Lepper, Ruth Rhoads

Pictorial Map Maine Coast Between Casco Bay Penobscot Bay Lepper

The Maine Coast Between Casco and Penobscot Bays

DESCRIPTION: A Map of the Maine Coast Between Casco and Penobscot Bays made and published circa 1977 by Ruth Rhoads Lepper, West Southport, Maine. The prominent compass rose topped by a fleur-de-lis is a signature feature of Ruth Lepper pictorial maps and in this case is uncolored. Geographic coverage includes only those areas of the Maine Coast between Casco Bay and Penobscot Bay.

Map is dated with reference to a very similar larger-scale map held at the Osher Library: The Maine Coast from Kittery to Cape Elizabeth."

Lepper included brief facts on her coastal maps related to local maritime history:
  • On September 5, 1813, the U.S. brig. 'ENTERPRISE' captured the British brig. 'BOXER' The battle was fought in these waters. Both captains were killed.
  • Dixie Bull, the pirate. sailed into Pemaquid- In 1632. He sacked the trading post & dwellings, carrying away booty amounting to 2500.
  • The Virginia, first ship built by Englishmen on this Continent, was launched at Popham in 1608.
  • Allen's Island - Aug. 9,1607 Colonists from "Gift of God" & "Mary & John" listen to a sermon of Thanksgiving -the first English service on New England soil.

Ruth Rhoads Lepper (1905-2011)

Ruth Rhoads Lepper, a recipient of the University of Southern Maine's Distinguished Achievement Award, was an accomplished artist and cartographer who lived and worked in Southport, Maine. Originally from Norwood, Massachusetts, Lepper received formal art training at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

During World War II, Lepper was recruited to create maps for the Navy base in Newport, Rhode Island. Following the war, she turned her attention to creating pictorial maps of Maine's coastline, which she continued to work on throughout the 1950s to the mid 1970's when she produced a series of larger-scale charts of the Maine Coast.

Lepper's contributions to the field of cartography were recognized with numerous awards and honors, including a Distinguished Achievement Award from the University of Southern Maine.

CREATOR: Lepper, Ruth Rhoads



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Very good.  Good. Two very faint vertical marks, possibly from rolled storage.

COLORING: Lithographed color.


SIZE: 20 " x 15 "


PRICE: $450


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