Landacre, Paul Hambleton

Rare Pictorial Map of Beverly Hills with homes of the stars


A newe mappe of the heavens locating the stars in their firmament


Rare lithographed pictorial map of Beverly Hills, California, 1932, with homes of movie stars by California artist and printmaker Paul Landacre. Should be a foundational item for Landacre collectors as it is his most ambitious known single work of commercial advertising and is the earliest and only the second cartographic creation of Landacre I have found (1). Signed in the plate by Landacre. Key at bottom references movie stars by name to homes on the map. These stars include Douglas Fairbanks, Buster Keaton, Marion Davies, Mary Pickford, Lionel Barrymore, Stan Laurel, Jack Warner, and Charles Chaplin. The map is after a wood-block engraving, by Landacre "Cinema Heaven", now cracked and held in the Clark Memorial Library at UCLA.

Reviewing numerous online images by Landacre it is apparent that the map is a departure from Landacres' usual output of landscapes, still life's, nudes, and abstractions. However, in 1932 the U.S. was in the depth of the Great Depression and Landacre was probably pleased to have the income from this commercial commission.

Verso with the Francis Nicholl Pictograph Guide of Los Angeles, including Pasadena, Culver City, Brentwood, Long Beach, and San Pedro. Includes alphabetic list of movie stars with their addresses.

No examples of "Cinema Heaven" or this publication of Landacre's "Newe Mappe" map is found online. No record of a sale found on WorthPoint.

(1) Landacre, Paul. The Gold Fields. 1933.

Paul Hambleton Landacre (1893–1963)

Paul Hambleton Landacre was an acclaimed American printmaker and wood engraver who found his artistic calling amidst personal adversity. Born and raised in Ohio, Landacre initially pursued a career in medicine. However, a debilitating streptococcus infection altered his life trajectory, eventually leading him toward the world of art.

Following this dramatic life shift, Landacre relocated to Los Angeles, a move that proved instrumental in defining his artistic career. In the burgeoning cultural milieu of Los Angeles, Landacre discovered an affinity for printmaking, specifically the intricate craft of wood engraving.

Landacre quickly rose to prominence, earning acclaim as one of the finest wood engravers of the 20th century. His oeuvre, noted for its precision, grace, and the expressive power of his black and white imagery, significantly influenced the field. Landacre's style is often characterized by its balance of bold black and white contrasts, the precision of line work, and an acute sense of composition. The subjects of his work often include landscapes, flora, and everyday scenes, particularly those found around his home in the hills of Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Furthermore, Landacre's work demonstrates an attention to naturalistic detail and an adept use of the engraving medium to evoke texture and depth. He was able to use the contrast between dark and light to bring out the drama and beauty of ordinary scenes, imbuing them with a sense of quiet yet profound significance.

CREATOR: Landacre, Paul Hambleton



BODY OF WATER: Pacific Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Slight loss of print near Nos 50 - 54. Pinholes in corners. Light age-toning. Small verso repair to a tear in the margin extending 1/2" into image.



SIZE: 13 " x 14 "




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