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4822Antique chart of Oman on the eastern Arabian coast with Muscat.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1912
Antique nautical chart of Arabia from Muscat to Ras Sukra, Oman
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$3,750.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-nautical-chart-of-Arabia-from-Muscat-to-Ras-Sukra--OmanChart of Oman on the eastern Arabian coast by Commander J.P. Sanders and Lieutenant Albany Grieve of the <b>Indian Navy</b> aboard the ship <b>Palinurus</b>. The survey was significant in that it resulted in connecting the surveys of the Persian Gulf to the surveys of the Red Sea. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "… and thus the coastline, from Cape Comorin to Ras Gulwainee on the African continent, had been minutely examined and laid down by the officers of the Indian Navy." [1] </div> </br> Includes 6 inset port and harbor charts from other British surveys as well as surveys of the French Government: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Bandar Jissa</li> <li>Sur Anchorage</li> <li>Bandar Khairan</li> <li>Madraka Anchorage</li> <li>Khor Jarama</li> <li>Dar Sait Anchorage</li> </ul> </div> </div> [1] Low, Charles Rathbone. History of the Indian Navy (1613-1863). V2. London, 1877. p. 215. </div>
5080Antique British Admiralty chart of the coast of Oman with Muscat.DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1918
Oman Maskat and Al Matrah surveyed by Lieut A.W. Stiffe
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$2,500.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeOman-Maskat-and-Al-Matrah-surveyed-by-Lieut-A-W--StiffeScarce and truly fascinating British Admiralty chart of the coast of Oman showing Matrah (Mutrah) Bay and Maskat Cove with a plan of the town of Maskat, now Muscat the port capital of Oman. Includes two fine inset elevation views: View of Maskat from the Cove and a view of the larger area from Ras Maskat to Doha. Only one sale of the chart is recorded in the Antique Map Price Record- by the esteemed dealer Jonathan Potter in 1985 (those were the days). <br></br> Published first by the Admiralty May 27, 1862 under the superintendence of Rear Admiral Washington, Hydrographer. This is the edition of 1917 with last correction in 1918. Engraved by J. & C. Walker. <br></br> Just a few of the interesting features captured by this chart include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>The Sultan's Palace.</li> <li>"Mass of rugged hills culminating in the Saddle 3 miles to the Southward."</li> <li>A pass through the rugged terrain "for foot passengers and unloaded animals."</li> <li>The city gate with an auction bazaar just outside the walls.</li> <li>Telegraph office.</li> <li>British Consulate.</li> </ul> </div> Chart number 2869.