Gignilliat, Robert D.


Manuscript Map of Sea Islands of Georgia and South Carolina [after U.S. Coast Survey]


Map of Sea Islands. Coast of Georgia From St. Mary's River to Savannah River compiled from the best Authorities. 1864 [ and ] Map of Sea Islands. Coast of South Carolina From Bulls Bay to Savannah River.


R.D. Gignilliat's personal manuscript map of the Sea Islands of Georgia and Sea Islands of South Carolina made during the Spanish-American war, ca. 1898, after U.S. Coast Survey charts. MS ink on surveyor's tracing cloth, also known as "tracing linen"

This MS map shows a novel focus on the Sea Islands as a distinct entity, with the group consisting of two parts, the Georgia and South Carolina Sea Islands on a single sheet but vertically stacked rather than linearly. Although each of the two maps were published separately the vertically stacked format employed here was an enhancement conceived by Gignilliat. On Tybee Island the structure labeled "Tower" by the Coast Survey is updated to a more descriptive "Omatello" or "Matello Tower"- local pronunciation of Old Martello Tower. This additional information on Tybee Island matches with the work history of Gignilliat. Inked stamp bottom left corner for "????? Engr Roadway".

Robert Deas Gignilliat, a civil engineer with experience in concrete construction, was born in McIntosh county, Georgia, 1873. Gignilliat managed work on fortifications at Fort Screven, Tybee Island, Georgia, (among the Sea Islands) which were in construction immediately preceding and during the war with Spain in 1898. Gignilliat worked constantly to ensure these important outposts could make an effective defense of the city of Savannah if it were attacked by the Spanish fleet. Preceding and following this public service, he was actively engaged in river, harbor, and railroad related work. (

Not found listed in OCLC or the AMPR. Owner's name written in script hastily near the title block for each sub-chart reads Robt. D. Gignilliat.

CREATOR: Gignilliat, Robert D.



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Some dirt. Rolled, no folds. No tears. Narrow margins. Stains bottom left corner with tiny holes. MS ink on surveyor's tracing cloth.



SIZE: 32 " x 23 "




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