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1140Early trade catalog of U.S. made ships blocks.DetailsBoston and Lockport Block Company1890
Late 19th Century Trade Catalog of Ships Blocks
Boston and Lockport Block Company
$155.00Boston-and-Lockport-Block-CompanyLate-19th-Century-Trade-Catalog-of-Ships-BlocksEarly trade catalog of ships blocks (pulleys) from a well-known U.S. manufacturer, the Boston and Lockport Block Company ca. 1890. That business was incorporated in 1887 combining the Bagnall and Loud Block Company of Boston and the Penfield Block Company of Lockport, New York. <br></br> In 1889 the company's offices and warehouses were reported as located on Commercial and Fulton Streets in Boston, Massachusetts. The company operated a factory located at 210 Market Street in Lockport, N.Y. from the mid 1800's until the early 1900's. <br></br> List of contents from the index includes: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Blocks for rope straps</li> <li>Dead eyes</li> <li>Fiddle blocks for yachts</li> <li>Jib sheet blocks for yachts</li> <li>New style yacht blocks with wooden cheeks</li> <li>Snatch blocks for yachts</li> <li>Wood dock blocks</li> <li>Wrought iron blocks</li> </ul> </div> Boston and Lockport used a star as their brand mark. Many of the pages in the catalog are overprinted in yellow with a star and the phrase "Star Brand". 47 pages plus index.
5014Topographical Map of the Island of Santa Catalina, California.DetailsHealey, Charles T.1893
Scarce map of Catalina Island after Coast Survey
Healey, Charles T.
$375.00Healey--Charles-T-Scarce-map-of-Catalina-Island-after-Coast-SurveyScarce topographical Map of the Island of Santa Catalina in part from the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 1893. Map is glued down to cover. <br></br> Folded on thin paper. Part of a scarce photo brochure "Souvenir of Catalina Island, California ca. 1895. Binding secured by ribbon through two punched holes at left. <br></br> With the route for Wilmington Transportation Company's Steamship Line.
5136Antique half-tone panoramic View of Havana Cuba from 1904.DetailsSeaboard Air Line Railway1904
Antique Panoramic View of Havana Cuba
Seaboard Air Line Railway
$550.00Seaboard-Air-Line-RailwayAntique-Panoramic-View-of-Havana-CubaAntique folding half-tone panoramic view of Havana, Cuba (1904) titled "Havana Harbor and City." A very fine view from a brochure by the Seaboard Air Line Railway "Cuba" promoting the route of the Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Company's steamship from Port Tampa to Key West, Florida to Havana. <br></br> A drawing, resembling a photograph, showing a panoramic view taken from the perspective of La Cabaña, (Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña). At upper right the view shows Morro Castle and lighthouse at the entrance to Havana Bay. Across the bay, the city of Havana shines, while sailing vessels and steam powered ships ply the waters of the bay. A reviewer of the period described the work as: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> … a panoramic view of Havana Harbor and City superbly reproduced in half-tone, the sky and water effects being especially meritorious, showing skillful overlay and press-work." [1]. </ul> </div> Brochure printed by Edgell Press. Cover to brochure included. <BR></BR> [1] Ryan, Charles B. Transportation. January 1904. No. 1. p. 29.
4882Rare large original 1911 broadside for Florida Land.DetailsSutherland, McConnel and Co.1911
Fine Original Broadside for Florida Land Speculators
Sutherland, McConnel and Co.
