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1915 Empire Tours map Native American Adirondack Iroquois and Onondaga Trails

Empire Tours issued by the Empire Tours Association Legend Adirondack Trail, Iroquois Trail, Onondaga Trail

DESCRIPTION: Empire Tours thematic tours map issued by the Empire Tours Association in 1913. Map shows three colored auto-tourism routes in New York State: the Adirondack Trail, Iroquois Trail, and Onondaga Trail all routes associated with Native American tribes and. Numbers opposite the tour routes referred to corresponding route numbers in Volume 1 of the Automobile Blue Book.

Copyright Empire Tours Association. Compiled by Official Automobile Blue Book Publishing Company. Comprises eight panels of a 12-panel brochure.

Overall, the Empire Tours map issued by the Empire Tours Association in 1913 provides a fascinating glimpse into the early days of auto tourism in New York and the United States, and highlights the important role that organizations like the Empire Tours Association played in promoting travel and tourism in the region.

During the early 20th century, the advent of the automobile brought about a new era of travel and exploration, as more and more people began to hit the road in search of adventure and new experiences. To help these travelers navigate the often-unfamiliar territory they encountered on their journeys, publishers began producing auto tour road maps, which provided detailed information about road conditions, landmarks, and other useful information.

Circa 1910-1920, these road maps were an essential tool for any auto tourist, as they helped drivers plan their routes, find accommodations, and locate important sites and attractions along the way. Many of these maps were produced by established publishers, such as the Official Automobile Blue Book Publishing Company and Rand McNally, and featured colorful illustrations, detailed descriptions, and helpful tips for travelers.

The Automobile Blue Book was a popular series of road guides for motoring travelers in the United States and Canada from 1901 to 1929. It provided point-to-point road directions between cities, with extensive reference sections on automobile repair and maintenance, and trip planning and state road laws. The book was originally intended to focus on routes that connected automobile supply stations, but found more success focusing on routes between cities.

The routes were developed by amateur "pathfinders" who used their knowledge of local roads to compile the listed routes. The book was aimed primarily at wealthy Americans traveling for leisure in its early editions, but as touring in automobiles became more accessible, its audience shifted toward a larger middle-class market.

The Blue Book was published annually as a single volume through 1906, expanding to 3 volumes in 1907, and covering the full United States in 1915. After reaching peak size in 1921, publishers consolidated to 4 volumes in 1922. The last Blue Book was published in 1929 as map-based navigation became more practical with the increasing development of paved highways and well-numbered routes.

CREATOR: Empire Tours Accociation




CONDITION: Good.  Two small holes at fold intersections.

COLORING: Litho color.


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