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3600Map of Vienna, Austria by Luffman, 1800.DetailsLuffman, John1800
Fine Antique Plan of Vienna, Austria
Luffman, John
$180.00Luffman--JohnFine-Antique-Plan-of-Vienna--AustriaScarce and attractive antique copper-plate engraved map of Vienna, Austria by John Luffman. Luffman describes Vienna as: ". . . The capital of the Circle of Austria and of the German Empire: The residence of the Emperor. The city is small but the suburbs are large and magnificent, the population amounts to about 300,000. It is 565 miles E. of Paris and 680 E.S.E. of London…" <br></br> Key locations noted by Luffman include the Danube River, Nusdorf Gate, St. Mark's Gate, Lerchenfeld Gate, the Arsenal, the Hospital, the Carmelites, and the Cathedral. <br></br> From "Luffman's Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbors, Forts etc. in the World". Engraved and published by John Luffman, No. 28 Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street, October 1, 1800. Volume 1 . Number 63. <br></br>