$800.00Sutherland--McConnel-and-Co-Fine-Original-Broadside-for-Florida-Land-Speculators<br></br> <div style="text-align: center;font-size:125%;"> "Successful Men Do It Now - <br />Failures Wait Until Tomorrow" </div> <BR /> An original antique advertising poster from the early Florida land boom. A fine, surviving 18" x 24" broadside on thin paper, touting the opportunity that awaited the investor in Florida real estate, including 27,000 acres ("the best tract for farming") near Jacksonville, in Duval County. A fine piece of ephemera that supports and extends any collection of Florida cartography. <br></br> The artifact could be considered as the "poster child" of antique Florida ephemera as the two tear-out coupons strongly suggest the broadside was not expected to have a long life and would be discarded after use. <br></br> "Virgin Soil", "Pure Water", "1,000,000 Acres to Choose From", "Healthful Climate", "Big Crops". <br></br> Offered at prices from $12.50 to $30.00 per acre by the Colonization Department of the partnership of Sutherland, McConnel & Co. of Jacksonville, Florida, Clifford Greve, General Manager. The Auck Brothers of Bucyrus, Ohio were appointed as "Special Agents" for the sale.
5256Map of Pisa, Italy for Jonni's Grand Hotel Minerva.DetailsJonni, G.1915
Pianta di Pisa
Jonni, G.
$75.00Jonni--G-Pianta-di-PisaMap of Pisa, Italy for Jonni's Grand Hotel Minerva ca 1915. Located on verso of a folding trade card for the hotel. No phone number, but electric lights … estimated ca. 1915 when adoption rates for the telephone in Italy were about 5% of the rate in the U.S.A.
5124A fine oblique elevated view of the harbor at St. Petersburg, Florida.DetailsStraub, W.L.1917
Antique airplane views of St. Petersburg Florida
Straub, W.L.
$400.00Straub--W-L-Antique-airplane-views-of-St--Petersburg-FloridaBrochure with maps and scarce airplane views of St. Petersburg, Florida including a fine oblique elevated view of the harbor: "St. Petersburg, the Place 'of Proved Desire and Known Delight' " by artist W.L. Straub (15" x 6"). Found at the center of a six-panel folding brochure- "St. Petersburg Florida, The Sunshine City Issued by the St. Petersburg Board of Trade." <br></br> Along with numerous smaller illustrations and photographs the brochure includes additionally two fine views and two maps: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>View of the "mole", the "spa", the municipal pier and bathing beaches</li> <li>Panoramic view of St. Petersburg, Fla. from the Plaza Theater (by Van Deventer & Sons 1913.</li> <li>Map showing location of St. Petersburg Florida with Railroad and Steamship Connections.</li> <li>Map of Pinellas County, Florida showing location of St. Petersburg "The Sunshine City".</li> Brochure folds to 9" x 4".
5053Manuscript maps of St. Augustine, Florida and of the area.DetailsAnonymous1918
Two manuscript maps of St. Augustine, Florida and of the area.
$400.00AnonymousTwo-manuscript-maps-of-St--Augustine--Florida-and-of-the-area-Two manuscript maps on a single sheet inserted into a tourism brochure of St. Augustine, Florida after printing. Unusual. Maps show St. Augustine at street-level detail and on verso a smaller-scale map of the area surrounding St. Augustine. Type-written text on one map sheet indicates re-use of a telephone service remittance document for creation of the map. The small scale map of the area around St. Augustine appears only to consider railway lines (F.E.C., A.C.C.) of importance as railways are highlighted in color and stops along each route are identified. <br></br> Booklet (folds to 4" x 9") presented with the compliments of the St. Augustine Hotel Association. Fine cover graphics of period clothing. Booklet art work, engraving and printing by the Record Company, St. Augustine. Dated between 1916 and 1919 based on information provided about the Flagler Hospital, under construction at printing, after a fire in 1916 destroyed much of the original structure.
