Delkin, James Ladd

WWII-era Map of San Francisco, California

Map of San Francisco, California

DESCRIPTION: Original WWII-era street map of San Francisco, California with sketches of local life including a cable car, a machine-gun emplacement near the Golden Gate Bridge, and a sailor carrying a duffel bag. War housing projects scattered across the city are outlined in red. The map was originally attached within a small brochure published ca. 1944 by James Ladd Delkin: "All About San Francisco, Illustrated Map and Guide."

Verso with a map of Golden Gate Park and Panhandle by the San Francisco Board of Park Commissioners Division of Engineering and Landscape Design.

During World War II, San Francisco experienced significant changes in its housing landscape to accommodate the needs of the military. The city experienced a surge in population due to the influx of military personnel and defense workers, leading to a severe housing shortage. To address the housing shortage, the federal government, in collaboration with local authorities, initiated several public war housing projects. Projects highlighted in red on this map include:
  • Hunters Point Annex: The Hunters Point Annex, located in the southeastern part of San Francisco near the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, was a housing development constructed for defense workers. It provided temporary housing during the war years.
  • Sunnydale Housing Development: Situated in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood of San Francisco.
  • Potrero Terrace and Annex: Built in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.
  • Oakdale
  • Candlestick Cove

CREATOR: Delkin, James Ladd



BODY OF WATER: San Francisco Bay

CONDITION: Good.  Clean. Washed, flattened. Trace of adhesive and paper residue on verso with minor show through to the recto.

COLORING: Two color.


SIZE: 21 " x 12 "


PRICE: $195


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