24, 1890 under the superintendence of Captain W. J. L. Wharton, Hydrographer. This is the edition of 1915 with last correction in 1929. Chart number 1274. Engraved by Davies and Company. <br></br> Includes three large inset charts of Florida ports and Harbors: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Apalachicola Bay: West Pass. 1911.</li> <li>St. Marks River. 1909.</li> <li>St. George Sound: East Pass. 1914.</li> </ul> </div>
5129Three Corps Engineers maps of the port of Pensacola, Florida.DetailsU.S. Army Engineers1929
Port of Pensacola, Florida scarce photomosaic and two maps
U.S. Army Engineers
$600.00U-S--Army-EngineersPort-of-Pensacola--Florida-scarce-photomosaic-and-two-mapsSmall booklet of 66 pages that includes 3 cartographic artifacts related to Pensacola, Florida. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Mosaic Composed of Aerial Photographs Pensacola Florida. Made by Air Service, U.S. Army 4th Photo Section. Dec. 22, 1922.</li> <li>Origin of Imports and Destination of Exports Pensacola, Fla. 1928. Quantities expressed in cargo tons of 2240 lbs. and shown thus. 1929.</li> <li>Port Facilities at Pensacola, Fla. 1929.</li> </ul> </div> Along with many data tables and additional photographs the contents of the entire booklet include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Port and Harbor Conditions</li> <li>Port Customs and Regulations</li> <li>Port Services and Charges</li> <li>Fuel and Supplies</li> <li>Port and Harbor Facilities</li> <li>Communications</li> <li>The freight rate situation</li> <li>Commerce of the port</li> <li>The territory tributary to the port</li> <li>General</li> </ul> </div> War Department Corps of Engineers and United States Shipping Board Port Series No. 3 Part 2 THE PORT OF PENSACOLA, FLORIDA. Printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1929. Price when issued 30 cents.
5058Map of Lane Park Cottages on Lake Harris, Tavares, Florida.DetailsAnonymous1930
Lane Park Cottages Lake Harris Tavares, Florida
$50.00AnonymousLane-Park-Cottages-Lake-Harris-Tavares--FloridaSmall map of Lane Park Cottages on Lake Harris, three miles southwest of downtown Tavares, Florida ca. 1930's. Lane Park is named for Captain A.J. Lane who as early as 1883 had plans for developing a peninsula that extended into Lake Harris. Map is on a postcard with two photographs of the cottages. <br></br> These cottages were likely the same as those attributed to Robert Kleiser: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Kleiser's Fish Camp was established in 1918 on an island located in the middle of Lake Harris. Robert Forest Kleiser acquired the island and built six cottages, several boat sheds, and a pier. Several years later, Kleiser disassembled the cottages and moved the camp to Lane Park." (Grenier, Bob. Images of America: Tavares. Arcadia Publishing. 2011) </div> </br> Printed by the County Seat Printers, Tavares, Florida.
5052Map of Key West Florida from in a booklet  for tourists.DetailsRice, George T.1931
Map of Key West Florida
Rice, George T.
$250.00Rice--George-T-Map-of-Key-West-FloridaScarce map of Key West Florida in booklet "Fifth Annual Tourists Sight Seeing Guide of Key West Florida 1933 Courtesy of Key West Business People". Locations identified numerically on the map appear not to correspond to numbered locations in the booklet. It is informative to compare this map with a very similar sightseeing map (1945-1948) in the Touchton Map Library. Numerous changes to Key West related to WWII are apparent, especially the construction of Meacham Field. <br></br> Booklet 3.5" x 7" with advertisements for local Key West businesses including: The Artman Press, The Key West Citizen, Gardner's Pharmacy, Columbia Laundry, The Key West Colonial Hotel and more. With a list of facts about Key West and a description of a tour of local sights including the "turtle crawls": <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "3. Visit the turtle crawls where turtles weighing over two hundred pounds may be seen swimming by dozens in pens while waiting to be slaughtered. Turtles have been caught near Key West weighing over one thousand pounds. This is a sight to remember. Located: Dock at North end of Margaret street." </div></br> The map was compiled under the direction of George T. Rice, Captain 13th C.A. (Coast Artillery). Drawn by A.D. Shirk, Staff Sergeant, 13th C.A. July 10, 1931.
5057Folding map of Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway.DetailsFlorida East Coast Railway1933
Map of Florida East Coast Railway the St. Augustine Route
Florida East Coast Railway
$250.00Florida-East-Coast-RailwayMap-of-Florida-East-Coast-Railway-the-St--Augustine-RouteColorful folding map of Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway, the St. Augustine Route. Includes the Key West extension and the route from Key West to Havana, Cuba of the Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Company. <br></br> Interesting and seemingly out-of-place notations for two fishing camps on the Keys: Pirates Cove fishing camp and Long Key fishing camp. Printed by the Record Company, St. Augustine, Florida. Map is in the center of a folding brochure of 15 pages.
5047Rare WPA funded pictorial map The Coral Isle of Key West.DetailsDornbush, Adrian1935
Depression-era pictorial map of The Coral Isle of Key West
Dornbush, Adrian
$325.00Dornbush--AdrianDepression-era-pictorial-map-of-The-Coral-Isle-of-Key-WestTwo scarce maps of Key West, Florida in a visitor's guide booklet simply titled "Key West" published by the Key West Administration in 1935. The booklet is a product of the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) during the New Deal that was succeeded by the Federal Art Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Public Works of Art Project artists from other parts of the country were brought in and put to work creating paintings, murals or public places, and other projects, such as tourist brochures and postcards." [2] </div> </br> The brochure includes a fine pictorial map (9" x 6") of Key West, Florida: "The Coral Isle of Key West" by artist Adrian Dornbush, 1935. The map was engraved on a "miraculous" scale and shows key landmarks such as Duval Street, the lighthouse, the Martello Towers, and the yacht basin. <br></br> Adrian Dornbush (1900 - 1970) became involved in the Key West Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) and in 1934 moved to the island to take over the role as director of the project, focusing his efforts on developing regional tourism. [1]. Other FERA artists who contributed works to the brochure include Edward Bruce, Richard Sargeant, Avery Johnson, Klir Beck, and Richard Jansen. <br></br> At center of the brochure is an anonymous two-sheet "Map of the Lower Florida Keys or the Key West Archipelago" (18" x 6") containing a smaller inset map of the Caribbean region. <br></br> Printed by Orange Publishing Co. St. Cloud, Florida. <br></br> [1] </br> [2]
5114Map of Florida with south Florida stops for the Dixie Route.DetailsPoole Brothers, Inc.1935
Map Dixie Route rail service to Florida
Poole Brothers, Inc.
