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Coast Guard Poster worldwide locations

Coast Guard Poster Semper Paratus Always Ready

DESCRIPTION: Decorative old-stock promotional poster ca. 1973 (1) with the locations of the U.S. Coast Guard around the world, or at least the western world. Executed with elements of 70's style reflecting the influence of the counter-culture on the arts during that period. With the Coast Guard motto : Semper Paratus or Always Ready. The map omits any locations in Asia, where during that time period there was a war raging in Vietnam. Reminding the viewer of that overseas duty station was probably not conducive to the CG recruiting effort in '73.

Legend at bottom lists the activities and programs the U.S. Coast Guard engaged in including:
  • Icebreaking
  • Iceberg Patrol
  • Fisheries Conservation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Port Safety Vessel Traffic System
  • Search and Rescue
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Law Enforcement
(1) We have dated the map with reference to the planned Omega Station shown on the continent of Australia. Planning for that station was underway as early as 1972 when the Australian Department of Shipping and Transport was making a final site selection decision. The Omega Navigation System was a global radio navigation system that operated from 1971 to 1997. It consisted of eight ground-based stations, including three in Alaska, that transmitted signals in the VLF (Very Low Frequency) range to provide accurate navigation information for ships and aircraft. The Omega Navigation System was eventually replaced by more modern and precise satellite-based navigation systems such as GPS (Global Positioning System)

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