5208Map and brochure for Bronx real estate owned by William Waldorf Astor.DetailsAstor, William Waldorf1922
Maps and auction brochure for Bronx property of William Waldorf Astor
Astor, William Waldorf
$1,250.00Astor--William-WaldorfMaps-and-auction-brochure-for-Bronx-property-of-William-Waldorf-AstorVery rare sales brochure for an auction of a tract of 1669 lots owned by <b>William Waldorf Astor</b> located in the Morris Park area of the Bronx in New York City. Rare- only one other holding located anywhere, an inferior example held by the New York Public Library. Astor died of heart failure in October, 1919 and the auction documented in these artifacts was held to settle Astor's estate less than three years later, in June, 1922. <br></br> Brochure (11" x15") includes a fine bird's eye view on the front cover; a map of a portion of New York City with the Bronx showing the tract location in context to subways and roads on the back cover; and a folding plat map enclosed within with lots platted shown on both sides of a large sheet measuring 21" x 30". All in good to very good condition. (Images of the folding plat map are available on request.) <br></br> William Waldorf Astor (1848-1919), was the only child of John Jacob Astor III, an attorney, politician, philanthropist, and newspaper publisher. W.W. Astor's great-grandfather father, John Jacob Astor, made a fortune in the fur trade and was the wealthiest man in the U.S. in 1848.
5087Map Hillsboro County: The Strong Box in the Treasure House of Florida.DetailsTampa Board of Trade1923
Tampa the Strong Box in the Treasure House of Florida
Tampa Board of Trade
$250.00Tampa-Board-of-TradeTampa-the-Strong-Box-in-the-Treasure-House-of-FloridaPre-depression advertising map promoting Tampa and Hillsborough County as: "The Strong Box in the Treasure House of Florida". Beneath the map an explanation describes the benefits to be found in Hillsborough County: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Containing lands, rich and of infinite variety, adapted for fruit raising, agriculture in all its phases, trucking, poultry farming, stock raising, and all those novelty lines for which Florida is famous. The marketplace of practically all of South and West Coast Peninsular Florida, with over fifty miles of salt water shoreline. Look us over." </div> Unusual and scarce. 1923. <br></br> Map image with strong graphics is inside the front cover of 44-page brochure ( 9" x 6") about Tampa, Florida. Brochure wraps covered with images of local leisure activities for Tampa (front) and Hillsboro County (rear). On both covers images of bi-planes cruising aloft attest to the importance of Tampa, Florida as an early aviation center.
5050Map of the Nela Isle Subdivision on Lake Conway at Orlando.DetailsLovett Company1925
Rare, early map of Nela Isle Subdivision Orlando Florida.
Lovett Company
$350.00Lovett-CompanyRare--early-map-of-Nela-Isle-Subdivision-Orlando-Florida-Early, pre-construction map of the Nela Isle Subdivision on Lake Conway at Orlando, Florida in Orange County. Rare. Map on verso of a four-panel folding brochure. Dated within at August, 1925. <br></br> By The Lovett Company 118 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida. Map drawn by M. Klein, Cleveland, Ohio. With an inset large-scale context map showing Nela Isle in the larger Orlando, Lake Conway, Pine Castle area. <br></br> Verso with title and a fine two-panel Artist's Conception of the New Bridge to Nela Isle. According to the brochure: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Plans are being developed by the Florida Associated Engineers--- The Bridge will soon be a Reality. Watch Nela Grow." </div> MS signature of Geo[rge] W. Ireland 1897 (likely the phone number). Scale 1" = 200'.
5026Map and brochure for a regatta at the Palm Beach Yacht Club, 1927.DetailsCarr and McFadden, Inc.1927
Map and Brochure for Palm Beach Regatta 1927
Carr and McFadden, Inc.
$365.00Carr-and-McFadden--Inc-Map-and-Brochure-for-Palm-Beach-Regatta-1927Map (9" x 12") and booklet for the Washington's Birthday Regatta on Lake Worth. Palm Beach Yacht Club, 1927. Florida. Map shows the course of the Regatta races. Very scarce. <br></br> 33 pages with advertisements, race rules, race history, and members of the Palm Beach Regatta Association. <br></br> Map drawn by Carr & McFadden, Inc. Civil Engineers in West Palm Beach Florida.
5052Map of Key West Florida from in a booklet  for tourists.DetailsRice, George T.1931
Map of Key West Florida
Rice, George T.
