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A New and Correct Chart of Cuba, Streights of Bahama Windward Passage Florida


A New & Correct Chart of Cuba, Streights of Bahama, Windward Passage, the Current through the Gulf of Florida, with the Soundings etc By an officer in the Navy. Sold by Mount and Page on Towerhill.….


You can smell the salt air! Mount & Page's impressive chart of the the island of Cuba, Florida Keys, and the Bahamas. This very fine antique nautical chart includes Grand Bahama island, Great Abaco, Eleuthera, Cat Island, Crooked Island and much more. With coverage between the southern part of Florida and Jamaica, centered on the Bahamas and Cuba. Includes the southern tip of Florida, Jamaica, east Cuba.

The map has been identifed as "An essential map for regional collectors." That may in part be related to the chart's massive mis-representation of the Gulf Stream which flows in a northerly direction through the Florida Strait. Arrows incorrectly show the flow from north to south, the opposite as is the case. In large engraved letters is stated: "The course of the current through the Gulf of Florida." In 1770 Benjamin Franklin published his map of the Gulf Stream with the correct course up the Eastern Seaboard and out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Large inset of Havana Harbor at upper left. Inset is titled: A plan of the Harbour and Town of Havana, taken on the spot by an officer in his Majesty's Navy.

The map includes a wonderful example of the Archipelago of Florida, as well as a detailed treatment of the Windward Passage and Bahamas. Within the Windward Passge a dotted line shows "The Course of the English Ships".

Key locations noted relative to Cuba include Havana, the capital and an important part of Spain's empire of domination, along with the Gulf of Zagua (See manucript map on this site).

CREATOR: Mount and Page



BODY OF WATER: Caribbean Sea

CONDITION: Good.  Manuscript pen used to darken borders of both upper insets (creating a border where there was none before at right). Three repaired marginal tears. A few spots.

COLORING: Hand-coloring.


SIZE: 25 " x 18 "




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