Explore the latest additions to RareCharts' inventory. Our focus this week is on a rare manuscript colonial-era map of Cedar Island, Georgia. Dating to 1786, this pen and ink plat of an island in the Oconee River is signed by Thomas Harris McCall, then Surveyor-General of Georgia.

You can also explore a large and rare 1799 map of the Caribbean Island of St. Croix showing the cotton plantations operating at the end of the 18th century. The author of this map is Peter Lotharius Oxholm (1753-1827), a planter and slave owner who served as the Governor-General of the Danish West Indies from 1815 until 1816.

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6839 1786 MS map Cedar Island, Georgia by Surveyor-General Thomas McCallDetailsMcCall, Thomas Harris1786
Colonial manuscript map Cedar Island Georgia Surveyor General Thomas McCall
McCall, Thomas Harris
$990.00McCall--Thomas-HarrisColonial-manuscript-map-Cedar-Island-Georgia-Surveyor-General-Thomas-McCallExtremely rare pen and ink manuscript map of Cedar Island, Georgia signed by Thomas McCall (1), Surveyor General of Georgia, just two years before the colony became the fourth state to enter the Union when it ratified the U.S. Constitution on January 2, 1788. The plat survey, conducted March 20, 1786, was related to a warrant issued by Senior Justice Jared Irwin (2), just two years after Washington County was created from land ceded by two treaties with the Creek and Cherokee native Americans in 1783. <br><br> The true location of Cedar Island is speculative but, at the top of the document is a drawing of the Cedar Island plat, bisected by a survey line where the two end points were a white oak tree and a cypress tree. The island lies surrounded on all four sides by the Oconee river, and with other properties outside the boundaries, including “Indian Land” at the north. The text reads: <br><br><div class="indenttextblocksingle"> “Pursuant to a Warrant under the hand of the Honorable Jared Irwin esquire Senior Justice presiding at … court ... in Washington County. Dated March 6,1786. Was Surveyed for Charnill Wallis, who resides in this State a Tract of Land containing Six Hundred Acres in Oconee River called Ceder Island: - Having such form & marks, as are expected in the above plat. Surveyed March 20, 1786 by Jno. Hill D.S. & certified by Saml. Camp pro. b. Surveyor."</div> <br>
6800Laperouse's nautical chart of the west coast of North America, 1797.DetailsDagelet, Joseph Lepaute1797
Original antique French nautical chart of the west coast of North America
Dagelet, Joseph Lepaute
$800.00Dagelet--Joseph-LepauteOriginal-antique-French-nautical-chart-of-the-west-coast-of-North-AmericaOriginal antique nautical chart of the west coast of North America from Mt. St. Elias (1) to Monterey Bay. Shows route of la Perouse. Includes the west coasts of California, Washington, and Oregon. From the atlas of the voyage by Lapérouse. Plate 16. <br><br> Jean-François de Galaup, Comte de Lapérouse was a French Naval officer and explorer whose journey started in 1785 under the commission of King Louis XVI. The expedition comprised two ships, the Astrolabe and the Boussole, and a crew of 225. The crew included scientists and artists who were tasked with documenting various aspects of the journey, including geography, wildlife, and indigenous cultures. This expedition aimed to complete the Pacific explorations undertaken by Captain Cook and others. The journey is noted for its tragic disappearance of Laperouse near the end. <br><br> The disappearance of Lapérouse's expedition sparked much interest and concern, leading to numerous rescue and search missions. The wreckage of the two ships was finally discovered in 1826 near Vanikoro, an island in the Solomon Islands, but the exact circumstances of the expedition's end remain a mystery. <br><br> (1) Mount St. Elias, located on the border between Alaska in the United States and Yukon in Canada, is one of the highest peaks in North America, at an elevation of 18,008 feet. It forms part of the St. Elias Mountain Range, which hosts some of the most extensive ice fields in the world.
6806Map of the Caribbean island of St. Croix by Peter Oxholm, 1799.DetailsOxholm, Peter Lotharius1799
Rare antique map of the Caribbean island of St. Croix slavery
Oxholm, Peter Lotharius
$2,700.00Oxholm--Peter-LothariusRare-antique-map-of-the-Caribbean-island-of-St--Croix-slaveryRare, highly detailed and accurate map of the Caribbean island of St. Croix by Peter Oxholm. Dated 1799 per the Royal Danish Library. Only two recorded copies in WorldCat, one at Bibliothèque nationale de France. <br><br> This second edition of Oxholm's map is updated with details for Christiansted Harbor after a survey by Captain Rohde. Table at top left in Danish and English with population statistics for Whites, Coloreds, and Negros. Denotes locations of the numerous windmills and horse-powered mills as well as cotton plantations ("bomulds plantage") on St. Croix. In spite of his strong advocacy for slavery Oxholm was concerned about poor living conditions of the slaves. <br><br> Dissected and laid to linen when issued. Library hand stamp from 1815 at top right.
