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Exlore the fascinating world of nautical posters with! Our collection of nautical posters is filled with incredible artifacts from around the globe that span centuries and cultures. From Dorothy Linscott Clarke's 1964 Pictorial Map of New Hampshire's Famous Seacoast Region to a British Information Services WWII Map Poster of Great Britain and beyond – we have it all! Discover unique perspectives on history and culture through our wide selection of rare and antique maps, charts, engravings, and more. Trace the influence of politics on geography over time with a U.S. Coast Guard World Map ca. 1973 or an Antique 1985 Ausimap Pictorial Birds-Eye View Map of Freemantle in Western Australia. Learn about religious populations in India with an Antique Post-WWII Coloroto Map or explore Black Star Liberation Press Astrology & Black People Poster from 1974. No matter your interests in nautical posters – whether you’re a collector looking for something special or just curious to learn more – you’ll find something to pique your interest at!

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68131990 poster Florida Coastal Management Conference.DetailsMcMillan,1990
Dynamic Clearwater Florida Sailing Poster
$95.00McMillan-Dynamic-Clearwater-Florida-Sailing-PosterDynamic glossy sailing poster for the 1990 Florida Coastal Management Conference: Navigating the Nineties by McMillan. The 1990 Florida Coastal Management Conference was held in Clearwater, Florida during September 26 - 28. <br><br> Could be trimmed and framed. Image alone is ~ 12" x 30".
6738Soule's Commercial College antebellum New Orleans imprint broadsheetDetailsSoule, George1859
Very Rare Antebellum New Orleans advertisement Soule Commercial College
Soule, George
$6,500.00Soule--GeorgeVery-Rare-Antebellum-New-Orleans-advertisement-Soule-Commercial-CollegeVery rare New Orleans imprint antebellum broadsheet advertisement or "Balance Sheet Circular" produced by George Soule to advertise Soule's Commercial College, established 1856 at the corner of Camp Street and Common Street, in New Orleans, Louisiana. A finely detailed lithograph featuring exquisite calligraphy, numerous inset views of commercial activities, and four example financial statements, including at bottom right, "Statement of Steamer Eclipse Trip No. 8 T.R. Winn Master." <br><br> An online search found only one copy of Soule's "Balance Sheet Circular", at the Historic New Orleans Collection. <br><br> <div id="6738" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6738" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6738/SC_6738_400x300.jpg" alt=" Antebellum advertisement for Soule's Commercial College, established 1856 in New Orleans, LA." width="340"/> <br><br> <font size="-2">Soule's Commercial College Balance Sheet Circular</font> </div><br> Lithographed by J. Manouvrier. (2) This fine lithograph with beautiful calligraphy was printed in New Orleans in 1859, just after Soule opened the College at Camp and Common Streets. Between 1856 and 1860 Soule's Commercial College graduated a total of more than 275 students. By 1905 the school could boast 1000 students enrolled, 20 teachers, and over 19,000 former students. The school operated in New Orleans continuously, except for a few years during the Civil War, until 1983 when it finally closed. <br><br> <div id="6738_2" align="center"> <a title=""></a> <img id="6738_2" src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6738/SC_6738_Detail_2.jpg" alt=" Antebellum advertisement for Soule's Commercial College, a view of Jackson Square." width="340"/> <br><br> <font size="-2">Early View of Jackson Square, New Orleans</font> </div>
6685DetailsClarke, Dorothy Linscott1964
Pictorial Map New Hampshire Coast
Clarke, Dorothy Linscott
$950.00Clarke--Dorothy-LinscottPictorial-Map-New-Hampshire-CoastDorothy Linscott Clarke's desirable lithographed 1964 pictorial map of "New Hampshire's Famous Seacoast Region". Only 1 copy in WorldCat. Rare. <br><br> Unlike some artists' pictorial maps, Clarke doesn't attempt cheap humor or resort to demeaning stereotypes in her pictograms. The visual theme throughout could be described as old-fashioned Yankee Nautical as Clarke combines selected history and geography with nautical imagery to produce a map that reflects the nautical past and present of New Hampshire's Coast. Nautical symbols Clarke used include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Anchor: The anchor is a symbol of stability, security, and hope. It represents the idea of being grounded and rooted, and being able to weather storms and challenges.</li> <li>Ships wheel: The ship's wheel, also known as the helm, is a symbol of leadership, guidance, and control. It represents the idea of being able to steer a course through difficult waters. <li>Whale: The whale is a symbol of strength, power, and the natural world. In maritime culture, whales were often seen as formidable creatures that commanded respect and awe. <li>Sailor: The sailor is a symbol of adventure, courage, and freedom. Sailors were often seen as brave and resourceful individuals who were willing to venture out and face danger and uncertainty.</li> <li>Rope: A rope can be seen as a symbol of connection, safety, or security, as it is often used to tie ships to docks or to other vessels.</li> </ul> </div> Other pictorial maps by Dorothy Clarke include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>A map of Mother-Goose Land. 1933.</li> <li>A map showing the locations of some of the houses at Strawberry Banke restoration at Portsmouth, N.H. 1965.</li> <li>Historical picture map of Vermont, "The Green Mountain State." 1939.</li> <li>A picture map of Noah's Ark for children. Circa 1930.</li> </ul> </div>