$200.00Poole-Brothers--Inc-Map-Dixie-Route-rail-service-to-FloridaMap (8" x 15") within a twenty-two page folding brochure for <b>The Dixie Route</b>, a train service that in 1939 operated three passenger trains across several affiliated railroads and their stops to provide passenger service from the Midwest (St. Louis and Chicago) to Florida. The railway companies contributing to the brochure included: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railway</li> <li>Louisville and Nashville Railroad</li> <li>Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis R.Y</li> </ul></div> Daily Dixie Route trains to Florida were The Dixieland (with overnight service to Florida) , The Dixie Flyer, and The Dixie Limited. <br></br> Copyright 1935 by publishers Poole Brothers, Inc. Published October 1939 (dated within). <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> Poole Brothers was a publishing company founded in 1870 by George Amos and William H. Poole. The company was the largest printing house in the country that catered to transportation companies. According to The Inland Printer, "practically every railroad in the country used Poole Brothers materials." [1] </div> </br> [1] Source:
4994Three cadastral maps by Brockway from the Palm Beach, Florida Atlas.DetailsBrockway, George S.1936
Lot of 3 maps Palm Beach Atlas Florida MS notes
Brockway, George S.
$525.00Brockway--George-S-Lot-of-3-maps-Palm-Beach-Atlas-Florida-MS-notesLot of three (3) scarce cadastral maps from the Palm Beach, Florida Atlas ca. 1936 by Civil Engineer George S. Brockway. Data printed on each sheet include tract/development name, deed reference location, lot dimensions, street names and lot number. <br></br> Sheets may contain manuscript pencil notations (ca. 1947 / 1948) with additional property owner names, property prices and indications of whether there was a structure on the property. Verso of each sheet contains Brockway's ink-stamped disclaimer of legal responsibility.<br></br> <b>Details for the three atlas plates include</b> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Sheet 5: Covers an area bounded by Merrain Road (N), La Puerta Way (S), Lake Worth (W), Atlantic Ocean (E). Developments include the Bello Lido, Alto Lido and Mockingbird Trail tracts. </li> <li>Sheet 6: Covers and area bounded by La Puerta Way (N), Orange Grove Road (S) - Lake Worth (W) Atlantic Ocean (E). Includes developments of Palm Beach Shores, Gregory Addition and the New Siears tracts. Shows the former <b>Kennedy Estate with two lots owned by Joseph P. Kennedy</b> totaling 440 feet of ocean frontage.</li> <li>Sheet 15-A: Bounded by Seminole Ave (N), Royal Poinciana Way (S), Lake Worth (W), North County Road (E) Includes the Flagler Memorial Bridge, old <b>Biltmore Hotel and the Beach Club</b>. Developments include Ocean Park, Floral Park, and Bungalow Park.</li> </ul> </div>
5040Cute pictorial map of Bermuda circa 1937.DetailsH. R. Elliot and Co. Inc.1937
Map of Bermuda Merrily we go around
H. R. Elliot and Co. Inc.
$175.00H--R--Elliot-and-Co--Inc-Map-of-Bermuda-Merrily-we-go-aroundCute pictorial map of Bermuda: "Merrily we go around. " Four panel brochure with an Illustration of a train and a pirate are featured next to the title cartouche. Verso with advertisements. Not dated but ca. 1937. <br></br> Published and printed by H. R. Elliot and Co. Inc., New York, N. Y. Provided courtesy of Bermuda. Size within the neatline 17" W x 7 H.
5107America's Cup chart in Newport Block Island & Marthas Vineyard, 1937.DetailsClegg, Ernest1937
Chart of the Waters between Newport Block Island and Marthas Vineyard
Clegg, Ernest
$125.00Clegg--ErnestChart-of-the-Waters-between-Newport-Block-Island-and-Marthas-VineyardDecorative chart of the waters between Newport, Rhode Island, Block Island, & Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts for the America's Cup races in 1937, after Ernest Clegg. Contains historical information and boat images for previous America's Cup races. Side panel with an explanation of the chart. Ropework outline. Reduced size, not engraved and printed by Beck. <br></br> Ernest Clegg (1876-1954) was a yachtsman, calligrapher, graphic designer, and cartographer. Among numerous other works, Clegg designed a series of three decorative charts recording the America's Cup Races off Newport, RI in 1930, 1934 and 1937. <br></br> From the August 7, 1937 issue of the Illustrated London News.
5012Profile maps or track charts for The Atlantic Coast Railroad Company.DetailsAtlantic Coastline Railroad Company1939
Lot of 2 very rare Atlantic Coastline Railroad Florida Track Charts
Atlantic Coastline Railroad Company
$950.00Atlantic-Coastline-Railroad-CompanyLot-of-2-very-rare-Atlantic-Coastline-Railroad-Florida-Track-ChartsLot of two rare condensed books of profile maps, or track charts providing unique, detailed data for a cross-section of Florida traversed by the Atlantic Coastline Railway. The two books were intended for use only within the railway system and include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Northbound and southbound mainline of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company between Richmond, Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida.</li> <li>Track charts of A. C. L. R. R. feeder lines including Dunnellon to Wilcox, Trilby to St. Petersburg, Uceta to Tampa, and other routes.</li> </ul> </div> By the Office of the Chief Engineer for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company ca. 1938. Profiles are printed via the cyanotype process (blueprint). Numerous manuscript edits in red to maintain track profiles and routes current over time. <br></br> Provides a mile by mile detailed record of the path of the A.C.L.R.R. as it made its way south along the Atlantic Coast region and within Florida, for the routes noted above. Most of the data provided in these profiles are unavailable elsewhere and include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Track weight per linear foot and year track was laid</li> <li>Milepost number</li> <li>Direction of the line via compass heading for sub-segments of the line</li> <li>Slope of the grade for each sub-segment</li> <li>Details about every opening beneath the railway including drainage pipes, bridges, arches, and boxes</li> <li>County boundaries</li> <li>Town and village names</li> <li>Locations of railway infrastructure (freight depots, passenger stations, and signals) </li> </ul> </div> Charts are paginated in booklet format. Charts are blank on verso.
4993Patriotic pictorial map of the U.S.A. Democracy in Action.DetailsPerone, Frank T.1941
WWII FDR Patriotic Pictorial Map Photo with Perrone MS signature
Perone, Frank T.
