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Antique nautical chart of Quiberon Bay with islands of Belle-Ile, Hoedic, and Houat

Carte Ouest du France. Belle-Ile Entrée de la Baye de Quiberon. Iles Houat et Haedik. Carte levee en 1819 et 1820 par les Ingenieurs Hydrographes de la Marine sous les ordres de M. Beautemps-Beaupre, Ingenieur Hydrographe en Chef. Depot Genrral de la Marine. 1827.

DESCRIPTION: Antique lithographed chart of waters offshore of the west coast of France from southwest of the village of Saint Gildas and the Pointe du Grand-Mont. First published in 1826, this chart near the Brittany coast in western France includes the peninsula of Presqu'ile Quiberon and is the edition of January 1903 published with the latest updates in 1908.

Very extensive and minute detail of the shorelines and near shore areas with elevation denoted by fine hachuring. Thousands of soundings with isobath contour lines and navigational hazards would have aided the coastal navigator in the area. At the far right a particularly dangerous area for navigators, the "Plateau de la Recherche" is highlighted in brown

This is a early 20th century linen-mounted folding chart, an updated edition of a chart first published by France's Depot de la Marine in 1827. This lithographed nautical chart is based on the original surveys conducted during 1820 and 1821 under supervision of Charles-François Beautemps-Beaupré (1766-1854), considered to be the father of modern French hydrography. Beautemps-Beaupre was one of the earliest hydrographers to use isobaths to represent water depth.

Linen verso is printed via letterpress with "BELLE-ILE Entrée de la Baie de Quiberon. Iles Houat et Haedik". Number 135.

CREATOR: Depot de la Marine



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Laid to linen in eight parts as issued. No holes or tears. Linen backing is somewhat browned with a few spots. Small slight water stain at center.

COLORING: None except that some aids to navigation are colored red with yellow highlights.


SIZE: 35 " x 23 "


PRICE: $425


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