68271881 manuscript plan Back Bay Commonwealth Ave. Boston Mass.DetailsFuller and Whitney1882
Rare manuscript surveyors cadastral plan of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston Mass
Fuller and Whitney
$850.00Fuller-and-WhitneyRare-manuscript-surveyors-cadastral-plan-of-Commonwealth-Avenue-in-Boston-MassIf you collect antique Boston paper or you are looking for an original, unique, one-of-a-kind gift for someone then consider this rare piece of Boston history: <br><br> This is a manuscript or hand drawn plan, a cadastral map of Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay, Boston, Mass. from January, 1882. The map was the source map, a master map, a base map, for blueprint copies made around 1882 by the Civil Engineering firm of Fuller and Whitney who styled themselves "Back Bay Engineers". Fuller and Whitney tracked the owners name, lot width and lot number on Commonwealth during the fill and development of Boston's Back Bay in the latter half of the 19th century. Covers five blocks on Commonwealth Ave. between Dartmouth Street and West Chester Park, now called Massachusetts Ave. <br><br> Fuller and Whitey regularly used this master copy to publish beautiful blueprints tracking the progress of the Boston Back Bay project in the 1880's. To produce a blueprint they would lay a sheet of tracing paper across this master page and have a draftsman neatly trace and letter the plan in water-soluble ink. When that trace was complete they laid the trace across a sheet of unexposed blueprint paper and placed both sheets under the bright sun for several minutes to expose it, just like an old style contact photograph. The exposed print was then washed to develop it. <br><br> Although multiple blueprints may have been produced (I don't know of any) this is the only master manuscript source plan. They aren't making any more of these. <br><br> What a conversation piece! Includes notes from the engineers about the how the owner's names were put on the map and about lot widths. <br><br> Fuller and Whitey's document index file numbers 741 and 858. <br><br> <b>Other Boston manuscript maps are available. Contact us for more information.</b>
6814Manuscript engineers map of lower Cambridgeport, Mass. 1905.DetailsWhitney, William H.1905
Manuscript engineers trace map of Cambridgeport Massachusetts
Whitney, William H.
$885.00Whitney--William-H-Manuscript-engineers-trace-map-of-Cambridgeport-MassachusettsOriginal manuscript trace map, a traced pen and ink map of an area in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts bounded by the Charles River to the south and Erie Street to the North and from Magazine Street at the east to roughly where Briggs Field now stands. Includes Washington Square, a soapworks of J. Reardon and Sons, Hastings Square, Morse School, Captain's Island Playground, Baptist home, and Lammson Memorial Building. By William H. Whitney, Boston Civil Engineer.
6807Innes' map of producing oil and gas fields in Oklahoma from 1917.DetailsInnes, Frederick A.1917
Map of Oklahoma producing oil and gas fields blueline
Innes, Frederick A.
$700.00Innes--Frederick-A-Map-of-Oklahoma-producing-oil-and-gas-fields-bluelineRare, large comprehensive one-sheet cloth map of producing oil and gas fields in Oklahoma from 1917. Copyright 1917 by F. A. Innes, Tulsa Oklahoma. Published by the Kelley Map Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma. <br><br> Manuscript pencil notation at bottom about recorded deeds in 1947. Manuscript red marks below Oklahoma City in Cleveland County possibly reflect sites for the deeds. <br><br> The era in which this map was produced was one of rapid growth in Oklahoma oil and gas exploration, driven in part by the demands of WWI. In 1917 Phillips Petroleum Company was incorporated in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. During 1918 the Southwestern Association of Petroleum Geologists, established just one year earlier, became the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). <br><br> Type of well is denoted on the map using symbols explained in a legend for: <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Oil wells</li> <li>Gas wells</li> <li>Abandoned wells</li> <li>Dry holes</li> <li>Drilling wells</li> </ul> </div> <br> Photographed in two sections to accommodate size.
6808Original Admiralty Chart of the Strait of Malacca and Singapore, 1896.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1926
Scarce Antique Chart Malacca Strait Cape Rachado to Singapore
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$850.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeScarce-Antique-Chart-Malacca-Strait-Cape-Rachado-to-SingaporeOriginal British Admiralty chart of the Strait of Malacca from Cape Rachado to Singapore, first published in 1896 under the superintendence of Admiral Wharton, Hydrographer. The coast of the Malay Peninsula and soundings taken from British Surveys in 1852-5; H.M. surveying ship Egeria (1893); and H.M. surveying ship Waterwitch 1909. Last corrected in 1926. Includes Singapore with numerous soundings. <br><br> Inset chart of "Approaches to Malacca" at upper right. <br><br> Sold by J.D. Potter agent for the Admiralty. Price when issued was four shillings. Admiralty chart number 795. Engraved by Davies and Company. <br><br> The first European chart of the Strait of Malacca was likely produced by Portuguese explorers in the early 16th century. After capturing Malacca in 1511, the Portuguese established a strong presence in the region and began extensive maritime exploration and cartography.