$125.00Perone--Frank-T-WWII-FDR-Patriotic-Pictorial-Map-Photo-with-Perrone-MS-signatureOne-of-a-kind WWII FDR patriotic pictorial map of the United States with creator's manuscript dedication and MS signature of Frank T. Perone. A photographic copy from the original. No other copy of this map was found. <br></br> Similar to, but different from, a 10" x 14" colored version of Perone's map published by Allied Printing of Atlantic City titled "Remember Pearl Harbor" (of which no known examples were found in institutional collections). Probably an earlier concept design by Perone. <br></br> Includes several scenes and features found in the (presumed later) colored version including the association of freedom, defense, and recovery with the initials FDR. <br></br> Differs from the colored version as follows: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Our map is not set upon a flag background, rather the flags appear at the image sides.</li> <li>Our map shows FDR as a much older man, not the youthful FDR found in the colored version.</li> <li>Our map shows engines and a top gunners-turret on the airplane.</li> <li>Perhaps most interesting is our map includes an image of a four-finned rocket in flight that is missing from the colored version.</li> </ul> </div> Copyright May 1, 1941; K 4907, 47908.
5019Map of Banff, Lake Louise, Columbia Icefield Highway, Canada.DetailsCanadian Pacific Railroad1941
Map of Banff Lake Louise Columbia Icefield Highway Glaciers
Canadian Pacific Railroad
$350.00Canadian-Pacific-RailroadMap-of-Banff-Lake-Louise-Columbia-Icefield-Highway-GlaciersAttractive and very scarce lithographed map of Banff, Lake Louise and the Columbia Icefield Highway with the Yoho Valley Emerald Lake Field, and Golden, Canada. Shows highways, glaciers, mountain ranges, trails, and the route of the Canadian Pacific Railway. <br></br> Map is on the recto of a folding six-part brochure with an inset elevation view of the "Altitudes of principal peaks from Golden to Banff in the Canadian Rockies." In that view the peaks with names underlined are on the South Side of the Canadian Pacific Railway main line from Banff to Golden. <br></br> Verso contains photographs, text and a map of the Columbia Icefield Highway (Sunwapta Pass to Lake Louise) and a cross section (elevation view) of the Canadian Rockies from the same Columbia Icefield Highway. Dated by reference to the Rumsey Collection.
5067Large nautical chart for the eastern portion of Singapore Strait.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1941
Large chart of eastern Singapore Strait
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$600.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeLarge-chart-of-eastern-Singapore-StraitLarge, used nautical chart for the eastern portion of Singapore Strait with eastern Singapore Island. Last corrections in 1941 were made shortly before the invasion of Singapore by Japan in February 1942. Manuscript ink lines with notation: "Keep south of this line." <br></br> Published at the Admiralty October 1, 1927 under the superintendence of Rear Admiral H.P. Douglas, Hydrographer. Chart number 3834. Engraved 1927. Verso is blank with file drawer label.
5090Matchbook cover for the U.S. Navy survey vessel U.S.S. Bowditch.DetailsDiamond Match Company1942
Galapagos Islands survey by U.S.S. Bowditch match book cover
Diamond Match Company
$40.00Diamond-Match-CompanyGalapagos-Islands-survey-by-U-S-S--Bowditch-match-book-coverScarce matchbook cover for the 386-foot U.S. Navy survey vessel U.S.S. Bowditch with an index map for their cruises of 1942-1943 to the Galapagos Islands, a part of Chile. Manufactured by the Diamond Match Company N.Y.C. <br></br> The USS Bowditch (AG 30) was first launched in 1929 at Copenhagen, Denmark, as the passenger ship Santa Inez. The Bowditch was outfitted as a surveying vessel and commissioned on 1 July 1940, with Commander E. E. Duval in command. <br></br> Departing Norfolk on 9 January 1942, the U.S.S. Bowditch steamed south to conduct surveys of the waters between Panama and Colombia, off the Galápagos Islands, and off the Cocos Islands in Costa Rica. <br></br> The following U.S. Navy charts were based on surveys conducted by the U.S.S. Bowditch in 1942 and 1943: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li># 5936 Approaches to Bahia Bartago, Archipielago de Colon (Galapagos Islands). 1942.</li> <li># 5921 Eastern Approaches to Canal de San Salvador, Archipielago Colon (Galapagos Islands). 1943.</li> <li># 5931 Western approaches to Canal Bolivar, Archipielago de Colon (Galapagos Island). 1942.</li> <li># 5920 Isle Baltra, Archipielago de Colon (Galapagos Islands). 1942.</li> <li># 5959: Golfo de Guyaquil. 1943.</li> </ul> </div> The USS Bowditch was decommissioned in January, 1947
5027Interesting mid-WWII (1943) radio reference map.DetailsWholesale Radio Laboratories1943
Radio Reference Map of the United States
Wholesale Radio Laboratories
$400.00Wholesale-Radio-LaboratoriesRadio-Reference-Map-of-the-United-StatesInteresting, large mid-WWII (1943) map of listening stations and the territory of the nine radio districts in the United States published by Wholesale Radio Laboratories. During WWII all amateur radio stations were forbidden to transmit, although listening was still permitted. Note, map is complete with neatline and margin all around. <br></br> Bottom of map is filled with four diagrams of the United Sates showing location of broadcast stations for the chief networks of the period: The Blue Network, Mutual Broadcasting System, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), and National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Includes tables of radio-related data: List of Standard (AM) Broadcast Stations, World Leading Shortwave Stations, and Experimental Frequency Modulation (FM) Stations. <br></br> Ad copy reads "For everything in radio write to Leo, W9GFQ". W9GFQ was the amateur call sign (unique identifier) for Leo I. Meyerson (d. 2011) whose picture appears on the sheet. Meyerson founded Wholesale Radio Laboratories, later called World Radio Labs.
5002Dolph's Subdivision and Zoning Atlas of Miami, Florida 1946DetailsDolph, Frank B.1946
Dolph's Subdivision and Zoning Atlas of Miami, Florida 1946
Dolph, Frank B.
$2,000.00Dolph--Frank-B-Dolph-s-Subdivision-and-Zoning-Atlas-of-Miami--Florida-1946Dolph's Subdivision and Zoning Atlas of Miami, Florida. Includes Miami Shores Village, Biscayne Park, and El Portal. Published in 1946 by Frank B. Dolph Company 861 N.E. Third Street Fort Lauderdale and 307 N.W. Second Avenue, Miami, Florida. <br></br> Pages 1 - 48 all present.
5084Pictorial map of Key West, Florida with pirates.DetailsOldacre, Ann1949
Pictorial map of Key West, Florida with pirates
Oldacre, Ann
$45.00Oldacre--AnnPictorial-map-of-Key-West--Florida-with-piratesPictorial folding map of Key West, Florida with pirates, Indians, and sailing ships in "Major and Minor Keys of the Florida Reef", a 56-page illustrated booklet (5" x8"). Fourth printing, 1949 by Riviera Publishing Company, Coral Gables, Florida. Booklet by Mary Helm Clarke. <br></br> Map includes the Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West and the Tamiami trail to Naples, Florida. Map attached inside rear cover.