6678Early 1970's poster promoting the Coast Guard.DetailsU.S. Coast Guard1972
Coast Guard Poster worldwide locations
U.S. Coast Guard
$145.00U-S--Coast-GuardCoast-Guard-Poster-worldwide-locationsDecorative old-stock promotional poster ca. 1973 (1) with the locations of the U.S. Coast Guard around the world, or at least the western world. Executed with elements of 70's style reflecting the influence of the counter-culture on the arts during that period. With the Coast Guard motto : Semper Paratus or Always Ready. The map omits any locations in Asia, where during that time period there was a war raging in Vietnam. Reminding the viewer of that overseas duty station was probably not conducive to the CG recruiting effort in '73. <br><br> Legend at bottom lists the activities and programs the U.S. Coast Guard engaged in including: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Icebreaking</li> <li>Iceberg Patrol</li> <li>Fisheries Conservation</li> <li>Radio Navigation</li> <li>Port Safety Vessel Traffic System</li> <li>Search and Rescue</li> <li>Aids to Navigation</li> <li>Law Enforcement</li> </ul> </div> (1) We have dated the map with reference to the planned Omega Station shown on the continent of Australia. Planning for that station was underway as early as 1972 when the Australian Department of Shipping and Transport was making a final site selection decision. The Omega Navigation System was a global radio navigation system that operated from 1971 to 1997. It consisted of eight ground-based stations, including three in Alaska, that transmitted signals in the VLF (Very Low Frequency) range to provide accurate navigation information for ships and aircraft. The Omega Navigation System was eventually replaced by more modern and precise satellite-based navigation systems such as GPS (Global Positioning System) <br><br> Document ID: G-PMR30
6621Map of India referred to a "Britain's Problem Child".DetailsSundberg, Edwin L.1946
India Britains Problem Child Pictorial Coloroto map
Sundberg, Edwin L.
$250.00Sundberg--Edwin-L-India-Britains-Problem-Child-Pictorial-Coloroto-mapPost-WWII pictorial Coloroto (1) or color rotogravure map with India referred to a "Britain's Problem Child", reflecting Britain's colonial presence in India in July, 1946. A legend lists numerous exported products with icons for each including jute, coconut, manganese, copper, linseed, and rubber. Inset map at left shows trade routes from Britain to India via the Suez Canal with British colonies colored in red. Inset pictorial bar chart at right shows the comparative population for each religion in India. <br><br> (1) Coloroto is a trade name for a rotogravure used to print multiple colors. According to Google a rotogravure printing system uses a rotary press with <b>intaglio cylinders</b>, typically running at high speed and used for long print runs of magazines and stamps. (Google Oxford languages dictionary. Online). <br><br>
6613Pictorial map of Great Britain's many resources from 1942.DetailsBritish Information Services1942
Pictorial WWII era propaganda map Great Britain Natural and Industrial Resources
British Information Services
$2,500.00British-Information-ServicesPictorial-WWII-era-propaganda-map-Great-Britain-Natural-and-Industrial-ResourcesLarge, lithographed poster-sized map: "Great Britain Her Natural & Industrial Resources" published circa 1942, during WWII, by British Information Services. On the verso a printed statement: "Printed in Great Britain." Scarce on the market and quite nicely executed. <br><br> At bottom right the attribution reads: "Distributed by British Information Services, an agency of the British Government, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City." British Information Services was formed in 1941 as an office of the British Government with the goal to promote Britain's interests in the United States. Prior to December 1941 the United States had not formally entered into the war in Europe and this map poster was part of the propaganda Britain employed to sway U.S. opinion to its side.
66051974 poster titled Astrology and Black People, Berkeley, CA.DetailsBlack Star Liberation Press1974
Astrology and Black People Zodiacal Chart
Black Star Liberation Press
$695.00Black-Star-Liberation-PressAstrology-and-Black-People-Zodiacal-ChartUnrecorded, a bit strange and highly unusual astrological or horoscope poster: "Astrology and Black People" an apparently self-published poster from Berkeley, California in 1974. <div><img src="/ZoomifyImages/SC_6605/SC_6605_detail.jpg" alt="Title cartouche details for 1974 Astrology and Black People zodiacal chart published by Black Star Liberation Press" width="300" align="center" style="margin: 20px 20px 20px"/> </div> The creator's faces, names, astrological sign, and role appear at bottom center in a far-out UFO-style title cartouche: Reggie, layout; Gypsie, astrologer; Detroit, artist; Wayne, details; and Jason, ideas. Black Studies interest. <br><br> Published and copyrighted 1974 by Black Star Liberation Press, P.O. Box 3215 Berkeley, California. Verso is blank.
6486Oblique pictorial birds-eye view of Freemantle, Australia in 1985.DetailsMaslin, John A.1985
America's Cup pictorial bird-eye view of Freemantle, Western Australia
Maslin, John A.
