Nautical Atlases

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230Coming Soon!DetailsMichelot and Bremond1730
Recueil de plusieurs plans des ports et rades de la mer mediterranee. (Atlas of 37 plates)
Michelot and Bremond
$6,500.00Michelot-and-BremondRecueil-de-plusieurs-plans-des-ports-et-rades-de-la-mer-mediterranee---(Atlas-of-37-plates)Scarce and complete atlas of 37 large-scale 10" x 7" antique engraved Mediterranean port and harbor plans by French hydrographers and galley (galère, Fr.) pilot Henry Michelot and Laurens Bremond. </br> </br> <strong><a href= "/MBPlansViewer.aspx">[ Browse all 37 charts here ]</a></strong> </br></br> This 12" x 8" atlas, published ca. 1730 was the culmination of Henry Michelot's career; the result of at least 40 years experience as pilot of the Reale, premier vessel in the galley service of Louis XIV and XV. These charts are influenced by and bear similarities to a set of manuscript charts published by Michelot from Marseille around 1689 but are updated to reflect his cummulative experience over the intervening 40 years. With an elaborately engraved title page. Some charts engraved by Peter Starck-man. <BR> </BR> This 290-year old sea atlas contains port plans from France, Italy, and Spain including Barcelona, Antibe, Mayorca, Bay of Naples, Bay of Gibraltar, and Cadiz. Several of these charts (e.g. Cadiz, Gibraltar) were considered to be the most authoritative works of that era and were copied by others including Thomas Kitchin well into the mid 18th century.<BR> </BR> For more information on the life and works of Henry Michelot and his business partner Bremond see our <a rel="nofollow" href= "/MichelotBremondBackground.aspx">brief illustrated biography.</a>
262Coming Soon!DetailsMackenzie, Murdoch (Senior)1750
Survey of the Orkney and Lewis Islands. (Atlas of 8 folio plates)
Mackenzie, Murdoch (Senior)
$12,000.00Mackenzie--Murdoch-(Senior)Survey-of-the-Orkney-and-Lewis-Islands--(Atlas-of-8-folio-plates)This important, intact, and scarce folio-sized antique atlas of 8 plates is a landmark in cartography by Orkney native Murdoch Mackenzie Senior (1712 - 1797). This antique nautical atlas of the Orkney Islands, published in 1750 is Mackenzie's first published work and is considered to be the most accurate survey in Britain up to the mid 18th century. </br> </br> <strong><a style="color:#9BAFCB" href= "/MackenzieAtlasViewer.aspx">[ Browse the entire atlas ]</a></strong> </br> </br> In 1962 A.G.W. Robinson wrote about the unique characteristics of Mackenzie's first charts: "Some of the conventions he adopted, for example showing bottom deposits by a letter under the relevant sounding, are still in use on present day charts." <br></br> Contents include Title Page, Subscriber list, A 14 page History of the Orkneys, 8 charts of the Orkneys, Pomona, and the Lewis. <br></br> Reference: Robinson, A.H.W. 'Marine Cartography in Britain'. Leicester University Press. 1962. pp. 60-70.
1387Coming Soon!DetailsMichel fils1834
Atlas Universal a small French pocket Atlas.
Michel fils
$250.00Michel-filsAtlas-Universal-a-small-French-pocket-Atlas-Atlas Universel with 30 small steel-engraved maps. Followed by a 24-page section of definitions and explanations of geographic locations in French. With original paper covers. <br></br> Published by Michel fils aine [the elder brothers] , Paris, Rue de la Hachette, No. 24
1007Coming Soon!DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1851
Coast Survey Atlas (Sketches for the 1851 Annual Report)
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$400.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyCoast-Survey-Atlas-(Sketches-for-the-1851-Annual-Report)About 57 nautical charts (many folded) in a single volume showing the hydrographic sketches and preliminary surveys of the U.S. East and West Coast. Bookplate: "With the compliments of A.D. Bache", Alexander Dallas Bache (1806-1867), then the superintendent of the United States Coast Survey. <br></br> Inserted, loose list of "Coast Survey Charts Published" dated within at March 15, 1853. Lists charts, sketches and preliminary charts, free sketches, and the names and residences for agents selling Coast Survey charts. Size: 9" x 22". On better paper.
3617Coming Soon!DetailsMillspaugh, Charles F.1904
Field Chartbook of an Early Botannical Survey of the Florida Keys
Millspaugh, Charles F.
$625.00Millspaugh--Charles-F-Field-Chartbook-of-an-Early-Botannical-Survey-of-the-Florida-KeysField chartbook of the Florida Keys owned by Charles Frederick Millspaugh (1854-1923) a botanist, and from 1894 curator of the Department of Botany for the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois. Used during the research season of 1904. <br></br> The chartbook is organized with a small-scale fragment overview of the entire Florida Keys, a neatly typed 3-page index, followed by 34 sections each neatly labeld in manuscript. Each section contains a rectangular chart fragment dissected from a chart(s) of the Florida Keys, a page of ruled paper, and a sheet of tracing paper that likely was intended as an overlay onto which the field researcher could trace map notations. Some few manuscript notes occur scattered throughout. <br></br> Millspaugh's personal chart book for use during a research trip during February, 1904 to the West Florida Keys by O.E. Lansing, Jr. During that trip Lansing conducted a survey of the flora of selected islands. In 1907 results of the fieldwork were published as distribution maps. The charts in this volume would have guided the researcher between sites on the generally low islets. <br></br> In the index of our chartbook several MS checkmarks next to the names of keys correspond to the specific keys that Millspaugh notes Lansing explored. <div class="indenttextblock">Mr. Lansing faithfully carried out his instructions, making a thorough investigation of each islet, during which he collected each species … together with his comprehensive notes and maps made on the spot, form the basis of the detailed consideration of the islets in the following pages". (Millspaugh, Charles F. Flora of the Sand Keys of Florida. Field Columbian Museum. Pub 118. Vol 2. No 5. February, 1907.) </div> <BR/> Though the volume was once a part of the library of the Field Museum where Millspaugh worked, the front cover contains a ink stamp in blue proving the volume was deaccessioned ("withdrawn") from the Field Museum.