5046 Fun pictorial map ca. 1950 of West Palm Beach, Florida.DetailsCity of West Palm Beach1950
50s pictorial map of West Palm Beach Florida. Tropical Florida's First Resort.
City of West Palm Beach
$150.00City-of-West-Palm-Beach50s-pictorial-map-of-West-Palm-Beach-Florida---Tropical-Florida-s-First-Resort-Fine stylized pictorial map ca. 1950 of Lake Worth, the Intracoastal Waterway, Hypoluxo Island, Loxahatchee River, and West Palm Beach, Florida. With mention of Boca Raton, Boynton, Delray Beach, and the northerly communities in the Palm Beaches: Jupiter, Juno, etc. Each Florida locality is represented by a series of pictorial icons representing the business and recreational activities significant to the area. The brochure describes the map: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "A pictorial pleasure map gives you thumbnail impressions of life in tropical Florida's first resort area, with interesting characteristics of West Palm Beach and her sister communities." </div> </br> Mentions the auto production of the B.S. Cunningham Company (est. 1950) in West Palm Beach, Florida. <br></br> Folds to 4" x 9". Remainder of booklet is packed with photographs and text about the area, complemented by attractive color images sketched in the same breezy, informal style as the map. 16 pages. Published by the City of West Palm Beach in cooperation with the West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce.
5054Maps and brochure for Snell Island Harbor, St. Petersburg, Florida.DetailsGreen, John B.1951
Map brochure for Brightwaters Snell Isle Harbour St. Petersburg Florida
Green, John B.
$400.00Green--John-B-Map-brochure-for-Brightwaters-Snell-Isle-Harbour-St--Petersburg-FloridaScarce original plat map of <b>Snell Isle Harbor</b> in St. Petersburg, Florida ca. 1951, by John B. Green, a local realtor. Includes red manuscript notes about lots previously sold. With an inset photograph of the area surrounding Brightwaters Snell Isle. Shows the outline of property for Clark's Sunset Golf Course and a block reserved as a business center. North is oriented to left bottom. Plat includes Snell Isle Boulevard, Cordova Boulevard, Toledo Way, Miramar Blvd., and Brightwaters Boulevard. Verso with information and a fine bird's eye view of the planned development. <br></br> Now one of St. Petersburg’s most upscale and desirable neighborhoods, Snell Isle was once nothing more than a low-lying mangrove swamp. When C. Perry Snell, a Kentucky pharmacist, came to visit the area in 1899, he envisioned a residential waterfront enclave and invested in the property of what is now Coffee Pot Bayou and Snell Island. In 1911, he began developing Snell Island. <br></br> In 1926, Snell opened the Coffee Pot Bayou Golf Club, now the 18-hole Vinoy Renaissance Resort Golf Club on Snell Isle. A few years later in 1928, he gifted land to the St. Petersburg Woman’s Club which still stands today on Coffee Pot Bayou and is on the U.S. Register of National Historic Places. <br></br> Snell Isle is completely residential, with several apartment communities, two schools, and two churches. Many original homes from the 1920s still exist today, with charming European and Spanish architecture. More than 80 percent of homes on Snell Isle enjoy waterfront views, some of the Bay and others on interconnected waterways.
50661951 route map of the Municipal Transit System St. Petersburg, FloridaDetailsAnonymous1951
Route Map of the Municipal Transit System St. Petersburg, Florida
$150.00AnonymousRoute-Map-of-the-Municipal-Transit-System-St--Petersburg--FloridaScarce route map of the Municipal Transit System in St. Petersburg, Florida (not to scale). On thinnish yellow paper a fourteen-panel folding sheet folds to 3" x 8". Includes an inset plan for downtown St. Petersburg revised October, 1951. The Yellow Issue published Dec 3, 1951.
5099Chart book for Tampa Bay, Florida with tidal direction and velocity.DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1951
Tampa Bay Tidal Current Chart Book
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$200.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyTampa-Bay-Tidal-Current-Chart-BookScarce 1951 tidal chart book on card stock with 12 (front and back) charts of Tampa Bay, Florida showing the direction and velocity of tidal flow across Tampa bay for each hour of its semi-daily tidal cycle. <br></br> Price when issued 35 cents; when sold 50 cents. U.S. Government Printing Office. Serial no.743.
5109Map of the city of Winter Park, Florida and vicinity from 1952,DetailsWinter Park Board of Realtors1951
Mid-century map of Winter Park Florida
Winter Park Board of Realtors
$85.00Winter-Park-Board-of-RealtorsMid-century-map-of-Winter-Park-FloridaMap of the city of Winter Park, Florida and vicinity published by the Winter Park Board of Realtors (1952) in a 12-panel folding format. Lakes shown boldly in green. Key at bottom left with road reference locations in Orlando, Eatonville, Maitland, and Winter Park. One section of road highlighted in red. Small manuscript notation in pencil. <br></br> Verso titled "Maps and facts about Winter Park Florida <b>City of Homes</b>." Full of text and photographs related to Winter Park, particularly to Rollins College and to the history behind Winter Park's appellation as the "City of Homes." With logo for the National Association of Real Estate Boards at bottom right. Border with alpha-numeric location index indicators. <br></br> Shows more than a dozen lakes of all sizes including Lake Fairview, Lake Killarney, Lake Maitland, Lake Osceola, Lake Corrine, and Lake Rowena. <br></br> Copyright 1952 by James T. Ellis. Interesting compass rose style unknown logo by Ellis' name.
5063Cartography supplement  on Oil Basins in the Oil and Gas Journal.DetailsOil and Gas Journal1952
Journal-Guide to Oil Basins of the United States
Oil and Gas Journal
$680.00Oil-and-Gas-JournalJournal-Guide-to-Oil-Basins-of-the-United-StatesA large special data and cartography supplement in the Oil and Gas Journal 1952 titled: "Journal-Guide to Oil Basins of the United States." The insert includes a map of United States Oil basins and a Formation Correlator (tabular data relating geographical region to era, period, rock system and group. At right cross sections of the major oil basins including the Permian Basin. Cross sections through each basin are shown schematically on the map. <br></br> Supplement to The Oil and Gas Journal. Volume 50 No. 46. Compiled and drawn by the editorial staff. The Oil and Gas Journal Copyright 1952. The Petroleum Publishing Company. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
5024Scarce tract map of lots for sale in Borrego Springs, California.DetailsBorrego Springs Land and Development Company1953
Scarce Borrego Springs California Sales Map
Borrego Springs Land and Development Company
$550.00Borrego-Springs-Land-and-Development-CompanyScarce-Borrego-Springs-California-Sales-MapScarce tract map of lots for sale in Borrego Springs, California ca. 1953 before construction was completed on the Catholic Church. With an inset smaller-scale humorous pictorial map of the region around Borrego Springs, in San Diego County. <br></br> Today Borrego Springs is designated as a Dark Sky Community, the only community in California with that designation and one of only 22 locations in the world to have the designation. Not dated, not attributed,
4984Pictorial map of Washington State routes by West Coast AirlinesDetailsWest Coast Airlines1954
Pictorial Map of Washington State by West Coast Airlines
West Coast Airlines
$300.00West-Coast-AirlinesPictorial-Map-of-Washington-State-by-West-Coast-AirlinesScarce, colorful, pictorial map of airline routes across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho flown by West Coast Airlines. Statement at bottom of the map reads: "Paul Bunyan's Empire Cut to Travel Size". <br></br> West Coast Airlines (WCA), founded in 1941, was based at Boeing Field in Seattle. WCA began scheduled passenger service in 1946 with a fleet of Douglas DC-3s. Table at upper right contains a list of Key Points of Interest across the three-state area. Dated within at 1954. Verso with text and photo images from across the region. <br></br> Apparently the map was updated and re-issued again in 1962.
