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1043Coming Soon!Detailsde Fer, Nicolas1690
Title Page for Les Costes de France
de Fer, Nicolas
$120.00de-Fer--NicolasTitle-Page-for-Les-Costes-de-FranceVery cool and interesting title page with a depiction of numerous late 17th century maritime activities attending harbor work. <br></br> This title page was produced by the well known French geographer and cartographer, Nicolas de Fer (1646 - 1720). De Fer was a prolific producer of maps and prints who among other honors, was appointed as official geographer to the Spanish King in 1702. Published in de Fer's atlas: "Les Costes de France sur l'Océan et la Mer Mediterranee..." with 32 engraved charts. That work was a re-issue of Christophe Tassin's 1634 work "Cartes Generale et Particulieres de toutes le costes de France tant de la mer Oceane que Mediterranee".
893Coming Soon!DetailsMoll, Herman1736
Europe and the Near East
Moll, Herman
$185.00Moll--HermanEurope-and-the-Near-EastAntique map of Europe, Greenland, Turkey, Persia, and North Africa by Herman Moll. Note for Groenland (Greenland) states: "Ice and Mountains covered with snow." Geographic relief is depicted in a simple pictorial style. This old map of Europe is from the 3rd edition of Moll's "Atlas Minor: or a New and Curious Set of Sixty-two Maps", published for Thomas and John Bowles in 1736. <br></br> <b>Herman Moll</b> (1654-1732) was a publisher, cartographer, and engraver who operated a book and map store in London.