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688Coming Soon!DetailsMagini, Giovanni Antonio1598
Asia and U.S. West Coast- Tartariae Imperium
Magini, Giovanni Antonio
$450.00Magini--Giovanni-AntonioAsia-and-U-S--West-Coast--Tartariae-ImperiumVery old antique map of China, Japan, Russia, and the West Coast of the United States : "Americae vel Novi Orbis Pars" by G.A. Magini ca. 1598. California is identified by name and is shown attached to the continent. Alaska and Canada are truncated with the coast of North America shown trending to the North rather than to the West. Above North America the Scythian Ocean "Oceanus Scythicus" extends to the Arctic Circle. There is a hint of the Mississippi River drainage but it is greatly misplaced to the West and empties into the "Mar Vermeio" or Vermillion Sea. Also mis-identified is the "Stretto di Anian", part of the much sought after but elusive Northwest Passage. North of Japan, in the vicinity of the Bering Sea, not discovered at that time, the author identifies "Mare Cin". <br></br> This old map of Asia is characterized by careful, neat engraving and lettering with the continents set apart from the sea by a finely stippled background. <br></br> Coverage includes Cazones, Y. de Cedri (Cedros Island) off the coast of Baja California, "Y delle Perle" or Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama. Cartouches contain Latin inscriptions while the surrounding text is in Italian. After an earlier map by Abraham Ortelius ca. 1570. Page 167. Plate XXVIII (28).
685Coming Soon!DetailsJanvier, Robert (Jean)1762
l'Asie Divisee en Ses Principaux Etats
Janvier, Robert (Jean)
$350.00Janvier--Robert-(Jean)l-Asie-Divisee-en-Ses-Principaux-EtatsAn attractive, hand-colored antique map depicting the Asian continent from the Red Sea in the West to Java and the Moluccas in the South as far East as the Bering Strait. This old map covers Saudi Arabia, India, Iraq, Iran, the Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Japan, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Malaku Islands ( Isles Moluques ), Phillipine Islands, Korea ( Coree ), Japan and Kamchatka. In South East Asia, New Guinea ( Nouvelle Guinee ) is elongated with an indistinct outline of its coasts stretching off the map, hinting at a connection with Australia. <br></br> Janvier further identifies the mythical 'Detroit du Nord ou d'Anian' off the easternmost point of the Asian Continent. Anian is generally considered to be an undiscovered land or strait in the extreme northwestern part of America. The earliest known reference to Anian is in the narratives of Marco Polo, who describes it as 'East of India'. In many early maps Anian appears as an imaginary proto-Bering Strait, the Strait of Anian, separating Asia from America as part of the Northwest Passage, which was hoped would shorten the passage to the riches of the orient. The concept of the Strait of Anian lingered on maps after the Bering Strait was explored by Vitus Bering in 1728, until the northwest coast of North America had been well mapped. <br></br> Title cartouche at right suggests the rich and exotic destinations on the map through a depiction of rugs and other riches along with incense burning in a large censer topped with a crescent signifying Islamic origin. <br></br> Published by Lattre as plate 24 in "Atlas moderne ou collection de cartes sur toutes les parties du globe terrestre ar plusieurs auteurs." Paris, 1762 with Royal Privilege.