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NASA glossy publicity photo of J . F. K. Space Center map

NASA publicity photo of a J. F. K. Space Center map

DESCRIPTION: An original NASA unclassified glossy black and white publicity photograph of a NASA birdseye view map of the John F. Kennedy Space Center and the surrounding area in eastern and central Florida. Dated on verso to 8/8/66.

The photograph shows a map, apparently tacked to a bulletin board, ranging in coverage as far as Orlando, Oak Hills, and Eau Galle, Florida. Key points of interest shown include: McCoy Air Force Base, Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, the St. Johns River, Indian River, Banana River, and Mosquito Inlet. At the lower left corner is a key or context map showing the location of the map relative to the entire state of Florida.

When the photo was published in August, 1966 NASA was winding down the last two of 19 Gemini program missions to place a capsule with two astronauts into Earth orbit. The final two launches in the Gemini program were:

  • Pete Conrad and Richard Gordon. Launched September 12, 1966
  • Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin. Launched November 11, 1966

CREATOR: National Aeronautics and Space Administration



BODY OF WATER: Indian River

CONDITION: Very Good.  Glossy with small signs of usage. Verso stamped with NASA information and reservation of rights.

COLORING: None, black and white photograph.


SIZE: 10 " x 8 "


PRICE: $100


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