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Rare antique map of Mozambique Island, Mozambique
Langenes, Barent
$150.00Langenes--BarentRare-antique-map-of-Mozambique-Island--MozambiqueVery fine early miniature map of <b>Mozambique Island</b>, nearby the coast of Mozambique between the Mozambique Channel and Mossuril Bay. Prior to 1898, Mozambique Island was the capital of colonial Portuguese East Africa. There the Portuguese established a port in 1507 and built the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte in 1522, now considered the oldest European building in the Southern Hemisphere. North is oriented to the right. <br></br> Title cartouche on the upper right side. Two anchored ships and three men fishing with a seine on a small boat are depicted. Latin text on verso. Page 498.