6835Rare 1927 Advertising Map of Peking, China for Sanitary Fur Company.DetailsYenching University Geology Department1927
Rare Advertising Brochure Map of Peking for Sanitary Fur Company
Yenching University Geology Department
$320.00Yenching-University-Geology-DepartmentRare-Advertising-Brochure-Map-of-Peking-for-Sanitary-Fur-CompanyRare, unrecorded pictorial advertising map of Peking or Beijing, China prepared ca. 1927 for the Sanitary Fur Company by the Department of Geology and Geography at Yenching University. The maps are signed by George Barbour (1). Format: small tourist-oriented folding brochure. <br><br> The interior of the brochure shows a two-panel "Simplified Map of Peking". Back panel with a smaller-scale "Plan of the Northern Environs of Peking." <br><br> According to an inserted sheet found within: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "The tanning of furs in China was started by Dr. H. S. Vincent, head of the Leather Department of Yenching University. This much needed step has popularized Chinese furs as the tanning makes them perfectly sanitary, all germs being killed in the process which also destroys the disagreeable smell so noticeable with Chinese furs imperfectly tanned." </div><br> <div id="SC_6835" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6835" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6835/SC_6835_detail.jpg" alt="Advertisement for the Sanitary Fur Company. Peking China. 1927." width="300"/> <br><font size="-2">Advertisement for the Sanitary Fur Company. 1927.</font> </div><br>
6834Mid century pictorial map of Acapulco Mexico, 1955.DetailsMelendez, Gilberto1955
Fine mid-century pictorial map of Acapulco Mexico
Melendez, Gilberto
$395.00Melendez--GilbertoFine-mid-century-pictorial-map-of-Acapulco-MexicoQuite attractive touristic pictorial map of Acapulco Bay and surrounding areas. Inset map at top in a larger scale showing the road network between Acapulco and Mexico City. Additional inset map at right of Centro Downtown. Scarce. <br><br> Map contains an inset of the main advertiser, Hotel Caleta. Noted features include Isla la Roqueta, Puerto Marquez, el Patal Beach, Playa Suave, and many more. Inset tables identify local nightclubs and beaches. Produced by Gilberto Melendez.
6811Matthew Maury's third edition chart of whale sightings.DetailsMaury, Matthew Fontaine1956
Matthew Maury's Whale Chart Third Ed
Maury, Matthew Fontaine
$3,500.00Maury--Matthew-FontaineMatthew-Maury-s-Whale-Chart-Third-EdRare world-wide thematic chart of reported whale sightings by Matthew Fontaine Maury. Provides data on whale sightings by season, geographic area, whale species, and relative frequency. First published in 1851 but this 3rd edition printed in 1956. This map is an important contribution in the history of the visual display of quantitative information. <br><br> Maury's Whale Chart provided valuable information about the migratory patterns of various whale species based on data collected from whalers and merchant ships and depicted the seasonal movements of different whale species in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It included information about the regions where whales were most commonly found during specific times of the year, helping whalers optimize their efforts and increase their chances of successful hunts. <br><br> It is important to note that the Whale Chart was a product of its time and was created with the intent of aiding the whaling industry. Today, such practices would be considered ecologically unsustainable, and the conservation of whale species is a priority. Modern research and understanding of marine ecosystems have led to the establishment of international regulations protecting whales from excessive hunting and ensuring their conservation. <br><br> Third issue (of five). Published by Hydrographic Office of the US in the mid 20th century. Upper top left position with logo of eagle clutching items in claws surrounded by text: "Hydrographic Office U.S. Navy". Top right position is blank. Bottom right position reads "Price 20 cents / H.O. Miscel. No. 8514" Mid-20th-century electrotype on wove paper. Bottom margin with a purple hand stamp bearing a manuscript ink date of 1959.
6803Nautical chart of the Island of New Providence, Bahamas.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1974
Original Admiralty Nautical Chart of Providence Island, Bahamas
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$255.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeOriginal-Admiralty-Nautical-Chart-of-Providence-Island--BahamasA fine British Admiralty nautical chart of the Bahamas Island of New Providence, first published in August, 1843. Retains the look of a mid-19th century copper-engraved sea chart. Admiralty chart # 1489. <br><br> At top of chart is a coastal elevation view of the Town of Nassau, on the Island of New Providence, from a distance offshore. <br><br> This item is the sixth edition of 1914 with corrections to 1974.
68131990 poster Florida Coastal Management Conference.DetailsMcMillan,1990
Dynamic Clearwater Florida Sailing Poster
$95.00McMillan-Dynamic-Clearwater-Florida-Sailing-PosterDynamic glossy sailing poster for the 1990 Florida Coastal Management Conference: Navigating the Nineties by McMillan. The 1990 Florida Coastal Management Conference was held in Clearwater, Florida during September 26 - 28. <br><br> Could be trimmed and framed. Image alone is ~ 12" x 30".