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Huge Unrecorded Map of the Salt River Project Phoenix Arizona

Huge Unrecorded Map of the Salt River Project Phoenix Arizona

DESCRIPTION: Early map of the first Federal hydroelectric energy project. Huge (40"x70"), unrecorded and untitled birds-eye view map of the Salt River Project by T.A. Hayden, centered near Phoenix, Arizona. Blue-line print from 1959 hand-colored and enhanced with small red paste-on stickers and larger, manuscript lettering for cities. Shows the rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, and canals . Particular interest is indicated for reservoirs and canals as they have been hand colored in white and bright blue respectively. Very similar to a published map of the region by Hayden from 1934.

The beginning of federal production of electric power occurred on the Salt River Project when Congress, in 1906, authorized the Reclamation Service to develop and sell hydroelectric power from the project. The map is significant because it was updated in 1959 when the original name "Salt River Dam #1" was changed to the name in use today: Roosevelt Dam.

Coverage is bound to the west by Gila Bend and to the east by Superior, AZ. Northern coverage ends above Prescott, Arizona, and to the south the map extends as far as Casa Grande.

The map has an interesting orientation with North oriented about 35 degrees to the left and that with the birdseye perspective, the large size, and the township and range grid of the Public Lands Survey System all give the map a commanding appearance.

In the 1930's T.A. Hayden was the Chief Assistant Engineer with the Salt River Valley Water User's Association, Phoenix. Copyrighted 1932 and Revised 1934 by T.A. Hayden. Phoenix, Arizona.

CREATOR: Hayden, T.A.



BODY OF WATER: Salt River / Gila River

CONDITION: Good.  Solid, laid to linen. Wrinkles, grubby. Holes in corners but no tears or issues.

COLORING: Contemporary hand coloring.


SIZE: 70 " x 40 "


PRICE: $3500


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