$350.00Maslin--John-A-America-s-Cup-pictorial-bird-eye-view-of-Freemantle--Western-AustraliaAttractive oblique pictorial birds-eye view map of the town and harbor of Freemantle, Western Australia. July 1985 edition. Copyrighted and produced by Ausimap, Perth. Cartography by John A. Maslin. <br><br> In addition to Cockburn Sound and Freemantle Harbor the expansive birds-eye view shows Success Harbor, the fishing boat harbor, and the America's Cup harbour at Freemantle. <br><br> Two years before this map was published, and for the first time in 132 years, the America’s Cup was won by a team from other than the USA. That year, in Rhode Island, Australia II, skippered by John Bertrand defeated Dennis O'Conner on the Liberty. In 1987 the America's Cup race was held in Freemantle, Australia where the Stars & Stripes 87 won the series in a four-race sweep.
6481Poster of San Francisco Ferry.DetailsAnonymous1986
Decorative serigraph poster City of San Francisco Ferry
$180.00AnonymousDecorative-serigraph-poster-City-of-San-Francisco-FerryFine decorative nautical-themed limited-edition silk-screen poster of San Francisco Bay, California and the ferry "City of San Francisco" from the eighth-annual users conference held by Data Design Associates in 1987. Deep rich colors. Signed within (illegible). Number 579 of 700 copies. <br><br> Data Design Associates, Inc., was a Sunnyvale, Calif-based developer of mainframe financial software.
6482Poster of San Francisco Ferry.DetailsAnonymous1986
Decorative serigraph poster San Francisco Bay and Coit Tower
$175.00AnonymousDecorative-serigraph-poster-San-Francisco-Bay-and-Coit-TowerFine decorative nautical-themed limited-edition silk-screen poster of San Francisco Bay, California and Coit Tower from the fifth-annual users conference held by Data Design Associates in 1984. Deep rich colors. Signed within (illegible). Number 472 of 500. <br><br> Data Design Associates, Inc., was a Sunnyvale, Calif-based developer of mainframe financial software.
6387Lithographed mid-20th century map of Marthas Vineyard, MA.DetailsParker, Larry1955
Pictorial Map of Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts
Parker, Larry
$750.00Parker--LarryPictorial-Map-of-Martha-s-Vineyard-Island--MassachusettsOriginal, scarce, 1950's Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts pictorial map by Larry Parker. This lithographed tourist map features bright, bold colors, inset pictorial images of island life, and text blocks of historical facts, all hallmarks of a tourist souvenir map. Slight gloss to the paper finish as typical. <br></br> Remarkable condition. <br></br> This 1950's era edition is based on Parker's earlier 1935 black and white map of Martha's Vineyard Island. Not only does the new edition feature vivid lithographed color, several changes were made to the content including below the rope-wrapped bollard where the text "Edgartown Harbor" does not appear directly below the bollard. On this colored edition of Parker's map the area is blank.
5107America's Cup chart in Newport Block Island & Marthas Vineyard, 1937.DetailsClegg, Ernest1937
Chart of the Waters between Newport Block Island and Marthas Vineyard
Clegg, Ernest
$155.00Clegg--ErnestChart-of-the-Waters-between-Newport-Block-Island-and-Marthas-VineyardDecorative chart of the waters between Newport, Rhode Island, Block Island, & Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts for the America's Cup races in 1937, after Ernest Clegg. Contains historical information and boat images for previous America's Cup races. Side panel with an explanation of the chart. Ropework outline. Reduced size, not engraved and printed by Beck. <br></br> Ernest Clegg (1876-1954) was a yachtsman, calligrapher, graphic designer, and cartographer. Among numerous other works, Clegg designed a series of three decorative charts recording the America's Cup Races off Newport, RI in 1930, 1934 and 1937. <br></br> From the August 7, 1937 issue of the Illustrated London News.
453Post-WWI recruiting poster for the French navy dated to 1930DetailsTheunissen, A.1930
Engagez-vous dans la Marine
Theunissen, A.
$650.00Theunissen--A-Engagez-vous-dans-la-MarineLarge, dynamic, post-WWI recruiting poster for the French navy dated to 1930. Depicts a fast patrol boat or destroyer. <BR> </BR> Lithograph, signed in the plate by A. Theunissen, followed by the symbol of an anchor which is one of the privileges accorded those artists who have been appointed as official "Peintre de la Marine". Theunissen was given that honor in 1925 by the French Minister of Defense in recognition of his artistic work for the French Navy or maritime subjects . Published by Devambez, Paris. 1930.
451Poster promoting the Salon de La Marine by Decaris in 1958.DetailsDecaris, Albert1958
Salon de la Marine
Decaris, Albert
$195.00Decaris--AlbertSalon-de-la-MarineVery decorative medium-format original two-color poster shows <strong>Neptune</strong> grasping a trident while cradling a sailing vessel. The poster was produced to promote the Salon de la Marine, held in 1958 at the <strong>Paris Musee de la Marine.</strong> The Salon is an event held at the National Marine Museum in Paris to display maritime art by invited artists and by artists named as "Peintre de la Marine" or official marine painter. <BR> </BR> By <strong>Albert Decaris</strong>, one of France's top engravers in the 20th century. Decaris was honored with the post of the official painter of the Marine Française in 1962.