5025Lot of fourteen transportation maps of Florida counties.DetailsFlorida State Road Department1955
Lot of 14 Florida County General Highway and Transportation Maps
Florida State Road Department
$850.00Florida-State-Road-DepartmentLot-of-14-Florida-County-General-Highway-and-Transportation-MapsLot of fourteen (14) transportation maps of Florida, published by the Florida State Road Department, Traffic Planning Division in coordination with the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Public Roads. Mid 20th-century. <br></br> <b>General Highway and Transportation Maps:</b> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Lafayette County. 1936 Revised 1956. </li> <li>Madison County. 1936 Revised 1955.</li> <li>Suwannee County. 1936 Revised 1956.</li> </ul> </div> <b>General Highway Maps:</b> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Baker County. 1955.</li> <li>Palm Beach County. 1949. 3 of 4 sheets. </li> <li>Bay County. 1956. 2 of 2 sheets. </li> <li>Calhoun County. 1949.</li> <li>Bradford County. 1951 / 1956. </li> <li>Dade County. 1952 / 1956. Supplemental sheet.</li> <li>Flagler County. 1948. </li> <li>Union County . 1951 / 1956. </li> <li>Liberty County. 1953. </li> <li>Escambia County. 1956. Supplemental sheet. </li> <li>Washington County. 1951 / 1956. </li> </ul> </div>
5043Russ Smiley's Fishing Map of Miami and the Florida Keys ca. 1956.DetailsSmiley, Russ1956
Variant edition of Russ Smileys Fishing Map of Miami and the Florida Keys
Smiley, Russ
$325.00Smiley--RussVariant-edition-of-Russ-Smileys-Fishing-Map-of-Miami-and-the-Florida-KeysRuss Smiley's Fishing chart of Miami and the Florida Keys ca. 1956. Scarce advertising variant edition for Regal Beer packed with information. "Enjoy fishing more, take along ice-cold Regal Premium Beer. Available anywhere and throughout the Florida Keys." Includes several tables with long lists of fishing guides for Marathon, Key West. and Islamorada. <br></br> Folding brochure with photographs and text on verso. Green tones with note at bottom that a "deluxe edition" was available for $1.00. More fishing areas are identified on this edition of the chart than other Smiley charts.
5097Humorous pictorial map tablecloth titled A Texan's Map of U.S.A.DetailsWithers, James Harlan1958
A Texan's Map of U.S.A.
Withers, James Harlan
$5,000.00Withers--James-HarlanA-Texan-s-Map-of-U-S-A-A Texan's Map of U.S.A. A derivative edition of a classic pictorial "humorous" map with more than a whiff of the intolerance that some believe permeates the state of Texas today. Tablecloth-sized map of the United States on Indian Head cloth [1] based on a design copyrighted by J.H. Withers in 1947 and branded with the imprint of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. <br></br> Wither's distinctive design elements include a revised shape for Texas which extends to the west coast to provide Texas with a space for a "future seaport" and the appellation "damm' Yankee territory" for most of the northeast U.S.A. <br></br> The Catalog of Copyright Entries for 1947 records a copyright for "A Texan's Map of U.S.A.", held by James Harlan Withers of San Angelo, Texas. Wither's 1947 pictorial map is the earliest documented example of a genre of pictorial map with many derivative versions that begin with the fact that Texas was, at the time, the largest state in the U.S. and extend that simple premise to exaggerate the importance and quality of the state of Texas over the every other state in the U.S.A. <br></br> Early 50's date is supported by the fact that neither Alaska nor Hawaii, which both attained statehood in 1959, are mentioned on the map. <br></br> [1] Indian Head cloth was not manufactured after 1962. Indian Head Cloth Permanent Finish Sanforized stamping on a single line is associated with cloth produced from the late 1940s to early 1950s. (Source:
511812-Hour Florida International Grand Prix of EnduranceDetailsCoker, Broward1958
Sebring Endurance Race Official Safety and Communications Card
Coker, Broward
$125.00Coker--BrowardSebring-Endurance-Race-Official-Safety-and-Communications-CardOfficial safety and communications card for the 12-Hour Florida International Grand Prix of Endurance. This 12-hour endurance race for the Amoco Trophy was held at the Sebring Air Terminal on March 22, 1958, the seventh year the race was run. A Ferrari 250 TR 58, driven by Phil Hill and Peter Collins won the race. <br></br> Map shows the course layout among the runways and taxiways of the air terminal. The card documents radio communications procedures and protocols for ambulances and fire trucks during the race. <br></br> Sebring International Raceway, America’s oldest road racing track, evolved from Hendricks Field, a World War II airbase used to train B-17 combat crews. Sebring is well known for celebrity participation. Steve McQueen, James Brolin, Paul Newman, Gene Hackman and even journalist Walter Cronkite have competed in the race. (Source:
5029Map for Uncle Sam cruise tour Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida.DetailsAnonymous1960
Map and Brochure New Uncle Sam Cruise Tour Biscayne Bay Florida
$80.00AnonymousMap-and-Brochure-New-Uncle-Sam-Cruise-Tour-Biscayne-Bay-FloridaBrochure for a 2.5 hour touristic cruise of Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, Florida aboard the glass-enclosed motorboat Uncle Sam. With a map of the path of the cruise (in red) around Biscayne Bay. <br></br> The diesel-powered 84-passenger Uncle Sam departed Pier 10 at the Miami Yacht Basin in Bayfront Park and passed the Venetian Islands, the Flagler Memorial, Fisher's Island then crossed the Rickenbacher Causeway. On the return to the yacht basin the Uncle Sam passed the bayfront estates of James Deering (Villa Viscaya), Charles Coryell, Damon Runyon, and more. <br></br> Detailed inset map of access roads and parking for the Uncle Sam cruise. Multi-lingual brochure ca. 1960's with key details translated and targeted to appeal to a Spanish-speaking audience: "Mostrando especialmente las mansiones de Cubanos y Portorriquenos en la zona residential…" <br></br> Printed on both sides and folds to 4" x 9".
