Clarke, Dorothy Linscott

Pictorial Map New Hampshire Coast

New Hampshire's Famous Seacoast Region

DESCRIPTION: Dorothy Linscott Clarke's desirable lithographed 1964 pictorial map of "New Hampshire's Famous Seacoast Region". Only 1 copy in WorldCat. Rare.

Unlike some artists' pictorial maps, Clarke doesn't attempt cheap humor or resort to demeaning stereotypes in her pictograms. The visual theme throughout could be described as old-fashioned Yankee Nautical as Clarke combines selected history and geography with nautical imagery to produce a map that reflects the nautical past and present of New Hampshire's Coast. Nautical symbols Clarke used include:
  • Anchor: The anchor is a symbol of stability, security, and hope. It represents the idea of being grounded and rooted, and being able to weather storms and challenges.
  • Ships wheel: The ship's wheel, also known as the helm, is a symbol of leadership, guidance, and control. It represents the idea of being able to steer a course through difficult waters.
  • Whale: The whale is a symbol of strength, power, and the natural world. In maritime culture, whales were often seen as formidable creatures that commanded respect and awe.
  • Sailor: The sailor is a symbol of adventure, courage, and freedom. Sailors were often seen as brave and resourceful individuals who were willing to venture out and face danger and uncertainty.
  • Rope: A rope can be seen as a symbol of connection, safety, or security, as it is often used to tie ships to docks or to other vessels.
Other pictorial maps by Dorothy Clarke include:
  • A map of Mother-Goose Land. 1933.
  • A map showing the locations of some of the houses at Strawberry Banke restoration at Portsmouth, N.H. 1965.
  • Historical picture map of Vermont, "The Green Mountain State." 1939.
  • A picture map of Noah's Ark for children. Circa 1930.
New Hamphire coastal towns that Dorothy Clark featured include: Newburyport, Salisbury, Seabrook, Hampton Beach, Great Boar's Head, Exeter, Portsmouth, Newmarket, and Durham. For many of these towns Clarke incuded a historical fact or observation (e.g. "Thorvald, brother of Lief Ericson said to be buried in the vicinity of Great Boar's Head - 1004 A.D." and "Witch Goody Cole lived here.").

CREATOR: Clarke, Dorothy Linscott



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Several thin areas strengthened from the verso with archival mulberry paper. A few tiny losses below the ships wheel, not noticeable. Clean.



SIZE: 19 " x 29 "


PRICE: $950


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