Port of San Francisco

Port of San Francisco The Orient starts from here

Port of San Francisco The Orient starts from here

DESCRIPTION: Pictorial advertising poster for the Port of San Francisco, California.

Japanese text at the top of the image reads "サンフランシスコの港 東洋はここからはじまる" which translates to "Port of San Francisco - The Orient starts from here".

The depicts view San Francisco as a gateway or starting point to the East/Orient from the perspective of the United States, but in a stylized, somewhat fantastical way. The port and various ships are prominently featured, emphasizing San Francisco's role as a major port city connecting the U.S. to Asia.

The map includes various landmarks and geographic features of the San Francisco Bay Area, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco skyscrapers, boats in the bay, and the hilly terrain. However, the proportions and layouts are not geographically accurate.

Interestingly, the hills and mountains are rendered in a colorful, undulating style reminiscent of Japanese ukiyo-e landscape prints. This gives the map a unique artistic interpretation blending American and Japanese aesthetics. The whimsical, simplified style seems designed to engage and orient viewers while capturing the general character of the Bay Area.

Published by the Port of San Francisco in 1984. Artists' signature at bottom right is either Waggoner or Waffoner.

CREATOR: Port of San Francisco



BODY OF WATER: San Francisco Bay, Pacific Ocean

CONDITION: Very Good.  Near perfect.

COLORING: Process color.


SIZE: 18 " x 24 "


PRICE: $300


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