Owen, G. Frederick

Foundational topographic birds eye view of Palestine

Palestine in Third Dimension Edited by G. Frederick Owen Member of The Palestine Oriental Society and American School of Oriental Research 1942

DESCRIPTION: Original, scarce first-edition foundational birds-eye view of Palestine from 1942 by author and Middle-East expert G. Frederick Owen (1897-1987). In 1942 a group of Zionists in the United States adopted a set of resolutions titled the Biltmore Program, calling for open immigration to Palestine and the establishment of Palestine as a Jewish Commonwealth. Owen's 1942 small-scale view of Palestine pre-dates by six years the independence of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948.

Owen's 1942 lithographed map of Palestine in Third Dimension was cited by UCLA's Gerry Hale as among 18 of the best Middle-East reference and wall maps available in the West (1972), and was the only map to focus on Palestine in Hale's list [1]. Owen's map was published in six editions (1942, 1942*, 1955, 1955, 1967 and 1981). In 1947 Owen designed and edited a similar but larger-scale bird-eye view "Jerusalem in Third Dimension." Relief is shown pictorially and by shading.

A deep dive into WorldCat confirms only four institutional holdings of the 1942 first edition: LOC, BYU, Amherst, Harvard.

Copyright 1942 by G. Frederic Owen. Published by Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri.

Palestine in Third Dimension Designed and Edited by G. Frederick Owen Member of the Palestine Oriental Society and the American School of Oriental Research


[1] Hale, Gerry A. International Journal of Middle East Studies, vol. 3, no. 4, Cambridge University Press, 1972, pp. 505–08, http://www.jstor.org/stable/162501.

CREATOR: Owen, G. Frederick



BODY OF WATER: Mediterranean

CONDITION: Fair plus.  Clean. Washed and laid to original linen backing. Small archival repair to upper left corner. Traces of wrinkles and crackalure from a life well spent as a rolled wall map. Tiny chip to upper right and upper left corner.



SIZE: 37 " x 40 "


PRICE: $1200


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