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Rare Key Map Canoe Routes in Minnesota Ontario Lakes Region

Key Sheet Showing Territory Covered by C. & S. Map of Canoe Routes in Minnesota Ontario Lakes Region Published by Architects and Engineers Supply Company 318 W, 1st St. Duluth

DESCRIPTION: Very rare cyanotype (blueprint) key map / advertisement, by C. & S. map, showing the coverage of 15 larger-scale sectional maps of canoe routes in the Minnesota and Canadian wilderness including the Superior National Forest. No copy of this key map is found online and the associated sectional maps (blue-line) are seldom found individually.

C. & S. canoe maps became so treasured and scarce that a cloth replica of C. & S.'s smallest-scale map is now offered online under the name "Greggar's Map" .
"Greggar's Map is a cloth replica map of the 1928 Canoe Country Map, which is a unique remnant of navigating what we now know as the BWCAW and Quetico Provincial Park In its original form, the 1928 cloth map includes hand drawn lakes and written information like portages, rapids and unique author notes." (

Title reads:
"Announcing our new map of The Greatest Canoe Route Country in America 'In the Heart of the Wilderness.' "

Printed by Architects and Engineers Supply Company of Duluth, Minnesota. Sectional maps could be purchased individually for $0.85 on paper or $1.25 on cloth. Only one sectional map was found online attributed to C. & S. map and AESC, a blue-line print.

A. Bernard Gustfason (b. 1893) founded Architects and Engineers Supply Company in 1917 to provide quick production of blue prints, blue line prints, and black line prints to architects, engineers, draftsmen and surveyors in the Duluth, Minnesota area.

CREATOR: Architects and Engineers Supply Company



BODY OF WATER: Minnesota Ontario Lakes Region

CONDITION: Good.  Clean. Folds.



SIZE: 11 " x 13 "


PRICE: $295


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