Nautical Posters

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453Post-WWI recruiting poster for the French navy dated to 1930DetailsTheunissen, A.1930
Engagez-vous dans la Marine
Theunissen, A.
$650.00Theunissen--A-Engagez-vous-dans-la-MarineLarge, dynamic, post-WWI recruiting poster for the French navy dated to 1930. Depicts a fast patrol boat or destroyer. <BR> </BR> Lithograph, signed in the plate by A. Theunissen, followed by the symbol of an anchor which is one of the privileges accorded those artists who have been appointed as official "Peintre de la Marine". Theunissen was given that honor in 1925 by the French Minister of Defense in recognition of his artistic work for the French Navy or maritime subjects . Published by Devambez, Paris. 1930.
5107America's Cup chart in Newport Block Island & Marthas Vineyard, 1937.DetailsClegg, Ernest1937
Chart of the Waters between Newport Block Island and Marthas Vineyard
Clegg, Ernest
$155.00Clegg--ErnestChart-of-the-Waters-between-Newport-Block-Island-and-Marthas-VineyardDecorative chart of the waters between Newport, Rhode Island, Block Island, & Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts for the America's Cup races in 1937, after Ernest Clegg. Contains historical information and boat images for previous America's Cup races. Side panel with an explanation of the chart. Ropework outline. Reduced size, not engraved and printed by Beck. <br></br> Ernest Clegg (1876-1954) was a yachtsman, calligrapher, graphic designer, and cartographer. Among numerous other works, Clegg designed a series of three decorative charts recording the America's Cup Races off Newport, RI in 1930, 1934 and 1937. <br></br> From the August 7, 1937 issue of the Illustrated London News.
5269German propaganda poster from WWII related to the fall of Singapore.DetailsAnonymous1942
German propaganda poster of Japanese capture of Singapore WWII
$750.00AnonymousGerman-propaganda-poster-of-Japanese-capture-of-Singapore-WWIIFolding German propaganda poster from WWII related to the fall of Singapore, once thought to be the "Gibraltar of the East", to the Japanese in February 1942. This broadside propaganda poster was produced by the German Army's Department of Wehrmacht Propaganda to mock the British for their failure to protect Singapore from Japanese attack. <br></br> In "Singapura em poder dos japoneses" four views show Japanese soldiers stalking through the jungle and marching in formation with tanks, and Japanese warplanes strafing the airport. Inset map at center shows the supply lines from the Allies to Singapore interrupted or cut (shows scissors) and numerous British and American bases captured throughout the South China Sea , the Philippines, and Malaya. <br></br> At bottom: "A castello forte britanico na Grande Asia foi desbarratado Churchill e Roosevelt tambem ali perderam a jogo" reflecting the magnitude and impact of the defeat. <br></br> Verso with text related to Singapore and details of the conflict in Asia. Portuguese text. <br></br> [Singapora, Singapura, Singapour]
451Poster promoting the Salon de La Marine by Decaris in 1958.DetailsDecaris, Albert1958
Salon de la Marine
Decaris, Albert
$195.00Decaris--AlbertSalon-de-la-MarineVery decorative medium-format original two-color poster shows <strong>Neptune</strong> grasping a trident while cradling a sailing vessel. The poster was produced to promote the Salon de la Marine, held in 1958 at the <strong>Paris Musee de la Marine.</strong> The Salon is an event held at the National Marine Museum in Paris to display maritime art by invited artists and by artists named as "Peintre de la Marine" or official marine painter. <BR> </BR> By <strong>Albert Decaris</strong>, one of France's top engravers in the 20th century. Decaris was honored with the post of the official painter of the Marine Française in 1962.