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887 Antique panoramic elevation view of Tripoli, LibyaDetailsDapper, Olfert (Olivier)1668
Antique view of a battle among galleys off Tripoli, Libya
Dapper, Olfert (Olivier)
$340.00Dapper--Olfert-(Olivier)Antique-view-of-a-battle-among-galleys-off-Tripoli--LibyaInteresting antique elevation view of <b>Tripoli, Libya</b> by Olfert Dapper (1636 - 1689). Oared galleys battle in the foreground with at least one galley shown in flames and apparently sinking. Strong copperplate impression and a visible platemark close to the neatline support the early date of this engraved panoramic view. <br></br> From the original Dutch version of Olfert Dapper's <b>"Description of Africa"</b> or "Naukeurige beschrijvinge der Afrikaensche gewesten van Egypten, Barbaryen, Libyen, Biledulgerid, Negroslant, Guinea, Ethiopie╠łn, Abyssinie ..." Dapper was a Dutch writer and self-described physician best known for his books on Africa, China, Persia and Arabia. <br></br> Published by Jacob van Meurs from Amsterdam in 1668. Other later editions of Dapper's view of Tripoli exist with French and German text but those copies include an additional title in the language of publication. This example has a single title in Dutch. This plate corresponds to an example found in the Dutch version held in the collection of the Getty Research Institute. <a href=" " target="_blank"> Internet. </a> <br></br> Page 437. Verso is blank.
1019Map of North Africa by Peter van der Aa.DetailsAa, Pieter van der1730
North Africa Barbarie, Biledulgerid and Libye
Aa, Pieter van der
$300.00Aa--Pieter-van-derNorth-Africa-Barbarie--Biledulgerid-and-LibyeUncommon, beautifully engraved map of North Africa and the southern Mediterranean Sea by Peter van der Aa. A fine example. <br></br> Attractive cartouche with scene of galleys and wild animals, representative of Africa. Includes the southern Mediterranean Sea with Crete and the southern Aegean Archipelago. <br></br> Published from Leiden ca 1730 by Covens and Mortier.