5034Brochure and map for Ladd's mail boat of Fort Meyers, Florida.DetailsLadd's Mail Boat1960
Map of route Ladd's mail boat Santiva Cape Coral Sanibel Captiva Florida
Ladd's Mail Boat
$175.00Ladd-s-Mail-BoatMap-of-route-Ladd-s-mail-boat-Santiva-Cape-Coral-Sanibel-Captiva-FloridaOn December 9, 1963 the last mail boat in the U.S. made it’s final trip. Ladd's Mail Boat "Santiva" operated from Fort Meyers, Florida by Captain Palmer Ladd of Ladd Boat Line was the last in a series of vessels to provide water-borne mail service to Captiva and Sanibel Islands. The Santiva followed the Dixie, the Gladys, the stern-wheelers Success and Grey Eagle, and numerous sailing vessels that brought ice, fresh meat, livestock, and building materials to the islands. On the return trips the vessels carried away fresh produce including prized Sanibel tomatoes. Since 1938 the mail route was combined with a sightseeing tour . (Source: Sanibel-Captiva Record, Dec 12, 1963).
5049Map of Jungle Queen sightseeing cuisse on New River, Florida.DetailsJungle Queen Tours1960
Route Map Jungle Queen Sightseeing Cruises Fort Lauderdale
Jungle Queen Tours
$80.00Jungle-Queen-ToursRoute-Map-Jungle-Queen-Sightseeing-Cruises-Fort-LauderdaleMap of the routes followed by the "World Famous Original" Jungle Queen Sightseeing Cruises ca. 1960. Two cruises were offered on the New River by the operator departing from the Jungle Queen Docks in Bahia Mar, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. One option, the 3-hour Circular Jungle and Everglades Tour, was highlighted by a stop at the Seminole Indian Village (including alligator wrestling). For passengers desiring a later start, at 7:00 p.m. the Jungle Queen II departed with as many as 250 passengers for their Bar-B-Q and Shrimp Dinner cruise followed by a vaudeville review and dancing under the stars. <br></br> Three-panel folding brochure closes to a compact 4" x 9". <br></br> Tourism has been an important part on the Florida economy for more than 100 years. For many decades operators have offered boat tours as a way of showing off the many attractions of Florida to large numbers of customers. From glass-bottomed boats to mail boats to today's high-speed thrill rides the enthusiasm of tourists for excitement and entertainment on the water has not diminished.
5056Map for Seven Seas cruise of North Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida.DetailsAnonymous1960
Map Seven Seas Sightseeing Miami and Miami Beach Cruise
$85.00AnonymousMap-Seven-Seas-Sightseeing-Miami-and-Miami-Beach-CruiseBrochure for a 2.5 hour lectured cruise of North Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, Florida aboard the double-decked motorboat Seven Seas. With a map of the cruise route (in red) around North Biscayne Bay. <br></br> Unlike other cruises on south Biscayne Bay (e.g. Uncle Sam cruise) the Seven Seas cruise was operated in<b> North Biscayne Bay</b>, departing from Pier 8 at the Miami City Yacht Basin twice daily. The cruise passed the Venetian Causeway, passed the Charles Deering estate, and sailed past the 79th street causeway, retiring past Mt. Sinai Hospital and making a circle in Sunset Lake before docking 2 1/2 hours later. Other points of interest included the Goodyear Blimp Base, Flagler Memorial Monument, Little River, and Indian Creek Village. <br></br> Printed on both sides and folds to 4" x 9".
5061Two charts of recreation facilities on the Okeechobee Waterway.DetailsU.S. Army Engineers1960
Two maps of recreation facilities on the Okeechobee Waterway.
U.S. Army Engineers
$150.00U-S--Army-EngineersTwo-maps-of-recreation-facilities-on-the-Okeechobee-Waterway-Two charts of recreation facilities on the Okeechobee Waterway stretching across the state from East Florida to West Florida. Recto with a map of recreation facilities including locks and dams along the Caloosahatchee River from Pine Island Sound to Moore Haven on Lake Okeechobee. Includes the Ortona Lock and Dam and the Franklin Lock and Dam. <br></br> Verso with a map of Lake Okeechobee and the Okeechobee waterway outlet to the Atlantic Ocean at Stuart, Florida. Published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District.
5125Humorous pictorial Map of Texas and the Loyal Colonies, …DetailsNowotny-Burrell Company1960
Pictorial Map of Texas and the Loyal Colonies Sometimes Referred to as the United States
Nowotny-Burrell Company
$185.00Nowotny-Burrell-CompanyPictorial-Map-of-Texas-and-the-Loyal-Colonies-Sometimes-Referred-to-as-the-United-StatesSouvenir scarf printed with a humorous pictorial "Map of Texas and the Loyal Colonies Sometimes Referred to as the United States." Somewhat similar in concept to Wither's "A Texan's Map of U.S.A." but the humor is much more likely to brag about Texas than to make fun of their neighboring states with derogatory labeling. Copyright 1956 by Nowotny-Burrell Company (bottom left corner). Scarce. <br></br> Contains a direction indicator near upper right that was copyrighted by Nowotny-Burrell and Company, San Antonio on July 31, 1952. The copyright is for a "Texan's direction Indicator. Five pointed star indicating, north, east south, Texas, and west." The history of cartography took a great leap forward with the invention of this novel and humorous compass rose. <br></br> 100 percent rayon. Made in Japan. Probably a later edition of the map ca. 1960, not a silk and rayon blend. Green edging.
5086Chart of Ranger III sightseeing tours from St. Petersburg, Florida.DetailsWinters, David and Irene1961
Map route Ranger III sightseeing tour Mullet Key Treasure Island Bradenton Florida
Winters, David and Irene
$70.00Winters--David-and-IreneMap-route-Ranger-III-sightseeing-tour-Mullet-Key-Treasure-Island-Bradenton-FloridaChart of the routes for sightseeing tours by the vessel Ranger III from St. Petersburg, Florida ca. 1961. The cruises all departed at 10:30 a.m. six days a week from slip 8 at Vinoy Basin. The chart shows the prospective route for cruises to Mullet Key, to Treasure Island, and to Bradenton Florida. Each cruise aboard the 64 foot diesel-powered tour boat carried up to one-hundred passengers at $2.00 per person. <br></br> In January 1961, three vessels operated excursions out of the St. Petersburg Yacht Basin: the Florida Queen, the Miss Florida III and the Ranger III. In 1961 aboard the Ranger III on a tour to Mullet Key, Captain Winters provided commentary on the local sights and Charlie Holdsworth, an ex-vaudevillian, entertained sightseers with his banjo and singing. (Branch, Dave. "Is this the day for a boat ride down the bay?" St. Petersburg Times. January 1. 1961. p. 41.). <br></br> The Ranger III route chart occupies 2 panels on a 4-panel folding brochure. Verso with photographs and a description for each of the three cruise options.
