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Unrecorded thematic pictorial tobacco advertising map

Tobacco thematic world map supply and shipping routes

DESCRIPTION: Fine unrecorded advertising world map "Tobacco" published by John Player and Sons (1) circa 1938 (2). The map shows graphically the sources where tobacco was grown as well as shipping routes for tobacco cargos to England. Inset tables for: the four methods of curing tobacco; and the United Kingdom's principal sources of supply of different types of tobacco. Sketches at top and bottom of the map show the various steps in the growth, shipment, and preparation of Player's various tobacco products including cigarettes.

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(1) John Player & Sons was a British tobacco company founded in 1877 by John Player in Nottingham, England. The company began as a small tobacco shop and expanded over the years to become one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in the UK.

In the early 20th century, John Player & Sons became well-known for their innovative advertising campaigns and their popular cigarette brands, such as Player's Navy Cut and Player's Medium. In the late 1930's John Player and Sons produced large amounts of promotional trading cards and albums for numerous subjects including: film stars, Dicken's characters, sea fishes, cricketers, motor cars, military uniforms, international airliners and more.

In the years following the war, the company continued to expand and diversify its business interests. They began to produce other tobacco products, such as pipe tobacco and cigars, and also acquired other companies, including Ogden's, a rival tobacco manufacturer.

(2) Dated with reference to the use of "Siam". "Siam" was the former name of Thailand, a country located in Southeast Asia. The name "Siam" was used by the country from the late 14th century until 1939 when the government changed the name to "Thailand" to reflect the country's identity as a modern, independent nation-state.

CREATOR: John Player and Sons




CONDITION: Very good.  Clean. Folds as issued. Solid.

COLORING: Litho color


SIZE: 37 " x 27 "


PRICE: $1000


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