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Antique Chart for coastal Mozambique Africa south of the Zambezi River
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$225.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-Chart-for-coastal-Mozambique-Africa-south-of-the-Zambezi-RiverAntique 1898 British Admiralty navigation chart of Mozambique, Africa, until 1975 a Portugese colony. Coverage includes the east coast of Africa from Maputo, Delagoa Bay (Maputo Bay) northward past the Zavalla River, Cape Corrientes, Innamban River, Burra, Bazaruto Island, Moromone Bay, Beira, and terminating at the mouths of the Zambezi River. <br></br> Near the Zavalla River about 3 miles offshore are noted two wrecks: the Courland and the Countess of Carnarvon. The Countess of Carnarvon was a steamer, owned by the British South African Company that briefly attained fame for her role in a gun-running operation during February 1891. She was seized by the Portugese government after steaming up the Limpopo River and landing rifles in Portugese territory. After protestations by the British government she was released. [1] <br></br> With purple inked stamp from the charts's owner with the vessel's name: Vapor Jose Gallart, Barcelona. The steamship Ramon Alonso R. was originally launched in 1898 by British shipbuilder Elder and Dempsey. She was sold in 1901 to Catalan shipping firm A. Folch y Cia who renamed her the 'Jose Gallart'. [2] <br></br> <img src="" alt="Steamship JOSE GALLART in drydock ca. 1901" width="345" alt="French steamship Jose Gallart circa 1898"> <br></br> [1] Galbraith, John S. Crown and Charter: The Early Years of the British South Africa Company; . <br> [2] Vida Maritima.