Scheuerle, Joseph G.

Pictorial Map of Glacier National Park

Recreational Map of Glacier National Park Montana Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta

DESCRIPTION: Striking pictorial map of Glacier National Park from 1925 by Joseph G. Scheuerle (1873-1948). Published by the Great Northern Railway. This pictorial map documents Blackfoot Glacier, Harrison Glacier, Pumpelly Glacier, Sperry Glacier, Red Eagle Glacier, Carter Glacier, Dixon Glacier, Sexton Glacier Grinnell Glacier, Ahern Glacier, and Iceberg Lake (1).

Glacier National Park in 1925 was a popular destination for tourists who were seeking adventure, breathtaking scenery, and a chance to experience the great outdoors- hiking, by pack train, or by car. The Going-to-the-Sun Road was completed in 1932, but construction began in 1919. In 1925, visitors could drive part of the road, which offered stunning views of the park's glaciers, mountains, and valleys.

The Many Glacier Hotel was completed in 1915, but it underwent extensive renovations in the early 1920s. By 1925 the hotel had been transformed into a luxurious mountain retreat with modern amenities such as electricity, running water, and telephones.

Around 1873 Joe Scheuerle, moved to Ohio, where he eventually studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy. Best known for his portraits of Native Americans, beginning in 1909, Scheuerle made many visits to Indian reservations in Montana and across the West. He produced "more than 200 exceptional portraits of native American's" (2). One need only look at the title cartouche to understand that Scheurle's portraits greatly influenced this map.

(1) A search of the internet reveals that all of the glaciers in Glacier National Park have been impacted by climate change and have significantly receded since the early 20th century. As of 2021, it is estimated that there are only 26 glaciers remaining in the park, down from around 150 in the mid-19th century. Of the glaciers above these glaciers no longer have ice:
  • Harrison Glacier
  • Pumpelly Glacier
  • Carter Glacier
  • Dixon Glacier
  • Sexton Glacier
  • Ahern Glacier
(2) Online. 12/16/2022.

CREATOR: Scheuerle, Joseph G.




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