Nautical Posters

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1296Coming Soon!DetailsHardinge, Woolfield1874
Large rare antique British Lighthouse Chart
Hardinge, Woolfield
$2,400.00Hardinge--WoolfieldLarge-rare-antique-British-Lighthouse-ChartVery scarce and visually appealing "British Lighthouse Chart of General Coast Lights. Compiled from authentic sources by Woolfield H.F. Hardinge. 1874." This large ( 23" W x 32" H ) informational chart graphically displays these characteristics of the light: the range over which the light could be seen; frequency and duration of the light; and color of light. Includes lighthouses on both the Irish and British coastlines, with nearby French lighthouses shown along the English Channel. <br></br> Can not find any copy of this chart on the Internet or in AMPR. <br></br> Lithographed by Robert J. Cook and Hammond 29 Charing Cross S. W. Published by J. D. Potter, Admiralty Chart Agent 31 Poultry London, E.C.
453Coming Soon!DetailsTheunissen, A.1930
Engagez-vous dans la Marine
Theunissen, A.
$650.00Theunissen--A-Engagez-vous-dans-la-MarineLarge, dynamic, post-WWI recruiting poster for the French navy dated to 1930. Depicts a fast patrol boat or destroyer. <BR> </BR> Lithograph, signed in the plate by A. Theunissen, followed by the symbol of an anchor which is one of the privileges accorded those artists who have been appointed as official "Peintre de la Marine". Theunissen was given that honor in 1925 by the French Minister of Defense in recognition of his artistic work for the French Navy or maritime subjects . Published by Devambez, Paris. 1930.
638Coming Soon!DetailsMerchant Navy Comforts Service1939
On the Atlantic Front
Merchant Navy Comforts Service
$500.00Merchant-Navy-Comforts-ServiceOn-the-Atlantic-FrontEarly original WWII lithographed poster from 1939 depicting a merchant vessel running in heavy seas by artist Ellis Silas. <br><br/> This old poster was produced by the Merchant Navy Comforts Service ( M.N.C.S. ) to garner donations for its activities in support of U.K. merchant seamen during the long battle with German submarines for the Atlantic Ocean. Message within the poster reads: <dir class="indenttextblock">" Send your thanks to the men who are winning the battle of the Atlantic by a donation to Merchant Navy Comforts Service, Appeal Headquarters: 62, Heath St. London, N.W.3."</dir> <br><br/> The Merchant Navy Comforts Service provided warm clothing, books, and other supplies to seamen. Of special interest were the emergency rescue kits that the M.N.C.S. provided to destroyers and other vessels that often rescued sailors from the icy Atlantic. Each kit contained 10 items of hand-knitted and store-bought clothing and it is reported that over a 2 year period 85,000 kits were distributed. <br><br/> Published by McCorquodale & Co. Ltd. London.
451Coming Soon!DetailsDecaris, Albert1958
Salon de la Marine
Decaris, Albert
$195.00Decaris--AlbertSalon-de-la-MarineMedium sized original two-color poster shows Neptune grasping a trident while cradling a sailing vessel. The poster was produced to promote the Salon de la Marine, held in 1958 at the Paris Musee de la Marine. The Salon is an event held at the National Marine Museum in Paris to display maritime art by invited artists and by artists named as "Peintre de la Marine" or official marine painter. <BR> </BR> By Albert Decaris, one of France's top engravers in the 20th century. Decaris was honored with the post of the official painter of the Marine Francaise in 1962. Archivally matted. Total size 20"x25" including mat.