World- Northern Hemisphere

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1353Coming Soon!DetailsMoll, Herman1736
Original Antique Polar Map of the North Pole
Moll, Herman
$425.00Moll--HermanOriginal-Antique-Polar-Map-of-the-North-PoleFine original antique 18th-century polar map of the <b>North Pole</b> annotated with observations and facts regarding early exploration of the north polar region. This striking polar projection shows Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Nova Zembla, portions of North America and Northern Europe. Text blocks at right and left detail the sun's movement at high latitudes and the explorations of the polar region by Frobisher, Davis and others <br></br> Printed for Tho: Bowles next ye Chapter House in St. Pauls Church Yard, & John Bowles at the Black Horse in Cornhill, London <br></br> <b>Herman Moll</b> (1654-1732) was a publisher, cartographer, and engraver who operated a book and map store in London.
1413Coming Soon!DetailsBonne, Rigobert1787
Antique Northern Polar Projection or Hemisphere Septentrional
Bonne, Rigobert
$180.00Bonne--RigobertAntique-Northern-Polar-Projection-or-Hemisphere-SeptentrionalAttractive North polar projection covering the Northern Hemisphere or "Hemisphere Septentrional" from the North Pole to the Equator. Early French copper-plate engraved map produced by Rigobert Bonne and crisply and finely engraved by Andre' to include mountain ranges and numerous place names. Surrounded by two tables of climatological data and a view of the "Sphere Parallele." Published in Paris in 1787. Plate 22. <br></br> Rigobert Bonne (1727-1794) was the successor to Jacques Nicolas Bellin as Royal Cartographer to France in the office of the Hydrographer at the Depôt de la Marine. Bonne first came to prominence when he published a number of charts in the Atlas Maritime in 1762, but Bonne is better known for later publications, including the Atlas Encyclopedique, which he collaborated on with Nicholas Desmarest, as well as the maps he produced for Raynal's Atlas de Toutes Les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestre.