U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

Scarce original antique nautical chart of Pensacola, Florida


Entrance to Pensacola Harbor 1859 / 1892


Quite scarce original nautical chart of the entrance to Pensacola Harbor, Florida. The map was first published by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey (U.S.C.G.S.) in 1859 but this updated edition dates from May, 1892. The map shows Big Lagoon, ruins of Fort McRee, Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island, Woolsey, Warrington, and English Navy Cove. Pensacola is depicted laid out in a grid pattern while the entire tip of Fairpoint Peninsula including Gulf Breeze is shown forested as "United States Live Oak Plantations".

Rare. Over the last decade a resurgent interest in nautical charts and in Floridiana has made this chart increasingly difficult to obtain. 31" x 25" inside the neatlines.

Price of this chart when issued was 25 cents. Electrotype Copy No. 5. (1) U.S.C.G.S. Chart No. 490.

(1) Electrotyping is a reprographic printmaking method that was especially important in the 19th century, as it allowed for high-quality, high-volume reproduction of texts and images. Electrotype printing involves creating a metal plate via electroplating for printing. The process starts by forming a mold of the original work with a soft material like wax. This mold is dusted with graphite powder for conductivity, then submerged in a copper sulfate solution. An electric current is applied, causing copper ions to deposit onto the mold. The process continues until a sufficient copper layer forms. The new copper shell or 'electrotype' is separated from the mold and its back is filled with a type metal like lead for strength.

After cooling, the electrotype is finished and trimmed for use. It is inked and pressed against paper to produce prints of the original plate. This process was significant in the 19th century for high-quality, high-volume reproduction.

CREATOR: U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey



BODY OF WATER: Pensacola Bay

CONDITION: Good.  Solid. Light age toning and evidence of prior framing, Wide margins. Extreme marginal area with a few chips, holes, and remainder of adhesive from matting.


ENGRAVER: Metzeroth, Throop, Petersen

SIZE: 31 " x 25 "




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