Harris, Charles E.

Rare Pictorial Map of Hyannis, Massachusetts Homes of Sea Captains in 1854

A map of the village of Hyannis in the town of Barnstable, Massachusetts showing the location of the homes of the sea captains. Plan of the village in 1854.

DESCRIPTION: A very rare unrecorded historical map of the village of Hyannis, Massachusetts in 1854 showing the locations of sea captains' homes. Copyrighted in 1939 by Dr. Charles E. Harris.

No copies are recorded in WorldCat, nor were any copies found online as of August, 2023.

Includes a alphabetical indexed table of names of sea captains tied numerically to locations Harris has identified on the map. A brief glance at the captains' names makes it apparent that command of Hyannis-based vessels during that time period was largely a familial occupation. Families with the most numerous seafarers included the surnames: Baker (10), Baxter (9) Bearse (23), Crowell (17), Hallett (22), and Lothrop (8). A legend above the table identifies each name with the type of maritime trade each captain was associated with: coastal, deep water, lighthouse service, canal boat, pilot, steamer, and living.

Dated January 1, 1939. Data collected and assembled by Dr. Charles E. Harris. Map courtesy of James F. McLaughlin C.E. Drawn by Walter M. Gaffney.

Dr. Charles E. Harris (1868 - 1947)

Dr. Charles E. Harris was an esteemed American physician and maritime enthusiast known for his research on Cape Cod. Dr. Harris established his medical practice in Hyannis, Massachusetts in 1898 where he contributed significantly to the foundation of the Cape Cod Hospital. In the years preceding the construction of this new medical facility he organized unique fund-raising events, which took the form of backyard circuses.

Dr. Harris resided in the Captain William Hallett House, a prominent historic site located in the village of Hyannis, within the town of Barnstable, Massachusetts. Constructed circa 1800, and made predominantly of wood, the William Hallett House is recognized for its unique blend of Federal and Queen Anne architectural styles. In 1987 the home was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Walter Melvin Gaffney
(1900 - 1983)

Walter Gaffney was an American engineer and architect who lived from 1900 to 1983. He is best known for his detailed historical maps of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, particularly of the towns and villages in Barnstable County. Gaffney issued his most well-known map "A Map of Cape Cod" during the Great Depression in part to help compensate for a loss of business during those difficult years.

CREATOR: Harris, Charles E.



BODY OF WATER: Hyannis Port Harbor

CONDITION: Good.  Folds, as issued. Clean and solid with a couple of minor pinholes at fold intersections. Some minor toning remaining after a soak, most at margins.



SIZE: 15 " x 21 "


PRICE: $395


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