$250.00Rice--George-T-Map-of-Key-West-FloridaScarce map of Key West Florida in booklet "Fifth Annual Tourists Sight Seeing Guide of Key West Florida 1933 Courtesy of Key West Business People". Locations identified numerically on the map appear not to correspond to numbered locations in the booklet. It is informative to compare this map with a very similar sightseeing map (1945-1948) in the Touchton Map Library. Numerous changes to Key West related to WWII are apparent, especially the construction of Meacham Field. <br></br> Booklet 3.5" x 7" with advertisements for local Key West businesses including: The Artman Press, The Key West Citizen, Gardner's Pharmacy, Columbia Laundry, The Key West Colonial Hotel and more. With a list of facts about Key West and a description of a tour of local sights including the "turtle crawls": <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "3. Visit the turtle crawls where turtles weighing over two hundred pounds may be seen swimming by dozens in pens while waiting to be slaughtered. Turtles have been caught near Key West weighing over one thousand pounds. This is a sight to remember. Located: Dock at North end of Margaret street." </div></br> The map was compiled under the direction of George T. Rice, Captain 13th C.A. (Coast Artillery). Drawn by A.D. Shirk, Staff Sergeant, 13th C.A. July 10, 1931.
5057Folding map of Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway.DetailsFlorida East Coast Railway1933
Map of Florida East Coast Railway the St. Augustine Route
Florida East Coast Railway
$250.00Florida-East-Coast-RailwayMap-of-Florida-East-Coast-Railway-the-St--Augustine-RouteColorful folding map of Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway, the St. Augustine Route. Includes the Key West extension and the route from Key West to Havana, Cuba of the Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Company. <br></br> Interesting and seemingly out-of-place notations for two fishing camps on the Keys: Pirates Cove fishing camp and Long Key fishing camp. Printed by the Record Company, St. Augustine, Florida. Map is in the center of a folding brochure of 15 pages.
5114Map of Florida with south Florida stops for the Dixie Route.DetailsPoole Brothers, Inc.1935
Map Dixie Route rail service to Florida
Poole Brothers, Inc.
$200.00Poole-Brothers--Inc-Map-Dixie-Route-rail-service-to-FloridaMap (8" x 15") within a twenty-two page folding brochure for <b>The Dixie Route</b>, a train service that in 1939 operated three passenger trains across several affiliated railroads and their stops to provide passenger service from the Midwest (St. Louis and Chicago) to Florida. The railway companies contributing to the brochure included: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railway</li> <li>Louisville and Nashville Railroad</li> <li>Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis R.Y</li> </ul></div> Daily Dixie Route trains to Florida were The Dixieland (with overnight service to Florida) , The Dixie Flyer, and The Dixie Limited. <br></br> Copyright 1935 by publishers Poole Brothers, Inc. Published October 1939 (dated within). <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> Poole Brothers was a publishing company founded in 1870 by George Amos and William H. Poole. The company was the largest printing house in the country that catered to transportation companies. According to The Inland Printer, "practically every railroad in the country used Poole Brothers materials." [1] </div> </br> [1] Source:
488Illustrated book of racing sailboat plans and prints by Herreshoff MfgDetailsHaffenreffer, R.F.1940
Yachts by Herreshoff
Haffenreffer, R.F.
$150.00Haffenreffer--R-F-Yachts-by-HerreshoffPromotional book by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, Bristol, Rhode Island ca. 1940. Contains eight color reproductions of America's Cup race winners built by Herreshoff, after drawings by R.F. Paterson. These classic vessels designed by Nathanael G. Herreshoff or W. Starling Burgess include the Vigilant, Defender, Columbia (2), Reliance, Resolute, Enterprise and Rainbow. A "Roll of Honor" for these successful America's Cup defenders on page 47 shows that the boats were owned by many of the business leaders of the early 20th century including Cornelius Vanderbilt, Vincent Astor, Alfred Sloan, J.P. Morgan, and Walter Chrysler, among others. <BR> </BR> With numeous other black and white photographs of Herreshoff-built boats and manufacturing processes. Contains plans and specifications on glassine paper for eight smaller Herreshoff one-design class offerings from 11 to 31 feet. Table of Contents and Registry of Owners. <BR> </BR> Number 8741 presented to J.G. Sheldon. 53 pages as issued.