5111Street map of Key Biscayne, Florida from 1961.DetailsKey Biscayne Chamber of Commerce1961
Street map of Key Biscayne, Florida from 1961.
Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce
$120.00Key-Biscayne-Chamber-of-CommerceStreet-map-of-Key-Biscayne--Florida-from-1961-Street map of Key Biscayne, Florida from 1961. Published by the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce with a 17-point key to points of interest on the island including the Cape Florida Lighthouse on the southernmost tip of the island.
5055Lot of six rare "Fin Fishing Charts" for Florida coastal areas.DetailsAnonymous1962
Lot of six (6) scarce Fin Fishing Charts Lemon Bay to Tarpon Springs Florida
$180.00AnonymousLot-of-six-(6)-scarce-Fin-Fishing-Charts-Lemon-Bay-to-Tarpon-Springs-FloridaLot of six scarce "Fin Fishing Charts" for Florida coastal areas in the vicinity of Tampa Bay, Florida. Charts folded as issued. <br></br> All charts fit inside a point-of-sale envelope/folder printed with an index map of southern Florida showing all available Fin Fishing charts and highlighting these specific charts from Lemon Bay to Tarpon Springs: W7, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12. <br></br> Hot fishing spots are highlighted with red dots and tide table adjustments are included for several locations. Several marinas and other business establishments are noted in red on the charts, probably locations that sold these charts or that paid for the advertisement. Ink stamp on the folder carries a date of March 6, 1962. Creator of the charts is unattributed and very few, if any, of these charts are available on the market.
5028British Admiralty nautical chart of western Hong Kong Harbor.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1963
Chart of Hong Kong Waters West China South Coast
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$1,000.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeChart-of-Hong-Kong-Waters-West-China-South-CoastTwentieth-century British Admiralty nautical chart of western Hong Kong Harbor, Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbor, and Belcher Harbor. Extends as far west as Lantau Island in the vicinity of Hong Kong Disneyland. <br></br> Engraved and first published by the Admiralty in 1903, this edition contains minor corrections to 1963. Chart number 3280. Numerous updates to aids to navigation shown in red ink.
5089Coverage map for AM radio station WBOP in Pensacola, Florida.DetailsWBOP Radio1963
WBOP All-Negro AM Radio Pensacola Florida Coverage Map
WBOP Radio
$85.00WBOP-RadioWBOP-All-Negro-AM-Radio-Pensacola-Florida-Coverage-MapCoverage contour map for AM radio station WBOP in Pensacola, Florida from September 1963. Map compiled by Bill Lee of WLAK Electronics Service, Lakeland, Florida. With consumer marketing data for the black population in the WBOP market area. African-American interest. Station coverage extends as far north as South Flomaton and as far east as Foley, Florida.
5122Map of the addition to Cutthroat Harbor Estates on Cudjoe Key Florida.DetailsRamrod Investments, Inc.1965
Scarce map and sales brochure for Cutthroat Harbor Estates Cudjoe Key Florida
Ramrod Investments, Inc.
$120.00Ramrod-Investments--Inc-Scarce-map-and-sales-brochure-for-Cutthroat-Harbor-Estates-Cudjoe-Key-FloridaPlat of the first addition to Cutthroat Harbor Estates on the ocean side of Cudjoe Key, Florida. Plat is in a folding ten-panel sales brochure offering lots for sale in Cutthroat Harbor from $1,990 bordering Sacarma Bay, eighteen miles from Key West on U.S. Highway 1. Dated within to 1965, the brochure includes a small-scale map of the development in relationship to the southern portion of Cudjoe Key, and an aerial photograph of the same area. <br></br> The brochure includes a table of annual average weather conditions, photographs of construction work at the area, local fishing and boating activities, and the Key West International Airport.
4997Fine and scarce pictorial map of Florida by Al Kocab.DetailsKocab, Al1968
1970s Pictorial Florida Map Attractions pre-Disney
Kocab, Al
$250.00Kocab--Al1970s-Pictorial-Florida-Map-Attractions-pre-DisneyFine and scarce pictorial map of Florida by businessman Al Kocab: "Florida Attractions in Florida's Vacation Regions". <br></br> Kocab is known to have authored authored one additional map for the Florida Development Commission: "Florida Four-star Attractions." <br></br> Only two institutional holdings of the map are recorded in WorldCat. <br></br> Al Kocab (1930 - 1994) was part owner and interior designer of the award-winning La Vielle Maison in Boca Raton and The Down Under and Go Fish! restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. Mr. Kocab, who arrived in Ft. Lauderdale in 1960, was a founding partner in Waterway Restaurants Inc., which owned three restaurants. In 1994 La Vielle Maison, with country French decor, was the only restaurant in Florida to be awarded a five-star rating by the Mobil Travel Guide. Kocab was co-author of "Restaurants & recipes of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut." (Research Unlimited. 1964)
5059Greater Palm Beach County and Lake Okeechobee Rikers Trip Tour Guide.DetailsRikers Trip Tour Guide1968
Map of Greater Palm Beach County and Lake Okeechobee by Rikers
Rikers Trip Tour Guide
$165.00Rikers-Trip-Tour-GuideMap-of-Greater-Palm-Beach-County-and-Lake-Okeechobee-by-RikersPictorial map of Greater Palm Beach County and Lake Okeechobee, Florida. This colorful late 1960's map is on Riker's Trip Tour Guide. In this pictorial map the cartography is ringed with images, not with saints or with dignitaries but ringed with paid advertisements for area businesses like the Sailfish Center Marina Motel and the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Lake Worth. Map is on verso of a folding brochure titled: "Riker's Trip Tour Guide, A Scenic Recreational Map West Palm Beach - Lake Okeechobee" <br></br> Copyright 1968 by H. Riker. Illustrated and Designed by H. Riker. Published by Riker's Scenic Map Company. Historical, Scenic, and Recreational Maps. P.O. Box 3006, West Palm Beach, Florida. <br></br> Seller's black ink stamp: Forrest Shontz, Dixie "66" Service, 3515 South Dixie, West Palm Beach, Florida.
