Moll, Herman

First printed map of Peypses or Pepys Island.

First printed map of Peypses or Pepys Island.

DESCRIPTION: Four scarce views on one sheet based on a manuscipt maps drawn by William Ambrosia Cowley. The views are of: the Island Of John Ferdinando; the perhaps fictitious Peypses Island; Nutmegg Island; and the Cape of Good Hope, at the southern tip of the African continent.

Cowley was sailing master of a pirate ship captained by John Eaton in 1684 when they made landfall at the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Cowley's narrative of the voyage entitled 'Cowley's Voyage Around the Globe' was published in the 'COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL VOYAGES' by William Hacke from London in 1699.

In Cowley's manuscript journal he recorded his landing at an island he called Pepyes Island:
"We held our Course S. W. till we came into the lat. of 47 deg. where we saw Land; the same being an Island not before known, lying to the Westward of us. It was not inhabited, and I gave it the Name of Pepys Island. We found it a very commodious place for Ships to water at and take in Wood, and it has a very good Harbour, where a thousand sail of Ships may safely ride: Here is great plenty of Fowls, and we judge, abundance of Fish, by reason of the Grounds being nothing but Rocks and Sands. "
Of John Ferdinando (Isla Juan Fernandez or Más a Tierra) Cowley wrote:
"Capt. Bartholomew Sharpe was here in the Year 1680, and finding no People on it, he called it Queen Catherines Island; and when he sailed away did leave one Man on shoar, which was a Mosquito Indian, who lived here alone near 4 Years. … there being several of our Ships Company who were at the leaving of this Indian there by Capt. Sharpe, and among others Capt. Edmond Cook and Mr. William Dampier". (Cowley, W.A., "Cowley's Voyage Around the Globe" Internet)

CREATOR: Moll, Herman



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  No significant condition issues. Slight browning.



SIZE: 5 " x 6 "


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