5054Maps and brochure for Snell Island Harbor, St. Petersburg, Florida.DetailsGreen, John B.1951
Map brochure for Brightwaters Snell Isle Harbour St. Petersburg Florida
Green, John B.
$400.00Green--John-B-Map-brochure-for-Brightwaters-Snell-Isle-Harbour-St--Petersburg-FloridaScarce original plat map of <b>Snell Isle Harbor</b> in St. Petersburg, Florida ca. 1951, by John B. Green, a local realtor. Includes red manuscript notes about lots previously sold. With an inset photograph of the area surrounding Brightwaters Snell Isle. Shows the outline of property for Clark's Sunset Golf Course and a block reserved as a business center. North is oriented to left bottom. Plat includes Snell Isle Boulevard, Cordova Boulevard, Toledo Way, Miramar Blvd., and Brightwaters Boulevard. Verso with information and a fine bird's eye view of the planned development. <br></br> Now one of St. Petersburg’s most upscale and desirable neighborhoods, Snell Isle was once nothing more than a low-lying mangrove swamp. When C. Perry Snell, a Kentucky pharmacist, came to visit the area in 1899, he envisioned a residential waterfront enclave and invested in the property of what is now Coffee Pot Bayou and Snell Island. In 1911, he began developing Snell Island. <br></br> In 1926, Snell opened the Coffee Pot Bayou Golf Club, now the 18-hole Vinoy Renaissance Resort Golf Club on Snell Isle. A few years later in 1928, he gifted land to the St. Petersburg Woman’s Club which still stands today on Coffee Pot Bayou and is on the U.S. Register of National Historic Places. <br></br> Snell Isle is completely residential, with several apartment communities, two schools, and two churches. Many original homes from the 1920s still exist today, with charming European and Spanish architecture. More than 80 percent of homes on Snell Isle enjoy waterfront views, some of the Bay and others on interconnected waterways.
5109Map of the city of Winter Park, Florida and vicinity from 1952,DetailsWinter Park Board of Realtors1951
Mid-century map of Winter Park Florida
Winter Park Board of Realtors
$115.00Winter-Park-Board-of-RealtorsMid-century-map-of-Winter-Park-FloridaMap of the city of Winter Park, Florida and vicinity published by the Winter Park Board of Realtors (1952) in a 12-panel folding format. Lakes shown boldly in green. Key at bottom left with road reference locations in Orlando, Eatonville, Maitland, and Winter Park. One section of road highlighted in red. Small manuscript notation in pencil. <br></br> Verso titled "Maps and facts about Winter Park Florida <b>City of Homes</b>." Full of text and photographs related to Winter Park, particularly to Rollins College and to the history behind Winter Park's appellation as the "City of Homes." With logo for the National Association of Real Estate Boards at bottom right. Border with alpha-numeric location index indicators. <br></br> Shows more than a dozen lakes of all sizes including Lake Fairview, Lake Killarney, Lake Maitland, Lake Osceola, Lake Corrine, and Lake Rowena. <br></br> Copyright 1952 by James T. Ellis. Interesting compass rose style unknown logo by Ellis' name.