5085Manuscript Map the City of Bath after an earlier map by Joseph GilmoreDetailsAnonymous1970
Manuscript copy of the map City of Bath after Joseph Gilmore
$450.00AnonymousManuscript-copy-of-the-map-City-of-Bath-after-Joseph-GilmoreManuscript pen and ink (hand drawn) map of the City of Bath, England after an earlier map by Joseph Gilmore in 1731. On heavy paper. Likely mid-20th century. Differs from Gilmore's original map of Bath in that fewer buildings are shown on the border of the map. <br></br> Gilmore's original elaborate map of the city of Bath shows Bath still largely contained within its medieval walls. The map indicates the growing popularity of Bath as a destination for visitors in the early 18th century. Around the border of Gilmore's map are views of 36 lodging houses or other public buildings. The map was reissued 6 times between 1694 and 1731.
5096Scarce Louisville & Nashville Railroad Florida Track Profile Charts.DetailsLouisville and Nashville Railroad1971
Lot of 2 scarce Louisville and Nashville Railroad Florida Track Profile Charts
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
$600.00Louisville-and-Nashville-RailroadLot-of-2-scarce-Louisville-and-Nashville-Railroad-Florida-Track-Profile-ChartsLot of 2 scarce original Louisville and Nashville Railroad Florida track profile charts for their Pensacola & Atlantic Sub-division and Yellow River Branch lines. First printed in 1930 and revised and redrawn in Mobile, Alabama by R.W.P. in October 1971. <br></br> Condensed track profile charts are engineering documents giving mile-by-mile documentation of every aspect of a railroad’s right-of-way and trackwork: track layout, grades, curvature, bridgework, etc. Track profile charts may contain: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Milepost numbers</li> <li>Direction of the line via compass heading for sub-segments of the line</li> <li>Slope of the grade for each sub-segment</li> <li>Details about culverts, bridges, arches, and boxes</li> <li>Town names</li> <li>Locations of railway infrastructure (freight depots, passenger stations, and signals) </li> </ul> </div> First printed in 1930, these two volumes were updated in 1971 by "R.W.P." <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>The smaller of the two books (Vol. 1) contains track map profiles for 43 miles of track of the Pensacola Division of the L & N R.R. extending south from Flomaton, Alabama to Pensacola, Florida. Includes two pages of railway symbol conventions and common abbreviations; a list of stations on the route; and layouts for the Pensacola, Goulding, and Flomaton rail yards.</li> <li>The larger volume (Vol. 2) includes track profiles for the Yellow River Branch of the L & N R.R. from Florala to Crestview, Florida and for the Pensacola and Atlantic Branch of the L & N R.R. extending from Pensacola (Red Bluff), Florida eastward to River Junction, Florida. Includes two pages of railway symbol conventions and common abbreviations; a list of stations on the route; and layouts for the Muskogee Wharf, Pensacola, Pace, and River Junction rail yards and facilities.</li> </ul> </div>
5079Admiralty chart of Ibiza and Formentera in the Mediterranean.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1973
Plans in the Islas Baleares from Spanish Government Charts
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$175.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficePlans-in-the-Islas-Baleares-from-Spanish-Government-ChartsPlans of the islands Ibiza and Formentera in Spain's Mediterranean Balearic Islands. Engraved in 1902 and published from London in July 8, 1902 by the British Admiralty under the superintendence of Captain W. J. L. Wharton, Hydrographer. Charts are after the Spanish Government Charts, 1898 - 1900. This sheet with corrections to 1973. <br></br> Includes the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera at a scale of 1 / 195,000 and the channel between Ibiza and Espalmador at a scale of 1 / 36,420 <br></br> Chart number 3276. Crown Copyright Reserved.
5088Atlas and Plat Book Suwannee County Florida from 1975.DetailsRockford Map Publishers1975
Atlas and Plat Book Suwannee County Florida 1975
Rockford Map Publishers
$200.00Rockford-Map-PublishersAtlas-and-Plat-Book-Suwannee-County-Florida-1975Atlas and Plat Book Suwannee County Florida 1975, published by Rockford Map Publishers, Inc. Rockford, Illinois. Sponsored by Daniel Crapps, Realtor, Live Oak, Florida. <br></br> Contents contain an index map for Suwannee County; an alphabetized business directory; important facts about land descriptions; detailed maps for each of 23 townships in the index map; a map of the capital city of Suwannee County- Live Oak; a map of the city of Branford; and a reduced general highway map of Suwannee County, Florida.
5100World Cannabis March on the U.N. poster.DetailsYouth International Party Information Service1983
World Cannabis March on the U.N. Poster
Youth International Party Information Service
$140.00Youth-International-Party-Information-ServiceWorld-Cannabis-March-on-the-U-N--PosterWorld Cannabis March on the U.N. Poster on newsprint from the underground newspaper "Overthrow" by the Youth International Party Information Service. <br></br> Purpose was to advertise a protest parade in New York City against the Reagan Administration's policies on cannabis. The march was to start at 11 A.M. May 7, 1983 at Washington Square Park. <br></br> Overthrow (April-May 1983 - Vol. 5 No. 1): A Yipster [Yippie!] Times Publication.
5075Smiley's pictorial fishing map/print of southern Florida.DetailsSmiley, Russ1987
Russ Smiley's South Florida Map Ft. Lauderdale to Key West
Smiley, Russ
$30.00Smiley--RussRuss-Smiley-s-South-Florida-Map--Ft--Lauderdale-to-Key-WestLate 1980's chart of the Everglades, South Florida, and the Florida Keys surrounded by Smiley's illustrations of colorful fishes. Chart is overprinted with dots representing hot fishing spots from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West and with the names of the fishes that might be caught in an area. <br></br> Created and published by Miami, Florida artist Russ Smiley, El Portal Florida. Last copyright is from 1987 by Windward Publishing. Purchased as new old stock. <br></br> Verso with illustrations of south Florida fishes, fishing techniques, and baits.
5076Smiley's pictorial fishing map/print of southern Florida.DetailsSmiley, Russ1987
Russ Smiley's Fishing-Boating Map Cape Sable to Crystal River
Smiley, Russ
$30.00Smiley--RussRuss-Smiley-s-Fishing-Boating-Map-Cape-Sable-to-Crystal-RiverLate 1980's chart of the Everglades, South Florida, and the Florida Keys surrounded by Smiley's illustrations of colorful fishes. Chart is overprinted with dots representing hot fishing spots and with the names of the fishes that might be caught in an area. <br></br> Created and published by Miami, Florida artist Russ Smiley. Last copyright is from 1979 by Russ Smiley. Purchased as new old stock. Published by Windward Publishing, Miami. <br></br> Verso with illustrations of south Florida fishes, fishing techniques, and baits.