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Title Page for Les Costes de France
de Fer, Nicolas
$120.00de-Fer--NicolasTitle-Page-for-Les-Costes-de-FranceVery cool and interesting title page with a depiction of numerous late 17th century maritime activities attending harbor work. <br></br> This title page was produced by the well known French geographer and cartographer, Nicolas de Fer (1646 - 1720). De Fer was a prolific producer of maps and prints who among other honors, was appointed as official geographer to the Spanish King in 1702. Published in de Fer's atlas: "Les Costes de France sur l'Océan et la Mer Mediterranee..." with 32 engraved charts. That work was a re-issue of Christophe Tassin's 1634 work "Cartes Generale et Particulieres de toutes le costes de France tant de la mer Oceane que Mediterranee".