5255Pictorial map of Sanlando Springs in Central Florida.DetailsAnonymous1958
Pictorial Map of Sanlando Springs attraction near Longwood, Florida
$125.00AnonymousPictorial-Map-of-Sanlando-Springs-attraction-near-Longwood--FloridaColorful pictorial map of the Sanlando Springs tourist attraction in Central Florida. Map is surrounded with drawings of family-oriented activities available at Sanlando: Jungle Cruise, outdoor cooking, dancing on the patio. Based on the postal rate of 3 cents this item probably dates to the late 1950's. Folding map, verso with space for a stamp and address as well as a pre-written letter in script touting the many things to do at Sanlando. <br></br> Sanlando Springs, along with nearby Rock Springs, Wekiwa Springs and Palm Springs, form the headwaters of the Wekiva River. <br></br> The spring, originally Hoosier Springs, was used for recreation as far back as the 1880's. The location was renamed as Sanlando by Altamonte Mayor J.F. Haithcox who developed the location as an amusement park in the 1920's. (Source:
5029Map for Uncle Sam cruise tour Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida.DetailsAnonymous1960
Map and Brochure New Uncle Sam Cruise Tour Biscayne Bay Florida
$80.00AnonymousMap-and-Brochure-New-Uncle-Sam-Cruise-Tour-Biscayne-Bay-FloridaBrochure for a 2.5 hour touristic cruise of Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, Florida aboard the glass-enclosed motorboat Uncle Sam. With a map of the path of the cruise (in red) around Biscayne Bay. <br></br> The diesel-powered 84-passenger Uncle Sam departed Pier 10 at the Miami Yacht Basin in Bayfront Park and passed the Venetian Islands, the Flagler Memorial, Fisher's Island then crossed the Rickenbacher Causeway. On the return to the yacht basin the Uncle Sam passed the bayfront estates of James Deering (Villa Viscaya), Charles Coryell, Damon Runyon, and more. <br></br> Detailed inset map of access roads and parking for the Uncle Sam cruise. Multi-lingual brochure ca. 1960's with key details translated and targeted to appeal to a Spanish-speaking audience: "Mostrando especialmente las mansiones de Cubanos y Portorriquenos en la zona residential…" <br></br> Printed on both sides and folds to 4" x 9".
5049Map of Jungle Queen sightseeing cuisse on New River, Florida.DetailsJungle Queen Tours1960
Route Map Jungle Queen Sightseeing Cruises Fort Lauderdale
Jungle Queen Tours
$80.00Jungle-Queen-ToursRoute-Map-Jungle-Queen-Sightseeing-Cruises-Fort-LauderdaleMap of the routes followed by the "World Famous Original" Jungle Queen Sightseeing Cruises ca. 1960. Two cruises were offered on the New River by the operator departing from the Jungle Queen Docks in Bahia Mar, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. One option, the 3-hour Circular Jungle and Everglades Tour, was highlighted by a stop at the Seminole Indian Village (including alligator wrestling). For passengers desiring a later start, at 7:00 p.m. the Jungle Queen II departed with as many as 250 passengers for their Bar-B-Q and Shrimp Dinner cruise followed by a vaudeville review and dancing under the stars. <br></br> Three-panel folding brochure closes to a compact 4" x 9". <br></br> Tourism has been an important part on the Florida economy for more than 100 years. For many decades operators have offered boat tours as a way of showing off the many attractions of Florida to large numbers of customers. From glass-bottomed boats to mail boats to today's high-speed thrill rides the enthusiasm of tourists for excitement and entertainment on the water has not diminished.
5056Map for Seven Seas cruise of North Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida.DetailsAnonymous1960
Map Seven Seas Sightseeing Miami and Miami Beach Cruise
$85.00AnonymousMap-Seven-Seas-Sightseeing-Miami-and-Miami-Beach-CruiseBrochure for a 2.5 hour lectured cruise of North Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, Florida aboard the double-decked motorboat Seven Seas. With a map of the cruise route (in red) around North Biscayne Bay. <br></br> Unlike other cruises on south Biscayne Bay (e.g. Uncle Sam cruise) the Seven Seas cruise was operated in<b> North Biscayne Bay</b>, departing from Pier 8 at the Miami City Yacht Basin twice daily. The cruise passed the Venetian Causeway, passed the Charles Deering estate, and sailed past the 79th street causeway, retiring past Mt. Sinai Hospital and making a circle in Sunset Lake before docking 2 1/2 hours later. Other points of interest included the Goodyear Blimp Base, Flagler Memorial Monument, Little River, and Indian Creek Village. <br></br> Printed on both sides and folds to 4" x 9".